Fiori Sudafricani - Fiori del Sudafrica

Riportiamo di seguito l'elenco con le loro caratteristiche dei 149 Fiori Sudafricani con le descrizioni in inglese da tradurre. L'elenco è diviso in 2 pagine, questa e la Pagina 1 .

76. Mock Orange Essence (Saxifragaceae philadelphus)

Male confidence; expansion of masculine energy.
With the awakening feminine consciousness, men are confronted with challenges they have never previously had to face - to be male and balance female energy, without overpowering it, requires particular inner strength. This essence is the confidence remedy for the suppressed male or inner male, for the man who feels castrated or who lives in his father's shadow. It brings the male into his own autonomy, enabling him to move forward with confidence. It allows the expansion of masculine energy while simultaneously bringing through its purity and strength.

77. Morning Glory Essence (Ipomoea purpurea)

Imbalance in patterns of waking and sleeping; substance abuse.
This essence brings harmony and balance between waking and sleeping patterns, particularly for those who have trouble going to sleep or waking up. It is also for those who are prone to addictive behaviour of any sort, who use drugs as a means of escape or who are dependent upon stimulants for energy to get them through the day. It aligns the natural energy of the body, strengthens the will and brings serenity. It is also an aid to meditation.

78. Mountain Cabbage Tree Essence (Cussonia paniculata)

Refusal to grow up; rebelliousness; avoidance of responsibility; projection.
For those who refuse to grow up, who are adult in years but not in attitude, who rebel or cling to their childhood or adolescence, refusing to mature, take responsibility or pull their weight, who are unable to accept that work and commitment are part of being adult. Such people often continue to use the jargon of their earlier years and have erratic or irresponsible behaviour or work patterns. The responsibilities and commitments of adulthood and parenthood are avoided. They may see themselves as their parents' little girl or little boy and in relationships tend to project parent onto their partner, replaying childhood or adolescent patterns. This essence works by facilitating awareness and perspective. By recognising what is happening and bringing it into consciousness, it is possible to change, grow, mature and take responsibility willingly.

79. Mountain Dahlia Essence (Liparia splendens)

Insensitivity to others; self- absorbed
For those who are insensitive and blind to the suffering of others, who are self-absorbed, sealed off in a world of their own. This flower essence imparts the ability to truly see others, refining sensitivity and intuitive abilities, developing empathy and compassion. It is a valuable tool for relationships. It heightens sensitivity to the feeling of others, bringing through the Soul forces, counteracting the negative ego and enhancing the ability to heal and to care for others. It also improves telepathic abilities.

89. Mountain Rose Essence (Protea nana)

Profound or existential pain; suicidal tendencies.
For suicidal tendencies, intense loneliness or profound, existential pain. Such pain can carry one beyond the limits of the personality. This essence shifts the focus of consciousness from the lower self to the Higher Self. It allows joy through to break the pattern of fear and pain, introducing a new pattern of response and providing a gateway to a future filled with luminous vision.

81. Nasturtium Essence (Trapaeolum majus)

Overemphasis on the intellect.
For overemphasis on the intellect, for the treatment of mental strain sustained through study or overwork. This essence brings balance between the head chakras and the lower chakras. For those who tend to be overly in their heads, this remedy will bring them more fully into their physical bodies, putting them in touch with the vitality and warmth of the first, second and third chakras, thereby expanding and spreading the energy.

82. Nicotiana Essence (Nicotiana alata)

Feeling of undeservability and separation; numbing of emotions; smoking.
For those who feel cut off and alienated from the Earth, who feel unworthy and undeserving and consequently develop destructive patterns of behaviour, not caring whether they damage themselves and similarly not caring if the Earth herself is damaged. This what do I care attitude comes from a place of separation, isolation and pain - the type of feeling which the use of tobacco numbs. This essence lessens emotional pain by reinforcing the link with the Earth, opening the heart chakra and instilling a sense of wholeness. It has a primary use in breaking the emotional addiction to tobacco, which makes the physical addiction much easier to heal.

83. Oak Essence (Quercus robur)

Stabilisation after trauma or shock.
For people who have been uprooted in some way whether it be physically or emotionally - who have been through divorce, death, immigration, moved from one city to another, even for travellers or for anyone who feels temporarily out of touch with their roots. This essence gives a sense of rootedness, of connection to one's roots. It helps the body stabilise after trauma or shock. It is also recommended for use before and after surgical procedures.

