Waterfall essences – Fiori Islandesi

Fiori Islandesi

Di seguito riportiamo le descrizioni in inglese delle Essenze Islandesi Waterfall Essences. Sono divise in diversi capitoli. Alcune essenze non arrivano dall'Islanda ma dalla Palestina, dalla Norvegia, dalla Polonia.

Devic and cosmic essences

F1. Waterfall Seljalandsfoss

The deva of the waterfall gives his vibration to this one. It is for purification, cleansing of the body liquids and a connection with higher self. When we visited the site in April 1999 with Gary Smith and Haridas Melchizedek the deva expressed it self to Haridas and asked to be a part of our essence collection. Since this is a very popular tourist attraction and we had nothing with us at that time to make any essences plus that everything was covered in ice we went back in June on one of the longest days of the year now along with Haridas again and his partner. Just after midnight when we were alone we assempled energy in a jar and took it with us home for a later date. Next time the sun was shining we called on the deva and all the masters and made this powerful essence.

F2. The devas of Westfjords

This helps one connect with the energy gridlines of Earth and to the energies of the devas. They will help one experience unconditional love. It also helps connect with nature. On our summer tour to the west part of “Island” we worked on earthhealing and purification of the land and the gridlines. To do that we always called on the devas of the site as well as all the masters and angelic beings we work with. They were very grateful for this work and for being included in it. To show their gratitude they sent a combined energy from all the mountains and fjords around. The energy was collected in a lightship above us and from there the energy was sent like a laserbeam into the bowl of water that we had set outside.

F3. Dynjandi

This holds vibration from multiple waterfalls in the river Dynjandi on the west coast. This is one of the most magnificent site in our land. It holds the combined energy of all the beings living there, devas, sylphs, fairies and more. It helps purify the aura like you do when bathing in a waterfall. It also connects one with the higher self. It gives one more energy for work. Everytime I use this essence I see the beautiful site and the deva there. On our way home from the westfjords summer 99 we drove into a fjord called Arnarfjordur where Dynjandi is. The moment I saw it I knew this was a place to make an essence. We did not have time to do it there and then but this time we had our crystals with us and they can hold multiple programs and different energies that one can call on when needed. We stopped and walked up from one waterfall to the next, talked to the devas and beings there and at the very top where the biggest waterfall is and the overlightening deva we could sense a most magnificent being inside the rocks. He was old and wise. To show our gratitude we activated a mandala on the site so that all these wonderful beings and all of those that come and breath in the nature there will experience more connection with the Source.

F4. God/Goddess energy

This cosmic essence connects you to the highest God/Goddess energy. It is very good to use before any kind of energy work, meditation, teaching etc. It holds the energy of the 1999 solar eclipse.

F5. Aurora Borealis, northern lights

This holds the love of mother/father God to help transform you into light. It works on the geometrical forms of the light body. It was made on one of the rare summer nights with aurora borealis. We asked for the energy of these ever moving energy and lights to come down. For those that never can see the display of the aurora borealis they have an opportunity to go within and see it with their inner vision with the help of this essence. When sprayed into the energy field or one drop is put on the crown chakra this opens up the chakras and multiple mandala form in the lightbody.

F6. Mahatma

Mahatma is the I AM presence of our Creator. The most magnificent and profound love energy that is available for us on earth at this time. It is caring, loving and transformational. It can not only be used for personal use but is very important for earth work. It can be put into lakes, rivers and oceans and they will carry the energy further thereby helping all those that come in touch with the water. Very powerful before meditation or healing.
"So how are we going to help mother earth facilitate her ascension process. Through spiritualization, through the spiritualisation of her body and because your are her children through the spiritualization of your bodies. How shall we facilitate the spiritualisation? We can facilitate it in a very easy and simple way. We can work with the energy of the Mahatma. You humans as each and any one of you open yourself to this Mahatma energy, it flows through you and out of you into the body of your mother earth and this energy that flows through you and into the body of mother earth will bring about the spiritualization of her." (from a channelling through Hari Das Melchizedek at Easter time, a message from Brian Grattan)

F7. Glanni

The waterfall Glanni is in Hvítá in Borgarfjordur. The energy from this waterfall was given to us during an earthwork workshop on Easter Sunday. The message from the deva was that this essence would break through any emotional blockage or other kind of blockages you have in your subtle bodies.

F8. Paradise

It brings peace, harmony and balance. It is a perfect balance of the male/female energy. Spray it into your aura or energy field and you will feel at peace. We include in this part of a channelling made while visiting this magic place on Easter Sunday. The channel is Hari Das Melchizedek. "I am the male keeper of these vortices, there are two of us, one male and one female. We have been keepers of this place for many thousands of your years. We were charged with the grid Creators the job of holding these vortices stable. Notice that I did not say guarding these vortices for vortex keepers are not there to guard. They are there to hold the energy in balance if we possibly can. .. Yes, it might surprise you that many of these vortices are interdimensional gateways. Many beings that use merkaba ships use these vortices to transport themselves, deep, deep within the earth. Many of the beings that live inside the earth use these vortices to bring their living light merkaba ships from deep inside the earth to far, far out in the sky to the Universe. Both my female aspect and I are very, very pleased and happy that you have arrived here this day. For although these vortices which form avesica picies are very harmonious and balanced they are sometimes disturbed by the presence of human visitors. We do have a connection with divine will. We understand what a divine will is. Divine will is wholeness within the body of the mother, harmony within the body of the mother. When the mother is living in harmony and wholeness her children can also be whole. This is the plan of divine will. And there has been or never will be a deviation from it. .... You humans are Gods and Goddesses incarnate so it is there for important to remember that you can create harmony and balance where ever you are, think about this. Think about the possibilities of it and start to put the possibilities into practice. I thank you and I love you although I do not know you. I bless you for I am also a creator. The creator within me salutes the creator within you."

F9. Elements

The wind (air), the fire, the water, the ice and the earth have come together to assist you in connecting with beings of this earth that never dreamd of working with humans before. They can bring your message to far a way places, to deep inside the earth or out in the sky. Use it in your meditation or in your earthwork. This as well is good to use in a spray form. Relationship with the elements is one of the cornerstones for our spiralling evolution according to Hathor material by Tom Kenyon. So with all the elements it is cleansing, purifying, grounding etc. It was on the evening of 27th February , 2000 that we were given this magnificent, powerful energy. We had been teaching in a small village of Westfjord, Island for 4 days and this evening the storm was raging outside the house. It was the worst storm of the winter and there were many. It was not only a storm but a blizzard with heavy snowfall and our most active volcano Hekla had started erupting the day before. During the night there were many snow-avalanches falling near by.

