Fiori Sudafricani - Fiori del Sudafrica

Riportiamo di seguito l'elenco con le loro caratteristiche dei 149 Fiori Sudafricani con le descrizioni in inglese da tradurre. L'elenco è diviso in 2 pagine, questa e la Pagina 2.

Fiori Sudafricani

1. African Banana

Keynote: Masculine energy; balance of yin/yang energy.
This essence addresses different aspects of the function of masculine energy. It balances overly yang (masculine) energy, which may manifest as chauvinistic male behavior, with yin (feminine) energy, having a softening, sensitising effect. It also deals with hypersensitivity to stress, criticism or anxiety in men which makes it difficult for them to perform sexually, as well as bringing balance to situations where men use physical or mental activity as an outlet for their sexual energy, often to avoid the vulnerability they associate with intimacy. Banana essence, working with the yin/yang balance, facilitates the integrating of the function of the right and left lobes of the brain and is, therefore, also of assistance to those with learning difficulties.

2. Agapanthus Essence (Agapanthus africanus)

Keynote: Money issues; avariciousness.
For avariciousness and poverty consciousness, an over- identification with possessions and the material dimension, for those who have money issues in their lives, hoarding what they have, feeling that there is never enough or feeling that their wealth makes them special and better than others. It is also for those who fear being deprived of physical resources. This essence allows abundance consciousness, an inner knowing that money is energy, that there is no limitation imposed from outside oneself, that one can have it all if one will open to receive it and that fear and avarice are a certain way to keep oneself in short supply.

3. Aloe Essence (Aloe ferox)

Keynote: Envy; jealousy; greed.
For envy, jealousy, greed, lust for power over others, aggressiveness, competitiveness, a disproportionate amount of energy directed towards I issues. For those who are bitter that others are apparently better off than they are. These are issues that relate to the first and second chakras and this essence balances these chakras with the crown and throat chakras thus bringing through a sense of altruism, the ability to put the needs of others before one's own, where appropriate, and to rejoice in others' good fortune.

4. Apricot Essence (Prunus armeniaca)

Keynote: Resolution of internal conflicts; ability to move forward.
This essence facilitates the reconciliation of internal conflicts and anger which have been suppressed in the body. Such conflicts are often the cause of cancer. This essence, with its association with Laetrile and Vitamin B17, is a powerful aid in reaching and reconciling the emotional origins of cancer. It empowers one to take responsibility in one's life and make the changes necessary for health and well-being. It also brings an ebullience and delight in life itself.

5. Aristea Essence (Aristea macrocarpa)

Stewardship of the Earth; attunement to nature.
This essence sensitises one to the natural world, facilitates relating to nature as a source of inspiration and serenity, creating reverence for the Earth and bringing an awareness of one's individual responsibility to protect the Planet from exploitation, and one's stewardship of the Planet. It assists in the development of self-love as a consequence of attuning to Nature and seeing oneself reflected as part of the whole.

6. Arum Lily Essence (Zantedeschia aethiopica)

Sense of individuality; personal power.
For an imbalance in yin/yang energy. This essence assists in strengthening the sense of self and of individuality, enabling one to know oneself and to act from a sense of personal power. It brings clarity of focus, empowering one to clear confusion, resolve personal conflicts, harness the energy of the psyche, become self-motivated and move forward confidently.

7. Australian Tea Tree Essence (Leptospermum squarrosum)

Procrastination; inability to finish what one starts; perseverance
For those who lack determination and the will to succeed, who procrastinate and who tire easily of projects they have undertaken, seldom finishing what they start. This essence strengthens the will, allowing one to access the extra energy needed to finish a project and the ability to carry it through. It assists one in persevering, committing to and staying with an undertaking.

8. Avocado Essence (Persea americana)

Breaking with the past; releasing negativity
At the point where one is ready to break with the past and old patterns, this essence will be of assistance in over-coming susceptibility to old influences. It is also useful when feeling overwhelmed and confused by thoughts and emotions. It works with releasing negativity, bringing emotional clarity, and focuses the mind. It harmonises the yin/yang balance, brings inner strength and the courage to move forward. It also sensitises one to touch and assists in opening up emotionally to others. Avocado essence is recommended for the therapy process and massage. It enhances telepathic and psychic abilities and empowers the intuition.

9. Azalea Essence (Azalea grandiflora)

Rebelliousness; fathering abilities.
For problems with authority figures, for those who are either overly obedient and respectful or who rebel against authority for the sake of rebelling. These characteristics often originate in a deficient relationship with the father or father-figure. Many men are insensitive to the importance of the role they play as fathers. This essence can awaken an awareness in men of their responsibilities and has the ability to help them bond with their children. It also assists in developing an awareness of personal power so that reaction against authority is no longer necessary.