84. Orange Essence (Citrus sinensis)

Emotional tension; overcharged emotions.
For overwhelming emotional tension or hysteria. This essence cools and calms heated and overcharged emotions in order that they may be examined. It is of assistance in obsessive relationships where it is impossible for the parties to be objective. This essence brings about level-headedness and emotional clarity. It helps heal holes in the aura and is beneficial in treating cases of possession.

85. Orange Pincushion Essence (Leucospermum cordifolium)

Archetypal fear; shock; panic.
For shock, trauma, panic, for archetypal fear, fear of annihilation or terror - the origin of the fear can be actual, or unfounded and irrational. The source is immaterial. This essence assists in grounding and centring one and brings courage, tranquillity and peace. For all emergencies and also for nightmares. For bereavement.

86. Orange Watsonia Essence (Watsonia tabularis)

Cruelty; ruthlessness.
For the strong aggressive individual who is a know all, self- centred, possibly cruel and lacking in compassion, who does not consider others or care about the impact on others' feelings and who overrides others ruthlessly, who can be tyrannical. This essence has a softening and sensitising effect, facilitating insight and awareness of one's impact, enabling one to take responsibility for the consequences of one's words and actions, allowing transformation, while bringing out the qualities which enable one to inspire, guide and lead others.

87. Oreganum Essence (Oreganum marjorana)

Grace; ease.
This is the essence of grace. It endows the ability to be who one is, at ease as oneself, without pretence or posturing, thereby allowing others to be themselves in one's presence. It is an essence which gives confidence, but grace is more than confidence: it is a gift which graces all who encounter it.

88. Oxalis Essence (Oxalis incarnata)

Sense of inferiority; arrogance.
For those who cover an inferiority complex and self-hatred with an apparent inflated sense of their own self-importance and superiority, who can be arrogant and over-bearing with others. This flower essence allows the armour to be set aside and brings self-worth, humility, an awareness of the all-encompassing love and of everyone's importance as part of the whole.

89. Painted Lady Essence (Gladiolus carneus)

Jealousy; resentment.
For those who are jealous, who blame, hold grudges, who are unforgiving and suspicious of others, who are embittered, resentful and angry. This is the type of emotion that leads to arthritis, hardening of the body and strokes as one hardens one's heart to the love in the world. This transformative flower essence dissolves the stored poisons and allows forgiveness, joy and unconditional love to flow into the heart.

90. Pansy Essence (Viola tricolor)

Thin-skinned; fear of vulnerability.
For those who are emotionally thin-skinned and overly vulnerable, who take criticism to heart, who are sensitive to disapproval and consequently afraid of opening up to others. This essence strengthens the sense of self, developing an ability to protect the self, without being defensive. It brings warmth, understanding of and compassion for the self. It also works with strengthening the intuition.

91. Parsley Essence (Petroselinum crispum)

Perfectionism; self- criticism.
For perfectionism, for those who force themselves to live according to their own high standards, who are self-critical and deny themselves life's pleasures. This essence facilitates self-forgiveness, bringing tolerance, spontaneity and expansiveness, allowing a connection with the gentle, nurturing qualities of the Soul.

92. Peach Essence (Prunus persica)

Melancholy; effects of past trauma; fear of pain.
For the melancholic personality, for deep-seated melancholy, for the effects of past trauma or grief which continue to affect the present, for those who contract the aura defensively fearing pain. This essence has wonderfully restorative, soothing, healing qualities. It allows one to expand one's energy field and draw in vibrant energies which lift the resonance pattern and facilitate dealing with shock and disturbances lodged in the subtle bodies.

93. Pelargonium Essence (Pelargonium vitifolium)

Loneliness; isolation.
For those who feel lonely, isolated and alienated, who do not know how to bridge the gap, who feel cut off from others, desperately alone in the world and separated from their Soul and Spirit. This essence eases the pain, bringing a sense of oneness, of peace and joy. It allows one to change and to attract meaningful relationships. It is also an aid to meditation, to integrating the conscious and unconscious, and is of assistance in the utilisation of dreams.

94. Periwinkle Essence (Vinca major)

The Sword in the Heart; shattering of ideals.
The image associated with this flower essence is that of the sword in the heart. The original wounding which everyone goes through, usually in adolescence, which is essential for development but is painful beyond words, is the main area that it addresses. This wounding is replayed in different circumstances throughout life, presenting the opportunity for healing. This remedy is especially helpful at such times. It is also indicated for the wounding of the female by the male, whether it be inner or outer female or male, and for shattering of ideals which results in cynicism. It is these blows to the heart which result in so many keeping their heart chakras closed. Use of this essence allows the healing of the heart, easing the constriction and opening the heart chakra. It gives the strength necessary to integrate the pain, restore ideals and the courage to explore and expand the self, welcoming challenge and reaching beyond the threshold to establish new forms and patterns for living.