F10. Grand alignment

The main theme of the grand alignment of 5th May 2000 when the Sun, New Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn found themselves together in Taurus is that spirit expresses itself as matter. So it is uniting our spiritual and material life or realising that we are spirits living in physical body. This vibration helps us get a new understanding by breaking up old thoughtpatterns. It connects spirit and matter in harmony and balance. It also connects us to the energy of the planets involved and also their Universal knowledge. Using this essence will ease your way into higher 4D reality. As the energy on our planet will rise so will the magnitude and power of this alignment. We can also help our fellow earth beings inside the earth and Gaia when doing earthwork. We can put a drop of essence on the crystals we work with in the mandala and ask the devas or keepers of the area to receive this energy. We can also use the essence on etheric crystals that we put down in the same way as we do them, holographically. The energy of this essence is deep blue-violet. We made the essence while teaching Shamballa MD healing in Dalvik, Eyjafjordur on May 5th 2000. AA Michael helped us with collecting the energy from all the planets, the sun and the moon and direct it into our bottle. We also invited the devas, alves and fairies of the area to be part of this and so they are.

F11. Deva of the North-Namafjall

Helps us work with the femininity and sexuality to celebrate life. Also to work with the feminie creativity. Good for both man and woman. "It also works on tissue regeneration,esp.burns. Cleansing of scalp, skin, intestinal tract toxins; stimulates natural flora in intestines. Regeneration of skeletal structure (esp. vertebrae and tooth enamel). Can help increase clairvoyance, telepathy, receptivity to healing. All meridians and nadis strengthened; solar plexus chakra opened; etheric and emotional bodies aligned. Anxiety eased. Strengthens neurological tissue, esp. in brain brings one to the threshold of spiritual illumination; transforms the intellectual into the philosopher, brings the philosopher to more spiritual realms. Eases depression." The overlightening deva of the north part of Iceland is a very bright light being that can aid you in your healing work just as the Ascended masters do.

F 12. Geyser

A very grounding effect. Like exploison. Geysir is the old and famous hot spring in Iceland. It stopped almost erupting early this century but after last big earthquake in Iceland summer 2000 it has become active again.

F13. Gullfoss

Spiral effect on the 2nd and 3rd chakra. Very calming for the emotional chakra and stress releasing. Gullfoss is the most famous and one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland.

F14. Earthquake

This feminine, mother energy helps you expand out from the heart. It allows you more space. It is very useful to help in seperation without pain from things, attitudes, beings or happenings. Good for those that are going through divorce, change in relationship, change of work, moving etc.

F15. Arcturians

The energy of the Arcturians that comes through our small smokey quarz skull has a very powerful effect on opening the heartchakra. It energizes the lightbody and the physical body. The Arcturians are very loving beings that can help us build the lightquotiant of our spiritual bodies.

F16 Borre, Norway

Cleanses emotional and mental blockages in the meridians. Works from ovaris down to the big toe. Cleanses fear. This should not be used by menstruating or pregnant women. Borre, Vestfold is one of the oldest settlements in Norway after iceage. There have been found many graves from the time of vikings. For us it has a very magnetic effect and is one of the places in Norway that we have visited most often.

F17 Holy grail

Its vibration is elevating and works on the higher chakras from the heart through the 8th and 12th chakra that is where your higher self and I am presence reside. It opens up for communication and higher connection. It also clears betrayal issues. The magical place of Tintagle, Cornwall, England is the origin of this vibration. It is the birthplace of King Arthur and Merlins cave can be found there as well.

F18. Bartek, the oak

The soft vibrations of this 1000 year old oaktree in Poland helps you center through the higher chakras. It is very good for meditation and also for people that are out of balance after a trauma. You can also vow on the spirit of the tree for healing or assistance in your life.

F19. Three Corunas

Focus, concentration. Good to use when you have to focus on a special task or at resolving a problem. The energies of Michael, Mary and Buddha come with this essence. It is good for people who are recovering from difficult sickness. This is also accompanied with a powerful Deva from the mountain. The vibration from the Pieniny mountains and national park in Southern Poland.

F20. Holy Cross Mt

Be careful not to take more then 1 drop of this essence since it is very powerful. More could give you a headache. It works with the 4th and 5th chakra to connect the two. Also good to go within and help you accept feelings, images or thoughts that you are getting. Holy Cross Mt in Poland is a sacred site where can be found a stone circle. This is an old Pagan site as well as a place of a convent. A piece of the holy cross is kept there.

F21. Eye of the sea: ( Morsko Oko)

Balances the right and left brain. Good for much strain, also dyslexia, hyperactivity. Very calming effect. Eye of the sea and Black Pond (Czarny Staw) are two wonderful lakes in the higher Tatra mountains in Southern Poland. The legend says that there is an underground tunnel from the Eye of the sea out to the Baltic ocean. Very powerful place.

F22. Wieliczka

Good for clarity in expression. Works on acupunctures at the back of the head in a very sweat way. Good for headache and tired eyes. Lessens pressure in the head. The spirit of the Wielizca saltmine in Poland is happy to assist humanity in this way.

F23. Kosciliska valley

Helps us to express emotions. Also works with flow from solarplexus medial down to the toes. Kosiliesco Valley in Poland is one of the most beautiful valleys in Poland and a nationalpark. We spent an evening there walking the 6 km to the rest place in the valley in a moonlight last June and enjoyed the serenity of this place.

F24. Knight of Niedzica

Good for meditation. Works with the pranic energy in a very light and sweat way. Expands the pranic tube outwards and elevates as well. A feeling of pranic sphere. Building of the prana is one of the corner stones for our spiral evolution according to Hathors. The knight of Niedzica is the keeper of the vortex at the castle by the river Niedzica near the boarders of Slovakia and Poland.

F25 Full moon 11-11-00

This brings about transformation. It clears all cellular memories and subconscious mind.

F26 Spring equinox 2001

This brings us the feminine aspect of the Christ consciousness.

