Fiori delle Isole Bermuda

Alleghiamo una descrizione in inglese dei 128 fiori delle Bermuda. Di alcuni compare solo il nome perché le caratteristiche sono ancora da studiare. Tutte le descrizioni sono da tradurre in italiano e da rivedere.


Improves our healing skills and discernment both as they affect those we help heal as well as our care for ourselves


Helps us heal trauma linked to hearing so we hear better, especially good for hearing our inner guidance better


An excellent Essence in acute healing situations, carries information about harmonious and positive growth, especially on the cellular level


Soothes inflamed tissue and situations, for all healing crises, a true physic


Promotes creative and balanced use of male life force energy


Promotes an expanded expression of our creativity and healing talents and a freedom to re-configure our interpersonal relationships


Helps us process and release strong emotions reducing how emotions can negatively affect our third chakras, helps us digest our lives, especially our interpersonal relationships


A versatile remedy useful in a wide range of situations including male machismo, teeth, gum, jaw, and mouth issues, as well as sugar cravings


Helps each of us strike with assurance our unique note in the music of the spheres


Life Force!!! Helps us increase our fire energy, vitality, enthusiasm, and joy


Helps with issues of synthesis and flow in our creative efforts, promotes the combining of unlikely elements into a unified whole


For better absorption of the nourishment of light in all its forms including sunlight as well as our own inner light


Excellent cleanser that also aligns subtle bodies and clears connections so more life force energy can move through our electrical system


All issues of flow especially as connected to our life’s blood, helps with situation of heartbreak or when a trusting heart has been violated


Strong cleanser of mental and etheric body, especially good at erasing past life videotapes, opens spiritual “Gate of Remembrance” so we can access information about our divine purpose


As with all palms, offers our central nervous system much useful information, in this case the focus is on nerve ganglion


Helps us find balance in situations of disequilibrium, imbalance, disorientation or change, good for motion sickness


Helps us manage spiritual awakenings and strong surges of spiritual energy including kundalini energies, helps us move these energies up the charkas to our heart chakra


Helps our creativity bear concrete results


Support for cutting free from habits and unconstructive patterns of behavior and thought, freedom to be your truest self without feeling you need to be more


Balm for fiery situations, heated arguments, burnout, or those dealing with high-octane stress or any other hot situation


Wisdom about healthy hair


Ancient wisdom including information about genetic freedom in alignment with divine purpose


Sheltering embrace to those who give emotional, spiritual, or physical shelter including healers, teachers, mothers, and all those who take animals and people into their warm and comforting embrace. Also serves those in need of shelter


Supports to express inner wisdom in action, particularly good for those who live primarily in the female energy of knowing but would like encouragement to act from this knowledge


Intimate friend and ally, a mysterious but powerful Essence that among other things, helps pierce veil of illusion


Helps us release our worldly concerns, avoid overextending ourselves, or scatter our energies, “yoga in a bottle”


Offers healing information for the relief of mental tensions including tensions that cause headaches


To open and align the chakras to receive light energy so we are flexible and resilient pillars of light


Helps us warm up and find our sense of joy, humor, and bliss


Helps us make life affirming decisions about our sexual choices, boundaries, and partnerships


Mental clarity, decisiveness, intellectual acumen, Mr. Clean of the Flower Essence world


Superb cleanser, amplifies other healing modalities, assists healers to be their best and know their own strengths and assists those receiving healing assistance to make the most of this support


Reconnects us to our source, our mission plan, and the kindred spirits that are part of our journey, consider this one if looking for spiritual community


Offers helpful information about digesting our life situation as well as digesting what we have eaten


All change is mutation, this one helps us mutate harmoniously and without fear


Helps us feel safe, especially when things fall apart, the one the Angels suggested the most after 9/11


Calms us during highly charged emotional situations, explosive interpersonal dramas, or highly charged debates especially about sexuality


Linked to sense of touch, helps bring clarity and peace to issues of sexual identity and partnership. If both partners take Papaya, it helps resolve relationship issues


