Raven Essences

Abandonment (Great Mother Kit)

Lady's Slipper, Antique Pink, Peacemaker, Crambe, Nasturtium, Immune System, Zinnia, Migraines, Unifier, Raven's Retreat
Abandonment calms our panic and anxiety when we are gripped by fear and frantically running around in circles. It grounds us and helps us stay with our feelings when we are in the midst of a process we cannot comprehend or control. Panic-stricken, I grope in the darkness. I am in a place of total desolation and emptiness. I cannot feel what is under my feet and I don't know where to go. This is a time out of time. Gradually in the half-light, I see around me the walls of a cave. I am trapped. Terrified, I can do nothing for my hands are broken and my legs fail beneath me. No one will find me here. Through the darkness, Great Mother's hand reaches out like a claw, squeezing my heart, ripping at my sinews. I am being crushed and devoured. I collapse and try to escape on the slow long waves of my breath.

Acidanthera         New Earth

Acidanthera; Iridaceae
Crown upon crown, glory upon glory, Acidanthera makes star consciousness available by opening portals beyond the body's seven chakras. "My kingdom is not of this world" is a potential reality for everybody. Connecting us to the substance and stature of these realms, the essence helps us translate universal energies into meaningful reality here on earth. Acidanthera defies duality by encompassing both our femininity and masculinity. Ushering in the new earth, the helps us stay centered while tremendous shifts occur far beyond our mental comprehension. Flower color: white with burgundy star throat; Musical term: music of the spheres, harmonic overtones

Aconitum - Ranunculaceae - Entering Darkness

Like the dark monk of the essence world, Aconitum works in the deep hidden areas of the psyche to bring elements to surface that have been elusive or cut off from the light. The essence gives us courage to consciously enter the darkness rather than linger in fear or shame. Aconitum encourages inner work based upon our soul's desire for purpose and balance, offering a gentle deepening of our true essence. Flower color: deep blue; Musical term: Descending bass.

Air (Five Elements Kit)

Evolution, Clivia, Mulberry, Crabapple, Millenium, Departure, Transitions, Storyteller, Earthkeeper, Conception, Respiratory System.
Pure, invisible aliveness, Air brings the qualities of Ether into the first stages of form. Far more than mere oxygen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide, Air is the full-frequency intelligence of life. When we move consciously with Air, we build scaffoldings of truth to hold the river of love. Air is the medium of sound-expression on earth, revealing through our words, voice and music the quality of our connection with the divine. An absence of Air reveals itself in pollution, noise, falsehoods, and a starvation of love. To connect with Air, sometime we need to enter through other avenues; burn away our resistances through fire, open to fluidity through water or ground ourselves into the earth. When those elements are in proper balance, we have the space to hold and differentiate Air into thought-forms that truly reveal the beauty of life's design.

Alcoholism: Living with Passion (Surround Essences)

Oxe-eye Daisy, Goatsbeard, Mullein, Thistle, Milkweed, Selfheal, Blue Vervain, Enchanter's Nightshade, Salpiglossis, Yellow lily, Datura, Zinnia, Tithonia
By addressing the craving for sugar and problems of fermenting grains in the body, the Alcoholism essence helps us re-establish balance around our relationship to stimulants in general. At the emotional level, the essence helps us release inherited addictive tendencies and the toxic residue from co-dependent relationships. As we deal with our many forms of addiction, the essence helps us find more balanced ways to express our spiritual passion.

Aloe (Cuban Essences) Aloe arborescens; Babardensis Miller

Aloe addresses the effects of noise pollution, the fatigue from being in constant, monotonous noisy environments. When we tune out or shut down our aural receptivity to the world, we deprive ourselves of tremendous stimulation. With a swift cleansing effect, the essence opens our listening capabilities, helping us to press out against our self-inflicted barriers that we have erected to defend ourselves from noise. Initially, this may create a feeling of exposure and vulnerability as Aloe invites us to experience a more alive and sensitized experience within our sonic environments. Flower color: yellow; Musical term: legato violin phrases

Allium        Ecstatic Sexuality

Allium giganteum; Alliaceae - Ornamental Onion
Uniting the symbols of the sphere and the wand, Allium integrates our sexuality with the earthy component of spirituality. It helps us move into full expressive sexuality - to honor and invite a radiantly creative sexual current within our bodies. When this is activated, Allium helps us hold the sexual energy with graceful authority. The essence also supports the ecstatic opening possible in a birthing process. Flower color: burgundy; Musical term: Fortissimo (very loud)

Alzheimer's: Living in the Present Moment (Surround Essences)

Bindweed, Butter and Eggs, Canada Thistle, Red Lobelia, Artemesia, Zebra Mallow, Hops, Orange Cosmos
The Alzheimer's essence supports a complete re-structuring of our neural pathways. When emotions create mental confusion, the essence calms us by stabilizing the various functions of our mind. As we release physical toxins or emotional traumas that prevent us from thinking clearly, the essence works to re-structure the brain for our unique purposes. Connecting us to our inner worth, the essence eases our concerns about aging and helps us be fully present in the moment instead of getting lost in the past or caught up in fears about the future. With this support, we can respond creatively to our circumstances rather than reacting defensively.

Amethyst IV (Crystal Grid Kit)

Amethyst coordinates human heart function with the earth's heartbeat. This primary and essential entrainment assists human beings to give and receive love that is flooded with the fullness of universal information and energy.

Annual Trio Essence

Larkspur, Phlox, Cosmos
Annual Trio helps us make great leaps forward into the unknown. Made from three annual flowers, this essence is useful when we are moving house or making physical changes that require many factors to be taken into account. It helps us orchestrate the external factors smoothly and efficiently and lets our free will function without old negative habits or attitudes. Like a doorman at a beautiful estate, Annual Trio holds the way open for a greater sense of our capability and purpose as we step into the next life-adventure.

Antique Pink (Rose Garden Kit)

Relationship: Mother/Daughter; Priestess/Queen. Archetype: Celibate/Hermit/Maiden. Sixth Chakra: Clear sight, symbolic thinking, intuitive, perception, enhanced creativity. Antique Pink prepares us to host the creative fire of spirit by strengthening the energetic structures in our hearts, minds, and bodies. Keeping us firmly rooted in our bodies and connected to Source, the essence supports us as we develop our mature receptivity to spiritual energies and our intuitive capabilities. Helping us recognize and adjust easily any false perceptions or emotional blockages in our way, Antique Pink holds us in Love's embrace as spiritual intensity builds. By directing our attention to the burgeoning life within, Antique Pink affirms our path to inner freedom.

Apple          Accepting Endings

Pomaceae. Apple Tree helps us graciously accept the death of an old cycle. In the midst of intense change, the essence acts like a quiet groundskeeper, providing a steady reassurance that "all is well." Apple Tree strengthens us at the core and buffers us from the impact of other people's emotions, whether they are negative and crazy-making or sincerely well-intentioned. Flower color: White; Musical term: Timbre and Ostinato (a short piece of bass repeated many times with varied upper parts).

Apricot Nectar (Rose Garden Kit)

Relationship: Father/Son; Sun-God/King. Archetype: The Radiant One. Seventh Chakra: Crown as spiritual connection, receiving and transmitting wisdom. Strengthening our ability to receive spiritual love, Apricot Nectar encourages our radiant autonomy. If we have been wounded by patriarchal energies through pretense or spiritual manipulation, the essence helps us establish our own clear connection to Source. Though we may experience self-doubt and confusion as we separate ourselves from dogmatic forms of power, Apricot Nectar helps us stand in our true worth and beauty. By dissolving the psychic cords of toxic relationships, we are free to explore our personal relationship with the Beloved and to bring the fullness of our spiritual beauty into form.

Arbutus      Coming Home

Arbutus menziesii; Ericaceae. Strawberry tree
A complex and paradoxical tree, Arbutus plays many healing roles. The essence helps us come home to ourselves — to retreat, gather courage, and allow a vision to form for the next stage of our lives. Arbutus encourages us to speak with loving conviction by easing the flow of energy between our heart and throat chakras. At the physical level, Arbutus aids circulation by strengthening the vitality of individual blood cells. Useful with arthritis, Arbutus assists with mineral absorption. It can also release constricting tension in the lower back. Flower color: white; Musical term: Rhumba

Aquamarine IA (Crystal Grid Kit)

Aquamarine corresponds to the earth's primary chakra system. It aids in strengthening a fundamental connection with the earth and is useful in grounding an individual beyond their physical system.

Arthritis: Moving with Ease (Surround Essences)

Milkweed, Evening Primrose, Burdock, Yellow Lily, Zinnia, Daylily, Clasping Coneflower, Rudbeckia
The Arthritis essence assists us to discover new ways to move at every level of our beings. When we experience painful constriction, toxins in the joints, or feelings of being stuck in any area of our lives, the essence provides inner freedom and elasticity, and to sense the creative opportunities for expansion. By assisting us to breathe more deeply into our sinus cavities, the essence frees mental constrictions while helping us ground and open to the flow of life's healing energies.

Articulation (Living Creatively Kit)

Ginger Lily, Ruby & Zoisite
The Articulation essence restores full generosity of spirit to all our forms of communication. Helping us hear the wisdom of our hearts, the essence encourages expression of our truth and beauty through creative artistry and simple acts of daily life. As we let the power of love move through us, our words act as quiet healers that gently penetrate and transform our communications. Listening with focused hearts, we draw the wisest truth from others. The Articulation essence reconnects us with the power of silence as the foundation for our deepest listening and expression. Rooted in holy silence, we remember our part in the sacred web of life.

Asthma: Releasing the Past (Surround Essences)

Queen Anne's Lace, Mullein, Sumac, Bugloss, Blue Vervain, Hops, Orange Cosmos, Tithonia, Creamy Yarrow, Hollyhock
The Asthma essence addresses a variety of childhood issues: unresolved grief, a basic feeling of being unloved, or the spiritual trauma of being exposed to too much psychic energy for a young body to contain. By stabilizing water imbalances related to kidney and adrenal function, the essence helps us cope with airborne pollutants such as smoke, perfume, fungus and mold. When shallow breathing compromises our overall vitality, the essence harmonizes the dynamic interplay between our heart and lungs.

Aster          Spiral Movement

Callistephus chinensis; Compositae - China Aster
Aster is an energy mover at many levels. Inwardly, it stimulates the spiraling movement of kundalini life-energy; outwardly, it encourages athletic exercise and ecstatic dance. At the mental level, Aster helps us view our world from many different perspectives. The essence also stimulates active imagination during meditation.
Flower color: cream, burgundy, purple; Musical term: Oscillation

Aubrieta     Protective Surround

Aubrietia deltoidea; Cruciferae - Rock Cress
As a protector of our manifesting destiny, Aubrieta adorns our vulnerability and emerging sense of sacredness. When all the elements of our intellect, feeling, imagination, and physicality are assembled (usually in our mature years) Aubrieta provides a nurturing surround for our continued growth. If our destiny dreams make us freeze with fear, Aubrieta eases our paralysis so we can move forward again. The essence also helps with animal communication by opening our hearts to receive their loving messages. Flower color: pink and purple; Musical term: Resonance

Autumn Equinox — Change (Nature Series)

The fall equinox marks the end of one cycle and the beginning of the new. Like the swift transformation of the season's first hard frost, the Autumn Equinox essence helps us dismantle old forms that we have actively participated in generating. Whether these forms are personal beliefs and habits or organizational structures such as churches, schools, social or political groupings, the essence helps us step back to view our involvement with loving clarity. As we examine our resonance with these inner and outer structures, we sense where our energies are needed. The essence supports the steady increase of our joy. As we follow this inner movement, we feel our alignment with the forms that truly meet us and we let go our attachment to those that no longer serve us. Releasing our energetic ties, the old forms can dissolve or collapse, immediately revealing the space for new opportunities.

Autumn Iris (Nature Series)

The Autumn Iris essence acknowledges the realization of our desires. Even if the full form has not appeared, we recognize that our springtime dreams and desires have actually been realized. With a deep joy and awe in the process of life's manifestation, we now have a clear-sighted awareness of our destiny. The new structures in our lives, both at internal levels and in our outer worlds are solid and ready for use. Our challenge is to recognize rather than deny what has been manifested through our partnership with nature. The essence anchors the new qualities of leadership emerging within us, though they may not be based upon traditional training or experiences. While we may not feel completely in control, remaining grounded and open-hearted, we continue to sense the profoundly tangible support from spirit and nature for our forward movement.

Balanced Power V (Lighthouse Healing Kit - Practitioner Essences)

Yellow Lily, Lady's Mantle, White Lily
This essence supports clear intention and loving discrimination as it draws from the well of a pure heart. It helps us to coordinate thought and feeling with speech and action, so that our truth is conveyed with ease and assurance. Like the song-birds in a meadow, our voices reveal who we are. When we sing from the quiet, inner strength of our being, our expression is balanced and authentic. The essence connects us to the deep well of inner knowing so we can speak the appropriate words at the right time, and with the fullness of our true feeling.

