Fiori Neozelandesi – Fiori della Nuova Zelanda

Flower Collection No's 1-36

Transform your Attitude - Change your Life
The 36 First Light Flower Essences in the Flower Collection focus on the personality, addressing the 36 personality archetypes, expressions and predispositions that can express in a positive or negative manner. They also address the negative attitudes, emotions, mindsets, moods, responses and states we can all experience at a personality level at any time. According to Dr Edward Bach, all human expression takes place through our particular personality type. Dr Bach taught that many problems on the physical plane are directly related to the inability to express our personality type to its maximum advantage, or purest form of expression. The First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand No's 1-36 correspond to specific qualities in our personalities, that when expressed positively, attract harmonious situations or experiences to us. When these personality characteristics express disharmoniously, they are referred to as negative personality attitudes. Transforming negative personality attitudes to their positive harmonious counterparts enables us to transform various areas of our life naturally and effectively. In addition, each of us has an individual keynote flower essence. This keynote essence is derived from your date of birth. Regular use of one’s keynote ensures ongoing harmonic resonance and a sense of wellbeing.

In addition each of us has an individual keynote flower essence that we have a vibrational harmonious resonance with. This keynote individual essence is derived from the individual’s date of birth. Your individual keynote flower essence immediately works to establish harmony between the inner and the outer person. It is the disharmonious relationship between the inner/outer being or the soul and the personality that Dr. Bach understood to be at the cause of disease. Regular use of one’s keynote flower essence or the inclusion of it in a blend of essences ensures ongoing harmonic resonance and a sense of well being. In some cases it is beneficial to use all of the three essences listed that relate to an individual’s zodiacal sign to bring these three vital aspects of ourselves back into alignment. Find your individual keynote essence/s that corresponds to your personality type/s and date of birth. Use to transform negative attitudes into positive emotional and mental states.


Nato tra i giorni

Essenza chiave individuale


March 21-30

No 1



March 31-April 9

No 2

Native Flax


April 10-19

No 3

Cook Strait Groundsel



No 4

Marlborough Rock Daisy


April 30-May 10

No 5

Native Passionfruit


May 11-21

No 6

New Zealand Jasmine


May 22-29

No 7

Mountain Parahebe


May 30-June 8

No 8



June 9-19

No 9



June 20-July 3

No 10

Starry Hibiscus


July 4 –13

No 11

Chatham Is. Geranium


July 14-23

No 12

Native Harebell


July 24– August 2

No 13



August 3-12

No 14



August 13-22

No 15



August 23– September 1

No 16

Small White Rata


September 2– 11

No 17



September 12–22

No 18



September 23– October 1

No 19

Lover’s Daisy


October 2–11

No 20



October 12– 21

No 21



October 22-31

No 22



November 1-10

No 23:



November 11-20

No 24:



November 21-30

No 25:



December 1-10

No 26:



December 11-20

No 27:



December 21– 30

No 28:

Chatham Is. Forget-Me-Not


December 31– January 9

No 29:



January 10-19

No 30:



January 20-29

No 31:

Native Iris


January 30—February 8

No 32:

Ice Plant


February 9-18

No 33:



February 19-28

No 34:



March 1-10

No 35:

Creeping Pratia


March 11-20

No 36:

Native Linen Flax

No.1 Pohutukawa

Keyword: Initiative
Leadership qualities and abilities, power used with wisdom, taking the initiative. Connection with life force and nature power. Feels disempowered, ineffective, no 'will to be' or initiative
Positive: Self-awareness, self-assertion, power used with wisdom, personal will and strong sense of self.
Negative: Weak willed, can't say no, over-eager to please, easily influenced, submissive, anger.

No.2 Native Flax

Keyword: Enthusiasm
Enthusiasm. Feels alive, ready to engage with life. Unafraid. The joy of living. A sense of adventure. Premature action. Rashness, impulsiveness. Impatient. Inner tension. Looses interest quickly.
Positive: Eager, forthright, motivated, lively, quick thinking and acting, patient.
Negative: Impatient, tense, frustrated, irritable, flares up quickly, impetuous, abrupt, headstrong, overly enthusiastic, tires easily.

No.3 Cook Strait Groundsel

Keyword: Self-Confidence
Confidence. Self-focused action. Self-reliant and self-motivating. Acting in a direct manner. Dispirited. Timidity, poorly developed ego and passion for life. Lacks motivation. Feels oppressed. Fear of failure. Easily discouraged.
Positive: Direct self-focused action, self-motivated, undeterred by challenges.
Negative: Lack of self-confidence, despondency, convinced of failure, doubts abilities so wont try.

No.4 Marlborough Rock Daisy

Keyword: Self-Worth
Self-worth. Feels secure with materiality. Appreciates the value of everything. No inner security or self-worth. Compulsive physical or material needs. Obsessive patterns around food, weight, money, possessions. Pain around physical loss or injury.
Positive: Feels good about self, trusts instincts, clear values, quiet courage, positive relationship with life.
Negative: Low self-worth, nervous, anxiety prone, specific fears of known things.

No.5 Native Passionfruit

Keyword: Abundance
Experiences the universe as abundant. Enjoys the sweetness of life. A healthy attitude to physicality. Always wanting more. Expects everything to be too easy. Stressed over money, food. Over-indulges. Prone to binges. Erratic eating or spending habits.
Positive: Inner vitality, strength to cope with difficulties, clear headed.
Negative: Procastination, Monday morning blues, temporary mental fatigue, tiredness, doubts ability to cope.

No.6 N.Z. Jasmine

Keyword: Perseverance
Perseverance. A mature attitude to resources. Turns negatives into positives. Knows own worth and personal strengths. - Poverty consciousness. Expects difficulties, always struggling to get by. Fear of lack. Depression over one's body weight, money. Fear of change.
Positive: Endurance, resourceful, turns negatives into positives, knows own strength.
Negative: Exhaustion, workaholic, struggles on despite adversity, exaggerated sense of duty, shoulders others burdens.

No.7 Mountain Parahebe

Keyword: Communication
Balanced mental activity, knows own mind. Study. Communication skills, a healthy interest in environment. Doesn't trust own mind or one's ability to communicate thoughts
Positive: Inner release, powerful balanced mental activity, astute, sees new options.
Negative: Utter mental despair, has reached limits of endurance but not suicidal, future feels dark.

No.8 Matata

Keyword: Adaptability
Versatility. Open-minded, optimistic, receptivity to ideas, languages, mental trends, study. Fragmented mind. Easily bored, thinks, speaks, acts too quickly. Nervous, highly strung, can't switch off.
Positive: Flexibility, versatile, open-minded, optimistic, mentally alert, discernment, tranquility.
Negative: Mental hyperactivity, mind chatter, always worrying, distressing unwanted thoughts, nervous tension.

No.9 Koru

Keyword: Understanding
Understanding. Has discovered the joy of learning. Constructive organised application of mental abilities. Fear of exams. Poor/slow learner, difficulty retaining information, inattentiveness, lacks concentration.
Positive: Concentration, mental discipline and organisation, learns from experience.
Negative: Mental blocks, repeats mistakes, poor or slow learner, can't concentrate, feels mentally inferior or misunderstood.

No.10 Starry Hibiscus

Keyword: Tenderness
Balanced feelings and emotions. Cherishing the self, others or the inner child. Unresolved mothering issues or parental wounds. Family heartache. Negative childhood conditioning.
Positive: Selfless love, cares for self, motherliness, inner emotional security.
Negative: Over-possessive of others, clingy, needy, demands attention, manipulative, self-pity, interfering, martyr-like.