10. Baeometra Essence (Baeometra uniflora)

Fatigue; depletion; overwhelm.
For fatigue, exhaustion and depletion. When one feels overwhelmed, disheartened or unable to carry on, when everything is too much of an effort. For convalescence. This essence restores vitality, energy, enthusiasm, zest for life and a sense of well-being.

11. Basil Essence (Ocimum basilicum)

Sexual energy.
For those who are ruled by their genitals, for whom physical gratification is primary, for promiscuity, an inability to be sexually faithful to one partner, for illicit or debasing sexual activity or interest in pornography. Modern society gives double messages about sexuality. On the one hand it is flaunted as the most popular marketing tool, on the other rape, prostitution, incest and child abuse pose major moral problems. Hypocrisy around sexual attitudes is rife. Sexual energy is a powerful spiritualizing force. As the serpent in the Egyptian pharaoh's head-dress, representing enlightenment, is the symbol of the raised Kundalini, the serpent-like energy, raised from the base chakra to the crown chakra, so sexual energy is a tool for attaining access to the sacred realms. Misuse and misunderstanding of this force hold one back on the path to the Spirit. This essence helps balance the energy of the first and the seventh chakras, integrates the poles and assists one in becoming whole.

12. Bauhinia Essence (Bauhinia galpini - Pride of the Cape)

Burying real issues; integration of core or root emotions.
For the release of superficial emotions which cover and keep deeper Soul issues inaccessible. Certain core emotions such as anger, fear, despair, or loneliness may be too overwhelming to deal with or integrate, causing upheaval in one's life were they to be brought to the surface. A protective response is to deny or bury the real issue and to concentrate on surface or superficial matters. This can result in a sense of alienation and isolation from oneself, as one essentially denies who one is in order to avoid dealing with such key issues. This essence gives an ability to recognise the root emotion and bring it to the surface. It facilitates emotional authenticity.

13. Bell Gardenia Essence (Rothmannia globosa)

Apathy; emotional repression.
For those who are listless, apathetic, with little interest in life, often ill or ailing and unable to muster the life forces to heal themselves. They may appear pale, wan and drained, and have low immunity to disease. There is usually severe emotional repression underlying these symptoms, and the energy which is used to repress emotions could be more beneficially directed towards living. This essence activates and frees the life forces, often bringing emotional issues into consciousness and restoring vitality and the desire to participate joyfully in the life process.

14. Belladonna Lily Essence (Amaryllis belladonna)

Anger; rage.
For powerless anger and rage which make logical, rational thought impossible, for uncontrollable temper, for the misuse of anger and for the desire to blame and punish. Anger is a potent tool for transformation. To ensure that it is not used destructively, it must be appropriately expressed. This remedy centres one for appropriate action and restores one's sense of benevolence. When anger is the root emotion, that is when every other emotion ultimately leads back to anger, this essence is the key remedy, as it allows healing of the underlying cause. It is useful for violent rages in children.

15. Bluebell Essence (Endymion hispanicus)

Auric protection; excessive sensitivity to sensory stimulation; stress.
For over-sensitivity to outside influences, for those who are sensitive or spiritually aware and who are knocked off balance by discordant sound or become disorientated and ungrounded in cities, shopping malls and crowds. It is also for those whose auras are too sensitive to withstand bombardment in situations where they are exposed to excessive sensory stimulation or bad vibes. This essence is particularly related to the harmonious use of sound. It strengthens and protects the aura and enables one to develop the ability to create tones which lift, transform and harmonize with the music of the spheres. It also allows one to remain centred, grounded and free of anxiety, regardless of what is happening around one. It is valuable for children who are exposed to stress and is an aid to meditation.

16. Blushing Bride Essence (Serruria florida)

Balances male and female energy; intimacy.
This essence has a strong relationship to the inner female. It introduces a softness and gentleness and facilitates intimacy. It opens awareness to the emotional and spiritual life and enables one to access information necessary for the healing process. It is recommended for men who deny their feminine side and for women who are polarised in their masculine side. It enhances intuition, dreaming and meditation, and strengthens the link with the Soul.

17. Borage Essence (Borage officinalis)

For courage, for a heavy heart, for the disheartened, for discouragement, for times when the hurdles in life seem to be too high, when one is overwhelmed by adversity and sorrow. It is an esoteric principle that everyone has the inner resources to deal with the life lessons they attract to themselves. This essence is of assistance at times of tribulation; it increases courage and optimism, bringing in real courage as opposed to bravado, it restores buoyancy and puts one in touch with the inner strength and ability to handle, and learn from, what life has to offer.