F27 Snaefellsjokull

Activation of the crystalline lightbody and connection to the christ consciousness grid. This essence is made with vibrations from the October intensive 2000 with Hari Das and therefore I include parts of his channeling to explain what it does for you. Also the Ice diamond or Diamond king as I like to call him has worked with us from the beginning of the essence making but this is the first time he has his own essence and when I connected with him when I made it, he sent me waves of love and gratitude so the tears were running and my body shaking. Hari Das / John Artmitage channeling the Ice diamond, keeper of this sacred place. We were sitting in the snow at the bottom of the glacier, Snaefellsjokull which is a very sacred site of our country. (known from Jules Verne story). Wow.........this keeper of this vortex here, what an energy…So greetings brothers and sisters. As the keeper of this glacier I am a being who's body is composed of ice. Ice of course is crystal. So in many ways my body is not much different from yours because your bodies are also crystals. The first part of the meditation will be to further activate you and the second part of the meditation will be to activate this glacier and the volcanic aspect of this glacier, fire and ice. So please now at this time start taking notice of your breath. I know that you have all worked with this technique of breath on many occasions before. So now start to as you breath in feel the light which is shining around you starting to flow into the crystalline structures of your bodies. And as you breath in feel the light flowing in to the crystalline nature of your bodies. So of course this light is flowing in to you into every aspect of your crystal. And as this light flows into you just allow or imagine, see or feel the fire that was activated within you yesterday starting to burn again in a more powerful way. Feel, see this fire burning in your solar plexus. And as you are taking your breaths in see your fire becoming stronger, becoming stronger. And as this fire becomes stronger, see it now starting to flow throughout your body physical. And as it flows through your body physical feel it flowing down into your earth star chakra. And as it flows into your earth star chakras. Start to feel your selves connecting with the volcanic aspect or the fire aspect of this glacier. So let your attention go downwards, downwards, downwards, downwards and really connect very strongly with this volcano beneath you. And now as you are connected to this fire, feel, your selves connecting with the ice and the snow, feel your selves spreading outwards all around you in a 360°. It is like you are in the middle of a doughnut of energy. And as you feel yourselves spreading outwards, and outwards and outwards and connecting with this ice and this snow. Just start seeing in your mind all the crystals that compose this snow of the ice each individual piece, each unique piece of sacred geometry. And as you start connecting with these crystals just see, feel, allow, imagine these crystals activating the crystals within your body and within your lightbody and spiritual bodies. Just see and feel these crystals activating the crystals within your blood, just see and feel the crystals activating the water within your body the liquid crystal. Just see, feel these crystals activating the bone, the crystals within your bones. And as all these crystals within your bodies activate let us now connect you to the 12th dimension, the Christ consciousness grid. We are going to connect you through your crystalline lightbody to this Christ consciousness grid. Now as you see, feel, allow or imagine your crystalline lightbody becoming activated with the energy of the ice, fire and the snow. And as we connect with this Christ consciousness grid feel the unconditional love, the amore unconditional....and just allow this unconditional love to flow through this fire, to flow through this ice to flow through this water to flow through this snow into the crystals which are activating your lightbody and physical bodies. And the lightbodies of each and everyone of you is expanding very quickly. Your lightbodies are expanding way out into the Universe around you. At this time let us consciously focus on the expansion of our lightbodies with this energy from the Christ consciousness grid from this unconditional love this Christedness. Now feel your selves, expanding, expanding and expanding more and more. And as you expand you take this energy of fire, ice, snow, water to all the other beings that your lightbodies surrounds. Beings in other worlds, beings in other dimensions. And as your lightbodies fill with this unconditional love. This Christed love from the grid your lightbodies pass on this unconditional love. Your light bodies pass on this Christedness to all the beings that your lightbody surrounds and touches. I the keeper of this place the ice diamond leave you in my love. Namaste.

F28 Grábrók (volcanic crater)

Clears toxins in the body. Good for the thyroid and the pancreas. Very good for patients with Diabetis mellitus, clears the body after vaccination. When used it is good to use Thingvellir after this one. Purifies everything within your body that does not serve your highest good. I include parts of Das´s channeling from Grábrók to explain what this essence does. It also holds energies from Ashtar command of light. Channeling through Hari Das, October 2000. The guardian or the keeper or the deva of Grábrók. First I would say it is always gladness in my heart when people come and visit my vortex. I have been the keeper of this place from the times which it was formed and I speak not only of the formation of this hill within which you sit. I speak about the energy vortex in general in this place. This energy vortex is what you would call an interdimensional gateway. In other words it is a place through which many multidimensional beings can pass. They can pass into your dimensional reality to the third or fourth dimension or they can pass straight down into the earth to meet with the people that live inside the body of mother earth. If you could see me, if you could see my form, I am in many ways like fire, like flame. This flame is maybe one of your meters around and one and a half or one and three quarters of your meters high. This is the form of my body because when this place had molten rock and flame and fire flowing from it and blowing from it my energy body was transmuted into this kind of fire energy. The work is for you as individuals to activate the fire within you but not only activate this fire of these flames of strength and clarity but also Germain is here to transmute my flame into the silver violet flame of transformation also. But not only are we going to do that, I am going to take you into the fire in the body of mother earth. So that your energy bodies may be purified also by this fire. And as your energy bodies and your lightbodies are purified in this fire, this fire will transfer into your physical body and further cleansing and activation's will take place within you, as well as the flame of Germain this fire will activate your kundalini energy. This does not mean that your kundalini energy will in each case shoot to the top of your head and your head will lift up like this (demonstration and laughter:). Like a volcano. We are working with you in accordance with the will of your I am presence. You already have fire in your bodies. This fire is the energy that makes your digestion work so that you can digest your food. It also has other purposes within your body. Fire has a contract with the Creator that it will purify all things that it consumes. It will purify and transmute. So let us now enter this fiery space with our bodies of fire, the silver violet flame and the redness of my energy, let us enter the fire, enter this place of molten rock. And just feel that molten rock, the energies of the fire flowing through you like pure, warm honey. And as this pure warm honey flows through you just allow it to take everything that is not serving your highest good in this moment. Everything that you have been holding in fear in unworthiness, in unsureness, And as it takes away these blockages, as it takes away these self imposed limitations see your self becoming silver violet light, silver violet fire. Silver violet fire, the purity that God desires. You are God and Goddess in this moment, whole, pure, harmonised and balanced.