No.11 Chatham Island Geranium

Keyword: Nurturing
Nurturing. Values family but is comfortable with independence. Finding own unique way of mothering. Overly protective to loved ones, moody, sentimental, Emotionally fearful, insecure. Stressed about motherhood or family issues.
Positive: Caring, love of family, emotional independence.
Negative: Excessive concern for others, worry or over-attachment to loved ones, fearful for others' wellbeing, over-protective.

No.12 Native Harebell

Keyword: Tenacity
Consistency. Attuned to one's inner needs. Emotional bonding and stability. Emotional insensitivity, feels the odd one out, no sense of emotional belonging, Feels washed out, emotionally needy.
Positive: Loyalty, emotional resolve, resilience, maturity, stability, lives in the present.
Negative: Dwells in the past, nostalgia, homesickness, sad memories, emotionally stuck, difficulty with change.

No.13 Kanuka

Keyword: Spontaneity
Spontaneity. Feels special and loved. Finding and expressing one's creative centre. Hypersensitive to ridicule. One's spontaneity has been crushed. Feels inferior. Performance related terror. Birthing pains.
Positive: Regeneration, restored inner vitality and strength, feels special and loved, spontaneous self-expression.
Negative: Total exhaustion of body, mind and spirit, no reserves left, feels unable to cope with life.

No.14 Rengarenga

Keyword: Creativity
Creativity. A healthy ego. Comfortable expressing one's creativity. Demonstrative, open, feels creatively fulfilled. Performance related stress. Has to be better than others. Never satisfied.
Positive: Positive idealism, healthy ego, demonstrative, highly creative.
Negative: Pre-occupied, indifferent, day-dreams, can't focus on reality, absent-minded, disoriented, withdrawn, listless.

No.15 Mingimingi

Keyword: Dignity
Dignity. Consistent creative output. Discovering the value of pleasure, fun. Performance anxiety. Black depression. Emotionally guarded/fearful. Can't lighten up. Self-deprecating, disapproving.
Positive: Cheerfulness, serenity, self-respect, consistent creativity.
Negative: Black depression that comes and goes suddenly with no apparent known cause, feels sad and low.

No.16 Small White Rata

Keyword: Perfection
Inner order and clarity, knowing you are perfect, discernment. Healer's essence. Feels imperfect. Critical, control issues. Self-rejection, overcompensating by being fanatical or rigid. Abuses body.
Positive: Purity, order, discernment, composure, energetic integrity, wholeness.
Negative: Feels unclean, ashamed, not good enough, self-dislike and disgust, obsessive compulsive, perfectionist.

No.17 Akepiro

Keyword: Synthesis
Synthesis. Pride in work. Motivated to make changes. Over analytical, hypercritical, feels unworthy. Workaholics. Nervous tension. Endless reviews. Gets stressed over the details.
Positive: Tolerant, sympathy, constructive criticism, appreciation of difference, inclusivity.
Negative: Critical, tense, narrow-minded, intolerant of others, focuses on negatives, over-analytical, rigidity of body or mind.

No.18 Purple Koromiko

Keyword: Simplicity
Simplicity. Peace. Practical insights into difficult health/work issues. Feels unable to cope with life. Self-blame, regret. Low self esteem. Inferiority complexes. Fear of not being good enough.
Positive: Sees the obvious, keeps it simple, practical service, desire to assist others in need.
Negative: Guilt, blame, regret, self-reproach, self-doubt, victim mentality.

No.19 Lovers Daisy

Keyword: Love
Love. Being true to yourself while in relationship. Living in harmony. Sensitivity to others needs. Attracted to wrong people. Victimised or manipulated by stronger individuals. Gives power away.
Positive: Poise, balance, stays true to self, empowered relating, intuitive decision making.
Negative: Indecision, uncertainty, lacks inner balance, fluctuating moods, power games in relationships.

No.20 Wineberry

Keyword: Cooperation
Harmony. Choosing own relationship path, uninfluenced by others. Being ready and open to new positive relationships. Places too much importance on love. Impulsiveness and unreliability in love.
Positive: Diplomacy, social skills, peace loving, generosity, fairness, sees problems in the right light.
Negative: Hides worries or anxieties, mental anguish disguised by cheerfulness, plays down difficulties.

No.21 Hinau

Keyword: Sacred Space
Celibacy. Maintains own space in relationship. Taking time out. Doing one's own thing. Shuts down. Looks for safe partner. Won't risk vulnerability of true intimacy. Stays small and dependant. Fear of disharmony.
Positive: Inner certainty, trusts own knowing and intuition, listens to inner voice.
Negative: Self-doubt, uncertainty especially of own ability, easily influenced, needs approval of others, seeks others opinion.

No.22 Manuka

Keyword: Purification
Regeneration. A positive dynamic emotional life. Is awakened to one's sexuality. Balanced sexuality/sensuality. Feelings of loss, guilt, depression, envy, abandonment. Fearful of the future. Brooding.
Positive: Self-regeneration, metamorphosis, in touch with own power, depth of inner experience, balanced sexuality/sensuality.
Negative: Jealousy, hatred, suspicion, intense frustration, rage, temper.

No.23 Lacebark

Keyword: Fearlessness
Fearlessness. Sexual initiative. Increased sexual confidence and personal magnetism. A healthy attitude towards sexual intimacy. Exaggerated extreme emotions. Jealousy, bitterness, resentment, tantrums.
Positive: Openness, composure, expresses deeper feelings easily, sharing and intimacy.
Negative: Overwhelming apprehension about breakdown or losing one's mind, coping mechanisms overloaded.

No.24 Poroporo

Keyword: Willpower
Willpower. Sexual self-discipline. Staying power. Sustained intense experience. Shows little emotion, low sex drive. Fear of sex, intimacy, death, drowning, fire, endings, legalities. Longstanding depression. Self-sabotaging behaviour. Deep emotional blocks.
Positive: Staying power, personal resolve, constructive emotional and mental responses.
Negative: Resentful, bitter, self-pity, blames others, sulky, 'a wet blanket', victim of fate attitude, smouldering anger.

No.25 Kowhai

Keyword: Growth
Adventure. Philosophical thoughts, seeks next stage. Expanding one's mental horizons. A seeker of life. Feels there is more to life. Personal development. What's the use, 'there's no point. No hope.
Positive: Personal development, able to move on or break bonds with the past, the spirit of adventure.
Negative: Finds change painful or difficult, difficulty adjusting to changes in life circumstances, unhealthy risk- taking.

No.26 Karo

Keyword: Foresight
Openness. Discovering one's unique relationship with life and where one fits in. Has a 'the future is better than now' attitude. Plays the fool to cover up pain. Doesn't want to grow up or settle down.
Positive: Finds one's life purpose, potential, skill and ambition and open to where this might lead.
Negative: Unchannelled talents, uncertainty regarding life meaning, purpose, goals, life path, dissatisfaction, boredom.

No.27 Karaka

Keyword: Knowledge
Knowledge. Able to believe that each day brings opportunity for growth. Caught up in personal belief systems. Fear of flying, travel or moving into the unknown. Sceptical, superstitious and fearful.
Positive: Knows each day brings opportunity, believes everything will work out. Passes on wisdom and experience.
Negative: Easily discouraged and depressed, pessimistic, can't see the meaning in anything.