18. Bottle Brush Essence (Callistemon linearis)

Courage to change; transition.
We are nearing the end of the millennium, the old paradigm has changed, the past is over. As we insist on clinging to the past and on replaying the old dramas, we prevent ourselves from moving forward. This essence assists in breaking negative links with the past. It allows one to digest, assimilate, integrate and move on. This remedy is also of assistance at major crossroads in one's life and at times of change. It gives one the courage to step forward into new realities.

19. Buchu Essence (Agathosma serpyllacea)

Emotional boundaries; over-identification with others; pain.
For those who do not have emotional boundaries, whose auric fields are absorbent, who feel and pick up the emotions of others to the extent that they are uncertain which feelings are their own and which originate outside themselves. Such people seek to merge with others, sometimes to lose themselves, often to escape personal pain. This results in the aura being excessively open, and easily contaminated, and in over-identification with others, particularly significant others. If the other is sad or angry, these feelings are absorbed and internalised. Such people can live on an emotional merry-go-round as they are subject to surges of conflicting feeling, which may have no basis to refer back to and no means to process. Buchu flower essence helps establish boundaries with others, strengthens the sense of self and clears the auric field.

20. Calendula Essence (Calendula officinalis)

Intellectual arrogance.
For cold, intellectual superiority, for those without heart who are hurtful, coldly correct, sardonic, mocking, arrogant or harsh, for those who are unable to hear what others really say. This essence brings warmth, sensitivity, humility, compassion and receptivity, the ability to hear the message behind the words, thus engendering mutual understanding. Just as this herb has the ability to heal cuts, so the flower essence has the ability to heal the tendency to inflict emotional cuts.

21. Cancer Bush Essence (Sutherlandia frutescens)

Confrontation of the shadow; inner torment.
This essence allows one to confront one's shadow, to wrestle in the cave of one's being with the demons of the inner world, to transform the ugliness and the dark aspects of one's nature. It brings one face to face with that which one fears in oneself, revealing that which awakens terror in one, allowing one to gain mastery and peace by going through the experience to emerge victorious.

22. Cape Almond Essence (Brabeium stellatifolium)

Insecurity; fear of the unknown; emotional paralysis; personal power.
This essence grounds and centres, enabling one to find a safe space within and to feel secure. It allows one to act from one's own authority. Fear of the unknown, fear of the future, fear of failure, emotional paralysis and an inability to move forward, are all addressed by this essence. It enables one to cultivate boldness, to develop an innate confidence, to become the explorer, acting from a sense of personal power.

23. Cape Honeysuckle Essence (Tecomaria capensis)

Inflexibility; ruthlessness.
For those who tend to extremes, who become fanatically involved in whatever they do, who are self-denying, inflexible and ruthless with themselves and others, for people who overdo, for workaholics. This essence is also for the armchair critic who displaces anger, becoming futilely enraged. Such people can be arrogant and autocratic. It introduces moderation, compassion and an ability to see a broader perspective.

24. Cauliflower Essence (Brassica oleracea)

Shock sustained during birth process.
For people who feel that the world is not a safe place and consequently place more emphasis on protecting themselves than on living. This essence is connected particularly to the infant and to shock sustained during or after the birth process. It is of assistance at any age in accessing, and releasing, pain sustained as a result of the trauma of entering the physical world. It is also recommended for the final stages of pregnancy, for the birth itself and for infants.

25. Chestnut Essence (Castanea sativa)

Visualisation; ability to contact spiritual realms.
This essence imparts the ability to contact the higher realms, facilitates the harmonious opening of the third eye, balancing the upper and lower chakras and integrating the energies. It enhances visualisation abilities and is useful for those seeking to develop psychic abilities, grounding and giving protection against outside influences as these unfold. It is an aid to meditative practices.

26. Chinkerinchee Essence (Ornithogalum thyrsoides)

Unethical behaviour; impeccability.
For those who lack a moral code, who are dishonest or unethical, untruthful with themselves or others. The purity of this essence awakens the inner voice of the Self, the voice of conscience and of inner guidance, enabling one to develop character, to establish principles and to apply them in one's life with impeccability.

27. Christ Thorn Essence (Euphorbia milii)

Lack of self-worth; self-neglect; depression.
For depression where self-worth and a sense of inadequacy are issues. For those who feel they are flawed or defective, who neglect themselves and their own needs believing they are unimportant, that they should subjugate themselves to others and should put others before themselves, who focus on nurturing others but resent doing so. This essence brings a sense of personal value. It facilitates respecting and honouring oneself and one's emotions, allows self-nourishment, caring for the self, as well as for others.

28. Clivia Essence (Clivia miniata)

Anxiety about others.
For fearful anticipation of danger or problems for loved ones, uncontrollable thoughts of catastrophe, irrational or obsessive anxiety about the safety and well-being of others. For those who have an overdeveloped sense of responsibility. In a world where our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes play such a vital role in creating our reality, fear and negative thoughts are very destructive. This essence facilitates caring for others with inner strength, calmness and trust in the ability to hold loved ones in thoughts of health, protection and expectation of safety.