F29 Thingvellir

The place of our parlament 1000 years ago. It urges you to stand in your power. Also a very powerful deva comes with this one. He is the overlightening deva of south Iceland.

F30 Breidafjord islands

Activations of your higher chakras. These special rocks that are compressed and have a very special geometrical form have balanced their inner structure while the ocean is in motion around them. For people that have phyusical discomfort like car sickness or sea sickness can benefit from this essence.

F31 Víðgelmir

Víðgelmir is the largest lava cave in Iceland moren then 1500m long. In October 2000 a group of lightworkers received cosmic alignment in there (with the help of Hari Das Melchizedek) where no energies from man-made tools or instruments were able to enter the cave where we were and interfere with the work. So this essence brings you Cosmic alignment and expansion of your Adam Kadmon body, body of light. The cosmic rays of unconditional love. The codes of Melchizedek cosmic dead see scrolls. The Cosmic aspect of the Mahatma. This cosmic unconditional love from the cosmic presence of I am of Source. Clears all fears.

F32 Hraunfossar or lava waterfalls

Works on all the acupunctures of the body and as well of mother earth.

F33 Sheendra

the sheendra beings come from far part of our Universe and they help us she the overview of a situation or see the higher aspect of issues or events. Very helpful ability. They are also protecting and keep away any unwanted energies.

F34 Yahweh

Love of the father. Energies from the constellation Orion.

F35 Quan Yin

Quan Yin the Chineese Mary brings forward this essence. With her she brings white energy that transforms into all the colors of the Universe. For me this indicates that in this essence is the whole spectrum of LOVE and energies from the Shamballa diamond and the Lords and ladies of Shamballa, with all their rays and different angle of the Love spectrum. In other words. All the beings of the White Brotherhood have given their energy and love to this essence so that each person can benefit as needed. When our friend Björk tuned into this esence she found her self in space in another galaxy within this Universe. The solarsystem she saw had three large planets that formed a triangle, the holy symbol. There was very powerful energy there. She then went down to the first planet of these three and met very small beings much like fairies (flower fairies). Only one of them came forward since they were very shy. There was a lot of plants and flowers, very beautiful but unlike anything she has seen on earth. These beings live in perfect harmony. They send with them joy, balance and harmony. Germain had talked to them about being part of this and they were very grateful for the opportunity to aid humanity on their path to enlightenment because we (humanity) will later live like them in perfect harmony. Then Björk went to the second planet. There she found her self on a beach looking out on a calm ocean and a sunset. A very tranquil place. One being came to her. A small humanoid being that reached her to the waist with short arms and legs and yellow skin. She was wearing golden overall. Their planet connects with peace, and tranquility. The three planets form a perfect triangle. Then Björk was off to the third planet where she at first felt power. Power of a wind and further away from her she saw a huge, powerful waterfall and even further there was an erupting volcano. It was as if everything was mixed together in one place. A being that she could hardly see,looking like all the energies there said that they had the power to uplift(enhance) the harmony and tranquility of the other planets. She invited us for visit in our meditations to get to know this world better. She said that they had a lot in common with us Icelanders. Each country has special energy and ours (Iceland) is much like their. They call them selves Artoons. They would like to help out in meditations and healing. They have not been in connection with earth since the time of Creation of Earth. All the beings Björk saw on the planets were nature beings.

F36 Buddha

Empowerment through enlightenment. Good for hyperactive and indigo children. Helps them be centered. Calms the caos within their head.

F37 New Merkabah

Codes of the new Merkabah, helps clear memories of ancestors, helps the blueprint to release to create another life. helps balance the masculine and feminine energies and all contraries. Helps the cellular structure to be totally balanced cell by cell. Helps be connected with the whole universe because the NM is connected to the heavenly host. It also holds the keycodes of Enoch, the Melchizedek dead see scrolls, the hebrew alphabet and all the energies of the Ancient ones.

F 38 The golden one

Golden energy to transmute elementals, the dark beings of inner earth. Very important for earthworkers to help clean their energy fields and also to aid in their earthwork.

F39. Orsasjö/artistic intuition

From the Swedish forest and lakes comes the opening for artistic intuition. Allow the magic to happen.

F40 Svartifoss

Made 21st June 2002. With it comes an energy of a tree in full blossom. (Most likely the sorbus at Sandfell), it radiates sacred energy. The tree brings back to us parts of our consciousness that has been lost, old wisdom that has departed by traumatic experience. It affects the nerve system as well as the circulation of blood. There is a very powerful being of love with it. The essence holds very soft energy and all the beings in Vatnajokull and surroundings. It triggers and opens up closed doors. The essence also holds all the elements and their ability and power. The over lightening deva of the Glacier has also given its energy to the essence and a gift from mother earth. This energy warms up cold and locked away feelings, emotions and opens again up for the love (unconditional). It will be used in a new series of sprays that I will put together in coming days and weeks.

F41 Krýsuvik

This essence works on karmic clearing, enhances absorption of minerals. Works against negative side effects of psychotic medication. Balances the brain. It centeres the mental body and enhances mental work.

Crystal and mineral essences

K1. Love

Minerals for each of the seven major chakras in our body give us cleansing and empowering energy. Helps us experience love.

K2. Earth

Powerful grounding essence made with energy from rocks collected in every quarter of “Island”.

K3. Red jasper

Connection to earth and increased life force. Healing effect.

K4. Green Opal

Development of spiritual abilities. Gives one faith.

K5. Lapis lazula

Its crystal clearness opens up the heart chakra and the third eye. Connects you with lifetimes in Egypt. "Throat inflammation, anxiety and tension released. A potent cleanser. Aligns etheric, mental and spiritual bodies. Energizes throat chakra; stimulates increased personal expression, esp on spiritual and psychospiritual levels. For shy, introverted, retiring people. Good for meditation, thought broadcasting. Better able to tap into higher self and express or release buried emotions. Aids assimiliation of calcium, lecithin, phosphorus, vits. B, C and E; oxygenation of hemoglobin. All meridians strengthened.