No.28 Chatham Island Forget-Me-Not

Keyword: Aspiration
Success. Finding your place in the world. Joy in climbing the mountain of ambition. Re-parenting oneself. Difficulties with father, bosses, authority figures, rejection of parents.
Positive: Carries self with authority and conviciton, secure in one's place in the world, self-recognition.
Negative: Dominating, ruthless, over-ambitious, power seeking, inflexible.

No.29 Mairehau

Keyword: Achievement
Responsibility. Feels able to contribute something meaningful or special to society. Career strains/uncertainties. Professional stresses impinge on home life. Always changing jobs in search of meaning
Positive: Detached, neutral, uninvolved, performs at optimal level, strong and capable, leadership abilities.
Negative: Temporary feelings of inadequacy, overwhelmed by task or responsibilities.

No.30 Ngaio

Keyword: Responsibility
Consolidation. Experiences a sense of status or achievement in the world. Slowly realising personal career aims. Feels ordinary, useless, a nobody. Feeling blocked or thwarted in attempts to make progress. Career confusion. Depressed by life. Emotionally stuck. Fear of being unsuccessful.
Positive: Consolidation, commitment, accepting limitations, rekindled optimism.
Negative: Utter despair, hopelessness, despondency, apathetic, has lost sense of humour.

No.31 Native Iris

Keyword: Individuality
Individuality. Feels a part of the social sphere one moves in. Seeks and works with groups of like-minded people. The pain of isolation. Vulnerable to peers, collective unconscious, mass media.
Positive: A torchbearer, able to inspire and uplift others, the activist creates change.
Negative: Lives on nerves, overbearing, inflexible, fanatical, excessive zeal, inciting unrest.

No.32 Ice Plant

Keyword: Freedom
Freedom. Making new friends. A widened sense of identity. A sense of kinship with others. Always falling out with others over matter of principle. Chooses problematic unconventional friends. Being different for the sake of being different. Strung out. Feels on the edge.
Positive: Adaptability, open minded idealist, broadminded, high principled standards.
Negative: Self-denial, hard on self, rigid strict views and outlook, sanctimonious, intensley dogmatic.

No.33 Rewarewa

Keyword: Participation
Uniqueness. Has found one's place and level of participation. Comfortable being alone or in group situations with no fear of rejection/being judged. No urge to move out of social comfort zone. Feels separate, awkward, unable to open up. Too proud or a fear of joining in.
Positive: Tactful reserve, wisdom, approachable, social consciousness and awareness.
Negative: Aloof, a loner, appears proud but feels emotionally isolated and lonely, social alienation or withdrawl.

No.34 Heketara

Keyword: Unity
Unity. Unconditional love, compassion and sensitivity. The capacity to cope with grief/suffering. Feels ineffectual, losing oneself in own world and not coping with practical aspects of life. Addictive tendencies towards food, drugs, sex, alcohol to dull the pain.
Positive: Compassion, sensitivity, aware of others pain, grief and suffering.
Negative: Anxiety, foreboding, apprehension, fear of unknown things, escapist tendancies result in not managing material responsibilities.

No.35 Creeping Pratia

Keyword: Empathy
Empathetic to others but able to say no without feeling guilty. Vague, over impressionable. A 'psychic sponge'. Nebulousness, prone to excessive addictions, dreamers with head in clouds.
Positive: The psychic, clairvoyant, interested in others, helpful but able to say no without feeling guilty.
Negative: Self-centred, seeks attention, saps other's energy, a poor listener, fixated by own troubles.

No.36 Native Linen Flax

Keyword: Service
Service. Spiritually self-directed. Inspiration and foresight. A sense of satisfaction with life. Hopelessness. Self-pity. Feels jaded, directionless and aimless. Lacking in ideals. Lives life anxiously.
Positive: Devotion, kindness, self-directed, inner motivation, lives one's ideals and dreams.
Negative: Resigned, apathetic, lack of interest, underdog, no effort for self-improvement.

Fern Collection No's 37-43

Moving Beyond Pain, Clearing the Aura.
There are seven types of fundamental traumas that we can experience and most people suffer from a combination of them. The seven native fern essences address these traumas and work on the respective layers of the aura. The human aura is a multi-layered energetic structure or energy field that surrounds us. It perfectly reflects our state of being on a physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Equally the state or condition of our aura will directly and indirectly influence our thoughts and emotions. It holds within it the influences of everything we have ever experienced. Consequently any unresolved traumas of any type or degree will continue to exist, held within our aura. The seven native fern essences in the Life Trauma Set are a complete aura clearing kit. They have a clearing and restorative effect on the whole energy field and can be used for daily aura maintenance. They can also be used for mild to severe aura pollution or congestion. They work to clear away life trauma, hurt and pain and can be used to free ourselves from deep seated traumas. They can be used to ensure that a river of pure life force or ‘chi’ circulates through our being as nature intended. This flowing river of life force also expands our perceptive abilities. Aura maintenance and repair is a prerequisite for holistic wellbeing in the 21st century.

No.37 King Fern

Keyword: Security
For security threatening or life-challenging situations, redundancy, job loss, being unwanted, adoption, war crime, abuse, accidents, in utero trauma, incubator/premature babies.
Positive: Self-preservation, feels alive, present and physically safe and secure.
Negative: Physical/survival trauma, physical abuse, insecurity, de-vitalisation, avoidance issues around life or death, accident prone.

No.38 Rasp Fern

Keyword: Boundaries
For emotionally traumatic situations. For exposure to volatile/emotionally explosive situations that transgress personal boundaries. For abortion, sexual violation, harassment.
Positive: Healthy emotional or sexual boundaries, feels emotionally safe, emotional consistency.
Negative: Emotional/sexual trauma, emotional abuse, insecurity, dependant, needy, volatile, emotional/sexual dysfunction.

No.39 Shaking Brake Fern

Keyword: Empowerment
For disempowering situations. For victims of harsh treatment, unjust punishments, childhood injustices. For after-effects of viewing traumatic activities/images. Fear of retribution, not conforming to expectation.
Positive: Self-definition, empowered by life experiences.
Negative: Disempowerment trauma, feelings of inadequacy, mental insecurity or disconnectedness.

No.40 Silver Fern

Keyword: Trust
For painful relationship issues, often associated with the abuse/betrayal of love or a trust-based relationship. Grief, heart-break or loss. A fear of rejection.
Positive: Self-acceptance, self-trust.
Negative: Heart felt trauma, loss, abuse or betrayal of love or trust, grief, rejection issues, heart-break, hatred, jealousy, issues around giving or receiving love.

No.41 Prince of Wales Feathers Fern

Keyword: Respect
For humiliating situations. Guilt. For exposure to disrespect, verbal abuse, argumentative environments, repeated criticism, accompanied by anger, frightening verbal threats.
Positive: Self-respect, feels heard, creative expression.
Negative: Humiliation trauma, judgement, shame, issues around speaking out or being heard, lacks respect for self or others.

No.42 Star Fern

Keyword: Authenticity
For situations where you aren't believed or your personal reality is invalidated. Living in a war zone, fighting, experiencing unsupportive hostile surroundings. A fear of ridicule.
Positive: Self-reflection; knows one's own reality; living authentically.
Negative: Reality trauma. Self-doubt; sense of unreality or disillusionment; life in constant turmoil; invalidation of one's personal reality.

No.43 Plumed Maidenhair Fern

Keyword: Direction
For situations that deny freedom of direction, thought, spiritual or religious autonomy. Having one's belief system imposed upon or unduly influenced by others.
Positive: Self-knowledge; sense of purpose; clear expression of spirituality; inner direction.
Negative: Spiritual trauma; confusion; feels directionless or lost; uncertainty; escapist or self destructive tendencies.