 Being the Gift (Christmas Kit)

Ninebark, Sedum, Tuberose, Stillness in the Void, The Messenger of Forgiveness, Magnolia
With open arms, we let the love we have received pour effortlessly through us. We remain radiantly grounded in the simple being, allowing the Gift of Light to shine. While we see the world's problems clearly, we know how to offer love and compassion to everyone we encounter. Being the Gift is the essence of Christmas and our greatest joy.

Being Welcome on Earth: Dealing with Fear (Punta Serena Kit – Practitioner Essences)

Hyacinth, Raven Red, Conception, Gathering, Katsura Rose
Being Welcome on Earth helps us find our ground when we are caught in the grip of fear. Encouraging us to step back from our addictions and external demands, the essence helps us find the calm place where we can deal with our fears and focus on the basics of living. Feeling safe, we can let go and begin the creative work of rebuilding our lives.

Bergenia     Surrendered Listening

Bergenia: Saxifragaceae
Bergenia assists us to perceive the inaudible frequencies of the living earth, a bandwidth of sounds heard primarily through our listening hearts. It also reconnects us to the memory and energy of our true desires, often sensed in childhood but later abandoned or buried. Through focused, surrendered listening to our own hearts and the sacred pulse in the world around us, true illumination can occur in any moment. Bergenia gently re-directs us away from passing bright ideas by focusing any scattered or tangential thinking. It also balances water disparities (edema/dehydration) in the body. Flower color: pink; Musical term: The sound of many bells.

Bitter Nightshade          Conscious Reckoning

Solanum dulcamara; Solanaceae - Climbing Nightshade, Bittersweet Nightshade
An underworld laser into the deepest regions of our being, Bitter Nightshade initiates a deepening process within the entire psyche. It guides this holy journey into darkness by preventing us from getting lost in confusion or depression. While this cycle may involve a reckoning with some unfaced factors in our lives, the essence gives us the confidence to dive into the depths and welcome new insights and energy. Flower color: purple with a yellow 'tongue'; Musical term: Legato (sustained, connected sound)

Black Locust        Wise Administration

Robinia pseudoacacia
Black Locust honors the valuable wisdom of age that shapes paradoxical and disparate elements into strong community. It supports the movement of grassroots power within the collective. As each person adds their fire and imagination, Black Locust assists artful administration, building bridges between people and coordinating all the variables within an developing community. Flower color: white; Musical term: Children's laughter.

Black Walnut Tree        Radiant Space

Juglans nigra
By keeping external pressures at bay, Black Walnut creates the space in which we can nurture our blossoming radiance. If judgments, expectations, or criticisms are externally imposed or internalized from the past, Black Walnut helps us reestablish dominion in our lives and manifest our unique expression. Useful for teenagers dominated by peer pressure, the essence releases their attraction to dangerous or psychically toxic environments. Black Walnut can sometimes signal the end of one phase, a quiet restful period, and the groundswell of new potency. Flower color: green; Musical Term: a low earth rumble

Borage       Manifesting Destiny

Borago officinalis; Boraginaceae
Borage supports the manifestation of different aspects of our destiny. Often, we set aside some of our soul capacities to make a living or fit into society. Borage activates the undeveloped capacities that would flesh out the fullness of our destiny. Helping us make graceful transitions from one form of success to another, Bergenia can springboard us into completely new ventures involving the balance of several career paths, for example a healer/musician, artist/carpenter, or writer/teacher. Flower color: blue, turning to pink; Musical term: Mute; softening sound and changing tone quality

Bougainvillae (Cuban Essences)

Bougainvillae; Myctaginaceae - Paper Flower
With a twinkling playfulness, Bougainvillae ignites an assured confidence and delight in living. It quickens our spirit of appreciation and laughter, giving us the optimism to see life as beautiful and full of goodness. When we have become too serious or overfocused, the essence sparks our child-like enthusiasm, helping us to create a climate of joy and wonder in life. Flower color: pink, red, orange; Musical term: A lively Baroque gigue

Brain-Body Essence

Co-created with a Polarity practitioner for her Educational Kinesiology work with clients. Queen of the Night, Helenium, Black Locust, Osteoporosis, Raven Blue, Rio Samba
The process of learning should be an experience of joyful expansion and self-discovery; however, when this process is compromised and the brain's infinite capacity to adapt is overwhelmed, the natural appreciation and development of our unique gifts becomes a struggle. In our task-oriented, high-stress culture, the full beauty and potential of people with learning challenges are often hidden behind veils of confusion and frustration. The Brain-Body essence gently opens locked or undeveloped pathways within the brain and body, gradually dissolving awkwardness and the debilitating effects of frustration and shame. Increasing the flow of information-energy between the upper and lower chakras, the essence focuses at the fifth chakra to facilitate easier communication within the body and with other people. By encouraging a restoration of self-love, it helps re-establish a sense of joy in the learning process. The Brain-Body essence is particularly useful in supporting the energetic shifts of Brain Gym © balances and exercises. Regardless of our age, the essence reconnects us to the creative fire of life, rekindling our birthright to explore life to its fullest.

Bridalwreath Spirea      Affirming Feelings

Spiraea prunifolia; Rosaceae
Bridalwreath Spirea helps us receive acknowledgement and praise from others without feeling awkward or apologetic. It fosters a radiant generosity toward ourselves and others by keeping our hearts fully open. Useful for weight loss, Bridalwreath Spirea gently activates any numb areas in our bodies, helping us restore a graceful ease of movement. Flower color: white; Musical term: Diminuendo (gradually softening)

Bridging (Birth of the Wild Heart Kit)

Wayfaring Tree, Rugosa Alba, Lady's Mantle, Evolution, Annual Poppy, Black Locust, Grief and Loss
In the last moments in the womb, the baby pressures the mother towards delivery as it makes its great leap through the birth canal to independence and air. For adults in a starting-over process, we make this magnificent leap as we swing in the air from one trapeze to the next, letting go the safety of the known as we dive toward the future. Compelled from within and without to change, we seek the perfect bridge and right timing to venture into the unknown. Pausing before we advance, even glancing back with tenderness, we begin to let go. This is the precise moment of consecration before we take action. In our hearts, while discontent and uncertainty may clash with our faith in the universe, we hold to the fiery fullness of our visions. This is the bifurcation point, our final opportunity for receiving new thoughts and energies before making our committed leap forward.

Building a Foundation (Gathering of Soul Kit)

Pink Yarrow, Raven Orange, Bridalwreath Spirea
Like the solitary faith required to construct Noah's Ark, Building a Foundation supports the process of preparing for a future we cannot see clearly but feel strongly within our hearts. The essence supports the patient dedication and creative discipline required to develop our visions without traditional precedents. By keeping us in touch with nature's rhythms and laws, the essence helps us move with integrity, accuracy, and joy. Though we may need to release emotional and energetic ties to old forms, standing in the mystery of the unknown, we feel the loving support of our spirit and nature companions. They are intimately involved in the creation of this new 'earth' with us. As the construction evolves, we gain a sense of who we truly are and what our place is in the world.
Building the Ark (Great Mother Kit)
Ninebark, Raven Purple, Echinacea, Vibration – Nature's Music, Red Climber, Yellow Yarrow, Peacemaker, Storyteller.
Building the Ark offers hope when everything in our lives feels shattered. The essence helps us open our hearts, feel compassion for ourselves, and see the possibilities for a new life-direction. Once again my dreams are wild and chaotic. What do they mean? What pattern do they reveal? Slowly I see them as the shattered pieces of my life laid before me. This is what I am, for better or worse. Perhaps there is no pattern, just the pieces. I feel helpless and confused. None of my old skills serve me here. I wait and listen. The cave begins to feel like a womb. I feel the Great Mother's dark presence hovering behind me but I am not afraid. Everything is already in ruins. There is nowhere to go. In the darkness, I feel her hands gently caress my swollen eyes. Then, she slowly reaches under my ribs to embrace me. With grateful tears, I fall back into her embrace. With her enormous body surrounding me, I open the floodgates of my broken heart. Instantly, I know she will protect me. I see the pieces on the floor and they look different now. I gather my broken dreams and spin them into something new. She guides my trembling hands. Nothing disturbs this task. “Only love organizes in these realms. Leave everything else upon the floor. What you have loved must now serve Love.”

Building the Charge (Harmony Healing Kit – Practitioner Essences)

Annual Trio, Aconitum, Black Walnut, Datura, Hibiscus, Lady's Slipper, Mulberry, Solomon's Seal, Star of Bethlehem, Respiratory System, Sonia, Ether, and Lava.
The second essence supports a cycle of abiding and ongoing renewal. Sometimes this can be very challenging, for we can tend to feel pulled back into the world before this cycle is complete. Building the Charge involves quiet introspective listening and fasting on many levels as body-structures, mental habits, spiritual perceptions, and emotional tendencies adjust and align with the pulse of life. It is a time to welcome inspiration without acting, to gently listen to the body's needs and wisdom. Breathe and stay open to the unfolding mystery of your own emergence. During this time, your intuition is expanding and your future is preparing to greet you as your past gently sheds itself like an old skin. Though there may be chaos around you, in this space of quiet stillness, you are steadily building the charge that you need to move forward. Avoid the tendency to reach out with loneliness or old yearnings, and do not judge yourself during this time. Simply stay open and receive the fire of love into your body. Though many negative emotions may tempt you to re-engage, take care to discriminate between the sweet new fire-energy filling you and the familiar heat of old dramas.

Burgundy Clematis       Heart Restoration

Clematis viticella 'Mme. Julia Correvon'; Ranunculaceae
Offering radiant support to a wounded heart, Burgundy Clematis gives us the encouragement to bloom again after a difficult separation, rejection, or blow to the heart. Flower color: burgundy; Musical term: Silence, meditative, uninterrupted

Beside the Pond (Irish Kit)

In the woodland's cool green shade earth's dank and swampy perfume bows to rare white blossoms. The green arms hold their mysteries close, while beckoning, ‘Come near.' In the hushed spring afternoon, the darkened water becomes a wishing well. Beside the Pond invites us into the heart of the forest to savor the steamy alchemy of wood, water, and earth. It is a call to linger by water in woodland settings — ponds, streams, or swampy areas, for inspiration and repose. Let the essence help you recall the full aliveness of woodland settings to feed and calm your body-soul.

 Calendula  Earth Cycles

Calendula officinalis; Compositae - Pot Marigold, Scotch Marigold
Calendula affirms the natural rhythms of the body by promoting a deeper intimacy with the earth's cyclical energies. The essence gives us the courage and creativity to face challenging circumstances and transform external pressure into forward movement. When fear causes us to contract and resist life's movement through phases of illness, exhaustion, or natural aging processes, Calendula reconnects us to the healing, ever-changing power of nature. Flower colors: shades of orange and yellow; Musical term: ensemble; performing well and equally with others

Calla Lily    Sacred Marriage

Zantedeschicae aethiopica (Calla aethiopica); Araceae - Arum Lily
As the white trumpet of love, Calla Lily amplifies our hearts' ability to penetrate any situation with the power of love. This healing energy courses through the body, unifying opposing forces within our psyches into a sacred inner marriage. Standing in the frequency of love, we offer compelling inspiration to others to revere and tend their own sacredness. Flower color: white; Musical term: woodwind duet.

Calling Forth the Vital Life Force — Inhalation(Peaceful Warrior Kit)

Sapphire and Gold, Rio Samba Rose and Seedbox
Standing firm and open-hearted, the Peaceful Warrior shapes her clearest intention. In the stillness, she listens for the words before announcing herself to the listening earth. Pausing in thankfulness, she summons the vital life force from the wild and the tame elements of nature's banquet. Providing the energies she needs for her task deep into her tissues, nature's living wisdom floods her body with many variations of Love. Wedded to her sacred intent, this vital force rests within her awaiting timely activation.

Campanula          Inner Balance

Campanula rotundifolia; Campanulaceae
Independent and tenacious, Campanula erodes rigid brittleness by balancing our masculine and feminine energies. With a steady persistence, it moderates all extremes of consciousness and helps us build a reserve of resilient strength. Campanula's intense clarity and spacious receptivity helps us access our androgynous inner teacher. Flower color: purple; Musical term: asian gong

Camperdown Elm         Open Invitation

Ulmus glabra ‘camperdownii', Ulmanaceae
Camperdown Elm offers the protection of a tree's loving embrace, a green nest that affirms a gentleness of heart and creates space for new guests. This essence expands our sense of humanity, helping us offer genuine kindness and refuge to others. It can be used when we need to support loved ones from a distance or strangers in times of disaster. Camperdown Elm also coordinates the fluid interchange of energies between the creative sensuality of the second chakra and the ripe expressiveness of the throat chakra. Flower color: green; Musical term: Melodious doorbells

Candida: Establishing Healthy Boundaries (Surround Essences)

Milkweed, Sumac, Mullein, Evening Primrose, Queen Anne's Lace, Blue Vervain, Canada Thistle, Tansy, Campanula, Echinacea, Clary Sage, Zinnia, Aster
The Candida essence reconnects us to our body intelligence, helping us make wholesome choices about what to take into our systems. Strengthening our ability to sense our true needs rather than addictive reasoning, the essence helps us reestablish appropriate boundaries against self-destructive habits. Candida's rollercoaster rhythms can often leave us feeling victimized. When we feel burnt-out from repetitive cycles of racing and crashing, striving and collapsing, over-stimulation and depletion, the essence helps us regain healthy relatedness to our bodies at a core level.