K6. Elestial smokey quarz

Each glass comes with a personal angel that tolerates all sorrow and anxiety as well as love. It helps you find balance between the male and female energy. Connects you with the angelic realms. "Emotional healing and balancing of whole four body system (physical, mental, emotional, spritual). Helps subconscious accept and adapt to change. Helps proper release of kundalini energy;increases divination and creativity. With meditation, removes unclear thought forms. depression eased; improved assimiliation of protein, vits. E and B. Use in atomizer to cleanse aura. Draws negative radiation from cells and heals them. Heals damage to the immune system incurred because of fears about using the new, higher energies."(from Taliloquay Essences)

K7. Milky quartz

This comes with a cold cleansing. It is very good for those that are depressive. It goes right into the emotional body to balance and give a boost upwards. Calming and balancing.

K8.Mt.Shasta opal.-Emergency essence

 I had called on Germain and the Telosians to help with this one. It has very fast energy (high frequency) and comes with a being. There was great power that goes through the crown chakra and down through all the chakra column, clearing all blockages as it goes down so the chakras explode outwards or bloom. With this is also mild, calm energy that goes into the emotional body to calm and a lot of love. Germain also brings his silverviolet flame and the enrgeie of his ascension seat. This is only part of what is there to find but the essence can be used as first aid after trauma It works very fast. If you need healing NOW this is the one to use.

K.9 Moldavite

This green crystal that has been found in Moldavia in Czechia is connected with another star far away where ascended masters from the time of Atlantis reside. It holds energy to discover new things, new ideas, new thoughtforms. It is very good for the scientist or the artist or anyone that would like to expand his view of the Creation and open up for something new. "Dramatically increases future sight, telepathy, clairvoyance and healing energies. Helps in assimilation into the earthly plane and in contacting other entities, angels, devas. A few drops twice a day can clear your spiritual channel."

Precious stone essences

They were originally made to be used with a full moon and new moon meditation that Kathleen Murrey channelled from Mahasamatman to integrate these energies into mother earth. They can be put in a bowl of water or on crystals where meditating or used separately as needed.

E1. Ruby

Ruby holds the wisdom of the heart and the devine male energy. It also comes with a flower fairy and connects to the heart and base chakra and opens a channel upwards. "Stabilizes heart, heart chakra; creates balance in spiritual endeavors. Eases disorientation, procrastination. Increases stability and confidence; ideals, self-esteem, decision-making improve. Distress with father image eased. Leadership potentials stimulated; compatibility, ability to give and receive love Increased oxygenation of cells through blood."

E2. Sapphire

Sapphire brings us devine grace and the knowledge of it. It works with the third eye and the crown chakra. "Complete linkage of body/mind/spirit to bring clarity and inspiration; antidepressant. Improved communication with spirit guides; heart and throat chakras opened, allowing for more personal expression and drawing off energy that may be stored in solar plexus. Assimilation of all nutrients improves; stimulates regeneration of intestinal tract, stomach, pituitary. Opens cells to the magnetic effects of love; prepares them to receive whatever they need from the supportive flow of Source´s love, and teaches them to remain in perfect alignment with that flow."

E3. Emerald

Emerald holds the knowledge of Devine female energy to activate the heart chakra of lady Gaia and your self. It opens up the meridians from the heart to the hands. "Heart strengthened to deal with toxic discharges from muscles as during a cleansing . Kidneys strengthened to better eliminate toxins; aids in processing hidden fears. Eases radiation toxicity. Balances heart chakra; etheric, astral, and emotional bodies aligned, stabilizing the personality; keener insights into dreams develop. Generally increases psychic and clairvoyant faculties. Balances heart, esp. in relation to the father. Improves meditation (through amplifier), esp. to alleviate hidden fears. Helps build cell walls strong enough to contain and flow with the new energies being beamed to us; strengthens the alignment of the whole body with light. Transforms negativity, going deeply into stuck and crystallized areas, freeing the energy to be used positively."

E4. Diamond

The diamond frequency of Shamballa is able to reverberate more and more. It is here to be anchored to bring us into our full potential of being. It helps us think clearly. "Releases stress and tension throughout the body. Increased absorption of carbon, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon. Draws toxicity from physical and subtle bodies. Draws out memories from past lives. Stimulates clarivoyance, balancing, increases healing ability."

E5. Gold

This is symbolic for the devine love and light and brings with it the Source of Creation. This is the building block. Also cleansing of mother earth. "Promotes healing. Balances heart chakra, the most powerful haric point. Thymus; rejuvenation of endocrine system. Aids absorption of gold from food as well as magnesium, oxygen, phosphorus, silver, vitamins A,B,D,E. Stimulates body’s electrical properties. Good for diseases associated with the collapse of the immune system, such as muscular dystrophy and diabetes. Protection from radiation. For heat exhaustion from over exposure to the sun. Balances left/right brain disorders. Stimulates desire for illumination of the higher self. Opens heart, brow, crown and five chakras above the crown, causing alignment of higher spiritual visions. Thought form amplifier. Enhances other elixirs, heals any disease originating from low self-esteem."

Flower essences

B1. Beauty Yellow narcissus

"It helps us see the beauty of live and expand that beauty. It teaches flexibility and forgiveness. It brings us joy and brightness.

B2. Simplicity. "Saxifragia oppositifolia."purple mountain saxifrage"

This is the first flower to blossom in the spring. It helps us see the simplicity in every situation. It teaches us gratitude. It also helps us develop the inner sight through the third eye."

B3. Willingness."peltigera canina"

It brings the power to enjoy life without worries and go towards the future with willingness. Helps us let go of unwanted energies.

B4. Understanding. "Dryas octopetala"

Mountain avens helps us understand the situation and walk towards it with the love as a guide. With this essence comes a Master from the Orion constellation. When working with crystals put a drop into a bowl of water and the energy will radiate this understanding out to the Christ consciousness grids. For artist putting a drop into a water that is used to wash an oil painting will help those who later look at the picture to see what lies hidden in it. This is also very good for depression.

B5. Tenderness. "Betula pubescens"

 Downy birch is very dear to us. It has soothing and healing effect.

B6. Brotherhood

This is a combination of ten plants and many devas from the northern part of Island made on one of the longest and brightest days of the year. It helps us work together in brotherhood and harmony. Relationship with others is the third cornerstone of our evolution.Each of the plant in this essence (there are 10 of them) has its own healing effect.