Tree Collection No's 44-50

Balance, Strengthen, Protect and Clear the Chakras
Each of the seven tree essences is associated with one of the seven major chakras. The chakras are metaphysical centres through which powerful life force, prana or chi flows into the physical being to balance, strengthen, protect, energise and clear not only the chakras themselves, but our whole being. The Sanskrit word ‘chakra’ means wheel or disc. The seven main chakras in the human energy field are rotating wheels of light and subtle activity. They function as centres of energy and align with the spinal column in the body. Chakras are like doorways that can open the full potential for establishing the right relationship between the body and mind or between the physical and metaphysical aspects of our being. They are the keys that unlock hidden inner capacities that produce the harmonious expression of the whole person. Carl Jung, the Swiss psychoanalyst, referred to the chakras as being ‘gateways of consciousness’. The chakras influence all our thoughts, feelings and actions: they establish the quality of our personal life and our experience of life. They influence and determine our relationship to everything that occurs in our daily life. When the state of the chakras is balanced, then inner stability and ease becomes the natural expression of daily living. When they become imbalanced they can express in an over-compensating and under-compensating mode, or alternate between both. When levels of anxiety reach a critical mass and inhibit the natural flow of energy through the chakras they can also become blocked. This can prevent or severely limit the energy flowing through them. An imbalanced chakra can compromise holistic health and wellbeing. In the 21st century a variety of factors such as the rapid pace of change, sedentary lifestyles, environmental degradation, poor dietary habits, over-reliance on processed foods and the proliferation of potentially harmful chemicals, radiation and toxicity all impact upon our overall wellbeing. As a result natural wellbeing can be compromised. The seven tree essences help to balance, strengthen, protect, energise and clear the chakras, increasing our capacity to deal with a rapidly growing number of 21st-century challenges and influences. The seven tree essences in the Personal Power Set are chakra specific and operate as a complete chakra maintenance kit.

No.44 Kahikatea

Keyword: Structure
Helps establish a sense of security, personal foundation, structure, effectiveness and connectedness with physicality. Feeling supported, knowing one's needs will be met
Positive: Base chakra. Stable; self-sufficient; grounded; structured; feels supported, safe and secure.
Negative: Addiction to security; materialistic; overly strict routines; avoids responsibilites; feels unsupported.

No.45 Matai

Keyword: Fluidity
Enhances one's capacity for fulfilling positive emotional, sexual and sensual experience. Emotional fluidity. Strengthens the capacity to enter into healthy balanced strong relationships.
Positive: Sacral chakra. Flexibility; ease; emotional balance.
Negative: Reactive emotional responses; obsessive emotional attachments; addiction to pleasure; emotional dependency or manipulation.

No.46 Totara

Helps one draw desired experiences into the life. Regulates the emotions. Helps access and release past experiences. Establishes and maintains a positive self-image and sense of self-worth. A sense of personal empowerment.
Positive: Solar Plexus chakra. Personal power; balanced use of power; strength of will; positive self image.
Negative: Dominating; power hungry; temper tantrums; weak will; feelings of inferiority; the bully or the victim.

No.47 Kauri

Keyword: Beauty
Use for strengthening and enhancing a loved based heart-felt connection with all of life. Brings inner beauty and healing through accepting and understanding difficulties or suffering.
Positive: Heart chakra. Self-acceptance; loving; empathic; self-loving; healthy intimate relationships.
Negative: Co-dependency; clinging; inability to give of one's self or respond to love.

No.48 Maire

Keyword: Healing
Honesty. Creativity. Able to express one-self with clear purposeful intent. Speaking one's truth, able to hear the truth. Using one's voice to clearly express one's needs.
Positive: Throat chakra. Communication; self-expression; knows when to speak and when to be silent.
Negative: Too much talking; poor auditory comprehension; unkind speech; difficulty communicating or expressing oneself.

No.49 Miro

Keyword: Intuition
Intuitive wisdom and higher psychic abilities. The ability to receive images in the minds eye and have a personal vision. Being open to wisdom from within to take advantage of life's opportunities.
Positive: Third Eye chakra. Inner awareness; ability to see limitless possibilities.
Negative: Overly idealistic; obsessions; delusions; hallucinations; poor memory; blocked intuition; difficulty imagining possibilities or alternatives.

No.50 Rimu

Keyword: Connection
Use for strengthening and enhancing the connection to one's life purpose. A sense of direction and fulfilment. Clarity around one's life-path. Focus in everyday life.
Positive: Crown chakra. Spiritual wisdom; spiritual clarity and focus; open minded.
Negative: Overly intellectual; addicted to spiritual beliefs and practices; extreme nervous anxiety; rigid, limited beliefs.

Seed Collection No's 51-62

Restoring the Master Pattern for Living
Seeds are capsules of pure life force and evolutionary potential, containing master patterns of life or DNA – and those patterns of life are at the core of all physical existence including the cells of the human body. It is the master pattern, the blueprint upon which life emerges. These blueprints are the expression of our perfected nature. They are ‘primordial light codes of power’. These primordial light codes of power are the twelve primary patterns that equate to the twelve behavioural patterns that are our true relationship with all life. These behavioural patterns awaken us to the true nature of living – which is to have positive dynamic relationship with all aspects of life. The twelve seed essences help to restore the original divine blueprints or patterns of right living at a DNA level. The seed essences have the power to release us from powerful core negative beliefs and the primary fears that animate and sustain those beliefs, beliefs that have blocked or limited us from being who we feel we truly are. Use the twelve seed essences when you wish to be released from any primary fear, to break out of old negative and limiting patterns and move on to a harmonious, integrated and successful future. Science has now discovered that DNA not only receives and transmits light but is totally responsive to it. Like DNA, seeds are also highly responsive to light. The twelve seeds in the New Beginnings collection are naturally set to resonate to the original light frequencies held in DNA. They help to restore energetic integrity at a core level of our being.

No.51 Broadleaf

Keyword: Reverence
Use when seeking to create new life foundations or structures. Works to restore the principles of right living.
Positive: Right Living. Care for one's physical environment, self and family.
Negative: Negative hereditary beliefs, life patterns and fears around life, death, money and material matters.

No.52 Nikau Palm

Keyword: Non-Attachment
To establish and implement improved personal emotional behaviour patterns. Helps restore the principle of right action.
Positive: Right emotional behaviour. Enhance emotional awareness.
Negative: Negative hereditary beliefs, life patterns and fears around emotional expression, sex, sensuality, enjoyment, pleasure, nurturing and partnership.

No.53 Wharangi

Keyword: Non-Judgement
To establish and implement improved powerful life patterns. Releases conditioning. Helps restore the right use of power.
Positive: Right use of power. Empowered from within; measured responses.
Negative: Negative hereditary beliefs, life patterns and fears around inner power, empowerment, expression of power.

No.54 Houpara

Keyword: Compassion
To create new personal life blueprints for improved relationship patterns. Right human relationships. Works to restore the principle of right relationship. To release relationship conditioning.
Positive: Right relationship. Compassion, empathy deep genuine heartfelt relatedness.
Negative: Negative hereditary beliefs, life patterns and fears around intimate relationships, compassion, trust and beauty.