Canna Lily  Elegant Entrepreneur

Canna Lily; Cannacaeae, sometimes classes as Liliaceae
Canna Lily restores graceful elegance to our living by rekindling a grounded spontaneity in our thoughts and actions. Like elegant entrepreneurs confidently setting own own timing and approach, the essence helps us integrate wisdom with spontaneity. By fostering our awareness of being supported by the laws of the universe Canna Lily helps us live unique and independent lives rather than leaning on parents, spouses, or societal institutions. Flower color: reddish pink; Musical term: improvisation

Cardinal Flower   Ecstatic Relationship

Lobelia cardinalis; Campanulaceae sometimes classed as Lobeliaceae - Cardinal Lobelia, Red Cardinal, Red Lobelia
Cardinal Flower encourages us to stand fully grounded and conscious in all our relationships as we access a deep joy in the reciprocity of giving and receiving. Through direct heart and body contact, the current of love moves between us by osmosis rather than with abstract words. The essence softens any shyness or trepidation into an easy, fluid confidence. During sexuality, Cardinal Flower opens the gates for the flow of ecstatic energy throughout our bodies. Flower color: scarlet red; Musical term: a drumming ensemble

Castor Bean         Healing Miracles

Ricinus communis; Euphorbiaceae
Castor Bean acts as the palma-Christa, the hand of Christ, gently yet firmly holding our hearts as stillness, peace, and reconnection with Source are restored. With our hearts calm, we can step away from the drama in our lives and regain perspective. Castor Bean brings us to the still point where all healing begins and miracles are natural. Flower color: cream and reddish brown; Musical term: forte-piano; a sudden shift from loud to soft

Centering in the Light: Transforming Sadness

(Punta Serena – Practitioner Essences) - Hosta, Raven Pink, Acidanthera, Light Body, Bridging
Centering in the Light supports us as we take responsibility for difficult life-challenges. Relinquishing core-beliefs that no longer serve us often brings up sadness, grief, and fear of the unknown. By helping us stay with our feelings, the essence connects us with the wisdom that helps us assess ourselves and the situation at hand. Reaching out to the people who can support us, we begin to reaffirm our connection to life. With love and support, we can let go our burden of sadness and open to a brighter future.

Cedar         Energy Coordination

Thuja occidentalis, Cupressaceae
Cedar acts as a transportation vehicle, coordinating the movement of many types of energy. It is helpful when you are trying to dislodge deeply ingrained emotional/psychological patterns. Able to work at tremendous depths, Cedar encourages subconscious patterns to gently surface into conscious awareness in a timely fashion. Instead of pushing when things in your environment are blocked or stalled, Cedar can intensify your radiance, allowing your world to respond harmoniously. As a carrier-wave, Cedar is included in all the archetypal Dream Quest essences. Flower color: green; Musical term: Tenuto, a sustained legato sound

Centurea    Enthusiastic Outreach

Centurea cyanus; Compositae - Bachelor's button, Cornflower, Bluebottle
Centurea acts like a wild thistle, helping us to reach out into the world with enthusiasm and assurance. The essence animates our ability to connect with others and entertain new possibilities beyond our present experience. Centurea helps us access the parts of ourselves we need to meet each new situation. Offering reassurance as we move into the larger world, the essence creates a climate of vitality in and around us, encouraging a warm receptivity from others. Flower color: blue; Musical term: overture and finale (the beginning and the ending)

Chives        Sexual Transitions

Allium schoenoprasum; Alliaceae sometimes classed as Liliaceae
Rousing the sexual life-energy that moves us into totally new waters, Chives signals a shift from one phase of selfhood into another phase of expanded mystery. This can mark both the transition from virginity to active sexuality and the quickening of life-energy for new creative directions. Flower color: light purple; Musical term: modulation (changing from one key to another)

Circulatory System (Body System Essences)

Red Coreopsis, Bittersweet Nightshade, Aconitum, Garden Sweet Pea, Morning Glory
As a living metaphor of life's movement to and from Source, the circulatory system corresponds to our blood-family and how we circulate hereditary life-energy through our bodies. Once called the 'seat of the emotions', the heart pumps oxygen-rich blood to every cell in the body. The condition of our blood is an indicator of our overall vitality. Supporting the heart's rhythmic tempo, the Circulatory essence helps cleanse toxins and increase blood-circulation throughout the body.

Clary Sage           Emotional Privacy

Salvia viridis, Salvia horminum; Labiatae - Tricolor sage
Clary Sage creates a screen of privacy that shields us as we work on several levels at the same time. Continuing with our daily life, the essence honors our deepest feelings and keeps us in touch with our inner process. When it is counterproductive or untimely to engage others, Clary Sage helps us gently hold the evolving energies in our hearts while we maintain our balance in the outer world. Flower color: purple, pink, and cream; Musical term: tenor voice in choir

Clearly In Sight (Somatech Kit – Practitioner Essences)

Garnet, Sapphire and Gold, Aquamarine, Brain-Body Essences with Toning Bar
Clearly In Sight assists with the physical, emotional and perceptual shifts that occur with new perceptions. It helps one to remain centered and aligned while integrating the effects of a new window into one's world. While change is always destabilizing, Clearly In Sight assists one to move with the necessary adjustments in a graceful, coordinated fashion, anchoring one's experiences from the past while opening to the expanded possibilities within the new visual matrix. The essence helps to release unnecessary tension that may have compounded from previous visual challenges. As one softly begin to receive the abundant, new opportunities available through the re-visioning process, subtle inner adjustments can occur easily and naturally at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Clematis     True Prayer

Clematis texensis 'Pagoda' and Clematis viticella; Ranunculaceae
Clematis supports the process of engaging with Source through the power of prayer. Going beyond the childish phase of' ‘getting what I want,' a open-hearted approach to spirit takes us into fuller communion with life. Prayer invites participation in a consciously evolving relationship with spirit. Clematis assists us in creating sacred space, speaking our deepest desires, and surrendering our ego to spirit's movement in our lives. - Flower colors: mauve and purple; Musical term: harmonics

Clivia          Persistent Patience

Clivia miniata; Amaryllidaceae
Clivia reinforces the necessary patience required at different phases of a cycle. It helps us sustain a vision over time and surrender gracefully when the process moves beyond our control. Even when we feel ‘in the dark', Clivia helps us retain an active role in the resolution by helping us coordinate with life rather than force a desired outcome. Flower color: orange with yellow throat; Musical term: sostenuto (sustained)

Columbine           Spiritual Mastery

Aquilegia vulgaris; Ranunculaceae Columbine, Granny's bonnets
Columbine provides a conduit for the manifestation of spiritual energies. It stimulates our innate magicianship by heightening our ability to receive the new energies seeking to bless our environment. Columbine also helps us to work creatively with the current elements in our world to restore balance and beauty. Flower Color: mauve, pink, and cream; Musical term: cadence (the end of a musical phrase)

Communicator (DreamQuest Essences)

Allium, Phlox, Raven Gold, Spiderwort, Apricot Nectar, Self-Expression, Cedar
Living at the heart of a six-pointed star, the Communicator is an electric lady, monitoring messages from heaven and earth through her mind and body. She loves the tingling sensation of connection, that union with spirit that quickens her flesh and ignites new thought and feeling within her. First, she grounds the fiery sparks of insight within her own body. When the sparks mature, she lets them arc beyond her into the fertile ground near your feet. The Communicator's realm extends far beyond words. She listens to you, speaking through her heart with focused compassion and empathy; her hands communicating beauty through music, art, and everyday tasks. Always, she honors and respects the power of her words, both silent and spoken, as they shape the worlds in and around you.

Conception (Birth of the Wild Heart)

White Climber, Arthritis, Pink Yarrow, Immunization Toxicity, Circulatory System, Purple Loosestrife
Whether waking to a call or sounding a new song within us, we stand poised in holy stillness at the moment of conception. In the vast sea of the universe, from amongst infinite possibilities, the thread of a song slowly gathers until it is drawn by a great rushing wind into a dark earth-cradle of love. Conception occurs in a moment's perfect silence as heaven meets earth. Within the walls of our earth-body, this song becomes a heartbeat. As an earth-echo of the larger universe, the pulse of our being greets and blesses our new home.

Coral (Cuban Essences)

Like stone flowers, Coral essence captures the ocean's wisdom. It holds the rhythmic patterns created by the earth's heartbeat received through the amniotic fluid of the ocean. As an essence, Coral effects a swift clarifying cleansing of our minds. It cuts through brain-fog and mental chatter instantly, like a light going on in a dark room. Bringing a sense of internal order, the effect is one of immediate ease,movement, and relief.

Counsellor (DreamQuest Essences)

Creamy Yarrow, Creativity, Delphinium, Raven's Retreat, Nurturing, Cedar
The Counsellor lives in a secluded walled garden. When you seek and find her, she will invite you into this sacred space and let her garden heal and teach you. Experience with many guests including plants, animals, and the changing weather has guided her over the seasons. Deep in her body, she knows the rhythmic laws of life: patience and stillness, nurturing and pruning, loving and letting go. Though her hands may be calloused and her faced wrinkled from the sun, her spacious heart is full of freedom and laughter. Comfortable in the beauty and order she creates, she offers a cup of tea to soothe your thirst. Then, when you are ready, she brings out her favorite treasure: the mirror that reveals the magnificence of your own inner garden.

Crabapple   Beyond Grief

Crabapple opens us to the beauty paradoxically blossoming in times of grief, sadness, and loss. By helping us transform pain into new possibility, the essence prevents our stagnating in depression. During the peak intensity of a long cycle, Crabapple helps us stay with difficult feelings as we do our soul-deepening work. Moving through the grief in this fashion, we create soil for new growth. Flower color: light pink; Musical term: silence, in the midst of music

Crambe      Intuitive Oceans

Crambe cordifolia; Cruciferae
Crambe is the deep-sea diver of the essences, giving us access to the subconscious oceans of our soul. When constriction at the mental or emotional levels blocks the flow of creative healing energy, Crambe opens the doors to our subconscious wealth. The essence encourages us to access this abundance through our dreams, intuitive capacities, and full range of feeling. Flower color: white; Musical term: theme and variations

Cranesbill   Calm Nerves

Geranium cinereum and Geranium himalayense; Geraniaceae - Cranesbill, Wild geranium
Cranesbill calms an over-active nervous system by helping us find new ways to carry our daily load without straining our minds and bodies. When our hearts' rhythm establishes the pace of our activities, our nerves can operate with greater ease. If we feel boxed in and over-burdened, Cranesbill helps us reconnect with our hearts. The essence gently soothes and re-balances our nervous systems. As we relax and sense our hearts' rhythm, we can trust our bodies to harmoniously integrate all the elements in our world. Flower colors: purple, pink with darker veins; Musical term: intervals (the distance between notes, creating harmonies)

Crassula (Cuban Essences)

Crassuli schmidtii; Crassulaceae
Without airs or pretense, Crassula helps us deal with, and even thrive on the bare essentials. Like a blue-collar worker, it lets us get any task done with focus and determination. When you need to plow through something without inner fussing or distraction, Crassula gives you confidence and keeps you close to the ground so your actions are simple and efficient. Flower color: white; Musical term: tinkling bells

Creamy Yarrow   Pelvic Hope

Achillea filipendulina; Compositae - Yarrow, Milfoil
By loosening old grievances locked in the lower body, Creamy Yarrow provides a gentle nest for the restoration of hope and vitality. The essence helps us release the tendency to avoid painful emotions through defensive armoring, shutting down, or going numb. When we feel pulled in too many directions or keep hitting a ceiling in consciousness, Creamy Yarrow offers a soft grounding energy and gives us access to the nourishing stability of energies in our pelvis. Flower color: cream; Musical term: dolce/adagio (sweet and slow)

Creating Relationships (Gathering of Soul Kit)

Campanula, Daylilies, Spring Equinox #1, Maltese Cross
Creating Relationships helps us develop our diverse connections with nature and spirit so we may stand with assurance in our personal authority. While we may appear to walk alone, we are always in the company of many. With this wealth of spiritual relationships, we can greet our fellow human beings with a sense of ease and fulfillment. Instead of 'hiding our light under a bushel,' the essence encourages us openly reveal our truth and beauty to the world. As we do this, we provide a beacon to others and our world can orient to us in creative, harmonious response.

Creative Source (Lighthouse Healing Kit – Practitioner Essences)

Water, Fire, Autumn Iris, Aquamarine, Primrose, Communicator, Quince,Valentine's, New Year 2000, Creativity, Perception Adjustment
The Creative Source essence connects us to life's energy by encouraging us to open and draw in energy from the earth. Like a water lily floating on the water with its long root anchored in the depths, the essence grounds our energy into nature. By strengthening the root chakra, the essence helps us feel poised, fully present, and utterly calm. As we open to life, a natural, sweet optimism stirs within us as creative passion in its most basic, elemental form.