Release of tensions, eases us into more profound relationship with our divine self


A favorite comfort Essence bringing a reassuring vibration of love, comfort, and safety much like a security blanket does when we are small


Powerhouse for womankind, supports our health, the vitality of our unique biology, and our freedom to choose how to express our creativity, nothing I can say about this Essence begins to do justice to it


A favorite for abundance issues


Supports constructive and gentle release of abuse memories, especially sexual abuse, as well as the healing of the emotional scars


Calms heated debate, promotes polite and civil dialogue, helps us see the divine in each other


Powerful attunement to the original divine blueprint of our energy systems, excellent choice when you feel your health needs a course correction


For healing support during explosive or chronically irritating situations including allergic reactions


Help for our bodies to work in an integrated manner, help to feel the unity of our lives and selves instead of experiencing life as disconnected series of events with us playing parts, which have no relation to each other


Support to lay down our burdens, especially good for those of us who are overachievers, perfectionists, workaholics or those who think they must be a human doing not a human being in order to be enough


Information about cellular cleansing


For the improvement and discerning use of telepathic skills


Helps us confidently and joyfully let the old order go and give birth to the new


Promotes adaptability to unexpected or radical changes in fortune, life directions, location, or climate, especially good for travel or for uncomfortable extremes of temperature


With a focus on the crown chakra, this will kick start your spiritual journey if stalled, better align all your chakras and help the light of God pouring into your system in a coordinated and thorough manner


To help us know our life purpose, improve our daily rhythms about such things as receiving and acting on inner guidance or the rhythmic process of sleep


Help to get to our core healing issues, from this place the turn around can be profound


Information about remineralizing our system and making the most of minerals in the foods we eat


Helps us find balance and non-judgment about our emotions so we can use all emotion as fodder for our spiritual growth


Support to heal from experiences of abandonment by making our relationship with our divine inner mother more tangible to us



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Bay Grape - Coccoloba uvifera

Support when we are in between spaces or between times. Bay Grape is one of the few plants that will grow in the sand between water and land with topsoil. It is an excellent remedy to consider for times of transition or when life has us betwixt and between.

Bermuda Easter Lily - Lilium longiflorum

A generation ago most Easter Lilies on display in this country during Easter came from Bermuda. While this is no longer true, Bermuda Easter Lily has a particularly strong and clear Easter Lily vibration. Bermuda Easter Lily tells us, “Of course as a trumpet shaped Flower I amplify energies. In this case, I amplify your good intentions. I help you begin anew in your efforts to see only the best in people and speak only the best about people. My energies are very purifying yet I hold no energies of judgment about what has been released. I wash you clean, pure and simple.”

Bermuda Snowberry - Chiococca bermudiana

Blue Dayes

This Essence is used by a number of practitioner’s to help clients experiencing depression.

Blue Sage

Bougainvilla - Bougainvillea

A flower celebration of diversity, Bougainvillea supports us to enjoy our differences It can help heal a toxic climate of intolerance and help something joyful to flourish in its place.

Bouvardia - Bouvardia


Support to make the best of reduced circumstances, get the most out of basics, ground without a lot of obvious support, and generally experience tough times while expressing yourself fully, not
just marginally surviving.

Calla Lily Zantedeschia aethiopica

 An original cornucopia of God

Calophyllum- Calophyllum

This one was made during a very intense tropical storm. The Angels asked me to climb on the hood of a car in a gale force winds and harvest these blossoms. The four petaled white flowers are waxy and shaped like cups. The womb is its territory as it helps us tap into old wisdom we knew while still in the womb and also helps us find that womb like androgynous state in which sexual differentiation wasn't so necessary or so important.

Capeweed- Lippia nodiflora

Early Bermuda settlers used this small endemic “weed” as a tea. Much like other "teas", Capeweed tea helped to energize settlers who were feel run down and low in energy. Its tiny flower is like a twinkling star in the sky, small in appearance but packing a powerful punch. I AM Life Force energy lighting every fiber of my being.
Century Plant- Nature never fails to send in the right tool, at the right time to shatter humankind's illusions. Right now illusions about aging are slated to go. I promise you that Century Plant is up to the task.