No.55 Hangehange

Keyword: Truth
Use to create new personal life patterns of communicating with integrity. Works to restore the principle of right speech.
Positive: Right speech. Truthful; sincerity; integrity; high levels of creativity; ease of communication.
Negative: Negative hereditary beliefs, life patterns and fears around creativity, communication and humiliation.

No.56 Inkberry

Keyword: Vision
Use to create new life patterns for the principled use of one's mind-power and intuitive faculties. Works to restore the principle of right thought. Helps release mental conditioning.
Positive: Right thought. Being guided by inner wisdom; insight; create a new personal vision; inspired revelations.
Negative: Negative hereditary beliefs, life patterns and fears around ideals, dreams, intuition, facing reality.

No.57 Cabbage Tree

Keyword: Sovereignty
Use when seeking to create a new life pattern of attunement to the power of Spirit in the life. Helps one interpret life's experience clearly. Works to restore the principle of awareness.
Positive: True independence of Spirit; able to recognize one's true priorities and path.
Negative: Negative hereditary beliefs, life patterns and fears around spirituality, religion, losing control mentally.

No.58 Ramarama

Keyword: Life Purpose
Works to restore the will-to-live a transformed life through conscious spiritual awareness. Personal rebirth through restoring harmony. The restoration of hope and resurrection of a higher way of living life.
Positive: Purposeful living; releases one's personal will to higher will; instrumental in the restoration and creation of order.
Negative: Negative hereditary beliefs, life patterns and fears around life purpose and place in the world.

No.59 Star Lily

Keyword: Unconditional Love
Blesses the chalice of our being with Divine wisdom and unconditional love. Emanate radiant light and compassionate wisdom. Awaken to the all-encompassing beauty of the unity of all life.
Positive: Universal Love. Divine love and compassion; sees all-encompassing beauty and unity of all life.
Negative: Negative hereditary beliefs, life patterns and fears around unconditional love and the oneness of life and being spiritually forsaken.

No.60 Dragon Leaf

Keyword: The Will To Good
Emphasises the divine potential residing within. Salutes our evolving nature and acknowledges the limitless power of the inner spirit. Floods the chalice of our being with Divine light and good-will.
Positive: Compassionate wisdom; consciously working with Divine mind.
Negative: Negative hereditary beliefs, life patterns, fears or depression around right creation and participating in the Divine plan.

No.61 Mount Cook Lily

Keyword: Peace
Honours the expression of feminine energy. Helps release conditioning around the feminine. Setting a course to peace - the Great Mother energy.
Positive: The Divine Feminine. Peace; forgiveness; natural expression of feminine power.
Negative: Negative hereditary beliefs, life patterns, fears around the divine feminine as a powerful force in the universe.

No.62 Raupo

Keyword: The Will To Be
Benevolence. Honours the expression of masculine energy. Helps release conditioning around the masculine. Realising you are a divine being. Living consciously.
Positive: The Divine Masculine. Benevolence; natural expression of masculine power.
Negative: Negative hereditary beliefs, life patterns, fears around the divine masculine as a powerful force in the universe.

Plant Collection No's 63-84

Enhance Life’s Experiences - Live Consciously
The twenty-two First Light plant essences are made from a spectrum of different types of plants including trees, shrubs, vines, perennials, herbs and ferns. They are life enhancers designed to help enhance life’s experiences and to assist the soul to move through the twenty-two universal archetypal life challenges and situations encountered on the journey of life. These twenty-two plants are magical helper plants that have been given the responsibility of assisting, protecting and helping the individual soul on its journey and quest. These essences help us to successfully participate in our life, experiencing it as a magical journey with a series of challenges, tests, trials and initiations through which we can progress and emerge empowered and whole.

No.63 Karamu

Keyword: Manifestation
Knowing you have all the skills needed at your disposal for your success. Allowing limitless energy to flow to you so you can achieve your desires. Being all you can be. Emanate and express personal charisma. Uplift and inspire others.
Positive: Focused intent; belief in oneself and abilities; multi tasking; the juggler.
Negative: Unable to cope or to manifest what one needs; overwhelmed by life; scattered energies; unable to tap into one's full potential.

No.64 Koromiko

Keyword: Wisdom
For spiritual equilibrium, grace, tranquillity, peace, poise. Quietness and calm. Accessing intuitive wisdom and understanding. Maintaining one's energetic integrity.
Positive: Use of intuitive processes; spiritual equilibrium; inner poise and tranquillity.
Negative: Feels isolated; misunderstood; empty inhibited; questions validity of one's own 'knowing'.

No.65 Tree Fuchsia

Keyword: Feminine Power
Cooperation. For emotional serenity, feelings of contentment. Heightens the yin energy flow so one emanates a soft nurturing energy. Universal abundance.
Positive: Abundance; receptivity; inner harmony; secure within one's femininity.
Negative: Emotional dissatisfaction; suppressed or unsuccessful creativity; always giving; neglects own feelings and needs.

No.66 Rangiora

Keyword: Masculine Power
Dominion. Experience one's power and authority. Heighten objectivity, logic and rational thought. Energises the yang energy flow, helps one feel positive and in control.
Positive: Leadership; foresight; organisation; personal authority; autonomy.
Negative: Dominating; stubborn; unemotional; needs to prove oneself to others; intimidated by authority figures.

No.67 Red Rata

Keyword: Guidance
Feel open to the constant flow of blessings in your life. Awaken to and learn to recognise the voice of your personal helper or Guardian Angel in everyday life.
Positive: Spiritual autonomy; receives a flow of guidance; open to signs and messages of everyday life.
Negative: Extreme conservatism; superstitious; fearful of what others will think; ignores own inner prompting.

No.68 Puriri

Keyword: Discernment
Recognising what has true value and worth. Feeling clear, energised and comfortable with one's relationship and life choices. Heightens the sense of inner unity.
Positive: Discrimination; appropriate life choices; balance, inner unity and wholeness.
Negative: Inner conflict; poor choices in love or in life; entering into relationships for the wrong reason.

No.69 Bracken Fern

Keyword: Triumph
Focus. Mustering your forces. Call upon your will-power and determination. For overcoming obstacles through directed and focused power. Purposeful activity.
Positive: Overcoming challenges; bounces back from adversity; will power; drive for success.
Negative: Contradictory thoughts and emotions; feels defeated by obstacles; afraid of opposition or competition.

No.70 Hen and Chickens Fern

Keyword: Strength
Passion and pleasure for life. Feel radiant, alive, invigorated and connected with life. Emotional strength, mastery, courage of heart. Asserting oneself and defining boundaries
Positive: Passion for life; inner strength; courage of heart, control over one's animal instincts.
Negative: No passion for life, inner rage at not being centre of attention or getting one's way; infantile.

No.71 Coastal Convolvulus

Keyword: Reflection
Contemplation. Self-reliance. Seeing the overview, keeping your own counsel. An aura of silence and inner stillness enables you to observe life's currents.
Positive: Capacity to go within; contemplation; restoration of spirit; self-reliance.
Negative: Overly introspective, aloof, melancholy, refuses to take advice or learn from experience.

No.72 Shining Spleenwort

Keyword: Synchronicity
Helps one attune to natural cycle, rhythms and timing. Going with the flow. Being in tune with yourself and with life. Knowing when to act/ wait.
Positive: Timely action; going with the flow; attuned to natural cycles, rhythm and timing.
Negative: Missed opportunities; unlucky; trapped in negative cycles of karma, lost inside issues.