29. Comfrey Essence (Symphytum officinale)

Nervous conditions.
For nervous depletion, irritability, emotional tension, nervous habits or idiosyncrasies such as nail-biting, for nervous breakdowns or panic attacks. This essence calms and balances the nervous system, restoring vitality and releasing tension from the solar plexus area. It brings tranquillity and serenity

30. Coral Tree Essence (Erythrina lysistemon)

Generalised fear.
For generalized fear, for those who experience numerous fears, none of which is substantial in itself but which accumulate to become a heavy burden. Fears, such as these, often have their origins in past life experience which has resulted in the belief being imprinted on the subconscious mind that physicality is not safe, and which manifest in the continuous, or frequent, expectation of danger, loss, pain or self-sabotage. This essence lifts the pervading expectation of disaster. It also works at a much deeper level to clear the archetypal underlying fear and allows the Soul contact which puts one in touch with the sense of love, protection and an unending potential for joy.

31. Corn Essence (Zea mays)

Linking matter and spirit.
This essence is linked in numerology with the number one and has the ability to link spirit with matter, the cosmos with the earth, creating reverence for the Earth. It is simultaneously grounding and spiritualising and thus is of assistance at times of spiritual expansion, keeping one grounded and linked with the physical, while facilitating the spiritual process. It is also of particular use to those who are disorientated and stressed through city living or through lack of personal space. Nervous individuals, and those who feel obliged to conform to the norms of society, will be assisted in finding inner space, strength and peace.

32. Cosmos Essence (Cosmos bipinnatus)

Disorganised thought patterns; inarticulate expression; throat chakra.
For those who are unable to express themselves clearly, who are shy, inarticulate or introverted, whose thought patterns are disorganised, confused and unfocused or who are flooded by many ideas simultaneously. This essence balances the throat chakra. It allows one to focus the mind, to pay attention and brings about composure, integration of ideas and coherent expression. It is of particular assistance for public speaking and acting.

33. Crab Apple Essence (Malus sylvestris)

Shame; remorse; self- acceptance.
Essentially this flower essence is for self-forgiveness and self-acceptance. It is also a powerful cleanser of the emotional and the physical body. For those who hate themselves, who feel shame and self-disgust, whose instinctual response is to berate themselves, this essence facilitates Soul contact which lifts and transforms self-hatred, putting one in touch with the love of God, the Goddess and the synergy of All That Is.

34. Crassula Essence (Crassula multicava)

Excessive use of the will.
For when the forces of the will are excessive and are directed into passionate idealism, blind or unthinking devotion to a cause, when the will is used to force obedience from others or is directed into charismatic qualities or into a hero complex. These people are enormously capable and have tremendous willpower and perseverance, but are often ruled by the negative ego and will not countenance any opposition or other point of view. Once set on a course, they are unswervable, like a battleship in full steam. This essence softens, moderates, bringing in gentleness, flexibility and an ability to surrender where appropriate.

35. Cucumber Essence (Cucurbita sativus)

Pessimism; defeatism.
For pessimism, lack of interest in life, defeatism, for those who feel separate from others and withdraw, finding it all too much. This is a heart chakra essence which, by engaging the energy of love, assists in re- engendering vitality and commitment to the life process and in opening new windows of perception.

36. Daffodil Essence (Narcissus pseudonarcissus)

Self-criticism; self- hatred.
For a deep sense of gloom and despair which originates in frustration, self-hatred, self-condemnation and continuous self-criticism which is turned inward, for those who avoid expressing anger. This essence opens the lower self to the Higher Self, facilitating self-love and harmonious communication to lift the judgement imposed on the self, it allows compassion for the self to unlock the door to new avenues of beauty, wonder and passion for life.

37. Dandelion Essence (Taraxacum officinale)

Stress; tension.
For stress. For those whose response to stress is to try to do more, striving to be perfect. This essence brings relief from tension stored in muscles. Grief stored around the heart chakra, thymus and throat chakra can be brought into consciousness and so released. It can also be used externally. The release of emotional energy can be intense. It brings inner peace and balance. Dandelion is a powerful cleanser of the emotional body.

38. Disa Essence (Disa uniflora - Pride of Table Mountain)

Dark night of the Soul.
The Base of the Cross Remedy. For complete and utter despair, the dark night of the Soul. For when one hits bottom. For those who are disillusioned, discouraged, weary and hopeless, for whom the future looks dark and bleak. This essence brings hope, abiding trust, tranquillity and optimism. It opens one to the Soul qualities of enchantment, beauty and joy, and to a new way of being.