Century Plant

blooms once every thirty years. When it does, the blossom towers 6-10 feet into the air. Quite an energetic moment, dramatically pulling us into the eternal NOW. But Century Plant insists on assistance with other human illusions too. In fact, Century Plant explains that it offers a door to anything and everything and really, this is not a vague or idle comment! The first time I talked to the Angel of Century Plant, someone called on the phone and wanted an Essence for "letting go, being present, trusting and rising to my potential". "Exactly!" said the Angel of Century Plant. I AM the Open Door.

Clerodendrum, The Butterfly Flower - Clerodendrum ugandense

This ever blooming Flower has petals resembling a butterfly taking flight in shades of marine blue. Butterfly Flower tells us, “Freedom! I support you to find freedom from your bindings be they mental, spiritual, emotional. I support you to find that window opening when all doors appear to be shut. Consider me when you feel trapped by circumstances or when in the midst of transitions your options feel limited. I will help you discover expansive options that might not have been apparent to you previously.”

Clerodendrum thompsonaie, Glory Blower

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Coast Sophora

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Pale orange flowers encircling a central stalk give this Flower a centered stately quality. This reflects its support of the female aspect of creation. It supports the fuller flowering of any creative idea and its still and centered vibration helps to pull a project back to its center when it has gotten off course for whatever reason.

Croton- Issues of visibility

Moving in both directions this will help you fit into your surroundings and be less visible if you want to cultivate a lower profile. It will also help you make more of a splash if you are tired of being a wallflower.

Cyperus Papyrus- Cyperus papyrus

For paradigm shifts particularly in terms of one’s ability to coherently, concisely, and clearly express one’s feeling and ideas. Among other gifts, this Essence helps people to find and put to paper their unique voice. It also helps artists cross mediums and find their voice in new ways and new fields of expression.

Dracaena- Dracaena

This Goddess Essence appeared to me in hidden alcove of an ancient Bermuda garden. It was love at first sight. Dracaena opens us to the feminine aspect of Goddess and her love for us is a love that celebrates us, empowers us, and consoles us in a tender embrace. Language does not begin to convey the love infused in this Essence or its gifts of Goddess energy. I AM Loved by Goddess. She and I are One. I AM Goddess at my point in the Universe.

Duchesse de Brabant Rose- Rosa odorata

Duchesse de Brabant- This tea Rose from Bermuda was first brought to the island in 1857. Bermudians call it the Shell Rose. It is a very large double cupped fragrant Rose with petals from soft rosy pink to bright pink. It blooms freely in our favorite Bermuda garden, a haven of many nature spirits and one very precious human gardener. Duchesse de Brabant Rose speaks, “ I AM an energetic mover and shaker. Consider me to help bring your mind and your circumstances into greater order. I AM an excellent remover of inner and outer clutter and offer my services to support you in these tasks. As one Green Hope farm friend comments: “Re the Duchesse, I think she's helping me "clean up" -- getting rid of stuff in the office and apartment but also eating better...I think the Duchesse is more about paring down and getting rid of excess, as in "less is more" or getting rid of all of the stale extra layers to the simple beauty of what's at the core -- I keep having the picture of a breath of fresh air coming through a place that had been static and musty. B.S., NYC, NY

Easter Lily Vine

Support to experience the connective strands linking all religions of the world. For tolerance and a lifting out of any parochial or circle the wagons mentality about spiritual ideas and practices. This is a very expansive Essence that nourishes our spiritual identity while also cultivating within each of us an open hearted embrace of other points of view. This Essence holds absolutely no judgment and so is a very wonderful one to help us make that leap ourselves.