No.73 Coastal Lobelia

Keyword: Decisiveness
Smoothness and balance. Impartiality. Helps one arrive at the truth in order to make a fair decision. Embodying honour, truth and justice. Knowing when to be firm and say no. Helps one understand, comply or adhere to a decision.
Positive: Equanimity; mental strength and clarity; cool logic; fairness; neutrality.
Negative: Lack of objectivity, difficulty making a decision; prejudice; biased attitude. Victim mentality.

No.74 Golden Corokia

Keyword: Grace
Letting go of something of lesser value for something of a perceived greater value. Making personal sacrifices, selflessness, dedication, surrender, devotion to a cause. Meeting life and life's situations with good grace.
Positive: Inner grace; patience; devotion; sacrifice; letting go; see matters from a different perspective.
Negative: Resignation; stuck in limbo; mid life crisis; meets situation with lack of grace.

No.75 Whau

Keyword: Release
Feeling able to let go of the outgrown and outworn. Eliminating and shedding the old. Death and all endings. Times of pain, transition, personal transformation, release.
Positive: Rebirth; regeneration; death type situations; loss; endings; eliminating and shedding the old; ready for change.
Negative: Fear of death and endings, inertia, burnt out; feels dead or utterly lost inside.

No.76 Native Hawthorn

Keyword: Moderation
Feel able to handle all the divergent components in life. Evoking the principle of ease, poise and quiet restraint. Chilling out, feeling mellow, the soothers of pain. Tapping into previously untapped inner resources.
Positive: Restraint; forbearance; diplomacy; steadiness of effort; adaptability.
Negative: Mood swings; wastes one's energy; over-reactive; intolerant; out of balance; everything feels in a muddle.

No.77 Clematis

Keyword: White Light Protection
Feel full of light and positivity. Clears space from negative energy. Feel uplifted, protected, liberated and free from negative disempowering situations.
Positive: Humour; able to keep one's spirits up; power used wisely; faces one's fears.
Negative: Fear; manipulation; gives one's power away; attracts negative energies; addictive repetitive scenarios.

No.78 Akeake

Keyword: Change
For times of shock, upset, unexpected happenings or change. When what you created or believed in comes tumbling down and your personal world is in upheaval.
Positive: Initiates and responds positively to change; re-orientation after shock or crisis; faces the truth.
Negative: Hides behind a facade; inner paralysis; state of shock or disbelief; unable to be comforted.

No.79 Fragrant Fern

Keyword: Hope
Use when seeking to access spiritual energies of hope, healing, help and guidance. Helps one to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Positive: Healing; connection to higher spiritual energies; help; protection; inspiration; luck.
Negative: Hopelessness; depression; utter despair; feels lost and abandoned by God or spirit; 'dark night of the soul'.

No.80 Raglan Roseberry

Keyword: Clarity
When feelings and emotions run high. Instead of confusion experience a sense of greater awareness. Breaking free of habits, hereditary issues and mass mind.
Positive: Listens to one's gut feeling; access super-sensory and psychic abilities.
Negative: Total confusion; feelings and emotions run high; feels lost or completely in the dark; feels one is going crazy.

No.81 Tanekaha

Keyword: Joy
Feel a sense of well-being and happiness. Enjoy life, feel proud of your individuality and certain success. Life feels good as you see the ever-expanding possibilities.
Positive: Happiness and optimism; sunny disposition; ordinary activities give pleasure; freedom at a soul level.
Negative: Despondent; gloomy; jaded outlook on life; doubtful; weary; pessimistic; boredom.

No.82 Golden Tainui

Keyword: Renewal
Feel a sense of awakening and rebirth. Experience a new dawn as you answer life's call. Rise up from the ashes and move forward to the next phase of life. Throwing of limitations and restrictions.
Positive: Renewal; responds to the soul's call to action; new possibilities; revitalisation.
Negative: Stuck at the crossroads; delays decisions; closed mind to new possibilities; refuses to respond to inner call.

No.83 Kakabeak

Keyword: Completion
Feel centred, energised and whole. Experience a sense of stability and contentment. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance. A sense of completion and successful closure.
Positive: Fulfilment; successful closure; sense of true self; total transformation; the dancer ready to begin a new dance with life.
Negative: Instability; life out of balance; lack of composure; has not learned the lessons.

No.84 Kawakawa

Keyword: Faith
Trust in the Universe, embrace beginnings with joy and optimism. True inner freedom. Not caring what others think. Experiencing no fear of the future or the unknown.
Positive: Moves forward fearlessly; ready to take a leap of faith; enthusiasm; able to be in the moment; ready for next adventure.
Negative: Blind faith; folly; recklessness; foolish; naive attitude to life; careless.

Healers Collection No's 85-96

Working in Harmony with Nature
The Healer’s Collection has been created from specially selected native New Zealand teacher plants or whakahirahira plants that are of a particular potency and high order. They are for practitioners, those in the healing and helping professions, shamanic healers, energy workers, counsellors, massage therapists, naturopaths, doctors, homeopaths, nurses, hospice workers, care givers and all those who are personally walking the healing path or working with those in need of assistance - this range is especially for you. They assist us with the time-honoured rites of passage and lessons we encounter on the path of the healer. A personal offering from spirit that addresses the metaphysical spiritual challenges of the times facing the healer and all those individuals walking the healing path.

No.85 Black Mamaku

Keyword: The Healer
Opening up to the healing journey; connecting with ones inner healer; stepping onto the path of the healer; move into timeless healing space; invoke the healer's powers; hearing the call to heal. Staying in heart; maintain a heart centred healing focus; tap into the wealth of healing knowledge of the ancestors of the land; accessing the wealth of knowledge of the past; healing from the heart.

No.86 Ancient Kauri

Keyword: Path of Heart
Step into the archetypal role of the healer. Move into timeless healing space and invoke the healer's powers. Accepting the mantle of healing power. Opening up to the healing journey.
Maintain a heart centred healing focus. Strengthen the spirit through connection with the heart. See with the all-seeing eye of the heart. Tap into the healing knowledge of the ancestors of our land.

No.87 Maire Tawake

Keyword: Autonomy
Staying in your own power centre; self-reliance; not needing anything from the client; not being swamped by other's processes; learning to prevent negative energy from clinging to you. Neutrality and non-attachment. Not being overwhelmed, drawn in or made to feel responsible for our clients needs or processes. Coming from a place of empathy rather than sympathy.

No.88 Wheki

Keyword: Self-Care
Caring for your healer self; knowledge of and practical application of the principles of holistic healing and living; being alert to your own needs; staying open to expansion; continuing to grow on your path. Optimum functioning. Personally applying the principles of holistic healing and living. Being alert to our own needs. Staying open to expansion. Always learning and continuing to grow.

No.89 Black Shield Fern

Keyword: Double Protection
Maximum energetic protection; to close off energetically; take time out; choosing to energetically unavailable; recharging your batteries; for high levels of sensitivity to any stimuli. Prevents others reading or tapping into your energy. Use to recharge after serious energy depletion. Use to close off energetically and take time out. Use when you don't wish to be energetically available to others. For painfully high levels of sensitivity to sound, light, energy etc. Exposure to unusually high levels of negativity, computers and electromagnetic fields.

No.90 Smooth Shield Fern

Keyword: Healers Protection
For those in the shamanic, counselling, healing, caring or health professions; allows one to stay open and empathetic while maintaining personal objectivity and energetic autonomy. The standard healer’s protection essence. Prevents negative energy from affecting us. Allows us to stay open and empathetic while maintaining personal objectivity and energetic autonomy.

