Essenze Norvegesi

Fiori Norvegesi

Nordic Essences Jotunheimen Essences

BESSEGGEN — "Crossing the Threshold"

It is an essence for those who are crossing over new borders in the inner and the outer. As a help when one fears to fall from the overview-point of far-seeing and wide perspective. Helps to ground experiences which require us to expand existing boundaries.

TJORNHOLET — "Sea of Courage"

Helps to activate, open, and balance the Heart and Heart Chakra. Assist one to learn that vulnerability is an act of courage and opening the heart. Whenever there is a lack of trust in the Heart as a worthy guide.

GLITTERTIND SUMMIT — "Crystal in the Crown"

Resonates primarily with the pineal gland. Supports reception of higher consciousness as the potential for physical manifestation. Accepting one's existence on the Earth. Facilitates and strengthens clarity, to receive guidance.

GALDHOPIGGEN — "Grounding Gateway"

Resonates primarily with the pituitary gland. Supports grounding of the highest cosmic energies that are available to the physical body, so that their full potential can manifest in our body, emotions and thoughts. Helps to "trust your body" as a worthy guide.


This essence helps to find acceptance and patience in situations where we feel constrained, and perceive that things are moving 'too slowly,' or are stagnant, frozen and unyielding. This essence assists in uniting the polarities of life; it assists with integration of complementary aspects. Useful for those who are in deep psychological processes.

GLACIAL STREAM FLOW — "Melting and Celebration"

This essence supports realization of joy, freedom and pleasure of the moment. Carries energies of the celebration that accompanies release from a long period of confinement. Assists that which is frozen to allow melting. Supports movement as both spiritual work and play.

TREE LINE — "Realization of Potential"

Helps to discover one's fundamental inner strength and resources. Useful during periods with extreme stress coming from one's environment. Supports feelings of adequacy, and helps to release feelings of inadequacy when exposed to psychic or energetic attack. This essence helps you to surrender during processes of separation, loss, and grief.

THOR'S HAMMER — "Harmonious Cooperation"

This essence harmonizes the connection between the third, fourth, and sixth chakras -- between power, compassion, and thought forms. Assists one to work in group and/or cooperative projects. Supports raising of group consciousness and harmony in these situations.

GRAIL WELL — "Peaceful Source"

This essence helps us manifest tranquility and grounding in the midst of chaos, confusion and instability. It assists us to recognize our fears, both known and hidden, and become aware of underlying motivations. A powerful essence for supporting the release of fears based on "past-life traumas". Helps to realize a spirit of peace, dedication and service; resting in the knowledge that "all is for the best."


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