Floppers or Life Plant- Bryophyllum pinnatum

Support for finding new life when there is great loss or things have fallen apart in a big way. This would be one to consider while working with Maltese Cross. That one helps us to survive tearing apart experiences, Floppers helps us to find a life in what is left. This gift for renewal is reflected in this plant’s ability to grow a new plant from just a leaf.of the plant.

Freesia- Freesia refracta

Alba Freesias grow in wild abundance all over Bermuda. “The Freedom to Be” is Freesia’s keynote. Freesia Flower Essence will help to illuminate and activate the experience of inner freedom which is every God being's birthright on this planet. Freesia activates the realization in each child of God that as a God being, we are free to explore ourselves and the dimensions of our own experience of ourselves in an unlimited way. The experience of feeling closed in, claustrophobic, or despairing within our life is a reflection of illusion not of truth. The truth is, no matter what events constrict us in a physical Earth dimension way, we are the experience of consciousness observing and understanding ourselves and we can do this with greater objectivity and fuller dimension at any time. Death is not the operative process here. Instead, Freesia helps facilitate a shift in perception that sets us free to see and be complete in every direction and in every sense of the word. Flower Essences including Freesia are gateway and perceptual tools that will help in this movement out of limited perception into truer perception of freedom and the vastness of each soul's personal experience of God and all consciousness. I AM the full experience of my unlimited being

Golden Rain Tree - Koelrentaria paniculata

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Golden Showers - Cassia fistula

Make way for abundance! This one is especially helpful if our scarcity mindset comes from our family of origin’s value system.
Heath Coral Plant Hoya Purpurea fusca
Each finely articulated Hoya floret is set in balanced relationship with the other florets all hanging from a central stalk. This configuration reflects Hoya Essence’s ability to support us to balance demands on our time, multitask without losing track of other projects, or simply give many projects a balanced and clear focus. Hoya helps us do all this with an energy of measured calm.

Jamaica Dogwood - Dodonaea viscose

Jamaica Dogwood is a small tree, native to Bermuda. It is found in uncultivated spots all over the island and is considered a waste ground weed. This doesn’t stop it from being a significant energetic presence. Jamaica Dogwood supports the optimum configuration and health of our DNA. In combination with Date Palm, Jamaica Dogwood encourages us to reclaim the full possibilities of our genetic coding, reorganize this coding, and then retrieve information stored within our energy system, which offers liberation on many fronts. I AM Freedom in every cell of my being.

Japanese Privet

A Green Hope Farm friend dreamed of this Flower and felt very called to the Essence, offering us this wonderful definition, “Offers divine protection of your sacred right as an individual part of the whole.”


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Justicia Carnea

Manca descrizione


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Kangaroo Apple - Solanum aviculare

A beautiful deep purple star shaped blossom in the same family as the Potato Vine and with a common area of service- the crown chakra and the five chakras in the etheric above the crown chakra. Kangaroo Apple helps us to integrate the input from these five chakras above the head in our etheric bodies. In early 2000 these chakras began to open more fully as a consequence of rising planetary vibrations. This opening releases a great deal of energy into our systems that needs to be moved to the heart in order to be assimilated. Difficulties with assimilating these energies can cause blockages in all the chakras from the crown down with symptoms including headaches, dizziness, skull soreness, throat issues etc. Angels suggest working through these blockages by focusing on moving all the energy into the heart. Here is one Flower Essence practitioner's take on Kangaroo Apple "Kangaroo Apple first felt like a roto-rooter in my crown. Then, I felt GREAT warmth in my heart area. As strong a sensation as I've ever felt from an Essence." J.S., Pittsburgh, PA

Medinilla Magnifica

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Mexican Flame Flower

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Monkey Flower

For unravelling dense dark knotted family issues including abuse, incest, betrayal, and for healing the wounds suffered from these situations or from any instance in which one person in a family misuses his or her power to control or hurt another. This can also help with other relationship wounds Monkey Tail- This one goes into our Flow Free mix and is a useful Essence for all circumstances of blockage and disturbances in the flow of things.