95. Petunia Essence (Petunia hybrida)

Visualisation; creative dreaming abilities.
For creative visualisation and inspiration, for the dreamweavers. This essence allows the realisation that if you can dream it, you can have it. It brings a sense of wonder, puts dreams within reach, imparts the ability to dream the future, ponder the possibilities of optimal futures, bringing an inner knowing that there are no limits and that everything is possible in a self-generated reality.

96. Pink Bell Heather Essence (Erica gracilis)

Self-deception; insincerity of motive.
Where inner intent and motivation are at variance with the outward intent or deed, this essence is of assistance. When self-deception, lack of sincerity of motive, or conflicting or confused thoughts and feelings motivate outer actions, this essence assists in cutting through the deception, allowing one to act with impeccability, to develop principles, bringing through purity of purpose and the truth of the Higher Self.

97. Pink Watsonia Essence (Watsonia borbonica)

Finding one's centre; establishing boundaries.
This essence stills the mind, brings clarity and focus when one feels dissipated and pulled in all directions simultaneously. For those who are unable to say no or establish boundaries with others, who lives their lives doing what others think they should. It assists in discovering what is important for self-fulfilment, centring one and creating inner space where one's personal dreams and positive ambitions may be discovered.

98. Plum Essence (Prunus americana)

Feeling of undeservability; unwillingness to receive.
For those who believe they are undeserving and therefore refuse to allow themselves to receive. For those who will always give but feel unworthy or beholden if they receive. This essence clears the past so that one can be fully in the present. It breaks karmic patterns and brings a willingness to receive the love and to reap the benefits and rewards.

99. Plumbago Essence (Plumbago auriculata)

Shame; undeservability; subjugation to the will of others.
Everyone has feelings of shame. This essence is for the shame that translates into low self-esteem and undeservability, for those who are apologetic about their very existence, who blame themselves and thus feel that they must subjugate themselves to the wishes and desires of others, seeking to please, allowing themselves to be bullied or easily led and influenced because they cannot trust their own judgement. It assists in putting one in touch with the integrity and strength of the true Self, allowing one to trust in one's intuition and inner guidance. A good remedy for adolescents.

100. Pomegranate Essence (Punicum granatum)

Feminine identity; feminine creativity.
One of the primary remedies for balancing the inner female with the inner male, this essence can be used in conjunction with Sunflower. It assists in balancing career and home demands and helps establish feminine identity, freeing surges of feminine creativity. Pomegranate is of particular assistance to the modern woman who strives to be superwoman. It is also of use in puberty, pregnancy, menopause and for sexual issues or anything relating to the feminine, procreative forces.

101. Pompom Tree Essence (Dais cotinifolia)

Fear of vulnerability; fear of rejection; shame.
For those who avoid intimate relationships and friendships for fear that, were others to know them, they would discover the terrible truth, whose fear of rejection, based on past life or childhood trauma, is so intense that they hide their feelings and needs behind a front of self-sufficiency and never allow anyone close to them, who suffer from a profound sense of shame and a terror of vulnerability. This essence gives one the courage to risk emotional contact, to allow others in, to heal and to rejoin the human family.

102. Red Camellia Essence (Camellia appacia)

Inner child shock and fear.
Like the camellia bloom, children bruise easily. The bruising is indicative of the sensitivity of the inner child. This essence works with the child within, easing childhood shock and fear. It relates to the base chakra and assists the individual in dealing with the childhood need to be perfect in order to be loved. It assists in contacting the inner child, allowing healing of its fears and hurts. Further, it enables the adult to love the child thereby facilitating access to the magical child within.

103. Red Erica Essence (Erica cerinthoides)

Hypochondria; self pity; shame.
For hypochondria, for those who manifest physical ailments on an ongoing basis out of a need to control and keep others bound to them, punishing themselves with physical suffering in the process, for self-inflicted pain and for psychosomatic illnesses which are aimed at holding the energy and attention of others. This essence allows healing of the shame which lies at the root of this pattern of behaviour and brings a sense of self-worth and self- sufficiency. It allows one to feel grounded and supported by the Earth.

104. Red Hot Poker Essence (Kniphofia uvaria)

Abuse; withdrawal.
For those who have been abused physically, emotionally or mentally and in whom this abuse has resulted in the inability to feel. Where the door has been slammed on open communication, trust and the warm interchange that occurs between individuals, where the ability to reach out to others is absent and where one has retreated to some cold fortress deep within oneself. This essence breaks down the barriers and opens one up to warmth and caring from others so that healing can occur.

