Clear Path Flower Essences

Clear Path

With great care and respect for the environment, the flowers used to make Clear Path essences are wildcrafted or organically grown. The specific energy patterns of Clear Path essences support expanded awareness for self-growth and harmony in our surroundings. They are contemporary essences made in and for a time of growing consciousness and transformation. There are 15 Clear Path essences. Included with the description of each essence are suggested affirmations, the associated planets, issues and meridians.

Cherry Tomato

For cleansing. Helpful in releasing infection or disease. It facilitates a major shift or breakthrough, aiding in the process of self-change. Alleviates conflict on all levels as it enhances good reasoning power and versatility.


For self-acceptance and self-confidence. Self-Heal brings out inner energies that promote health and increase the ability to heal one's self. Helpful during crises and times of extreme stress. Strengthens vitality and life force.


For physical strength and personal boundaries. Helps restore physical vitality and deflect negative energies. It also maintains boundaries, re-establishing a sense of self and objectivity. Ability to make choices and establish meaningful action.


Gives strength to remain true to our individuality, promoting self-esteem. Helpful for people working with groups. As you express your true self, your subtle and sensitive presence brings joy to others.

Lemon Catnip

Receiving and giving compassion, love, openness and trust. Dispels illusions and is helpful in changing unwanted thought patterns. Helps focus and integrate the abstract mind and the kinesthetic senses, enhancing creativity.

Black-Eyed Susan

To release, relinquish and bring new awareness. Clears resistance to looking at emotions. This essence helps us accept and embrace our shadow, bringing insight into the darker side of the soul.


Supports growth of consciousness and ability to depend on inner guidance. For developing true potential. Mullein helps in keeping true to our vision regardless of social opinion.


For clarity and focus. Sharpens powers of observation and ability to see perspective. Aids perceptual development and respect for unique possibilities, making available to us the infinite vitality of life force.


Useful for crossing the spiritual threshold. For openness to finding our spiritual self and bringing this light to our lives. For trusting our natural flow and following it day to day.


Releases tension, fear and repressed emotions held in the muscles and organs. Dandelion relieves chronic stress for those who overextend and over structure themselves. Supports aliveness and growth.


For right relationships and recognizing core negative beliefs. Thyme supports harmony that benefits the self, each other and a higher good.

Wild Mint

For strong focus, ability to hold intention steady and make firm decisions. Gives help to implement highest ideals and use intuition and inspiration to help effect many changes for the public good.


To reconnect to instinct and honour your highest self. Cinquefoil lends security and protection by bringing into focus intuitive knowing.


Supports and maintains physical and mental focus. Thimbleweed is helpful for meditation and visualization. Protects from over sensitivity to the negative thoughts of others.

Prickly Ash

Strengthens light of the aura. Strengthens immune system. Gives protection from unwanted influences in the environment. This essence helps expand capacity for perspective, judgment and fairness.


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