No.91 Triangular Fern

Keyword: Triangle of Power
Activating the triangle of healing power; linking in yourself and the client with the highest spiritual energy; calling on the highest spiritual forces for assistance or information. Unifies all three aspects of the psyche for a healing outcome. Calling on the highest spiritual forces for assistance or information. Facilitates the sacred relationship and energetic connection between the healer, the client and spirit.

No.92 Lace Fern

Keyword: Energetic Integrity
Restoring and maintaining the auric pattern and energetic integrity; recalibration of one's own perfect energy pattern; honouring one's uniqueness and gifts; fulfilling one's healing destiny. Recalibration of our aura and chakra energetic patterning. Use after light body or energy work to recalibrate the changes. Taking the healing to a new level. Honouring one's unique healing journey.

No.93 Kiokio

Keyword: Metaphysical Sensitivity
Feeling for the energy; enhances clairsentient abilities; useful for the practitioner wishing to feel, sense, identify and physically register their clients' energies clairsentiently. Enhances sensitivity of the hands. Helps to detect pain, blockages, intrusions in the energy field or body. Particularly useful for massage, auric or hands on healers. Heightens sensing and clairsentient abilities.

No.94 Five Finger

Keyword: Supersensory Gifts
Equal development and use of the five subtle senses; activating the five subtle senses - clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairknowing, psychic smell/taste and clairgustus. Activating and enhancing the subtle senses for healing and journey work.

No.95 Toothed Lancewood

Keyword: Responsible Creation
The power of thought; awareness; truthfulness; creating your own reality; for understanding thoughts are things; for the after effects of a challenging client; helps remove psychic barbs or arrows of negative thought from the energy field. Extractions. For the removal of intrusions in the body including psychic barbs and invasive energy. Helps remove psychic barbs and darts. To remove negative emotional, thought or psychic projections of others from the energy field or environment.

No.96 Sword Fern

Keyword: Neutrality
Maintaining objectivity; identifying the main issue; valuing others viewpoints; relaying information concisely; clarity of communication; not twisting words to suit; severing outworn energetic cords or ties. The spiritual warrior upholding our right to have a direct link to spirit without interference. Standing in your power place. Severing old invalid karmic connections, agreements, contracts, vows promises. Severing cords, inlines, ties, psychic attachments negatively affecting the energy field. Locating the blockage or core cause of illness or disease.

Shamanic Collection No's 97-120

Treat the Cause – Heal the Spirit
As with the Healer essences, the Shamanic Collection is a specialist range of native New Zealand teacher plants of a particular potency and high order. New Zealand is home to more teacher plants of a uniquely high order than is found in any other country on earth. These ancient power plants address the age-old question of ‘who heals the shaman-healer?’ The teacher plants help us by sharing their great wisdom. Medicine men, women, shaman and wise men and women throughout the ages and throughout all cultures have always worked with teacher plants. Teacher plants are seen as very wise beings that have been here for a much longer time than we have and who have much wisdom and experience with which to guide us. They invite us to enter into sacred relationship with plant intelligence and to re-remember the age-old green language of nature. They are for practitioners, those in the healing and helping professions, shamanic healers, energy workers, counsellors, massage therapists, naturopaths, doctors, homeopaths, nurses, hospice workers, care givers and all those who are personally walking the healing path or working with those in need of assistance These essences offer a safe support structure for those on the healing journey.

No.97 Parataniwha

Keyword: The Shaman
Accessing the spirit world; walking between the worlds; connect with one's inner shaman; bridges the gap between ordinary and non-ordinary reality; connecting with one's guide to the spirit world. Accessing the spirit world. Walking between the worlds. Heightens the powers of shamanic vision. Bridges the gap between ordinary and non-ordinary reality. Connects us to a lineage of master shamans from the past who assist us in our personal healing. Connecting with our guide or link to the spirit worlds for shamanic journeying.

No.98 Native Daphne

Keyword: Reading the Signs
Being guided daily by the signs in life; interpreting correctly the signs in nature and the spirit world; recognising omens and true messages and knowing what they mean. Reading the signs correctly in the spirit world. Being guided daily by the signs in life. Interpreting the signs in nature. Recognising a true message and knowing what it means. Seeing and communicating with the spirit in everything. Recognising omens and knowing what they mean.

No.99 Pale Flowered Kumerahou

Keyword: Devic Connections
Linking in with the spiritual forces of the land/place; sacred offerings; payment for accessing magical pathways; earth magic; nature power; linking into the fairy folk. Linking in with the spiritual forces of the land/place. Making an offering.’ Payment for accessing magical pathways. Earth magic and nature power. Linking to the fairy folk - the patupairarehe. Working with the spirit of the land or place. Ascertaining the required spiritual protocols for working with the spirit of the land.

No.100 Mahoe

Keyword: Inner Fire
The shaman's drum; arousing the inner fire; entering the shamanic state; moving into an altered state of consciousness; raising the vibration; the excitation of light; accessing the web of oneness. The shaman’s drum. Arousing the inner fire. Entering the shamanic state at will. Moving into an altered state of consciousness. Activation and development of the light bodies. Raising the vibration. Preparing to journey. The excitation of light within the being. Consciousness raising tempo. Accessing the web of oneness.

No.101 Horopito

Keyword: The Past
Accessing the Lower World or underworld - the place of the past; for wisdom, information and healing connected to past lives or events; connecting with your power animal. For soul retrieval work. To access the lower world or underworld – the place of the past. Bringing the power from the past into the present. For wisdom, information and healing connected to past lives or events. Power animal /totem retrieval.

No.102 Tree daisy

Keyword: The Present
Accessing the Middle World - the magical version of our conscious or everyday reality; to gain information or solve everyday problems pertinent to waking life. To access the Middle World - the magical version of our conscious or everyday reality. Anchoring the power from the past into the present. To solve everyday problems pertinent to our waking life. To gain information that is relevant to this life, especially information that involves reanimated problems or past life relationships.

No.103 Native Angelica

Keyword: The Future
Accessing the Upper World - the place of the future and our spirit guides; to obtain guidance for the future; anchors us safely into the time after the great change that occurs after 2012 as we evolve into homo spiritualis. To access the Upper World – the place of the future and our spirit guides. Sending the power from the present into the future. To obtain guidance for the future. Connects us to the lineage of archangels and guardians of our galaxy.

No.104 Red Matipo

Keyword: Soul Retrieval
Calling or singing the soul back home after soul loss; causing the spirit to re-enter the being; welcoming the scattered, fragmented, lost or traumatised parts of the self back home. Soul retrieval. Calling or singing the soul back home after soul loss. Causing the spirit to re-enter the being. Welcoming the returned spirit home. Bringing the scattered, fragmented, lost or traumatised parts of the self back home.

No.105 Tawa

Keyword: Self-Integration
Integrating the experience or healing; identifying and addressing the needs of newly found aspects of self; synthesis; absorption into the existing matrix of a new awareness and reality; uniting into one healed whole. Integrating the experience. Identifying and addressing the needs of the new found part of us. Integration and synthesis. The absorption into the existing matrix of a new awareness and reality. Helps in the process of finding all of the missing parts and uniting them back together as one healed whole.

No.106 Kawaka

Keyword: The River of Time
The akashic records; accessing the eighth chakra; soul scripts; past lives; meeting past keepers; travelling through the river of time; the channel; operating outside the time and space continuum. The Eighth Chakra. Accessing the soul scripts. To assist in the healing of the trauma that occurred when parts of the soul fragmented, left or split off. Breathing the soul back in to the body. Seals or anchors the energy into all dimensions.