Creativity (Life Theme Kit)

Bitter Nightshade, Borage, Canna Lily, Castor Bean, Clary Sage, Daylily, Forsythia, Honeysuckle, Hollyhock, Iris, Ninebark, Pink Lily, Pink Yarrow Primrose, Tuberose, White Lily, Yellow Yarrow, Zinnia, Raven Gold
From the moment of inspiration, "I want to create something" this combination assists us through the often-solitary phases of manifesting our creative visions. The essence supports our participating in a process of personal transformation as we create works of inspiration and beauty. After the initial burst of enthusiasm, we may search the depths of our soul for the authentic source of our creativity. As the project begins to form, the essence helps us feel nature's gentle support so that we do not shut down nor become prickly and defensive. Our creativity moves in the depths of our being, stirring our lower chakra energies and opening our hearts. During this period of internal gestation, the creative work may appear complete but if we do not rush the process, the energies in our bodies can continue opening through the upper chakras. Eventually, the touch of the divine meets what is emerging in and through us. At this point, it takes a tremendous energetic container to hold the project until there has been a complete inflooding of all the elements. Engaged in this dynamic process, our artistry leads us into the alchemy of creation. Related Chakra: Fifth (Throat). Characteristics: Ability to speak our truth, first to ourselves and then to others and to align our will with Divine will. Related Physical Function: Energizing and balancing template as we are stimulated by our outer environment.

Creator (DreamQuest Kit)

Immune System, Autumn Equinox, Solomon's Seal, Cedar
The Creator lives in a glass tower where she is able to see the world while remaining separate from it. In this sanctuary she surrenders to her task of making the impossible real. In the void, she patiently prepares her tools with a complete assurance that the invisible will form through her living body. She loves the humming of the numinous as it begins to stir within her. Certain that heavy-bottomed bumblebees can fly and other miracles do occur, she trembles in the face of the Divine. From the corner of her loft you watch as she shifts her view back and forth, through the shimmering curtain that separates her outer world from her inner sanctuary. Gradually she reveals to you how a living creation is drawn into form through her dance between the sacred and the mundane.

Crossing the Bridge Essence

Co-created with Jalaja Bonheim to assist women leaving a Sacred Circle event. Tithonia, Primrose, Japanese Maple, Camperdown Elm, Daylilies, Gladiola, Lily of the Valley, Oregon Grape, Spiderwort, Apple Tree, Katsura Rose, Zebra Mallow, Garnet, Perennial Mix, the Surround, Articulation, the Messenger of Forgiveness, Ruby & Zoisite, Amethyst Trio
Crossing the Bridge supports our re-entry into our lives after a deeply transformative experience. The essence helps the new energies gestate within us over time. The essence is particularly useful when used as these words are said: As the Circle draws to a close, she stands poised on the bridge linking her to the outer world. Everything appears strangely different yet familiar. Though the world ripples around her, she holds her ground for a new seed has taken root within her. At her deepest core, she knows that all is well. Holding the warm embers of the Circle in her heart, she carries the golden balm of Love to all she greets.

Cyclamen   Leaving Home

Cyclamen; Primulaceae
Cyclamen stimulates the timely, creative rebellion against the confines of a nearly-completed phase. Responding to this vital life energy prevents frustration and resentment. Cyclamen stimulates the buoyant confidence of a young adult leaving home with many possibilities ahead. When we tend merely to nibble at life, Cyclamen opens our minds and hearts, encouraging us to take risks and view life as a wonderful adventure. At the physical level, Cyclamen supports the cleansing work of the lymphatic system. Flower color: red; Musical term: crescendo (gradually louder)

Dandelion   Releasing Tension

Taraxacum officinale; Asteraceae
With lion-hearted cheerfulness, Dandelion addresses long-held patterns of muscle-tension rooted in rage, anxiety, and fear. Softening the compacted areas in the body, the essence gradually eases the punishing effects of false control and dominating suppression. Dandelion's deep roots help us access what we need from hidden sources as it reminds the body how to absorb and utilize nutrition. Promoting optimism in the face of adversity, Dandelion opens the door to new experiences of intimacy, encouraging a sunny openness and the simple, natural rhythms that let us harmonize with others. A grounding essence, Dandelion keeps us in touch with the basics. Flower color: yellow; Musical term: small brass instruments

Datura        Body Visions

Datura stramonium; Solanaceae
Jimsonweed, Angel's trumpet, Thorn-apple, Jamestown weed, Mad Apple, Stinkweed, Devil's Apple, Apple-of-Peru. A hallucinogenic plant used by shamans, Datura encourages visions stimulated by the dynamic interplay between our bodies and nature's primal intelligence. Rising from our feminine psyche through dreams, body-symptoms, and intuitive feelings, these visions are partly the voice of the sacred earth speaking through our bodies. While these perceptions often challenge the status quo and throw us temporarily into creative chaos, Datura helps us honor the creative void and integrate body-encounters with the dynamic energies of nature as an essential part of our humanity. Flower color: white; Musical term: augmented chord (dissonant harmony)

Daylilies     Present Moment

Hemerocallis auranticia; Liliaceae
Daylilies assist us in being fully authentic and open to life within the present moment. Daylilies calm any uncertainty in our bodies and reassure us we will be accepted for who we are instead of hanging back or hiding. They let us experience intimacy as a delightful, ongoing discovery of ourselves within the larger world.
Flower colors: orange, yellow, and rust; Musical term: marcato; with emphasis, definite accents

Delphinium          Wisdom's Stature

Delphinium ajacis; Ranunculaceae - Larkspur, Sweet Rocket
Delphinium affirms the quiet grace of spiritual stature. Fostering intuitive wisdom and a conscious innocence, it pulses a gentle enlivening current throughout the entire length of our bodies. Through a deepening serenity, Delphinium affirms our wisdom and natural beauty. Flower colors: blue, mauve, and white; Musical term: harmony

Departure (Gathering of Soul Kit)

Clivia, Yellow Yarrow, New Year 1999, Milkweed
Supporting us through a dramatic transition, the Departure essence sustains us as we leave familiar ground, travel through times of darkness and arrive at the gateway where our future appears in numinous reality. At each stage in the journey, the essence reinforces our resolve to keep moving even when the path is not obvious. Supported by our companions in nature and spirit, we can draw upon our gifts and resources and surrender our strengths when needed. Ultimately, we are letting go of the life we have known and embracing a totally new life of service to the world. Though no longer our own, our lives are free to blossom with beauty and love.

Descending (The Great Mother Kit)

Georgian Bay, Magnolia, Crambe, Creator, Psychotherapy, Annual Poppy, White Climber
Descending soothes the terror experienced when our world suddenly collapses around us. It eases the initial shock and disorientation and helps us begin to gently open to life's mystery. I lose my way and wander out of my life. Everything in my organized heavens breaks and scatters. The ground heaves, uprooting the Great Tree. I gaze up at the massive tangle of roots. Intoxicated by the dank smell of the black earth, I close my eyes and breathe. Then my heart is pulled down like a great stone dropping in the sea. I lose my footing and plunge headlong into the blackness. Desperately clawing for anything to break my fall, I scream in terror but no sound comes out. I have dropped into the mouth of the Great Mother and I am certain she will eat me alive. "Come to me."

Diamond & Gold (Chakra Kit)

Diamond and Gold. Stronger than steel and woven with intricate delicacy, the spider's silken threads define the boundaries of her home. Diamond & Gold supports the structural elements of consciousness. Within the undifferentiated field of energy, it offers a living scaffolding for our intentions as inspired thought and heart-centered feeling weave a living fabric from the finest frequencies of light and sound. The essence works with the laws and principles of energy within matter, providing the primary elements for truth to take form in any field of possibility. It gives us access to the essence of truth before it is translated into dogma or belief systems. Diamond & Gold is included in all the chakra essences.

Digestive system (Body System Essences)

Tithonia, Zinnia, Lady's Slipper, Red Coreopsis, Nasturtium
The digestive system brings the outer world right into our core. As we eat, our digestive systems transform food into different energy forms by sorting out can be used, assigning it for nourishment, then eliminating the rest. Working on the front lines of our body/soul, the digestive system is a networker and supplier to the other systems in the body. We tend to frequently override this extremely intelligent system with habitual, unconscious choices. Many of our habits relate to consuming what we think we need while ignoring our true instincts. The Digestive essence addresses issues related not only to food but also to material consumption. It helps us make healthy choices based upon a harmonious relationship with our bodies and the outer world so that we can let go our self-destructive addictions. The Digestive essence helps us recognize what is truly nourishing, to sense when we are full, and to release what no longer serves us.

Discovering my True Nature: Moving Beyond Anger

(Punta Serena Kit – Practitioner Essences) - Spiderwort, Fritillaria, Raven Gold, Golden Trumpet, Psychotherapy
Discovering My True Nature helps us release our anger and frustration at not being appreciated for who we really are. If we have lived our lives according to someone else's standards rather than exploring our unique life-path, the essence supports us through a process of self-discovery. A psychotherapeutic process can help us release layers of pain and trauma from the past. Taking ownership for our lives by facing our painful feelings, we no longer need to defend or assert ourselves through anger or violence and we can begin to embrace our true nature.

Dispersion (Birth of the Wild Heart)

Calla Lily, Nicotiana, Georgina Bay, Gladiola, Tulip, White Climber
We see, hold, and bless the new baby. Implicit in our reception is our loving promise to nurture and protect this new life. As adults, this is the joyous climax and re-consecration of all we have manifested. As we celebrate, we offer joyous praise and thanksgiving to the creator. Entering the new earth, we discover a place has already been prepared for us. Our commitment to the journey has helped to orchestrate this celebration. Full of joy and laughter, we are renewed and ready to explore the possibilities in this setting. Trusting the steps we made in the past gives us confidence in our abilities. We welcome the opportunities in our new life. At this baptism, we give thanks for our safe journey and celebrate our connections with the universe.

Division (Birth of the Wild Heart Kit)

Rugosa Alba, Crabapple, Raven Purple, Raven Yellow, Integration, Datura, Peony
If we yearn for some lost heaven or languish in the past, a quickening spark within us begins our new life-journey. After a momentary touch of the divine needed for conception, the seed begins its separate journey of growth. Compelled by an invisible design, the cells divide and multiply. Throughout, the memory of our larger home hums within our hearts. As our roots take hold in nature's womb, our earthly dream begins to unfold.

Dreamer (DreamQuest Kit)

Red Climber, Rio Samba, Cranesbill, Solomon's Seal, Oregon Grape, Maple Tree, Raven White, Creating Relationships, Cedar
Free between the worlds, the Dreamer dances, catching rainbows and stars in one hand, seaweed and sapphires in the other. With these fragments gathered from her flight, she weaves a veil and passes it over your unsuspecting eyes. In an instant, the world as you have known it changes completely. This is the Dreamer's gift: she creates illusions that confirm and stir your deepest longing. If you honor her by following your heart, she will not abandon you. Throughout your journey, her exotic gifts always offer guidance and protection.

Dunderry's Call (Irish Essences)

Oak, Holly, Willow, Ash, Hawthorn
With pounding drumbeats and voices joined in song, Dunderry summons the four winds, the ancient and the new. Along the spiral pathway and down the pillar of light, all the summoned forces make their journey to the center. Dunderry's Call is an invitation to return to come home. Whether this is a physical gathering or an inner journey into the heart of stillness, the essence heightens the magnetic pull of attraction. Helping us honor and be drawn by the call vibrating in our hearts and bodies, the essence can help us find our kindred souls and the geographical settings that ‘sing' with us. When we resist the constant yearning of our body-soul, Dunderry's Call helps us let go and surrender to the natural pulsations that would draw us homeward.

Earth (Five Elements Kit)

Hosta, Morning Glory, Raven Blue, Raven Yellow, Building a Foundation, Brain-Body, Evolution, Annual Trio, Perennial Mix, Re-Evaluation, Asthma, The Surround, Relationships, Conception, Fire, Unifier, Hyacinth, Quince
The earth element involves the active participation in cycles of manifestation. It requires an acceptance of what IS, from which new action or change can truly begin. Whether this is ourselves, our current environment, or our family and hereditary, the Earth element simply reveals form. When there is a rejection of form at any level, the cycles of ongoing manifestation hit a roadblock. The power of appreciation, which connects us again with Source, re-initiates the movement of the elements again. This opens the energetic gateways for life to continue manifesting with graceful ease. There are two basic aspects to the earth element: holding a frequency of grounded presence and love so that truth can reveal itself in form, then releasing each form with love so that it can continue moving and transform into other forms of energy.

Earthkeeper (DreamQuest Kit)

Black Walnut, Clivia, Honeysuckle, Hosta, Lupin, Mock Orange, Pink Yarrow, Salpiglossis, Perennial Mix, Raven White, Nervous System, Evolution, Cedar
Gently tuning her ear to nature's slow heartbeat, the Earthkeeper draws ancient wisdom deep into her body. She is completely at home with the natural world: stones are her storytellers, trees her teachers, wild animals her playful companions. Mindfully, she recreates the earth's natural order and beauty through the simple rituals of her daily life. Her passion is to speak for those without human voice: the waters, animals, trees and plants. With a dedicated perseverance, the Earthkeeper moves into the public domain as a powerful advocate for the living landscape. Satisfied she has spoken for and defended mother earth, she returns to her sanctuary for peace and renewal.