B7. Clarity - Epilobium latifolium

Icelandic river beauty or arctic river beauty" brings us clarity. It removes teh clouds that surround any situation so that we can realise our lesson and behave accordingly. This is full of yellow color and clears dark energy and the beginning of dis-eases.

B8. Transformation - Leucanthemum vulgare

Helps us go through changes in our lives and thought forms without fear.

B9 Balance

Primula with yellow flowers. This one brings balance and connects people.

B 10 Opening

Primula with pinkish, violet color. This one helps clear the crown chakra.

B11. Grounding - Achillea millefolium – Yarrow

This is grounding and empowers energy flow to the feet.

B12. Messanger of Mahatma. primula violet

With this one comes an angelic messanger from the Mahatma energy. It helps us see the beauty and lessens the sorrow.

B13. Lightness - Rose

The message that it gives us is: I am the love, I am the life, I am the red color of energy that brings joy of life? It helps us see the joyful things in life and go through it like dancing on roses.

B14. Confidence

This one works on emotions and trust. Helps us gain confidence.

B15. Healing. Yellow Irish.

Mother Mary gave her energy to this one. It offers healing energy through love.

B16. Pine (pinus)

Very sweet energy that comes from the earth and lifts up the etheric body that is held down by the electro magnetic field of the earth. It works with the genetals and the pineal gland to break up calcification around the pineal and pituitary and helps build the bridge of light between the pineal and pituitary. Since it has a very sweet, soft way of working it is very good for children and those who have difficult times accepting being incarnated on earth. Good for those on borderlines (psyche)

B17. Sorbus - Mountain ash

Like a fire that comes into the solar plexus. Good for the desire for sexual life. wakes up the longing for human touching and caring, opens up for true love, opening up the sexual chakras (1 and 2). It connects the 1. and 5. chakra to help people communicate about their sexual (caring) needs or to express them selves through art, music, writings etc. So this is very good for couples that have problems in their marriage or sexual life. Just as good for men as women.

B18. Blátoppur (lonicera coilurea)

Removes blockages in the emotional body. similar to clearing of occupants that are crystallised thought forms often from childhood related to trauma, sickness or suppressive authority of parents or teachers etc. Repairs cellular memory, frees the spirit. Important for psychologist and psychiatrists.

B19 Rododendron Spp.

They hold wisdom of life and death. Helps those who have missed loved one to let go of anger and fear. Very helpful for cancer patients and their relatives. Connects the soul-self if there is any blockage there. There are vibrations of many flower fairies and the overlightening deva of the garden where this was made in this essence.

B20 Paeonia-Kathleen

Love and healing effect. Works on the throat chakra and the head. Very calming effects.

B21 Paeonia-Sirius

A proud and independent flower. It holds the wisdom of God within and at the same time the humbleness towards life and self. It wakes up this knowledge within you. Good for both men and women. Also energies from the constellation Sirius.

B22 Noisetier

Works on the soul-self-self cord. Full of little angels that work to fix it. Clears connections on all levels. (part of the auric clearing spray)

B23 Thalictrum aquilegifolium-Freyjugras

Works on wormholes in your auric field. Works from the outside and inwards. (part of the auric clearing spray, see combination essences)

B24 Achillea ptarmica

Clears micro black holes in the auric field. (part of the auric clearing spray)

B25 Saxifragia-pink and white

Protection, cleansing. (part of the auric clearing spray)

B26 Saxifragia-dark pink

Works on the portals in your auric field. Engulfing, soft energy. (part of the auric clearing spray)

B27 Lovers

Opens up your heart chakra in a very profound way.

B28 Blóðberg - Thymus praecox - wild thyme.

Perfect blue body. Now part of the auric clearing spray. According to the book “Icelandic medical herbs” the Thyme can aid in healing of influenza, cold, intestinal disorder. When other vibrations that the essence contains are added, this essence brings back to the cells the memory of the perfect blue body or the seed blue prints, rejuvenating each cell. So it should help in any kind of dis-ease or dis-order.

B29 Burkni, Dryopteris filix-mas

Lightships from far away galaxy or universe. Works together with B25. Gives it density and grounding.

B30 Skriðmispill, Cotoneaster adpressus

Fertility, abundance in all its multitude.

B31 Rose

Feminin aspect of Source. Love on all levels. Will be used in a blend to aid in opening up for the love of source before meditation or any kind of lightwork. Empowers selfesteem.

B32 Rósakvistur - Spiraea mollifolia

Femininity, menopause, pre-menstruation aches , emotions and stress. Our blood is sacred gift to the earth. Shows us what a special gift this menstruation circle is. How important part of life and life in microspectrum. Also good for men specially those that have integrated their female aspect.

Essences from the Ocean

H1 Coral

It brings the balancing of the tides. For the waves of life as each of us have our highs and lows. Green energy that goes into the artistic part of our selves. "Helps body use nourishment provided at physical & etheric levels. Aids flow of prana (life force). Strengthens bones. Removes toxins. Balances male/female nature on spiritual levels. Use in bath to relieve arthritic pain. Aids brain and nerve tissues; helps offset senility and mind drifting ; aids concentration."

H2 Poseidon

The energies of the ocean fills us with freedom of the ocean. It also works on the root chakra and connects the Kundalini energy, opens up for clairvoyance. It is very powerful and should not be used of people that are not ready to wake the Kundalini. Good for those that have the chakras in balance. It is good before meditation and also good for healers before they start giving healing. It works on the kidneys as well.

H3 Dolphins

There is a huge deva over beautiful landscape with mountains, trees and grass coming with this one. He said that Germain had invited him to be part of this. He looked like an old man with white, long, hair and beard in an endless cloak. There was a lot of green and yellow color plus blue violet color. He said he was the overlightening deva of Africa with his home in Kilimanjaro. He takes is role within the essence very seriously and no wonder there has not been many to address him over the past thousands of years until we came along. It is really an honor for us to have all these beings working with us on this project for the benefit of mankind, earth and the whole Universe. But there are more beings the mermaids and other strange beings of the ocean bring lots of joy and lightness and love. These beings are bluegrean. The ocean then brings calmness from the deep and the power of the ocean god. Poseidon. It clears the soul life completely. Of course the dolphins also come through this essence with their joyful play, love and harmony. This essence helps change the DNA, it goes into the essence of our being and affects the original eight cells. It clears the connection to the Source. Like a reverse cosmic flush. Howard the dolphin said that when that clearing is done the beings of the ocean can come in and bring the lightness, joy and love. Since this works with our DNA through eons of time or beginning of humanity on earth it works on the karma as well.