39. Dog Rose Essence (Rosa bracteata)

Unexpressed grief; inability to express deep emotions.
For denied, unexpressed or unaccessed grief or pain held in the heart and throat chakras, for those who lack the skills necessary for expression of emotion. This essence opens the flow of energy to the throat chakra allowing expression or communication of deep emotions - there is magic in the telling. It brings acknowledgement, integration and acceptance of the pain. It is particularly beneficial for children who suppress their emotions.

40. Dune Calendula Essence (Arctotheca calendula)

Periods of transition; separation from Soul and Spirit.
For periods of transition - birth, adolescence, mid-life crisis, divorce or times of change - when one feels alone and cut off from the Soul and Spirit, trapped in three-dimensional reality, unable to make contact with one's spiritual guides or call on spiritual protection. This is a freeing essence and allows the experience of being cared for, guided, loved and protected, an innate knowing that we are never alone, that the love is all around us and that our willingness to let it in determines how much of it we can receive. This knowledge equips one with the courage, strength and vision to undertake the transformation, transmutation and transcendence of the physical world willingly.

41. English Hawthorne Essence (Crataegus oxyacantha)

Broken-heartedness; intense grief; remorse.
For intense grief, broken-heartedness, deep hurt and unbearable pain and anguish. Such experiences can be doorways to new ways of being. Because of our belief structures, it is often only through intense pain that we become willing to change. This essence heals, brings emotional balance and facilitates using the pain as an opportunity for self-transformation. It is valuable at times of debilitating stress due to emotional upheavals. This essence has been used in the treatment of the emotional aspects of cancer because of its association with deep grief and remorse.

42. Evening Primrose Essence (Onenothera hookeri)

Abandonment; co-dependence; sexual repression; fear of parenthood.
This essence deals with problems of emotional imbalance resulting from one of two polarities, either rejection and abandonment issues in early childhood, particularly relating to lack of bonding with the mother, or from situations where the child was not allowed to develop according to its own needs, where independence was discouraged and the parent, often the mother, sought a co-dependent relationship with the child, possibly using the child to establish her own sense of self-esteem and fulfil her ambitions. In either of these circumstances, it is not possible for healthy emotional development to take place. This essence is of assistance in healing the resultant emotional deprivation which may result in fear of commitment, for fear of abandonment, or fear of being consumed by another. When this fear is the emotional root underlying sexual repression or fear of parenthood, this essence is indicated.

43. Felicia Essence (Felicia aethiopica)

Unhappiness; disconnectedness
For those who are subject to shifting moods, who feel unfocused, unhappy as a result of being indecisive, uncertain and disconnected, who are absent minded and spaced-out, who feel out in the cold. This essence brings a sense of belonging, of one's significance, as well as happiness, poise, clarity, the ability to focus in the present and to make clear decisions.

44. Fig Essence (Ficus carica)

Archetypal sexual shame and fear.
This is an essence which works with clearing the past. Archetypically the fig is connected with fear, shame and sexuality. Thus this essence is a powerful treatment for shame, fear and the resultant lack of confidence, as well as paranoia. It has the ability to assist in locating emotions hidden in the subconscious, often originating in the collective unconscious, bringing them into consciousness. Sexual fears affecting the ability to conceive and fears relating to parenthood are particularly effectively treated by this essence. Fear blocks creativity and, whether it is on a physical, emotional or spiritual level, the release of fear clears the path for the expression of the creative force, which is mankind's inherent birthright. It is beneficial to use this essence in preparation for conception and pregnancy.

45. Flowering Cherry Essence (Prunus serrata japonica)

Beingness; inner peace.
The Buddha remedy. This essence has an exquisite soul quality to it. It allows beingness and gentleness, and brings to the personality a full and rounded quality which emerges from the space of emptiness and surrender. It allows one to be true to oneself and to operate out of integrity and character. Regardless of the chaos around one, this essence facilitates inner peace and inner stillness. It facilitates exploring chaos and the unknown as a means to creating joy.

46. Flowering Gum Essence (Eucalyptus ficifolius)

Personal authority; positive ambition.
For those whose sense of personal authority has been undermined by others, whose will forces have been weakened by having continuous criticism levelled at them and are therefore undecided and uncertain as to what path to follow. Such people look outside themselves for authority and direction and may be despondent and lacking in motivation. This essence brings people into their own authority, assists them in discovering their innate talents, resuscitating their own dreams and in developing true ambition i.e. living the life they want to live, not the life their parents or society have mapped out for them.

47. Flowering Quince Essence (Chaenomeles japonica)

Despair; hopelessness; depressed anger.
For despair, loss of hope, depression resulting from depressed anger, for feelings of being overwhelmed by problems. For those who feel that they have been unjustly punished, resulting in confusion and pain. This essence raises the resonance, brings understanding and integration of the rage, assists in crossing the threshold from despair into joy.