No.107 Tree Nettle

Keyword: Shamans Death and Rebirth
The shaman's guardian; dying to the old self; endurance tests; breaking though self-imposed realities; growing in power through facing one's fears, pain or shadow self; support, protection, care for body and spirit while we travel to other realms. The Rainbow Bridge that allows the traveller to return home safely. A pathway home for the fragmented parts of the soul.

No.108 Tarata

Keyword: The Spritual Hero
Reconfiguration; telling the story; over-coming the odds; to cleanse, heal and close psychic wounds; suffuses the being with restorative cleansing energies after exposure to negative energy. Suffusing the body with cleansing healing energies when there has been an intrusion of negative energy. To cleanse, close and heal psychic soul wounds. Spiritual, psychic disinfectant, antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral.

No.109 Marsh Ribbonwood

Keyword: The Spiritual Warrior
Being in divine ego; discipline; true obedience to the oneness; the healed feminine and masculine energies in perfect alignment; a spiritual antidote for intrusive energies; curses. The spiritual warrior. Facilitates the expelling of difficult entities, interdimensional or extraterrestrial interference. A potent spiritual antidote for all negative or intrusive energies. To remove internally/externally created entities. Removal of curses.

No.110 Pukatea

Keyword: The Seer
Going into the dreamtime; dreaming a new reality; seeing new possibilities; shape shifting. Facilitates the expelling of elemental entities associated with alcohol, drug addictions and medication

No.111 Giant Flowered Broom

Keyword: The Sage
Reclaiming or finding your power place; the power of the womb; sweeps clear the karma and energetic debris transmitted from sexual encounters or past relationships.

No.112 Broken HearT Tree

Keyword: Initiations of Heart
Retrieval of ones 'heart'; keeping your 'heart' intact when in heartrending situations; recovery from loss or shattered dreams; staying love-full and connected to divine heart.

No.113 Titoki

Keyword: Initations of Power
Retrieval of ones 'power or will'; keeping your power, will or intent intact when in devasting or challenging situations; emerging victorious by staying power-full and connected to divine power.

No.114 Taiaire

Keyword: Initiations of Mind
Retrieval of ones 'mind; keeping your 'mind' intact when with a strong minded other; staying mind-full and connected to divine mind.

No.115 Bridal Tree

Keyword: The Maiden
Intent; seeking to dedicate oneself; working together in dedication to the path of service to spirit; sending out a 'call' for the spiritual partner; the intent to unite with the next appropriate life’s situation, phase or relationship.

No.116 Alpine baby Fern

Keyword: The Mother
Breath of spirit; times of spiritual gestation or inner growth; giving birth to oneself; to connect with and call in the spirit of a child, creation or enterprise; to assist or make peace with a child in spirit.

No.117 CLUtha River daisy

Keyword: The Crone
Spiritual initiations; birth, life; death; assists the spirit of those in transition on the web; releases and clears souls who are lost, stuck or grounded in otherworld realms; clears ancestral lines.

No.118 Silver Pine

Keyword: Language of the Stones
Environmental shamanism; ghostbusting; lays the spectre, ghosts or grievances of the past to rest; clears or liberates the energies trapped in locations, land or buildings; transformation of the energy of spaces; liberates old stuck unproductive energy.

No.119 Hutu

Keyword: Council Fire
Calling on higher forces for divine intervention; divine justice; mediation on behalf of another; the restoration of divine order; invoking universal law; the Knowledge Tree; aligning with the ancient path; a warning in spirit to those cutting across the oneness.

No.120 Golden Speargrass

Keyword: Standing for the Sacred
Standing for a better world; Master of light; light in extension; awakening the kundalini, a conduit through which the power of the creator can flow; the small still point; the thunderbolt; dispeller of the darkness associated with possession.

Orchid Collection No's 121-128

The Fairy Remedies of the Patupaiarehe – Children of the Stars
The Orchid Collection is a specialist range of essences made from eight New Zealand native orchids. These ancient plants grow deep within the sacred gardens, forests and groves of Aotearoa, the home of the patupaiarehe the fairy people – the ancient ones of Aotearoa. These orchid essences are the priceless precious gift or taonga of the fairy people. Made from very ancient plants of a unique and sacred order, they have been specially gifted to humanity by the Patupairehe in this time of te-wa-o-te-wai-ahuru the Age of Cherishing Waters. The orchid essences are elixirs of spiritual light that hold the divine eightfold-energies of cosmic consciousness. They are a safe, natural and vital vibrational support for the new wave of highly sensitive children and souls often known as indigo, crystal or star children who are now appearing on the planet in ever greater numbers. Spiritual food for the children of the sun, the rainbow warriors for peace, the water bearers of the world. They offer support for all those who have come in to work at a higher level and to help dream a new world into being. Attune the individual chakras to help facilitate safe access to the new energetic frequencies coming into the planet at this time. Increase the flow of spirit in the life by re-vivifying the individual chakras to their full cosmic function. Hold the sacred vibrations of cosmic consciousness and direct and control the Kundalini, the sacred serpent power to provide a safe accessible spiritual pathway to enlightenment. Gently open the inner seals of the chakras to enable higher frequency energies in the form of spiritual light to flow into the being so the individual can move to higher levels of expression.

No.121 Forest Orchid

Keyword: Fairy of the North
Grounding; creates a powerful magical connection with the element of earth; anchors in spiritual light from the north; energetically prepares, tones, aligns and upgrades the base chakra to facilitate a quantum shift to cosmic awareness.

No.122 Fairy Bouquet Orchid

Keyword: Fairy of the West
Calming; creates a powerful magical connection with the element of water; anchors in spiritual light from the west; energetically prepares, tones, aligns and upgrades the sacral chakra to facilitate a quantum shift to cosmic awareness.

No.123 Spring Orchid

Keyword: Fairy of the East
Uplifting; creates a powerful magical connection with the element of air; anchors in spiritual light from the east; energetically prepares, tones, aligns and upgrades the solar plexus chakra to facilitate a quantum shift to cosmic awareness.

No.124 Fairy Sceptre Orchid

Keyword: Fairy of the South
Enlivening; creates a powerful magical connection with the element of fire; anchors in cosmic light from the south; energetically prepares, tones, aligns and upgrades the heart chakra to facilitate a quantum shift to cosmic awareness.

No.125 Elfshood Orchid

Keyword: Fairy of the Rainbow Bridge
Moving between the worlds; linking into the magical power of the soul self; anchors in spiritual light from the rainbow bridge; energetically prepares, tones, aligns, upgrades the soul self to facilitate a quantum shift to cosmic awareness.

No.126 Tree of Life Orchid

Keyword: Fairy of the Lower Earth
Deepening the connection; linking in with the magical power of lower earth; anchors in spiritual light from the dragon power at the earth's core; energetically prepares, tones, aligns, upgrades the throat chakra to facilitate a quantum shift to cosmic awareness.

No.127 Sun Orchid

Keyword: Fairy of the Upper Heavens
Guiding; linking in with the power of the above; anchors in spiritual light from the upper heavens, the twelve far flung heavens; energetically prepares, tones, aligns, upgrades the third eye chakra to facilitate a quantum shift to cosmic awareness.

No.128 Horned Orchid

Keyword: Fairy of the Infinite
Limitlessness; linking into the power of the infinite; anchors in spiritual light from the Godhead; energetically prepares, tones, aligns and upgrades the crown chakra to facilitate a quantum shift to cosmic awareness.




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