Shamballa MD healing essences

When making these essences we asked the masters to bring their energies to them as well so they can help with sending the energy where it is most needed. The guidance I have got is that these should be used by healers, Reiki or shamballa practitioners in healing and to send home with their client to enhance the work that is going on between sessions or after. They are very good to use with crystals.

S1 Motor Zanon

The symbol to heal viral and bacterial infections. Mother Mary and Kuthumi. Kuthumi brings the message of worthiness.

S2. Cho Ku Rei

“God is here” Sanat Kumara.

S3. Zonar

Working with karma. AA Michael cuts the karmic ties and then AA Gabriel balances the energies.

S4. Antahkarana

A powerful healing symbol that has its own consciousness and connection with the I am presence. Mahatma, Kutumi, Djwal Kuhl and devas. This can be used to give more power to earth healing with crystal mandalas. Put one drop at the base of the crystals. This will help spread the energy of the mandala outwards and thereby expand the area that is being healed and cleared.

S5. Amsui

A symbol of completion. Cleansing of all the meridians and subtle bodies. Babaji and Ashtar.

S6. Atlantean Dai Ko Myo

The master symbol. It empowers all the other symbols. It activates the pineal and pituitary glands and helps clearer soul energy to come through.

S7. Hon She Ze Sho Nen

Distance healing, Akashic records, past-present-future. AA Gabriel and AA Zadkiel.

S8. Silver violet flame

Cleanses discordant energy in the subtle bodies and in places. AA Micheal and Germain.

S9. Tibetian fire serpent

Works on fear of the mind. Helps one let go of deep fear. Also energizing. Djwal Kuhl.

S10. Palm Master symbol

Connects all the chakras into earth and up to Source. Sanat Kumara, Lady Nada and Gaia.

S 11. Sei He Ki

Heals mind and emotions. Mahatma, Germain and AA Micheal.

S12 Mer Ka Fa Kalisma

DNA. Mother energy. Many beings from the devic kingdom, nature spirits, Gaia, elements with the angel Solon leading the way. (DNA adjustment team.) Very good when working with genetic dis-ease and other dis-eases that are held in the DNA codes.

Palestinian essences

P1 The Sphinx

Its core is respect through humbleness. To be true to one self and gain your own self-respect and mutual respect through humbleness towards life, towards your fellow beings and all there is. It is a building block for our life, the rock to build our temple on. You could as well say that if we put aside the ego and stand in the love (unconditional) we have found the ultimate way home.

P2 Timan pillars of Salomon

Works with the male energy same as Eagle and Hawk. Eagle-- Illumination, majesty, adeptness, potency, power through knowledge. Hawk-- Awareness, inner truth and contemplation, hidden talents, a watcher . Works with the higher planes of your awareness and consciousness.

P3 Acasic tree

Good for Leukemia, aids the mitoses. Less stress. Good for AIDS and other destructive dis-eases. Purity of life

P4 Petra

going into the womb of the mother, activation of the female energy within.

P5 Eilat stone (from Gurudas, "Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing")

"Karmic Pattern: It was commonly used in Atlantis and Lemuria because of its general healing properties. This stone has also historically been used to integrate the thought processes between individuals in interpersonal relationships. This is partly why the stone is found in the Middle East..." "Uses for healing and spiritual growth [gem elixir properties]: Here there is the capacity for complete tissue regeneration, particularly the skeletal tissue. All miasmas are alleviated, and assimilation of all nutrients improves. All the subtle bodies are temporarily aligned, which detoxifies the system so that vibrational preparations work better. This is a powerful elixir. "Eilat stone enables one to better accept the conditions of life especially when related to one's personal karmic pattern. There is increased inspiration from the higher self. This elixir is an excellent antidepressant, and there is a minor impact on the heart chakra. Eilat stone balances the masculine and feminine properties in people, and the test points are the forehead, medulla oblongata, and the feet.” The eilat stone is an exceptional stone formed of a fusion of chrysocolla, turquoise, malachite, azurite and cuprite. The energy of the eilat stone is peace. The eilat stone is a vibrant blue-green and works to help clear the energy of the thymus and balances the heart energies. It is excellent for detoxifying and releasing issues of trauma. The eilat stone is a powerful stone for women’s issues. Author Diane Stein refers to the eilat stone as helpful in healing issues of abuse and repression for women. She recommends this stone for healing women’s lack of self-esteem and to develop inner knowing. It is also said to foster pride in being a women and encourages women’s autonomy.

P6 Negev opal

All the Archangels come with the essence with their love, softness source like feeling to your heart and lungs. If we act through it and put it around us the energy reaches the Universe. It has the energy of the sureness of the Universe . It is big and powerful as if you have reached new knowledge, new energy. Couple source energy with this Archangel essence and do our work and the work comes out to be source work

P7 Camel/patience

We always seem to want things to happen NOW but sometimes we have to wait a while. This essence brings about patience and tolerance.

P8 Getsemanee - Olive tree

 Tolerance towards people and views that differ from our own-helps understand the essence of Jesus/Christ teaching. (There is a lot more to this essence that will be added as time goes by.)

P9 Tree of life

Part of the lightbody spray. Codes for the tree of life.

P10 Keops pyramid-cosmic geometry

Part of the lightbody spray. Codes for cosmic geometry, atonements.

P11 Mt Sinai-Grace

Beautiful and loving energy from Source.

P12 Spring of Mose

Balance of yin and yang within. Sense of freshness. Activation of Thymus and the youth hormones. Rejuvenating. Takes away blockages in the upper left side of neck/chest pink silver/white color

P13 Qumram

Part of the light body activation spray. All the Melchizedek codes.

P14 Dead sea

Deep cleansing both of karmic issues and also ET connection and implants.

All the Palestinian essences are bringing in new higher mahatma energy for the evolution of man in mind helps clean our energy and aids the ascension process They are all working together.