Echinacea   True Character

Echinacea purpurea; Compositae - Purple cone flower
With the resilient courage of a pioneer settling a homestead, Echinacea reinforces the qualities of character needed for a productive life: strength, endurance, and integrity. Upon this foundation, we can build a field of radiant stability that fulfills our life-purpose and blesses others. At the physical level, Echinacea repairs the myelin sheath, the coating around nerves. It is also be used topically on open wounds and scar tissue. Flower color: pink; Musical term: an orchestra outdoors.

Embracing Destiny's Joy (The Destiny Kit)

Cardinal Flower, black basalt stone dagger (natural formation) and snake skin. Created on Bartram Island in Georgian bay
Twisting up the black stone dagger snake spirals to the sky. Red is the fire of their dance snake caressing dagger and shame is shed an old skin to the ground. Use the essence to draw up and dance your own truth and fire-energy. It will help you to stand in who you are, embodying the natural radiance of your joy. The essence will help you to shed the debilitating voices of self-judgment and shame that prevent you from standing fully in your destiny.

Emerald V (Crystal Grid Kit)

Emerald opens the fifth chakra so that communication can carry the language not just of human desire but the planetary voice as well. It also opens the communicative receptive potential of hearing the living systems of the planet with greater ease and assurance.

Endocrine/Reproductive System (Body System Essences)

Lavatera, Clivia, Orange Cosmos, Hibiscus, Lady's slipper
The endocrine glands manufacture hormones that carry chemical messages throughout the body. The master glands control metabolism, growth, and fertility. They dramatically influence our brain function and emotions. Without the autonomous leadership provided by this system, our bodies would experience complete chaos. When our endocrine system is imbalanced, we experience a wide range of physical symptoms and mood swings. Tuned to the external world, this delicate and complex system is responsive to subtle energies of all kinds: earth rhythms, electromagnetics, light, sound and scents, and toxic chemicals. The Endocrine/Reproductive essence tunes the endocrine system to the frequencies of love which, more than any other energy, balances and stabilizes its function.

Ether (Five Elements Kit)

Made with plants in Hawaii: Bracken fern, Great False Staghorn, Convolvulaceae, Wedilia, Hilalila, Wandering Jew
Ether is the vast and Holy Silence that contains all possibility. As Source, it is utterly present at a still point within every moment. We know Ether by reverently looking at the dark space between the stars, in the silent moments in ecstatic music, the space between loved ones and the pause at the end of each breath. With humility and pure intent, we can invite Ether to move throughout our consciousness. In moments of stillness and simplicity, the grace and love of Ether can permeate our entire being. The essence assists with reconnecting to Source, diffusing depression while restoring meaningful purpose in life.

Evening Primrose         Radiant Simplicity

Oenthera biennis; Onagraceae
Evening Primrose underscores the power of simplicity in every area of our lives. Bringing a penetrating clarity to heart and mind, the essence encourages communication throughout our entire body-soul. With an infectious radiance, Evening Primrose promotes rampant growth and a heightened ability to permeate adversity with genuine enthusiasm. Flower color: yellow; Musical term: presto (very fast)

Feverfew Facing Blockages

Chrysanthemum parthenium or Matricaria capensis or Pyrethrum parthenium; Compositae
'Medicine' at the etheric level, Feverfew is totally versatile in it's ability to affect a wide variety of ailments. It unlocks stuck elements blocking energy and causing disease and brings them to the surface for healing. Feverfew is very effective with energy work to release psychic cords. It can also assist during intense dental work and alleviate jaw-related problems such as TMJ. Flower color: white petals, yellow center; Musical term: A piccolo riff Boneset, Blue Vervain, Yarrow, Sumac, Chicory, Daylily, Globe Flower, Lady's Slipper, Orange Cosmos

Evolution (Inner Beauty and Healing Kit)

Aubrieta, Cranesbill, Lobelia, Nasturtium, Pink Yarrow, Zebra mallow, Raven Yellow, Raven Blue, Alzheimers, Protection
At different stages of our lives we must yield to the will of Source. These times can mark the end of a cycle, even the completion of our life-journey. As the tip of truth's sword hovers over us, the Evolution essence protects us during the transforming winter of our life-journey. In the presence of the divine, only our most simple, open-hearted presence is required. With humility, we stand in the mystery and yield to the process of complete emptying, completely assured that all is well. Ninth chakra: the place of mystery taking form, self-knowledge within the context of universal energies; the soul's purpose on earth linked with universal cycles. Issues of being locked in a linear perception of time; not seeing the big picture.

Feverfew    Facing Blockages

Chrysanthemum parthenium or Matricaria capensis or Pyrethrum parthenium; Compositae
'Medicine' at the etheric level, Feverfew is totally versatile in it's ability to affect a wide variety of ailments. It unlocks stuck elements blocking energy and causing disease and brings them to the surface for healing. Feverfew is very effective with energy work to release psychic cords. It can also assist during intense dental work and alleviate jaw-related problems such as TMJ. Flower color: white petals, yellow center; Musical term: A piccolo riff

Fibromyalgia: Taking the Next Step (Surround Essences)

Boneset, Blue Vervain, Yarrow, Sumac, Chicory, Daylily, Globe Flower, Lady's Slipper, Orange Cosmos
The Fibromyalgia essence assists in dramatic shifts when our bodies and souls are poised at the edge of breakthrough. The mysterious nature of Fibromyalgia can point to various triggers. Sometimes a physical injury has gone underground, old imbalances have not been healed and eventually compound into major breakdowns, or an intense ‘startle' response has been frozen in the body. One way of viewing these conditions is to look at the enormous leap that the soul is endeavoring to make. The essence offers the resiliency needed to bridge the gap between the present reality and the imminent transformation.

Fire (Five Elements Kit)

Lilac, Autumn Iris, Insomnia, Red Climber, Millenium, Dispersion, Clary Sage, Spiderwort, Annual Trio, Cardinal Flower, Pink Lily, Evening Primrose, Helenium, Hollyhock, Japanese Fleece-Flower, Morning Glory, Vibration - Nature's Music
The main ingredient of alchemy, Fire is the quickening of Source in this earthly dimension. Its radiant energy transforms everything it comes in contact with, changing water into air, bringing passion into form. It requires tremendous mastery to work with Fire. Used creatively, it can melt glass from a solid into a flowing liquid so that it can be shaped into a object of beauty and usefulness. Unbalanced, fire as rage, lust or greed can destroy everything in its path. But without fire in our lives, there is no passion and life can feel boring and mundane. Moving from ether to the earth, the creative in-forming process, fire sparks the igniting passion of life within one's soul, the watery depths. As energy seeks to ascend from earth to ether, Fire acts as a catalyst, quickening feelings into creative passion and freeing stagnant, heavy forms by burning away whatever is not essential.

Following Desire (Destiny Kit)

Gloxinia, Raven Orange, Woman-Being, Helenium, Letting Go, Mock Orange, Millenium, Thanksgiving, The Messenger of Forgiveness, Cuban Hibiscus trees, Portia Tree, Castor Bean, Columbine, Sedum, Amethyst, Creativity, Othello, White Lily
The desert, scorched and endless holds him without mercy.No green shade nor cool water breaks his horizon. Still he walks, following the compass of his soul. Then a tendril of perfume, sweet and complex, brushes him, capturing his heart. Is it only imagination? Again the scent rises, lingering, fading. Breathing deeply, he alters his direction. The sweetness is a memory drawing him to the ancient source. Promising everything, all he longs for - he walks toward the treasure with no name. The essence will help you to honor desire as integral to your destiny path. Use the essence to help you pause and access the still point from which all desire originates. It will help you stand in your maturity and access the wisdom that you currently need within your heart, mind, and body. As you open and surrender to the fullness of your dreams, they will gradually appear.

Forget-me-not      Cellular Memories

Myosotis sylvatica; Boraginacea
Forget-me-not works with the memories stored in the cells of our bodies. These memories are like seeds that sprout at different times throughout our lives. Some seeds may be of childhood beauty and potential dwarfed by our adult perceptions; others may be more painful or traumatic. Forget-me-not assists when self-judgment makes us dismiss vital true seeds as worthless. It helps us to retrieve the treasures hidden beneath painful memories. Our soul-truth is stored in our bodies alongside the memories of many varied experiences. Forget-me-not helps us find and nurture these fertile seeds for a fuller expression of being. Flower color: blue; Musical term: the rasp of a wooden washboard

Forsythia    Motivating Vitality

Forsythia suspensa; Oleaceae - Golden bells
With tremendous vitality and winged assurance, Forsythia ignites the feeling that ‘anything is possible.' Its fiery energy pushes tender buds to open as it inspires dreamers to move into action. Forsythia is a motivating, Dionysian force propelling us forward on our journey through life. Flower color: yellow; Musical term: Syncopation

Free To Be (Somatech Kit – Practitioners Essences)

Self-Expression, Raven's Retreat, Ninebark, Hollyhock with Pentatonic Toning Bar
Free To Be assists the body to connect with and access high-frequency earth energy. Increasingly, many people are wired solely to the human frequency and are very disconnected with the fundamental healing pulse within nature. It is primarily through one's full sensory capacities connected with the natural world that the brain and body exchange multi-dimensional information. If the body's ability to access earth energy is compromised, the body's delicate communication system falters. It then becomes a tremendous challenge for the various systems, primarily the electrical, nervous, endocrine, and circulatory systems to operate in a balanced and grounded fashion. The essence connects and grounds the body's neurological antennae to the crystalline matrix within the earth. This matrix acts as a ‘living internet' of universal forces. When this essence is used in conjunction with brain-body exercises, the individual can regain confidence and assurance while integrating and expressing his or her unique wisdom. Regardless of one's age, this assists one to integrate information from the human world while strengthening one's unique intuitive capacities. Free To Be also releases the body's cellular experienced of stored emotion, particularly shame and fear. As one's natural pathways of learning are affirmed, aligned and grounded through the root chakra, the will to learn becomes creative, open, and joyful.

Fritillaria    Establishing Sanctuary

Fritillaria uva-vulpis; Liliacea
Fritillaria supports the creation of sacred space. This may take the form of an altar-space, a room of one's own, or time apart for meditation and renewal. A ringing reminder of our pure core sound, Fritillaria resonates within the sanctuary of our body-soul as our reference for truth, helping us align our focused will with the Divine. Flower color: purple-brown and yellow; Musical term: the sound of a tibetan bell

Fungus: Turning on the Light Within (Surround Essences)

Bird's foot Trefoil, Evening Primrose, Milkweed, Blue Vervain, Calendula, Aconitum, Stock
By facilitating communication links among parts of our body and elements in the larger environment, the Fungus essence helps us relax into the rhythms of our natural radiance. In our bodies, fungus acts like a dimmer switch, toning down imbalanced will-directed energy. When we become overly zealous and controlling towards ourselves and others, the essence helps us regain a nurturing and protective stance. The essence also relaxes our overly protective instincts when we tend to repress our own life-energy or smother those around us.

Gardenia    Expansive Purity

Gardenia jasminoldes; Rubiaceae
Gardenia encourages a magnificent, expansive potency through a pure, open heart. The ability to welcome unprecedented ideas and forms is a characteristic of a spiritually mature, thinking heart. Offering a richly complex purity, Gardenia gives us the breadth of heart capable of holding opposing forces until a new solution presents itself. Gardenia helps us discern the right timing of the evolving factors in our lives. The essence can be used to initiate and celebrate the qualities of our heart. Flower color: white; Musical term: resolution after sustained dissonance

Garnet IB (Crystal Grid Kit)

Garnet strengthens the human root chakra. It is helpful in assisting people with incarnating, grounding, and repairing root chakra issues that have been affected through trauma that has affected one's basic sense of safety and trust.

Gathering (Birth of the Wild Heart Kit)

Bridalwreath Spirea, Lily of the Valley, Rejuvenation, Othello, Skeletal/Muscular System, Black Locust
In the womb, this time builds our bodies, accessing what we need from the earth through our mothers. Later in life, this same phase attracts the information, energies, and resources we need for expansion and new direction.
The gathering process is one of simple, open-hearted receptivity. Honoring our true needs and desires, we attract people and things that are part of our future. As the threads of our song gently stir in our hearts, we work with the elements we have gathered and new possibilities emerge. Weaving these elements in quiet stillness, we begin to perceive the rich tapestry of our lives and ourselves within our community. Throughout this gathering, our bond with the earth strengthens and deepens.