48. Forget-Me-Not Essence (Myosotis sylvatica)

Memory loss; sense of isolation.
This essence deals with memory problems on the obvious exoteric level, as well as loss of memory on the esoteric level, relating to karmic relationships and connections with the Higher Self. When there is lack of awareness of unseen relationships one can experience an unbearable sense of loneliness and isolation. This essence provides the courage to explore other dimensions, other realities and the mystical unknown. It heightens awareness of subtle energies, strengthening communication with the spiritual worlds. It also brings relief from nightmares and sleep-walking.

49. Frangipani Essence (Plumeirea cultivar)

Dread; inexplicable fears.
For grief and shock of karmic origins which are inaccessible to the individual through ordinary means, for dread - the imminent threat of non- being - and fears of unknown cause, inexplicable fears, for doomers and gloomers - those who are sure that the end of the world is imminent, also for those who are easily discouraged in the face of adversity and for when the life forces are trapped in negativity. Through releasing the energy held by emotional patterns which have been beyond conscious reach, giving the courage to move through the fear, this essence brings hope and optimism about the future, a positive commitment to the planet's well-being and the ability to move forward with purpose, encouraging others to do the same.

50. Freesia Essence (Freesia hybrida)

Overwhelmed by life itself; apathy.
For apathy, a - what's the use - attitude, a belief that the problems are too big, feeling defeated by life itself, rather than a particular situation. This is a life-affirming essence which brings hope and joyousness, a feeling that life is worthwhile, of joy at being alive, a reverence for life and for the Planet, a desire to be of service, to take responsibility, to give of oneself, to participate with enthusiasm and zest. I can make a difference.

51. Fuchsia Essence (Fuchsia hybrida)

Suppressed anger and pain.
This essence, unblocks suppressed emotions in the body - I didn't know I felt that way- and uncovers deep-seated anger, pain and shame stored in the body. It cleanses the heart chakra and the emotional body, moving energy held in the head down, through the physical body to the base chakra. It assists in the expression of deep feelings without inhibition, allowing such feelings to be brought into consciousness, understood and integrated into the life process thereby freeing passion and compassion, to be used creatively.

52. Fumaria Essence (Fumaria muralis)

Transmutation of suffering.
The Christ remedy. For those who feel they need to suffer, who believe that the human condition is synonymous with suffering. This essence is about the transmutation and transcendence of pain. For most the only way to transcend pain is through the experience of it. This is one method but there is another. By channelling the incoming electromagnetic energy, which causes much destruction in the physical world, voluntarily through our bodies, we transmute it. This essence will bring swift relief from pain and shift the focus and energy away from the self to an awareness of the transpersonal world. It also awakens innate power, and allows an understanding of how this process can be achieved through taking personal responsibility for the incoming energies and for global transformation.

53. Gazania Essence (Gazania krebsiana)

Feminine sexuality and creativity.
This essence works with the creativity and sexuality of the feminine; its energy relates to the female sacral chakra. It is for the woman who is conditioned to subjugate herself and her needs to others. It assists in the expression of suppressed female anger and strengthens and nurtures the inner feminine. Gazania is also of use in breaking down inhibitions and shifting repressive attitudes to sex. It assists the woman, who lives her life through a man or through her children, in finding, and freeing, her own power and creativity. It allows a woman to flower. This essence combines well with Pomegranate.

54. Geranium Incanum Essence (Geranium incanum)

Vengeful or morbid thoughts; integration of the shadow.
For a sense of brooding darkness within one which may be mirrored in the surroundings, for those who have vengeful, morbid thoughts, or who are caught in relationships which are destructive or abusive, who seem to attract enemies, threats and violence. This essence assists in the integration of the shadow, thereby freeing the enormously positive, powerful and magnetic energy which is locked within one.

55. Giant Protea Essence (Protea cynaroides)

Blocked creativity.
All human beings have creative potential. Our destiny is to be cocreators with the Divine. Due to a variety of factors, such as the educational system and modern society which heap scorn and negativity upon children's creative ideas, this potential is often buried, crushed or blocked. For those who feel dull, lacking in vital forces and out of touch with their creative energy, this essence clears the chakras, simultaneously activating the will and harnessing the spiritual forces, in order to allow the free flow of creativity.

56. Grapefruit Essence (Citrus paradisi)

Emotional toxicity; access to different dimensions; out of touch with the physical world.
This essence is of assistance for those who are out of touch with the physical world, who tend to over-emotionalism, irrationality or an overactive psychic life. It facilitates the integration of intuitive flashes, dreams and meditative experiences, allowing the individual to move harmoniously between different dimensions. It clears emotional toxicity from the body, and the effect of balancing the flow of emotional energy in the body can result in the spontaneous readjustment of the cranial plates.