New combination essence

This is a combination of Bartek, Paradise, Glanni, Balance, Aurora Borealis, Mahatma and Tenderness. It is soothing, calming, balancing, healing effect after any type of minor or major trauma.
This powerful blend of nearly 20 waterfall essences is a gift from mother earth, Gaia to all earth workers for their dedicated work in past years. The whole of Creation has aided Gaia to make this essence. It is too powerful to be used internally by living beings so please be careful using it. As time goes by new energies will be added to this essence as these energies are anchored on earth. We are honoured to be able to offer this essence to any one that is ready to use it in their work. It is available in 50ml spray bottle or in 10ml bottle with a pipette. How to use: For earthwork: put a drop on the earth or in the lake or river where you are working and ask the deva or keeper/guardian of the area to work with you and help spread the clearing energies in the are and hold the energies after the clearing has been done. If you use crystals in your work the work will be done quicker and reach further out. Put a drop of the essence on each mandala crystal you have. Form a 12-pointed star of David with your crystals with the odds facing outwards. If you only have one crystal you work with (sphere, skull or cluster or any other form) put a drop on the crystal. Always remember to call on and work with the guardian of the area as well as your light/love team. In our work we work with a large shamballa team and earthwork team plus essence team (well they might all be one team actually). To clean houses (hunted or with discordant energy) you can use crystals as before or spray in each room to clean. This would be very good to do in any hospitals to help the discarnate find their way to the light and the next plane. If you want to use this essence to clean human energy field you may for example build a 12pointed mandala around the group of people you are working with or teaching and put a drop on one or more crystals with the odd facing inwards towards the people. You can do a meditation while the crystals and essence is working. All clearings will be done in accordance with Devine will and seed blueprints of Creation.
When I first made this essence combination I called on Pan, Gaia, over lightening deva of soil, over lightening deva of Australia and over lightening deva of healing. I also called on the ancient ones. While in Belgium last week we made a new essence that now is part of this combination and many more devas were asked to help out plus many other beings. You will be able to read about that later in this definition.

  1. Antahkarana- connection with Source, the rainbow bridge. This is the bridge between heaven and earth.
  2. Sheendra: The Sheendrans have multiple roles in this combination. They are protectors, make sure nothing escapes the transformational energies that are to be cleansed and bring lots of love. Since they have never been involved in any interaction or intervention on earth before they have no karma them selves to clean and no resistant to what is being done. This makes them perfect overseer for the work at hand and also communicators with different beings that are met during different clearings.
  3. The Golden one: This essence holds golden, transforming energies from higher planes. It helps clear and transmute elementals from the earth.
  4. Hraunfossar:The vibrations from this beautiful waterfall works on earths and human acupunctures, to clear blockages so the energy can flow unhindered. Just as human body has acupunctures so does our earth mother.
  5. Borre: This one clears the meridians of all blockages.
  6. Aboriginees: The native Australians are the guardians of the song lines or lay lines so it is an honour to welcome their energies into this essence.
  7. Silver violet flame: Germain plays a big role in this essence as in all our essences. He brings forward his transmutation fire to transmute all discordant energies.
  8. Holy Grail: This is to clear all betrayal energies within the earth. In many places betrayal has played out in many lifetimes on the same spot only in different way. The soil has held the memories of these betrayals. Now it is time to let it go and give the area a chance to become whole and free.
  9. Mt. Shasta opal: It brings us a connection with the inner earth through Telos. This is so the essence not only works on the physical body of earth but also its subtle bodies and the inner 5. dimensional worlds.
  10. Deva of Westfjords: They connect us with the energy grids and make the outward clearing easier.
  11. Wieliczka: The spirit of the salt mine has become an important member of our essence and earth worker team. He is a communicator with lost spirits and trapped beings on earth to help them open up for the energy of love and the aid they can get to become free and go into the light or to higher plane again.
  12. Dolphins: The over lightening deva of Africa and the ocean beings are here to clear the DNA and the abuse of the humans on earth and to bring in joy and harmony.
  13. Obsidian-magic: This essence was made in Belgium and Iceland. At first it was to be able to clean all black magic but it was not complete like that. It took over a week to completely finish making it and bringing in the energies needed into it. The beings that helped with this were: over lightening deva of Belgium, the crystal consciousness within the earth under Belgium, over lightening deva of Europe, Asia, Australia, America, Antarctica, North pole and Africa. Creators of multiple universes. Ancient ones, the octavine group and many more. I also invited the group consciousness of all animals that have been used for magical rituals to give their energies to this essence to clear this relationship with humans. The basic mineral is Icelandic volcanic glass (black obsidian). It clears/transmutes all kinds of magic and magical spells originated in creation.
  14. Spring equinox: It brings to us the feminine Christ consciousness to be anchored at this time on Earth and into the gridlines.
  15. Quan Yin:The whole aspect of the love rays and shamballa energies on all dimensions to replace the discordant energies that have been cleared.
  16. Holy Cross mt.: this connects with the earth chakras specially the heart chakra of mother earth.
  17. Elements: The earth and us are made up of the elements and thus we welcome the cleansing and rejuvenating energies of the elements into this essence.
  18. New Merkabah: Helps clean memories of ancestors, helps the blueprint to release to create another life. Helps balance the feminine energies and all the contraries. Helps the cellular structure to be totally balanced, cell by cell (atom by atom). helps connect the whole Universe because the New merkabah is connected to the heavenly host. It also ankers the key codes of Enoch, the codes of the Melchizedek dead see scrolls, the Hebrew alphabet, all the energies of the ancient ones.
  19. Diverse holograms from my God
  20. Mahatma: the I am of Source, the transmutational golden, silver, violet energy of love from Source.


This one is made from many plant essences that we made summer 2001. It cleanses and reconnects the soul-self cord, cleanses occupants, wormholes, portals and soul family members from your energy fields. It is best to use it by connecting with the Godself of the person and asking if she is ready to have this cleansing and then help with it. Uplifting for the spirit. Good for any health practitioner to use on his/hers client before and after session. Remarks from users. "The "Auric Clearing" essence is on my desk all the time, and I spray it over my head and let it fall on me. It uplifts my spirit every time. It is really amazing ~!!!" Carol Hathor, the founder of Soulwisdom energy transformation

C4. Lightbody activation spray

This unique combination of 5 essences activates your lightbody with diverse codes, the feminine Christ consciousness and builds your lightquotient


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