105. Rhododendron Essence (Rhododendron hybrida)

Rigidity; obstinacy; control.
For obstinacy, dogmatism, refusal to change, rigidity, holding on to the past. For those who believe that there is only one way of doing things, for the over-conservative, for those who continuously repeat patterns of the past in their lives. This essence enables one to see what is really happening in a situation, to trust the process and to make growth choices in one's life as opposed to fear choices.

106. Roella Essence (Roella ciliata)

Pride; elitism; prejudice; integration of shadow.
For those who are strongly in their negative egos, who have a deep need to appear important to others and in whom this manifests as pride, elitism, a sense of better than and superiority, as well as prejudice and discrimination against others who are different to them, whether it be racial, religious or other differences. This essence allows one perspective on the self, and access to the Real Self, to assist in handling the negative ego. It facilitates self-love, humility and the integration of the shadow.

107. Rosemary Essence (Rosmarinus officinalis)

Forgetfulness; emotional coldness.
This essence assists the incarnation process. Sometimes souls are reluctant to return to the physical, perhaps owing to painful experiences here in previous incarnations. This can result in withdrawal, forgetfulness, disorientation, physical and emotional coldness, as well as one not being fully integrated into the physical body. Rosemary flower essence allows one to feel secure and comfortable in the body, bringing warmth, peace and serenity.

108. Sausage Tree Essence (Kigelia pinnata)

Core issues relating to masculinity; yin/yang balance.
This essence addresses the core issues relating to masculinity and what it is to be male in the New Age. It allows one to access and develop masculine identity and facilitates the integration of polarities, of gentleness and sensitivity with strength; beingness with achievement. It is a valuable essence for both men and women.

109. Scilla Essence (Scilla natalensis)

Domination; self-importance; working together for the common good.
For those who dominate, insist on having their own way, are self-important and demand excessive recognition. This essence assists in overcoming a need to be right, to be looked up to and have one's status recognised or to dominate others. It assists one in disarming the negative ego, in laying aside self-importance and a need for self-aggrandisement. Scilla essence enables one to integrate one's personal needs into the good of the whole, creating overall harmony and working with others for the common good.

110. Senecio Essence (Senecio elegans)

Graceful acceptance of the ageing process.
For fear of the ageing process, perpetual pursuit of youth, a belief that age brings redundancy, that youth has more value, a failure to recognise mature beauty. This essence allows the transition to occur gracefully, brings an awareness of the importance and value of experience and maturity, of the rightful role of senior members of a community providing wisdom and balance, with dignity. It enables individuals to move into their full power - the wise woman or wise man role. It is also beneficial for those going through menopause.

111. Shasta Daisy Essence (Chrysanthemum maximum)

Making the whole holy; integration of matter and spirit.
With its connections with the sacred, spiritual Mount Shasta, this flower essence has a spiritualising quality, allowing exponential expansion of consciousness and assisting in making the whole holy. It facilitates the synthesis of information, giving an overview and a wider perspective. It is of particular assistance in integrating the lower self with the Higher Self and in bringing a sense of wholeness and spiritual identity. Its use brings a balance between the analytical mind and the higher mind and allows one to establish new forms and patterns based on a holographic understanding of reality.

112. Silverleaf Essence (Leucadendron argenteum)

The face of the female warrior.
This flower essence carries the archetypal image of St Joan of Arc. It is linked with female energy, the moon and Sirius. It is the face of the female warrior who fights for right, who brings light into darkness, who is illumined from within, attuned to the spiritual realms, and whose strength, virtue and moral courage bring protection and inspiration to those around her. It is a powerful essence and, with the re-emerging of the Goddess energy, has an important part to play in strengthening, inspiring and protecting those who feel drawn to use it.

113. Snapdragon Essence (Antirrhinum majus)

Misdirected sexual energy resulting in verbal aggression.
For those with a strong sexual drive who misdirect this energy into verbal aggression, who can be cuttingly cruel, vindictively critical, sarcastic and very destructive to those around them. The signature of this flower is apparent in its association with the jaw. Those who hold tension in the jaw, who have to bite back sharp retorts or who grind their teeth, will benefit from this essence. It balances the energy between the sacral and throat chakras, thereby allowing harmonious verbal expression and freeing creative energy to be directed into positive channels.