57. Grapevine Essence (Vitis vinifera)

Self-destructive or erratic behaviour patterns; substance abuse.
The hangover remedy. For dullness, lack of vitality and energy due to over-indulgence or substance abuse, for self-destructive or erratic behaviour patterns. Grapevine essence revives and restores vitality, clearing the aura of accumulated negativity and emotional toxicity. It assists in healing holes in the aura, caused by the use of toxic substances. It is a catalyst which brings about a shift in consciousness, allowing an harmonious and self-nurturing pattern to be established.

58. Grassy Bell Essence (Dierama pendula)

Deep hurt; fear of betrayal; developing the ability to trust.
This essence works with betrayal. It is indicated for those who have issues in their lives which relate to betrayal - perhaps childhood betrayal set a pattern, which is replayed in adult life, or there may be karmic patterns relating to betrayal. Grassy Bell essence facilitates bringing these issues to consciousness, acknowledging the part one has played, integrating the lesson and healing the hurt and pain. It deals with the deep hurt and fear of betrayal, which such experiences imprint on the psyche, and allows one to develop the ability to trust again. It is of assistance in relationships, establishing a foundation on which appropriate mutual trust can grow. This essence also allows one to feel protected and guided, to become aware of the forces of love around one, to relinquish fear knowing that there is a larger plan.

59. Green Pepper Essence (Capsicum annum)

Over-involvement in detail. Inability to delegate; excellence.
For the overly fastidious, for those whose productivity and effectiveness is undermined by their inability to see the overall picture, who get lost in the mire of mundane affairs, who become compulsive about detail and whose energy is sapped by their obsessive involvement with detail. These people have difficulty delegating and believe that, if something is to be done properly, they must do it themselves. They also tend to make mountains out of molehills. This essence allows one to step back and attain a broader perspective. It facilitates the development of skills in delegating and brings the subtle bodies into alignment, thereby enabling one to attain excellence, to be highly tuned and focused but not over-involved.

60. Grevillea Essence (Grevillea banksii)

Affected by criticism; incorporation of the shadow; centring in the self.
For those who feel judged by others or unaccountably intimidated or stymied by a person or situation, who are badly affected by criticism, easily rattled or upset by something external to themselves. This essence centres one in the Self, empowering one through the understanding that the external reality mirrors the internal reality, that the place of power is within and that, by owning and incorporating the shadow, whole realities can be turned around.

61. Hibiscus Essence (Hibiscus sinensis)

Harnessing creative energy.
For fiery, creative individuals who have difficulty in harnessing their abilities, whose energy spills out in many directions simultaneously, without effective application and who need to learn how to concentrate and focus their skills. The passion and zest for life, which such people have, is a powerful and inspirational force. This essence helps them hone and direct it positively. It integrates the passion of the personality with the passion of the Soul, providing a potent force for utilisation in the world.

62. Holly Essence (Ilex aquifolium)

Deep pain; the desire to hurt others; feeling deprived.
For those who feel deprived, for a sense of alienation, separation, rejection or abandonment which results in anger, envy or jealousy. For those whose defence against pain is attack, who want to hurt and destroy others to alleviate their own pain. This is a potent essence for healing deep, hidden pain, allowing understanding of the pain into consciousness, in order that it may be transmuted.

63. Hyacinth Essence (Hyacinthus orientalis)

Inner stillness; spiritual connection; beingness
This essence facilitates establishing a connection with all life. It is an excellent aid to meditation allowing focus and concentration. It brings about stillness of the mind and of the emotions, enabling one to enter the sacred space within and access the magical power and wonder of the sacred realms.

64. Hypericum Essence (Hypericum perforatum)

Grounding of cosmic energy.
This essence assists New Age light workers who have undertaken the assignment of grounding cosmic light on Earth. The portal is now open. Light and information in different formulations are flooding our Planet to assist in the evolution of consciousness. Hypericum flower essence enables the integration of incoming energy, it raises one's frequency so as to be able to hold the creative cosmic rays, to move beyond the boundaries of personal identity and gives the courage to live one's destiny while providing protection in the psychic and astral realms. It also assists those whose connection with the physical body needs strengthening, bringing in light and lifting the darkness of depression.

65. Ixia Essence (Ixia polystachya)

Lacking in confidence; shyness; timidity.
For shyness, timidity, introversion, for those who hang back in the shadows, who become tongue-tied and self-absorbed in any social situation, who are self-deprecating, whose shyness holds them back from making overtures of friendship. This essence imparts confidence and grace, eliminating painful self-consciousness and putting one at ease.

