Light Heart Flower Essences

Light Heart

Flower Essences are a natural vibrational therapy. The purest aspect of a flower’s healing quality is captured and preserved in pure water. The new vibration gently moves through our energy system (aura), washing away imbalances within the emotional, mental and spiritual layers. This reveals our true Essence-one of wholeness and light, creating space for more peace, love and joy to come into our lives.
Containing the healing forces of Nature, these Essences are created with love and gratitude. Their intention is to bring transformation–gently and gracefully.

Apple Blossom – Abundance

This flower, with its luscious and pure white blossoms tinged with pink reminds us that there is more than enough of everything.
“I am grateful for the abundance in my life.”

Aster – Releases Anger

This pretty purple flower of late summer helps to responsibly release and transform anger and rage.
“As I release the old, I welcome the new.”

Black-Eyed Susan – Facing Our Shadow With Love

This important and potent essence brings the healing gift of love to the heart, allowing us to move through the emotional issues we resist facing.
“Love floods my Being, opening my heart to the fullness of giving and receiving.”

Bleeding Heart (Pink) – Love and Acceptance

This sweet exquisite flower essence helps to soften judgmental attitudes against ourselves and others. This opens the door to forgiveness, love and acceptance.
“I am learning love and acceptance.”

Blue Delphinium – Right Use of Power

This elegant flower makes it easier for us to come into balance around issues of personal power. Its essence reminds us to be compassionate and balanced with our power.
“As my power builds, I use it for the highest good of all.”

Chamomile – Peace and Serenity

This delicate blossom that looks like a miniature daisy brings the gift of inner peace, serenity and calmness.
“Peace fills my Soul. Love and harmony flow through my life.”

Cleome – Emotional Oversensitivity

This feathery perfectly designed pink Cleome brings relief to those who tend to be emotionally overly sensitive, taking everything personally.
“I am expanding my perceptions.”

Sweet Red Clover – Soothes Frazzled Emotions

This pretty common wildflower calms the emotions during times of great stress as well as for the everyday stresses that can cause irritability and frazzled emotions.
“I open to the peaceful calm within me.”

Crocus – Relieves Grief

This sweet early spring flower essence brings comfort and healing to the grieving heart.
“My heart welcomes the comfort that healing brings.”

Daisy – Connection to the Divine

This cheerful summer flower essence helps to open the crown chakra at the top of our head, connecting us ever more deeply to our Divine natures.
“I am One with the Love and Light of Spirit.”

Echinacea – Heals Trauma and Abuse

This flower brings the strength to heal abuse of the past or the present. This abuse can be verbal, emotional, mental or sexual.
“I believe in my ability to move from the shadow of the past into the Light of a new day.”

Joe Pye Weed – Feeling Overwhelmed

This fluffy pink blossom brings the welcome gift of relief from feeling overwhelmed. It is particularly helpful for busy parents who are working while raising their families.
“As I release the burdens, I surrender to a feeling of well-being.”

Lilac – Relieves Fear and Stress

This lovely aromatic flower essence is a miracle worker as it soothes fears and stress, creating a sense of well-being.
“I am whole and balanced on every level.”

Milkweed – Co-Dependence

This starry mauve blossom brings the gift of assistance in creating healthy emotional boundaries, helping to transform co-dependence to inner self-reliance and interdependent relationships.
“My emotional boundaries are healthy and strong. I have a strong foundation of self-reliance.”

Heavenly Blue Morning Glory – Heals Mother Issues

This delicate and lovely blue blossom assists us in resolving issues with our mothers and our own mothering. It tenderly reminds us to have compassion for ourselves and our mothers.
“I am nurtured from within. Divine Mother loves me.”

Purple Morning Glory – Intuition and Multidimensionality

This dramatic velvety indigo essence expands our vision so that our intuition increases and our connections to the Spirit are enhanced.
“I hold sacred the Divinity within all Life.”

Mullein – From Despair to Hope

Another miracle worker, this essence eases despair, feelings of abandonment, and low self-esteem. It brings nurturance and hope.
“I am a beloved child of the Universe. I am grateful for its love and support.”

Orange Icelandic Poppy – Creativity

This cheerful flower essence helps to remove blockages to our creativity. It also has a wonderful effect upon the second chakra, bringing in feelings of emotional security and well-being.
“I am filled with the strength and courage to creatively express who I truly am.”

Saint John’s Wort – Eases Depression

Like the warm sun shining through the clouds after a chilly rain, this pretty potent essence comforts and uplifts us, helping us to lighten up.
“I feel the warmth of well-being within my heart as I allow my spirits to rise.”

Chicago Peace Rose – Healing Love

This lovely pastel blossom brings a pure ray of healing love, peace, joy and beauty into the heart. A powerful essence.
“Sweetness and Light fill my heart and soul.”

Sunflower – Inner Male Balance

This bold and brilliant sunflower brings its radiant gift of a warm and loving balance to our inner male. It assists in healing issues with our fathers.
“I am a radiant beam of Light shining from the heart of the Universe.”

Yarrow – Purification

Another miracle worker, this essence offers a highly purifying vibration. It strengthens the aura as it releases the stored negativities of fear and doubt. It attracts positive healing forces.
“I am blessed with a strong and powerful aura.”

Zinnia – Joyful Playfulness

This bright and vibrant flower essence brings the joy and freedom of uninhibited children at play. It reminds us to lighten up and enjoy life for the precious gift that it is.



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