114. Sonderina Essence (Sonderina hispida)

Repetitive thought patterns.
For thoughts which go round and round in one's mind, like a hamster on a treadmill, not working towards resolution, but stuck in a repetitive pattern, conversations and episodes being continuously replayed and argued or churning thoughts, that cause insomnia and disrupt constructive activity. This essence will break the repetitive pattern which locks mental energy into non-productive activity, allowing creative energy through, clearing the mind, calming the agitation or worry and bringing inner peace. It is also useful for clearing the mind for meditation.

115. Sour Fig Essence (Carpobrotus edulis)

Need for the attention of others.
For those who feel unloved and therefore inflate their life experiences in order to appear special and extraordinary to others as well as to themselves. Whether it be an incident in the traffic or a psychic or spiritual experience, they will extract as much mileage from it as possible, exaggerating and expanding the experience in order to hold and captivate their audience. They are greedy for attention and seek to control and keep the focus of others on them through self-aggrandisement. They sap others' energy and are emotionally needy and demanding, desperate to be the centre of attention. They often believe that they are especially spiritually evolved. This essence brings a sense of belonging and self-acceptance, an ability to listen to others, to perceive the love and care and to feel close to others, without needing to dominate.

116. Spur Flower Essence (Plectranthus ciliatus)

Facilitation of learning; integration of
The learning essence. It facilitates the assimilation of facts while bringing an eagerness and enjoyment of knowledge. It harmonises, organises and calms the mind, allowing the integration of information. Spur Flower also allows one to know that all wisdom is available and to ask for help in accessing it. This essence is useful for students, particularly at examination times.

117. Squash Essence (Cucurbita moschata)

Personal adversity; fortitude.
For those who need inner strength to face their daily lives, for turmoil or personal adversity, for confronting everyday fears and worries and facing challenges. This essence brings fortitude and courage.

118. Strelitzia Essence (Strelitzia reginae)

Indecisiveness; procrastination; stuckness; self doubt.
The visionary essence. For feeling stuck, for indecisiveness, vacillation, dithering, endless deliberation, feeling torn between two possibilities, unable to make choices, for procrastination, fear of the future, feeling powerless to decide and doubting one's own ability. This essence stimulates the will forces, bringing clarity of purpose, conviction, an inner knowing, boldness - cutting through indecision and stagnation. It imparts the ability to stay with the polarities of paradox and find resolution, to hold the vision with intent and focus, discover one's destiny and bring about manifestation.

119. Sugar Bush Protea Essence (Protea repens)

Inner child abandonment issues.
One of the inner child essences. Where there are abandonment or estrangement issues from childhood resulting in mistrust and an emptiness, this essence is of assistance. For those whose lives have lost their sweetness. It assists one in accepting the pain, moving forward, letting go of the past, and in becoming a fully engaged adult. Sugar Bush Protea essence helps in the fulfilment of repressed childhood longings and the resuscitation of childhood dreams, restoring meaning and bringing a sense of fulfilment and peace.

120. Sunbonnet Essence (Diascia barberae)

Co-dependency; personal inadequacy.
For possessiveness arising out of neediness, inadequacy, a dependence upon others or a particular other, to validate one's very existence. For a sense of not being good enough, for those who draw energy from others, such as a partner, in order to have the courage to present themselves to the world. This is frequently the case in co-dependent relationships where both partners' need for each other, regardless of how they cover it up, arises out of an abyss of personal inadequacy. It may manifest as control or servitude but has the same root. This essence facilitates an honouring of the Self, the development of self-worth and self-esteem which liberates one to become a self- actuated, loving human being, able to give loved ones the space and freedom necessary for their own evolution.

121. Sunflower Essence (Helianthus annus)

Radiance of male energy.
This is a very important essence. The swing of the pendulum is causing much emphasis to be placed on feminine energy. This can threaten the inner male in both men and women. This essence brings in the radiance of the sun, the astrological symbol of the masculine energy. It strengthens male energy and the inner male, bringing about balance with the inner female - yin/yang balance. It enhances self-esteem, while bringing in warmth and compassion. Sunflower essence also facilitates the healing of the inner child's relationship with the father, as well as improving the ability to father.

122. Suring Essence (Oxalis pes caprae)

Extremes of fervency.
For over-aroused passion, for those who are passionate, fiery and intense to the point where their own physical forces are burnt up, destroyed by their intensity, their physical and emotional resources depleted, who do not know how to balance or pace their energy. This essence enables one to contain the extremes of one's fervency and ardour, where appropriate, and to direct this energy into a passion for life itself, inspiring others with enthusiasm, without overwhelming them.