Manca descrizione


Helps to unlock closely guarded issues and reveal old wounds and secrets so they can be healed. This can lift great emotional and spiritual burdens from us as Pandorea helps us to release as well as acknowledge old baggage and things we may have hidden in ourselves that we haven’t wanted to look at. It also releases the negative charge around these hidden matters so that we can “houseclean” ourselves with detachment and calm.

Peace Lily -Spathiphyllum

Vibrational nourishment to nurture peace within us. Consider this one when your sense of inner peace feels tentative and in need of cradling or support. Peace Lily is also a wonderful remedy when you are called upon to be peace in action in a broader context than previously. It will help you radiate inner peace in a clear and grounded way

Phalaenopsis, pink

This orchid has tremendous depths. Its vibration is deep, calm, loving, and gentle,. At the same time, it is joyful and uplifting echoing its butterfly like anatomy. Its strength echoes the nature of slow process such as the effects of water on a stone over eons of time. It is an Essence of longevity. I AM the door eternal, open to joy eternal.

Phalaenopsis, striped

 This striped Phalaenopsis is very different than the pink Phalaenopsis, reminding me how orchids are really as unique as individual human souls even when they resemble one another. The energies of this orchid are quick. It works on the mental body, offering a tuning fork for balanced right and left brain function. A very efficient friend who offers up this I AM affirmation, I AM the perfect flow and function of the left and right hemisphere of the brain.

Pineapple Guava

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Pink Begonia

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Pink Calliandra

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Pigeonberry- Duraanta erecta

Pigeonberry tells us, “I AM about metamorphosis. Small acts can translate into a satisfying harvest. I help you see and acknowledge the harvest you are creating with the tasks of your daily life. I also help support you translate whatever you are doing into the most creative harvest possible. This is useful when you just don’t like the way your life is adding up and want to shift your daily activities to something more colorful, creative and satisfying.”


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Plumbago- Plumbago auriculata

Plumbago tells us, “I bring a lifting of spirits when you feel blue for no apparent reason. I know how to lift my blue blossoms skyward and this capacity to uplift is what I share as a Flower Essence.”

Potato Vine- Solanum wendlandii

This glorious lavender flowering vine is lush, generous and overflowing with beautiful purple healing energy. When I took a photograph of my daughter Emily sitting underneath the Potato Vine arbor where I made this Essence, the picture came back with an enormous ball of white light filling the arbor. I wasn’t surprised the Nature spirits in the yard gathered underneath Potato Vine’s shelter. This plant has a most powerful vibration. Potato Vine opens the way for God's energy to pour into our system via our crown chakra. It is an excellent remedy to take when our spiritual life seems to have run into a roadblock or when our chakras seem to need a little more steam. I AM the chalice of God's healing energy and wisdom.

Prickly Pear- Opuntia stricta

Finding sweetness beneath the hard exterior, aids in the ability to look beneath the surface to the heart of the matter or to the true God self of an individual, helps us to see purpose and meaning in inscrutable and difficult learning lessons thus helping us get through these lessons.

Prickly Poppy- Agrimone mexicana

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Queen’s Tears- Bilbergia nutans

The flowers fall downward from an upwards shooting stalk of pale pink leaves. Each blossom starts at the top with a tube of pink that separates into four distinct curled petals marked by a vivid blue stripe down its white expanse. From this hang brilliant yellow stamens. The highly stylized geometry of the Flower has an Egyptian flavor to it. It is easy to imagine Queen Nefertiti holding this Flower. Nefertiti was married to an Egyptian pharaoh who tried to communicate the truth there is one God. The Flower is composed of the three colors associated with the threefold flame of the heart:yellow for divine wisdom, pink for divine love and blue for divine power. And is it not our hearts that remind us we are all one and all is God?

Rangoon- Quisqualis indic

This vine is native of India,,flowering in two shades of rose pink. Lynn has a knack for finding powerhouse Essences and when she made this one she certainly found a gem. Medicinally this plant is linked to eradicating parasites. As a Flower Essence it carries a similar vibrational focus.