66. Jacaranda Essence (Jacaranda mimosaefolia)

Escapism; procrastination; perseverance.
For daydreamers, for those who are spaced out and escape into a world of fantasy to avoid dealing with the present, for those who are intelligent and capable but suffer from indecisiveness and lack follow through ability, who fuss, procrastinate and look for excuses. This essence brings poise, centredness and the focus and determination that is required to successfully complete a project or bring it into physical manifestation.

67. Keurtjie Essence (Podalyria calyptrata)

Nurturing; parenting.
This is a parenting essence, enhancing the ability to nurture while providing the feeling of being nurtured. The image of encircling arms - caring and protecting - fits this essence. It facilitates confidence in one's nurturing abilities and trust in one's intuitive guidance, developing the nurturing abilities needed by parents. It is also valuable for providing the inner child with a sense of being nurtured and useful for post-natal depression and for fathers.

68. Lavender Essence (Lavendula officinalis)

Panic; insomnia.
For hysteria, panic, over-excitement, over-stimulation and insomnia as a result of being keyed up. This essence establishes emotional balance, calming, soothing and centring one in the physical body. It also balances the crown chakra with the heart chakra and facilitates contact with the Higher Self and the spiritual realms.

69. Lemon Essence (Citrus limon)

Female anger; sexual imbalance.
For disallowed anger in women. This is an especially important remedy for women in whom this anger manifests as disturbances in the sexual and reproductive organs. It is also important for women who tend to either of the polarities of promiscuity, which degrades and lowers the resonance, or sexual prudishness, which denies an important aspect of the Self and prevents one from becoming whole. This essence assists one in focusing the anger and in coming to terms with the power of femininity and sexuality.

70. Loquat Essence (Eribotrya japonica)

Apathy; withdrawal; resignation.
For those who experience fear and anxiety when faced with the demands of life and seek to escape by avoiding participation in the life process and withdrawing - perhaps sleeping excessively, refraining from eating correctly, so that they are physically unable to meet the expectations of others, or retreating into emotional disorders, which protect them from everyday life. Symptoms such as apathy, resignation, or perhaps an inability to activate the will are indications for its use. This essence assists in incarnating the forces of the personality, in taking hold of the life process and in willingly undertaking responsibility. It is very beneficial for adolescents, as well as for the treatment of the emotions which lie behind anorexia.

71. Lotus Essence (Nelumbo nucifera)

Alignment of chakra energy; Soul contact.
Known as the Master Essence, this is an exceptionally powerful flower essence which works predominantly on the crown chakra; it also harmonises and aligns all the other energy centres. It brings a true sense of humility and assists in counteracting the effects of the negative ego and in incorporating the shadow. The thousand-petalled Lotus of ancient religions symbolises the enlightenment which this essence facilitates through contact with the Higher Self and Soul. Its use brings ineffable joy, allowing one to access one's destiny and find the treasures of one's Real Self and of one's Soul and Spirit.

72. Maidenhair Fern Essence (Adiantum poirettii)

Sensitivity; spiritual attunement
This essence imparts the ability to see the meaning which lies behind choices and decisions made, patterns and events one manifests in the course of life, and to appreciate the Soul's purpose. It introduces a quality of fine sensitivity which changes the vibration, lifting the resonance and enabling directional changes in the life path to be undertaken. It facilitates hearing the still, small voice within and turning to it for inner guidance, rather than depending on external support.

73. Maidenhair Fern Essence (Adiantum poirettii)

Universal love and compassion
The keynote of this essence is love. It brings a universal Christ-like love, compassion for and empathy with human suffering, and commitment to the planet. It facilitates spiritual growth and awareness, clearing blockages in the upper chakras, particularly the throat, and stimulating the pituitary, pineal and thymus glands. Its use is also indicated when there is an inability to express warmth and feelings of love, and also when there is a lack of the ability to distinguish between real love, and the merging with another which arises out of personal inadequacy.

74. Maple Essence (Acer nagunda)

Workaholism; excessive use of the will.
For those who burn the candle at both ends, who use willpower to drive themselves to the point of physical depletion especially when they have a particular goal they want to achieve, for workaholics. This essence harmonises and balances creative energy and life force. During periods of physical growth, it brings balance between the physical and personality forces. Maple essence brings containment, without stricture, of the powerful incoming energies. It is particularly good for adolescents.

75. Marigold Essence (Tagetes patula)

Scepticism; aggression.
For those who are focused in the physical, dismissive of anything other than provable scientific fact, logic and deductive reasoning, who are materialistically orientated and sceptical, who respond aggressively out of fear when presented with anything which goes beyond the five senses, becoming argumentative and vitriolic. This essence stimulates right brain function, lessening the emphasis on concrete proof, strengthening the intuition and enhancing the qualities of communication and receptivity. It is of assistance in opening to the possibility of other realities, in bringing an awareness of other worlds, beyond the limits of the logical mind, to be explored.


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