123. Thyme Essence (Thymus vulgaris)

Multi-dimensional awareness.
This essence enhances receptivity and facilitates experiences that take one beyond the threshold of physical reality into experiences of multi-dimensional awareness, developing the capacity to awaken to other levels of consciousness. It enables one to retain awareness of night dreams and integrate messages from the subconscious received in this way, as well as being of assistance when one consciously desires to give messages to the subconscious mind. This essence is also useful in the therapy process, or in past life regressions where one is seeking to access experience from different times. The pronunciation of thyme and time is not coincidental and in any situation where one seeks to transcend the limitations of time and space, this essence can be used. It is a good addition to many of the other essences.

124. Tiger Lily Essence (Lilium tigrinum)

Awakening of the Wise Woman.
At times of menopause, women can find themselves dealing with unresolved polarities in their lives. A lessening of the female hormones, which suppress the male hormones in the body, brings up issues of the yin/yang, female/male balance of energies. This transition from the mother/ nurturer to the wise woman is not always easy. There can be the subtle implication, reinforced, perhaps, by the woman's own feelings, that when she no longer menstruates she has outlived her usefulness. This essence allows one's destiny and the Soul's longing to be revealed. It facilitates the awakening of the Self to the new life purpose, to the powerful roles she can play as a responsible and respected member of the community, bringing a wealth of feminine wisdom and experience to bear in community life. It is also generally indicated for any situation where masculine energy predominates and feminine energy is needed to counterbalance it.

125. Tomato Essence (Solanum lycopersicum)

Shattering of energy patterns.
This essence is valuable in that it shatters existing negative patterns of vibratory energy in the body, which can cause disease, and gives the opportunity to establish new and more positive patterns of resonance. It also strengthens the immune system.

126. Touch-Me-Not Essence (Impatiens sodenii)

Inhibition; prohibitions imposed by patriachal society.
This is essentially a female remedy. It is of assistance when the will is at variance with the expression of self. For inhibition - don't touch me - for when one has shut down and blocked the expression of who one is. This essence works on areas where one has been prohibited and bound by the ideologies of a patriarchal or chauvinistic society, alleviating restrictions and images which have been externally imposed and within which one lives. This remedy will gently break the patriarchal bonds. It also breaks down blockages between the third eye and the throat chakras.

127. Tulip Magnolia Essence (Soulangeiana speciosa)

Defensiveness; dissatisfaction.
For those who are overly self-protective and defensive and who hide their vulnerability beneath a harsh exterior, who are restless and dissatisfied with life, frustrated or uncertain as to what path to follow, often bored. This essence brings emotional openness, the ability to trust and to open to others, one's unseen guides and the life process. Such openness facilitates allowing guidance and direction from the Soul. It helps determine priorities, brings contentment and fulfilment.

128. Umsipane Essence (Calpurnia aurea)

Excessive mental energy; perfectionism.
For those who are highly strung, intensely focused in the intellect, who have excessive mental energy, who are often perfectionist and critical of anything which does not measure up to their own high standards, who feel superior to others because of their superior intellect and can be cold, brittle and patronising. This essence works to balance and harmonise the energy between the mental and emotional bodies, it softens the cutting edge of the intellect, bringing through the Soul qualities of gentleness and tolerance. It also allows one to develop clarity and purpose in relation to one's life work, thereby harnessing and directing the excessive mental energy into useful and productive channels.

129. Vygie Essence (Lampranthus roseus)

Manipulation; victimhood; martyrhood; self pity
For those who subtly manipulate, dominate and punish through playing victim or martyr, who cling, acting helpless, while holding the power, or who do things for others, appearing to be loving, but actually seeking to exercise power through keeping those they serve dependent upon them. For co- dependency and self-pity. Often there is an unconsciousness of motive and a denial of emotions. This essence enables one to love selflessly and empower others.

130. Warratah Essence (Telopea speciosissima)

Despair; shock; intense fear.
Use of this essence draws energy into the energy field and thereby brings rapid relief from shock, intense fear, and despair, calming the nervous system. This essence deals with the head bashing type of despair in which one refuses to accept the inevitable and becomes self-destructive, unless one is able to open to the Higher Self and cross the threshold into a new way of being. This essence is also useful for the child, inner or outer, who has been traumatised.

131. Water Lily Essence (Nymphaea capensis)

Numbing of emotions; emotional repression; indifference.
This essence relates to the heart. It is indicated for those who cope with pain and deep emotions by numbing themselves to feelings, who hide behind a mask of indifference, for those who handle stress by refusing to react, by denying what is happening. It allows vulnerability, contact with real, previously hidden, emotions and a feeling of being connected to others.