Red Ginger

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Rondeletia (Panama Rose)

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Rose Apple- Syzygium jambos

Rose Apple has astonishing blossoms composed of hundreds of pale yellow stamens that somehow have a warm rose colored aura. The effect is one of large powder puffs filling the tree. If you are dealing with a complex situation defying solution, Rose Apple may be a great help. She moves in from oblique angles, yet she often can find a way to sweetly break open and transform even the densest of problems. Rose Apple explains that she helps open up the heart chakra, heals ancient rifts and brings new light and healing balm to deep wounds of ancient beginnings.

Rosa Banksia- Rosa Banksia

This ancient delicate white rose covers the Alhambra in Spain. She carries sacred wisdom for healers and if called upon can offer a unique experience of unconditional love. St David's Rose - Here is the brilliant illumination of this Essence by one of you, "St David's Rose called to me- LOUDLY! He revealed to me that he is about "choosing your authority" - to whom and to what (thoughts, patterns, illusions, etc.), do you give your authority. I cannot express the sheer strength and power, the authority of his vibration. I felt for the first time ever that I AM the Authority. I felt it so strongly in my physical body, finally feeling safe because I can choose the authority. . . For the first time since I was only a few months old, I feel like I am the one in charge of my life. For years, I have wished that I could just "exchange" my internal organs for a fresh "set" and start anew, to not feel like my entire family of origin had made themselves comfortable in my "house" (body)! Now it seems like this is really happening, albeit differently than I had ever imagined. For anyone, like me, who is working on healing scars from abuse and who does not have access to an appropriate body worker, St David's Rose is an exceptional ally"


This one has awful common names like "Mother in Law's Tongue". When a plant has names like this, the plant usually has a profound purpose that others have tried to squelch. This is true with the strong, purposeful Sansevaria. Sansevaria has close ties to the temple of Isis and carries an immense Goddess energy that will support women to manifest their highest vision for the world. Its leaves and Flowers, which point to the sky, reflect this uplifting quality. No nickname could interfere with this Flower's supportive purpose and I hope more and more people will partake of its encouraging vibration. Shooting Star Black Gold Spider Orchid-- This one is for healing situations of resentment. I thank the practitioner who called this Essence and its purpose to our attention! What a great ally to have where resentment has carried the day.

Snow Plant

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Sophora Martima

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Star of the Veldt

Relative of Bermudiana, this is a small red Flower that commands attention despite its small stature.

Suranim Cherry

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Temple Cloud Orchid

 Supports the etheric or memory body to assimilate and organize data much as a
conductor organizes an orchestra into harmonious music.


Manca descrizione

Traveling Palm

Very strengthening when life has us on the road or on the move literally or figuratively

Uncarina Grandidieri

A native of Madagascar, this climbing plant blooms continuously in the greenhouse at the farm. It has lemon colored blossoms with a very deep dark maroon center. It is for translating and assimilating deep wounds and very painful events into integrated wisdom.

Vanda Javierae

A white Vanda with very strong energies, this one is a big time "mender of fences" When I made the Essence and brought it into the bottling room, I felt that Vanda Javierae immediately began to do widespread service for the Earth from here- My experience is that it illuminates space much like a sun or star-" Vanda Javierae flows easily into places of previous woundedness unravelling emotional scar tissue whilst infusing loving light, generating wholeness: a clear stream replenishing and nurturing an abused environment" M.S., Lafayette, CA

Vanda Rothschildiana

Ancient Mother wisdom. There ‘s something of the spider woman in this Essence. Her energies are present during large shifts of the electronic grid of earth, She has an energy which both holds & directs during these transitions. A formidable ally if you find yourself called to this work.

White Calliandra

Manca descrizione

Yellow Hibiscus

An intense deep yellow Hibiscus, as a Flower Essence it offers energetic support to bring spiritual wisdom into the domain of sexual/partnership choices and supports a grounding of this wisdom into action.


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