Georgian Bay Essence

Meadowsweet, Evening Primrose, Jewelweed, Wild Rose, Blue Lobelia, Scarlet Lobelia, St. John's Wort, Sumac, Phlox, Fringed Orchid, Hemlock Water Parsnip, Wild mint, Brook Lobelia
Georgian Bay essence was made on a remarkable island in northern Ontario. This combination of wild flowers provides a connection with powerful earth energies that invite us to step away from our overly civilized lives to access a deeper source of creativity. Georgian Bay can be a reminder to go for a holiday or create some holy space within our busy days. The essence honors the slow voice of ancient stone. Easter Island and Stone Henge hold this kind of ancient energy-wisdom. The essence makes us aware of the stony parts of our body. By softening and releasing the cysts and tumors, knotted muscles and calcified thought patterns that keep us out of touch with our soul, Georgian Bay encourages us to strip away our pretenses and dwell reverently in nature's wilderness.

Giant Milkweed (Cuban Essences)

Caloptropis gigantean; Aslepiadaceae - Crown Plant, Bowstring Hemp
Giant Milkweed eases fears about moving into foreign territories or states of being. When fear prevents easy movement, the essence gently offers a quality of maternal support to help us take baby steps out into the world. The essence establishes a greater sense of immunity, so we can enjoy being open and curious in our discoveries. During physical traveling, Giant Milkweed encourages a sense of safety while moving around the planet. In new situations, the essence relaxes our tendency to automatically withdraw and contract, a response that inhibits the expansive possibilities of pleasure and adventure. Flower color: purple; Musical term: soft, rapid kettle drum beating

Gladiola      Full-frequency Timing

Gladiolus; Iridaceae
Gladiola supports the full opening of our chakra systems helping us access a greater range of energetic information through our senses and feelings. The essence encourages graceful coordination within our environment. Sensing the right timing, Gladiola helps us open and receive without guardedness and express ourselves without pushing. Consequently, the ebb and flow of energy in our body-psyche can be more fluid and relaxed and we experience a greater freedom and reciprocity within our relationships. Flower color: red-orange and mauve; Musical expression: Tutti, full orchestra at once

Ginger Lily            Perfumed Articulation

Hedychium coccineum ‘Gardnerianum'
Ginger Lily supports a full-frequency articulation process. The essence promotes the contemporary expression of ancient, esoteric knowledge that is an inspiring invitation to beauty rather than a mere transfer of information. Helping us feel our soul's desire to communicate, the essence acts as a gentle force stirring within us. As we welcome this surge of our soul, we can move beyond familiar speech into silence's compelling power or dwell in wonder at the presence of awesome beauty. As our body-soul grows more articulate, all movement, art, and music become perfumed wisdom, nourishing the hearts of any audience. Flower color: yellow; Musical expression: A wordless love song

Globe Thistle        Changing Perspective

Echinops ritro; Compositae
Encouraging our ability to see the larger picture while staying connected to our feelings, Globe Thistle lifts us out of reactive self-absorption. The essence is especially useful for those who tend to lose themselves within group dynamics through excitement or fear. When we become over-stimulated or immobilized by emotional intensity in relationships, Globe Thistle helps us hold our ground and maintain an easy flow of life-energy. Flower color: pale blue; Musical term: Bass kettledrum

Gloxinia       Relaxed Sensuality

Sinningia; Gesneriaceae
Gloxinia brings a comforting pressure of soft velvety love to the heart and throat chakras. Its multi-faceted presence encourages a calm openness anchored in the depths of the heart. This relaxed interior state encourages a lush sensuality and graceful inner freedom. Within the comfort of this open space, new possibilities arise effortlessly.Flower color: rich purple; Musical term: oboe serenade

Golden Cross (The Nature Series)

The final essence in the Nature Series, the Golden Cross essence celebrates the radiant completion of a cycle of conscious coordination with nature and spirit. The essence supports us as we stand in our full golden radiance, regardless of the circumstances around us. As we approach the darkest day of the year, the essence helps us be a shining light in our world, within our own hearts and minds, and to the world around us. The Golden Cross structure anchors this stage of our radiant individuation. Acknowledging the integral role of Nature's rhythms in our personal lives, we turn towards the darkness of Winter Solstice with keen attentiveness to the new desires forming in our hearts.

Golden Glow        Joyous Stamina

Rudbeckia hortensia; Compositae
Golden Glow offers stamina near the end of a cycle. The essence gives us the final burst of energy to finish the process at hand while helping us retain a reserve for the next cycle. Offering us the wisdom to judge each life-circumstance with a compassionate heart, Golden Glow assists with vision and discernment. Flower color: bright yellow; Musical term: Climatic coda at the end of a first movement.

Golden Trumpet Essence (The Nature Series)

The Golden Trumpet essence supports the gradual emergence of our personal authority in concert with the rhythms of spirit and nature. Feeling our inner strength and balance, we can begin to take our gifts and talents into the world with confident assurance. The essence frees us from self-limiting hereditary patterns or societal projections that cause us to dismiss or compromise our unique abilities. Sustained through a process of inner growth, the force of our desire matures into forms of beauty and wholeness.

Grief and Loss (Life Theme Essences)

Bergenia, Canna Lily, Burgundy Clematis, Clivia, Cranesbill, Crabapple, Evening Primrose, Hops, Hollyhock, Lady's Mantle, Lily of the Valley, Lilac, Morning Glory, Pink Lily, Pink Yarrow, Snowball Bush, Solomon's Seal, Star of Bethlehem, Sunflower, Tithonia, White Lily, Yellow Yarrow, Zebra Mallow, Raven Orange, Raven Yellow, Raven White
The combination supports a fully transformative experience during the process of grieving. From the base requirement for tenderness and hope, through the phases of expansion and constriction, pain and confusion, loneliness and negativity, boredom and irritation, we eventually arrive at an outcome that is unique to us. Generally this complex process is short-circuited in our society. We tend to cover our pain and construct an artificial model for interacting with others. The essence is helpful in any phase of the grieving process. It can be used at the initial shock, during cycles of depression, and near the end when we feel agitated about the new directions before us. The essence also addresses blockages in our overall expression caused by incomplete grieving from years ago. Related Chakra: Fourth (Heart) Characteristics: Center of emotional power; ability to blend our emotions and desires with the Divine plan; opportunity to transform pain and trauma into blessings and wisdom. Related Physical Function: Template for assisting the body to absorb and integrate energy.

Grounding (Life Theme Essences)

Japanese Fleece Flower, Bitter Nightshade, Centurea, Chives, Crambe, Cyclamen, Globe Thistle, Lady's Mantle, Lady's Slipper, Lilac, Lupin, Oriental Poppy, Oregon Grape, Pink Lily, Pink Yarrow, Annual Poppy, Primrose, Tithonia, Tuberose, Tulip, Georgian Bay, Night Essences, Perennial Mix, Raven Red, Zinnia, Hollyhock
Like trees, at every phase of growth we need to deepen our living connection to the earth. Grounding essence provides a healthy developmental blueprint for this process throughout childhood and adulthood. Drawing on nature's wisdom and the gold of our ancestry, the essence helps us establish footholds for solid growth and development at any stage of life. Children require tremendous support and they seek their grounding through their parents. Adolescents begin to explore their independent roots as their budding potentialities emerge. Mature adults are able to express themselves confidently and interact in the larger world with ease and purposefulness. When we feel ungrounded during times of intense change because old hereditary patterns continue to dominate or we are moving into unprecedented areas, the essence will calm and center us by helping us feel the nourishing vitality and support of the living earth beneath our feet. Related Chakra: Sixth (Brow). Characteristics: Opportunity for inspired thought and creative visualization; ability to transcend personal fears and biases in the search for larger truths. Related Physical Function: Template for structures that hold energy within our bodies.

Helenium    Information Circulation

Helenium autumnale; Compositae
Helenium acts as a super-highway for the flow of information-energy throughout our entire system. Dissolving the cobwebs of shame, the essence increases circulation between the upper and lower chakras as it ripples through the etheric bodies. A great assistant to energy healers, Helenium releases blockages and opens pathways allowing a more fluid and dynamic experience of life. Flower color: rusty red; Musical term: Presto scale passages

Herpes: Regaining Innocence (Surround Essences)

Thistle, Queen Anne's Lace, Sumac, Bindweed, Chicory, Milkweed, Red Coreopsis, Candytuft, Salpiglossis, Hollyhock, Clematis
Calming inner fires built on false premises, the Herpes essence addresses inflamed and overcharged sexual energy. This intense fire-energy may be rooted in shame and not fully integrated in the mature personality. By connecting us to our innocence and purity, the essence supports explorations of intimacy with gentle simplicity. The essence releases embarrassment, self-judgment, and the rigidity of black/white reactions often associated with this fiery virus.

Hibiscus     Mature Femininity

Hibiscus rosa-sinensus; Malvaceae
Hibiscus supports a powerful confidence in the feminine aspect of our being by dissolving feelings of negativity, shame, unworthiness, and inadequacy absorbed from our culture. By strengthening the Hara, the power center just below the navel, Hibiscus encourages us to claim rightful ownership of our intuitive, feeling capacities and to be proud of what we have birthed or manifested. Flower color: red; Musical term: Cello solo

Holding the Thread of Hope (Great Mother Kit)

Calla Lily, Sacred Clown, Apricot Nectar, Queen of the Night, Creativity, Departure, Perennial Mix, Arbutus.
Holding the Thread of Hope supports the complete reconstruction of our lives. After a time of deep despair, the essence holds us as life-energy begins to move again. It helps us to honor, contain, and nurture the preciousness of our own lives. In the solitude, I rock gently back and forth, pick up each tiny fragment and hold it carefully in my palm. When it feels warm and alive, I twist it with another piece. I do not know what I am making but the simple act of twisting the threads brings me peace. As the strands grow, my hands strengthen and move more quickly. Now there is more light in the cave and I scan the stone floor for anything I might have missed. A shiver of awareness runs through me. This is not a repair — I am building a completely new life. As I spin, I sense that I could leave this place but I am not ready yet. My heart, once so fearful and broken, is still very fragile. Still, hope swells within me as I see the strands reveal their shape. This is a shawl. I feel a quickening and start to hum. "I listen..."

Hollyhock            assured Alignment

Alcea rosea, Althaea rosea; Malvaceae
With its towering yet playful presence, Hollyhock encourages us to stand in the fullness of our vitality. Useful in conjunction with energy work, the essence assists in opening, aligning and synchronizing all the chakras. Hollyhock gives us greater assurance and freedom of choice in competitive or authoritative situations. Flower color: rose; Musical term: Tuning strings

Honeysuckle Tree         Conscious Relationship

Lonicera tatarica; Caprifoliaceae
By strengthening the magnetism of our true core, Honeysuckle helps us invite healthy relationships rather than those based upon unconscious needs. The essence encourages reciprocal integrity within relationship helping us take responsibility for ourselves while releasing inappropriate expectations or projections on others. In this way, Honeysuckle curbs manipulation, co-dependence, and over-caring. Like Da Vinci's man as the complex axis of a circle, the essence helps us develop a firmly balanced stance within all our relationships. Flower color: pink with yellow throat; Musical term: Binary (a piece with two distinct parts)

Honoring the Shadow            (The Destiny Kit)

Raven's Retreat, Dunderry Essence, Centurea, Orchid, Magnolia, Coral, Stepping Out, Yellow Lily, Oriental Poppy, Rudbeckia, Aubrieta, Gloxinia, Crambe, Gardenia, Cardinal Flower, Hosta, Tuberose
The hidden places — backs of necks and tailbones feathered rootlets of a tree buried faces of large stones purple insides of vulva petals, rebel thoughts that rarely break free into air. The forgotten treasures - ferocious longings turned inside-out and stashed away cool forests felled for shopping malls starlight dimmed by sleepless cities the miracle of silence and the fevered dance that shapes our tired dirt-bodies into singing bowls. The cast-off pieces - dark-skinned bearers of ancient grief broken spirits of chained elephants poisoned fields struggling to yield the shattered wills of aging children littered streets with homeless carcasses mirroring our shame. The shiny masks - taut smiles hiding fear and rage chilly stainless machines and seductive glossy ads fast cars, swift drugs, and soft ice-cream smooth talk and puffed-up promises the convoluted ways we run, afraid of ever dying. The world reaches its upturned hand to me - my heart lurches with recognition. These strangenesses are part of me, a challenge and an invitation. I must take up the morsel in my doorway summon courage and hold it until it grows precious in my gaze. Use the essence for psychic protection when you are moving through the challenges of the outer world. It will help you embrace paradox, to sort out what is yours from what needs to be blessed and released. It can help you when your world appears to be falling apart but is actually breaking open. Let the essence strengthen the purity of your heart, the clarity of your intention, and the receptivity of your soul.