132. Wattle Essence (Acacia salignor)

Negative expectation; pessimism.
This essence harnesses the power of expectation. For those who use the power of expectation negatively, who are melancholic, unable to see the joy in life, discouraged, who lack hope and who continually expect the worst to occur, who enjoy focusing on the negativity of the past. This essence allows the sunlight to break through the dark clouds of pessimism, bringing one into touch with the joy and harmony of the cosmos and allowing one to use the enormously positive potential of expectation in one's life to create the reality one wants.

133. White Geranium Essence (Pelargonium tomentosum)

Self-pity; lack of focus; unreliability;
For those who are self-pitying, who feel done down by life and respond by suppressing anger and escaping into a fantasy world of daydreams, who become unfocused, forgetful, unreliable and irresponsible. Although they are not consciously aware of their anger, they effectively punish those around them. This is a joyous essence which brings a sense of aliveness, exhilaration and enchantment. It clears blockages around the heart chakra, stimulates the thymus gland and lifts energy through the throat to the third eye and crown chakras. It heightens mental focus, brings clarity to the mind, disperses resistance and facilitates involvement and commitment to life.

134. Wild Coffee Essence (Oxyanthus latifolius)

Caffeine addiction; sharpening of the mind.
This essence lifts the resonance of caffeine in the body and thereby works to nullify harmful effects it may have. Its use clears the blockages in the energy field, caused by caffeine, which can reduce the effectiveness of homeopathic medicines, flower or gem essences. It assists in breaking addiction to caffeine - whether the source be coffee, tea, chocolate or cola. This essence also stimulates, and sharpens, the mind.

135. Wild Dagga Essence (Leonotis leonurus)

Lack of willpower; addictive behaviour
For those who lack willpower, who are easily influenced, who seek pleasure to fill the emptiness, who run away from painful situations and who are prone to addictive behaviour patterns or substance abuse. This flower essence assists in bringing meaning, purpose and strength of character. This is a good remedy for emotional pain.

136. Wild Gardenia Essence (Gardenia thunbergia)

Death and dying.
This flower essence is for death and dying. It can also be used at times when it is appropriate for an aspect of the self to die or for when a chapter of one's life is ending. For those who fear terminations and who hold on tenaciously in the face of pain and disability, resisting the unknown, it brings contact with the Soul and Spirit, allowing trust in the flow and surrender to the All That Is, peace and a graceful transition. It is an invaluable aid for hospice work.

137. Wild Garlic Essence (Allium tulbaghia violacea)

Auric protection.
This essence protects the auric field. The efficacy of this protection ranges from insects to psychic attackers or psychic vampires, who drain energy from others. Negative thoughtforms are repelled and the immune system is strengthened. Fear, low immunity to disease, lack of vital energy and lack of willpower are all indications that this essence may be needed. It facilitates feelings of safety, wholeness and courage.

138. Wild Ginger Essence (Hedychium gardnerianum)

Abusive or violent behaviour.
For those who are prone to violent or abusive behaviour, for those who keep themselves under strict control, who resort to dogmatic views as a defence against an urge, whether conscious or unconscious, to violence. Many have an innate fear of their own potential violence. Mothers know the pitch of exhaustion and desperation to which they can be driven by infants or toddlers in a nuclear society where they are unnaturally isolated. Modern life sometimes causes unbearable stress which can force violent emotions to erupt to the surface. While such urges are judged, feared and denied, they will continue to exist in the dark recesses of the personality or be projected outward to manifest through others in one's reality. This essence facilitates the owning and acceptance of these aspects of the self, drawing them out of shadow consciousness, and allowing them to be transmuted.

139. Wild Iris Essence (Dietes grandiflora)

Out of touch with creativity.
For those who are frustrated, bowed down by the demands of daily life and the material world, out of touch with their creativity, who find the idea that we create our own reality so frightening that it must be rejected. We are all creators who create the vision, which we then manifest. We hold the power to change the vision, to paint the picture of the future as we wish it to be and to bring it into physical manifestation. This essence allows the free flow of inspiration, raising the level of consciousness to one of beauty and hope, empowering one to become the visionary and the dream-weaver, filled with joyful energy, creativity and anticipation.

140. Wild Jasmine Essence (Jasminum multipartitum)

Self love.
This is a highly spiritualising essence which works through the heart chakra, awakening the sense of self-love which is essential for a relationship with the Higher Self and the spiritual realms. Many people are so lacking in self-esteem and self-love that they cannot conceive that they are lovable and loved and, therefore, concentrate on their failings, feeling separated and alienated from the spiritual worlds. This essence is a powerful aid in shifting these blockages and provides a bridge whereby one may cross to a new way of being.

141. Wild Pear Essence (Dombeya rotundifolia)

Bitterness; cynicism; holding grudges.
For bitterness, cynicism, resentment, the inability to forgive, for those who hold grudges. This essence allows a free flow of healing energy to clear the congested negative emotions, facilitate forgiveness, acceptance and integration of the past. It enables one to experience the knowing that all is within one, that by refusing to forgive others one harms oneself more than anyone else and to perceive oneself as part of the whole.

142. Wild Sage Essence (Hemizygia transvaalensis)

Strengthening the will; energising the aura.
This essence is of assistance to those who have been in discordant situations or have activated anger and hostility in others resulting in negative thoughtforms being directed at them, for those who are prone to absorbing negativity from others or whose auras are psychically contaminated. It is also indicated for cases of possession. Those who are ill, who have low vitality, are reluctant to incarnate, have undergone general anaesthetic or have been unseated in their physical bodies by some other event, can have other entities compete with them for control of their bodies. Sage flower essence aligns the subtle bodies, thereby energising the aura, and draws in the will forces, enabling one to draw on spiritual strength, move into the body and take back one's power. It can be effectively used in combination with Yarrow.

143. Wisteria Essence (Wisteria sinensis)

Imbalance between male and female sexual
This essence strengthens and stimulates the meridians and balances the etheric, emotional and mental bodies. It also deals with sexual problems and relationships that have a sexual component. Where there is an imbalance in the equality of partners in a sexual relationship, this essence assists in harmonising and balancing. It is of benefit to men who are out of touch with their feminine side, who see sex as their male right and are insensitive to their partner's needs. It is of particular use in awakening female sexuality, for women who dislike physical contact, feel shame about their sexual organs or have been traumatised by sexual exploitation or rape.

144. Yarrow Essence (Achillea millefolium)

Auric protection.
As a flower essence, Yarrow strengthens and stimulates the integrity of the aura. The ingestion of the essence enables the aura to disrupt radiation waves and provides protection against negative thoughtforms and psychic attack. It is an important essence in that it assists in bringing in, and stabilising, light in the chakras.

145. Yellow Pincushion Essence (Leucospermum conocarpodendron)

Control; fear of deprivation.
For those who fear the loss of control in their lives. Such people may keep a tight rein on themselves, as well as seeking to control others or circumstances. They may control from a fear of the unknown, clinging to the known, or from the sheer lust for power over others. It is also for those who fear being deprived of love and therefore try to control it and its source. This essence brings a trust in the flow of life, allowing one to let go and feel the safety and security, as well as the support of the all- encompassing love.

146. Yellowwood Essence (Podocarpus latifolius)

This essence is for the leader. It allows the emergence of the positive qualities of leadership - the directedness and focus, the enthusiasm, the ability to inspire others, the charisma and willingness to take responsibility joyfully while balancing the negative potentials. There are pitfalls on the path of leadership - grandiosity and self-importance on the one hand and abuse of authority or self-pity, as a result of burdens and onerous responsibilities undertaken, on the other. This essence helps keep one focused, remaining true to the power invested in one by the Higher Self.

147. Yucca Essence (Yucca aloifolia)

Self -pity; transforming victimhood through taking personal responsibility
For victimhood and self-pity. Feelings of victimhood often originate in childhood when circumstances are beyond one's control. The patterns are set and resentment, bitterness, the perception that others are more fortunate and that one is bound to suffering and deprivation, become ingrained. Use of this essence allows one to take personal responsibility, to clear out the old stagnating emotions and to move forward with joy and forgiveness, thereby attracting positive life experiences.

148. Zimbabwe Creeper Essence (Pandorea jasminoides)

Overemphasis on doing or enduring.
For over-striving. This essence has a softening impact on those who strive too hard in whatever they do, are inflexible in their approach, who have difficulty asking for help and are high achievers, who are polarised in the masculine pattern of doing and enduring. It facilitates accepting assistance, yielding and surrendering where appropriate, bringing in the feminine aspect.

149. Zinnia Essence (Zinnia elegans)

Cheerfulness; laughter; joy.
This essence assists the individual who is over-serious, heavy or grim, with a repressed inner child. It brings carefreeness, ebullience and the ability to laugh, play and see the humour and wonder in situations, to lighten up, developing a sense of the ineffable. It helps one pay attention to joy, giving one's energy to create form so that joy may manifest. Zinnia is also of assistance to adults in relating to children.

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