Hops          Passionate Growth

Humulus lupulus 'Aureus'; Cannabinaceae or sometimes classed as Urticacaea - Golden Hops
Stimulating exuberant growth and the long-legged joy of adolescence, Hops encourages our desire to travel and explore new life-adventures. During peak expansion cycles, Hops promotes a focused enthusiasm in living through stimulating new ideas, passionate love, or creative ventures. The essence helps us commit to projects and other people while retaining our stance of grounded autonomy. Flower color: green; Musical term: Toccata

Hosta          Re-wiring Circuits

Hosta; Liliaceae
Hosta re-wires the neurological circuitry between our brain and body. This is useful during times of expansion in consciousness when information may over-load these circuits and compromise our ability to think clearly. Hosta assists with the mechanics of change, anchoring the new frequencies and easing discomfort during a growth cycle. Energy follows intention. Through the focused power of the masculine principle, Hosta establishes a firm certainty around the choices we make, nullifying our tendencies to doubt or sabotage ourselves. Flower color: pale mauve; Musical term: Pivot chord in a modulation

Hyacinth     Centering Time

Hyacinthus orientalis; Lilaceae
Hyacinth acts as an antidote to the repressive effects of cultural imposition by encouraging a taste for genuine sweetness and redirecting us away from refined sugars, saccharine emotions, and half-hearted relationships. The essence compels us to pause and take time out from the demands of a materialistic world. Hyacinth helps us find our right proximity to others while standing in our rooted radiance. Flower color: white; Musical term: Clarion bells

Immune Breakdown: Receiving Nourishment and Strength (Surround Essences)

Enchanter's Nightshade, Boneset, Globeflower, Great Lobelia, Blue Vervain, Self-heal, Pink Lily, Tansy, Pink Yarrow
The Immune Breakdown essence repairs the body's communication networks. Holding the energetic pattern in place while our bodies make the physical adjustments, the essence lets us feel safe here on earth. Addressing our fears around survival, the essence helps us discern our clear boundaries and, within a self-made container, receive and hold the nourishment we need. The essence offers protection when we are in a vulnerable state of lonely powerlessness. Standing in this place without fear, we are in position to receive new levels of support from spirit and nature.

Immune System (Body System Essences)

Hops, Clematis, Echinacea, Datura, Campanula
The immune system works as an invisible defense, creating boundaries and initiating appropriate, effective responses to foreign invasions. Interfacing with all the other systems, the immune system is made up of different organs, the spleen, thymus, liver, appendix, and others. With magnificent ingenuity, a healthy immune system swiftly discriminates between what does and does not belong. The Immune essence helps this system function when its ability to respond quickly and intelligently has been compromised. The essence also helps us set boundaries, avoid toxic situations, and respond wisely in our outer worlds. Like the endocrine system, our immune system is highly responsive to unconditional love.

Immunization Toxicity: Taking Back Control (Surround Essences)

Blue Vervain, Red Monarda, Mullein, Hosta, Hops, Yellow Lily, Candytuft
The Immunization Toxicity essence addresses irritants that compromise the body system at a subterranean level. Standardized agendas such as culturally accepted belief systems, dogmatic spiritual practices, environmental pesticides, or preventative vaccinations were created with good intention. but imposed upon the population. In the midst of external impositions, the essence helps us regain the thread of our personal stories. As we take control of our lives, we may realize positive or transformative elements within our most challenging life-experiences.

In the Hedgerow (Irish Kit)

Horsechestnut. The ancient tree stands, a quiet sentinel, between the farmers' fields steadfastly witnessing the acts of men. Hidden beneath its lush green canopy its massive trunk has swallowed part of the old wire fence. In the Hedgerow offers stature and stability over long periods of time. The essence encourages the rooted presence that weathers seasons of prosperity and scarcity. The Horsechestnut essence offers us a sense of perspective over the vista of our lives helping us retain a sense of purpose and inner certainty.

Insomnia: Surrendering at Night (Surround Essences)

Queen Anne's Lace, Yellow Goatsbeard, Mullein, Sumac, Thistle, Datura, Nicotiana, White Lily, Pink Yarrow, Salpiglossis
The Insomnia essence supports regeneration and healing during sleep. Bringing moonlight's soft energy into the body, the essence encourages gentle reflection on ourselves and our worlds before sleep. As we establish meaningful rituals to complete our days, the essence helps us let go of tension and deeply relax into tranquility. Periods of insomnia can sometimes be a wake-up call from our soul. In these times, the essence assists to surrender to the darkness in and around us

Integration (Inner Beauty and Healing Kit)

Bergenia, Bridalwreath Spirea, Castor Bean, Chives, Hollyhock, Milkweed, Solomon's Seal, Yellow Yarrow, Endocrine System, Circulatory System, Immunization Toxicity, Protection, Golden Cross
Once we connect with Source, we can draw upon the elements in our environment that support our growth and life-purpose. The Integration essence helps us understand our varied experiences and gain a clearer sense of direction. By staying attentive to our path, we learn to be aware of our true needs integrating what is supportive and leaving the rest aside. Taking only what we need and can use wisely, we honor ourselves as we care for the environment. Third chakra, solar plexus: self-definition; action in the world. Issues of will, spontaneity, purpose, power and self-esteem.

Iris    Innate Royalty

Iris X; Iridaceae
Spring's flower-queen, Iris inspires a regal stature while reminding us that we bear an invisible crown regardless of outer circumstances. The essence reinforces a separate sense of self, essential when we are receiving a flood of new energy-information. Containing our energy in vertical alignment, our thoughts, words, and actions carry a gentle authority. Iris also supports a strong, supple spine and encourages the rhythms of deep breathing. Flower color: white with orange beard; Musical term: two-part harmony

Isolation (Great Mother Kit)

Purple Loosestrife, Othello, New Year 2000, Phlox, Calla Lily, Summer Solstice, Pathfinder
Isolation addresses the feelings of utter helpless when we come face to face with demons from our past. As the illusions we have constructed are stripped away, leaving us completely bereft, the essence affirms the simple presence of our being. Unable to move, I can only wait and watch. Scenes of past and future events haunt and torture me. I see everything I have not done and everything I must do. All my limitations are vividly displayed before me. I cannot bear the pain. Desperately alone, I rage at the cold stone chamber. I have nothing, and in this place nothing that I have done is valued. The cave absorbs my fierce wailing and when I am spent, the silence vibrates around me. The darkness still weighs thick and heavy, confirming my aloneness. Dazed, I reach out and stroke my toes. I lose track of which is which and whether there are even ten. A flicker of warmth stirs within me. This, my body, is one thing that is mine. The rest is illusion. Yet even as I claim this, I know it too will be taken away. For now I let it comfort me. "You will take nothing from this place but your skin and bones."

Japanese Fleece-Flower         Earth Contact

Knotweed: Polygonum cuspidatum; Polygonaceae
Japanese Fleece Flower supports us in connecting to the earth through our limbs — to reach out and be touched, to walk with vigor, and to feel the aliveness of the ground beneath our feet. The essence enhances our ability to move in the world with grace and joy. This heightened contact intensifies the flow of reciprocal energies between our bodies and the earth. This gives us a greater sense of abundance and increases our desire to share with others. Flower color: cream; Musical term: a soaring saxophone note

Japanese Maple            Soul Pathways

Acer japanica; Aceraceae
By opening pathways for our soul's passions, Japanese Maple gives us the freedom to explore new possibilities. During times of expansion, the essence offers assurance and wisdom to keep us from scattering our energies. Affirming innocent simplicity during the initial phases of exploration, the essence helps us release jaded cynicism or defeatist attitudes from previous ‘mistakes.' Japanese Maple also helps us draw appropriate support from others without activating old patterns of relatedness. Flower color: rust-red and green; Musical term: A solo oboe melody

Katsura Rose

Relationship: Devil (Rapist)/Shaman. Archetype: Dark Mother/Kali. First chakra: Roots, belonging, body-memories, to safety, security. Locating the traumas locked in our bodies, Katsura Rose releases the residues of long-held shame, anger, and fear. By opening our bodies to the power of Love, the essence addresses many forms of pain. If addictions have kept us chained or false gods have captivated and betrayed us, Katsura Rose assures us all is not lost. Encouraging us to trust and love again, the essence helps us remember the pure longing of our hearts. Within Katsura Rose's climate of Love, wounds from violation, rejection, self-betrayal gently dissolve. If terrors rise in us once more, Katsura Rose helps us understand them as signals of a new reality birthing within us.

Lady's Mantle      Feminine Expression

Alchemilla mollis; Roseacea
Lady's Mantle verifies the ways of the deep feminine, opening into a more serpentine rather than linear experience of life. Strengthening our intuitive feeling-sense and a body-knowledge of seasons and cycles, the essence heightens our ability to coordinate graciously with others in a quiet, understated way. Lady's Mantle provides a nurturing element within any situation. Through a peaceful inner strength, Lady's Mantle's femininity brings balance, calm, and lasting resolution to any situation. Flower color: green; Musical term: piano/dolce (quiet, soft, and gentle)

Lady's Slipper      Healing Trauma

Impatiens balsamina; Balsaminaceae - Balsam
Lady's Slipper gradually restores vitality and harmony at a cellular level after sexual abuse, sustained illness, or other forms of deep body trauma. The essence offers a perspective of hope during the often lonely and difficult phases of a prolonged healing process. By strengthening our body-soul's ability to receive and hold healing energy, Lady's Slipper helps us feel the enormous wealth of loving support available to us from spirit and nature. Flower color: pink, rose, and peach; Musical term: bass viol or double bass

Lavatera     Rhythmic Adjustment

Lavatera trimestris; Malvaceae - Rose Mallow
By modulating our mental and physical movements, Lavatera establishes internal precision and order in synchronization with life's natural tempos. Rather than living in constant reaction to external demands, frantically rushing or endlessly procrastinating, we use Lavatera to help us honor our unique body-soul rhythms. As we establish our own graceful dance, we move in the world with ease, creating rippling patterns of beauty and harmony throughout our days. Flower color: pink; Musical term: a tempo; tempo primo (a return to the original tempo)

Letting Go (Inner Beauty and Healing Kit)

Canna Lily, Crambe, Feverfew, Lobelia, Pink Lily, Raven Orange, Raven Pink, Skeletal/Muscular system, Grounding, Asthma Psychotherapy.
In a gesture of celebration, the seeds are released on the wind. One's accomplishments, the fruits of one's labor, are to be given away, making space for new intimacies. What was beautiful and true at one stage lets go for another phase of exploration. This essence supports an attitude of release without collapse or grief. With the assurance of a radiance that has fully permeated one at every level, one can let go and remain full. Life's current may shift from familiar material sources as it presents in new energies. Eighth chakra, above the head; higher self as linked with guides and universal energies; the gateway to other realms beyond human reality.

Light Body (Living Creatively Kit)

Ether, Camperdown Elm, Cardinal flower, Acidanthera, Yellow Lily, Hosta, Lily of the Valley, Water, White Climber, Amethyst Trio, Ruby & Zoisite, Crystal essences
The Light Body essence supports the rhythmic pulsations of light-energy throughout our body. By softening the constricted areas in our bodies, minds, and emotions, the essence encourages us to open to our full potential. When stress and fear make us shrink and lose our grounding, the Light Body essence helps natural radiance fill our cells. We experience the fullness of our light body as a sense of deep rooted presence with a feeling of freedom and spaciousness. The essence helps us bring our light into the world in a balanced, natural way.

Light & Laughter (Lighthouse Healing Practitioner Essences)

Ninebark, Hollyhock, Raven's Retreat, Self-Expression
When we feel worn-down and unworthy, the Light and Laughter essence restores our true lightness of being. Standing in our strength and flexibility, we let the simple stature of our being shine within our world. As a lighthouse illumines the harbor at night, the light from our souls sweeps over our world and the laughter of our joy washes all sorrow away with a blessing.

Lighting the World (Harmony Healing Practitioner Essences)

Amethyst Trio, Lava
Having welcomed the earth-fire energies into our bodies, we are able to be a radiant light in our world. With new clarity and strength rooted in gentleness, we hold true to the flame of our purposeful desire. By withdrawing and reconnecting to the source of our joy, we have re-discovered the pure flame of love. This process activates our inner knowledge giving us the practical wisdom to move in the world with grace and purpose. Taking our responsibilities seriously, we hold our ground, adjusting to change with freedom and ingenuity. The essence supports and protects us as our radiance ripples into the world.

Lilac          Abundance Source

Syringa vulgaris; Oleaceae
Lilac encourages us to willingly topple old sources of external, material support and to trust in the vast wealth of our souls. It stirs our desire to drink from life's bottomless well and as feelings of abundance spontaneously rise within us, Lilac assists us to trust our hearts and be guided the life's fullness seeking expression in our lives. Flower color: purple; Musical term: Varied chords, major, minor, diminished, augmented.

Lily of the Valley          Pure Core

Convallaria majalis; Liliaceae
Lily of the Valley affirms the absolutely pure core within us, the part of ourselves that is never contaminated. By activating the power of hope and faith, Lily of the Valley amplifies the frequencies of this pure core throughout our body. Through the chakras, the endocrine system, and within every cell, Lily of the Valley lovingly assists the pure ringing tone of our truth to tune every aspect of our being. Flower color: white; Musical term: bell-like timbre.

Living Cross (The Nature Series)

Honeysuckle, Magnolia, Salpiglossis, Oregon Grape
The Living Cross essence provides an energetic reference within our bodies to nature's co-creative template — the cross. Though this symbol has been associated with suffering and death in Christianity, the cross also symbolizes the intersection of two worlds and is a sign of integration and wholeness in many cultures. The essence supports the balanced function of both planes of the cross. It helps us stand gracefully in vertical aloneness as we strengthen our individual connection with spirit and nature. The essence also supports our ability to empathize and communicate with all the life-forms. If we are overly oriented to serving others at the expense of our relationship with Source, the essence helps us regain our separateness and inner strength. Conversely, if we tend to isolate ourselves and are too fearful to reach out, the Living Cross essence helps us stay in our hearts while exploring intimacy with others.

Lobelia       Mystic Insights

Lobelia erinus; Campanulaceae
Lobelia encourages bursts of insight, intuition, and revelatory thought. These enlivening sparks instantly transform everything in and around us. Helping to re-unite the influence of stars more directly within our bodies, Lobelia supports our mystical seer abilities. By expanding the dynamic framework of our mental and intuitive capacities, Lobelia helps us to receive and integrate transformational inspiration. Flower color: blue with white throat; Musical term: a glass orchestra

Love's Message Essence

Raven Pink, Aconitum, Golden Glow, Hibiscus, Maltese Cross, Oregon Grape, Creator, Zinnia, Valentine's, Raven's Retreat
Love's Message begins in the heart, then reaches into the abandoned, shame-filled places in your house of being, touching them with nature's loving hands. It whispers into all your empty corridors, "You are safe. You are loved." The essence shivers "Show your fiery colors," through your muscles, then plunges into your deepest pools with the message "Believe in miracles and make them real." Love's Message rests finally at your crown where it illuminates your halo of light with the words, "Dwell here. You are love."

Lupine        Radiant Vision

Lupinus polyphyllus; Leguminosae - Russell lupine
Lupine stimulates the movement of kundalini life-energy within our bodies. It claws through physical barriers and mental conditioning without causing undue discomfort. Useful with sound-healing, Lupine participates with many forms for energy-work, opening blockages and energizing areas of the body that have a low, sluggish frequency. Lupine also activates the radiant aspects of our vision helping us bless everything we see. Flower color: pink, purple, and peach; Musical term: major scales

Lymphatic System (Body System Essences)

Clary sage, Astilbe, Gypsophilia, Heuchera, Lamb's ears
Unlike the pumping action of the circulatory system, this system is free-flowing and stimulated by deep breathing and body movement. When our bodies are overly toxic, the lymph system draws liquid from tissues to dilute the toxins. The essence supports the function of the lymphatic system by helping us let go of the things that are blocking the natural flow throughout our bodies. In our outer lives, the Lymphatic essence addresses our ability to move with grace and ease. The Lymphatic essence is useful when we feel immobilized, stuck creatively, or congested emotionally. By restoring our awareness of life's fluidity, the essence opens our sensitivity to the gentle, soothing touch of love.

Magnolia    Inner Marriage

Magnolia stellata 'Rosea': Magnoliaceae
Magnolia announces the beginning of a cycle involving a deeper form of union. This union may involve a fuller integration with another person or within oneself. At the inner level, the marriage of masculine and feminine energies may balance fiery assertion with watery adaptability or temper impulsiveness with serenity. Focused in our hearts and lungs, Magnolia helps us meet and move with life's pressures towards a greater creative maturity. Flower color: pink/white; Musical Term: the music of breath and heartbeats

Mallow       Introspective Safety

Malva moschata; Malvaceae
Mallow supports the delicate budding of new expression by offering the essential tranquility we need when taking time for restorative introspection or making major decisions. Mallow encourages periodic retreat for self-care. Useful in family dynamics, the essence helps us maintain a healthy distance from others without becoming cold or detached. Mallow helps us recall childhood memories, both tender and painful, without undue anguish or nostalgia. Flower color: pink; Musical term: muted accents

Maltese Cross      Fiery Radiance

Lychnis chalcedonica; Caryophyllaceae - Flower of Bristow, Jerusalem Cross
A fiery essence, Maltese Cross links our root chakra with our crown by burning away the false perceptions of lack or limitation separating us from larger universal energies. Supporting our full radiance, Maltese Cross helps us exclaim to the heavens, ‘Here am I!' From this vibrant platform, we open to receive abundant generosity from unexpected sources. Flower color: red; Musical term: fortissimo (very loud)

Maple Tree           True Self

Acer saccharum; Aceraceae - Sugar maple
When we yearn for authenticity, the Maple Tree honors our primary dreams and aspirations. Resonating with the bedrock of our soul, Maple provides the ground for our truth. It allows us to release aspects of our lives built on falsehood and compromise. The essence helps us set down the deep roots that support a clear and focused will. Maple strengthens alignment with our core, affirming the inner stability and allowing our actions to be truly effective. Flower color: green; Musical term: ostinato (a repeated bass passage with varied upper parts).

Men With Fire (Somatech Practitioners Essences)

Raven Pink, Water, Aquamarine, New Year 2002 Essences with Toning Bar
Men with Fire assists with the expression of authentic power through a calm, grounded and flexible heart. It helps men access their emotions in a balanced way, reversing the macho tendency to dominate situations, other people and the natural world through force and willpower. Where men have often been caught up in a lust for power, this essence assists them access their own manifesting potential of love. During times of radical change, the essence will assist them to access a fuller vision and deeper compassion. The essence will help them to stay grounded and true to themselves when they are challenged by outer circumstances. As they access their creative joy and feel this transforming passion through their bodies, the essence helps them to use this life-energy for leadership. Men with Fire strengthens and opens the masculine heart, encouraging the innovative and balanced clarity our world so desperately needs. * This essence is useful to women when they are caught in over-drive patterns or in situations that trigger the tendencies to control, dominate, or manipulate others. It helps women honor and integrate their yang fire energy without losing their feminine centering.

Migraines: Freeing the Mind (Surround Essences)

Fleabane, Sumac, Red Clover, Milkweed, Feverfew, Lobelia, Salpiglossis, Aconitum
The Migraine essence assists when we feel overwhelmed at every level. Easing the tense rigidity required to ‘keep the lid on' while other parts of us strive to exit, the essence calms and grounds us. When self-depreciating attitudes prevent us from accessing support from spirit and nature, the essence supports the brain by addressing chemical and hormonal misfirings that perpetuate obsessively irrational thinking and erratic behavior.

Milkweed    Dramatic Transformation

Asclepias syriaca; Asclepiadaceae - Common Silkweed, Cottonweed, Silky Swallowwort, Virginia Silk, Wild Cotton
Milkweed works as a catalyst during the dramatic shifts we make at pivotal times throughout our lives. Radical change and transformation is an integral part of nature. During passages such as birth and death, major career changes, or marriage and divorce, Milkweed acts as an antidote to fear-based reactions. The essence helps us shift from one life-experience into a completely different one. A tough and versatile plant, Milkweed is useful in balancing pH levels in the body. Add this essence to animals' drinking water, particularly when they crave green grass. Flower color: pink; Musical term: bass voice in a choir

Mock Orange       Night Expansion

Philadelphus coronarius; Saxifragaceae - Sweet mock orange
A fragrant night flower, Mock Orange gently loosens our fixed ‘day-time' perceptions. Encouraging expansiveness during rest cycles, the essence liberates our latent potential through vivid dreaming. As we sleep, the essence helps to tune and calibrate our bodies with the healing energies of nature and spirit. Useful for those desiring to sing or speak with greater ease and confidence, Mock Orange also expands the full range of our voices. Flower color: white; Musical term: polyphony (several melodies occurring at the same time)

Morning Glory     Letting Go

Ipomoea and Convulvulus tricolor; Convulvulaceae - Morning Glory and Dwarf Morning Glory
A quick-change artist, Morning Glory signals a phase of completion, encouraging us to finish, detach, and move on. The essence prevents us from overworking projects, clinging to relationships, or wallowing in emotional puddles. Morning Glory helps us view change with easy anticipation: seeds are always formed within a dying flower. Flower color: purple, blue, and white; Musical term: the lift of a bow stroke at the end of a phrase

Mulberry     Joy's Mysteries

Morus rubra; Artocapaceae
Mulberry represents the containment of joy, the fruit of which is embued with mysteries both sacred and profane. The essence assists us to hold inconspicuously the fullness of our own joy without looking for affirmation from others. Mulberry guides the inner architect who, with one eye always open to joy, lives life with creative originality. Flower color: green; Musical term: amplitude - intensity of sound based on speed of vibration

Nasturtium          Transforming Negativity

Tropaeolum majus; Tropaeolaceae - Indian cress, Nasturtium
Nasturtium is a transformer essence, altering incomplete elements into vital life energy. By turning bland, mundane experiences into ones that are spicy and dynamic, Nasturtium helps us receive nourishment from a depleted food source or make the best of a limited environment. Nullifying the effects of venomous gossip and negative thoughts, Nasturtium encourages enlivened vocal expression. When our thinking becomes too rigid and set, it gently helps us entertain fresh ways of perceiving life. Flower color: orange, yellow; Musical term: development of a simple theme

Nervous System (Body System Essences)

Tansy, Hosta, Creamy Yarrow, Lobelia, Phlox
As the body's electrical telecommunicator, the nervous system passes information through our bodies at lightning speed. Processing information through our senses lets us adapt to ever-changing conditions in our environment. Our nervous system has two primary functions: to activate electrical energy through the sympathetic system and to pacify or switch off excess energy through the parasympathetic system. When we are restless, nervous, and irritable, these are obvious signs that our nervous system is under stress. Flower essences work primarily with the electrical system that in turn, interface with the nervous system. The Nervous system essence helps us respond to life with joy and fully recharge when we rest.

New Year 1998 (Annual Essences)

Borage, Campanula, Cardinal Flower, Centurea, Clary Sage, Burgundy Clematis, Columbine, Delphinium, Evening Primrose, Globe Thistle, Hops, Lily of the Valley, Lobelia, Oriental Poppy, Primrose, Red Lily, Yellow Lily, Yellow Yarrow, Perennial Mix, Raven's Retreat, Raven Pink, Raven Yellow, Raven White, Raven Gold
By helping us access joy amid the challenges of daily life, the New Year 1998 essence provides grounding as we strengthen and expand our spirituality. Proper care for our bodies that includes rest and time for integration is critical during this cycle. The essence helps us work in marvelous synergy with others, influencing spheres of function far beyond our immediate awareness.

New Year 1999 (Annual Essences)

Apple Tree, Black Walnut, Castor Bean, Clematis, Creamy Yarrow, Feverfew, Hibiscus, Lady's Mantle, Ninebark, Pink Yarrow, Red Lily, Stock, Wayfaring Tree, Zinnia, Raven's Retreat, Raven Blue, Endocrine System, Grief and Loss, Autumn Equinox, Self-acceptance, Letting Go
Full of radiance, joy, and creativity, the New Year 1999 essence supports us as evolving human beings. 1999 is also an underworld year, providing an opportunity to go into the depths and bring forward new gifts and understanding. The New Year 1999 essence supports a Persephone experience of going into the underworld and returning victorious. Choosing which areas of our lives we want to renew, we can use this essence as we release old structures and patterns and accept ourselves at a deeper level. As we let go during the descent, new possibilities and structures present themselves. Coming out of the depths, when we look to nature for wisdom and guidance, the essence supports us as we move back into the world to offer leadership and inspiration to others.

New Year 2000 (Annual Essences)

Immune System, Resurrection, Creativity, Integration, Crambe, Peony, Thanksgiving
The New Year 2000 essence supports movement and growth based on synchronizing our personal truth with the natural laws of the universe. By strengthening our inner eye and heart's-knowing, the essence helps us stay true to ourselves in the midst of tremendous change. It supports our loving feminine capability to see the truth in all situations so that we can pierce the veils of fear and allow right action to emerge naturally. Accessing the power of stillness in the face of roadblocks and rollercoaster energies, our sustained inner focus helps us develop emotional mastery.

New Year 2001 — Millenium (Annual Essences)

Echinacea, Tuberose, Purple Loosestrife, Pink Hawthorn, Forsythia, Migraines, Katsura Rose, Digestive System
At the doorway to the Millenium, our souls breathe, expanding our bodies with heart-wisdom and the vitality of our full potential. The Millenium essence helps us discern and establish a new orientation around the current mandate of our soul that takes into account our Achilles' heel and the complexities of the human heart. Our pulsing souls create a loving pressure within us, forcing our minds to focus clearly on new choices. In poised humility, we see beyond fear's illusions and heredity's chains to the open door. Steadfastly, we walk the new path.

New Year 2002 (Annual Essences)

Fire, Zinnia, Tulip, Golden Glow, Lilac
New Year 2002 primarily brings transformation through fire. This can be the heat of inspired passion contained in the crucible of our bodies or the pressure of external challenges requiring us to make dramatic changes. In both cases, the New Year 2002 essence encourages us to work creatively with the element of fire — to hold true to our path while ‘dancing in the flames.' Mature leadership requires sustained vision and compassion as old structures and illusions collapse. Alchemy requires us to hold opposing forces within our hearts, minds, and bodies. Over time, this holy tension builds heat and, in the midst of the purifying fire of Love, the natural abundance of our soul gradually reveals its patterns of gold. New Year 2002 is a season of visionary innovation. In every area of our lives, we can witness the new forms of beauty seeking to be made manifest.

New Year 2003 (Annual Essences)

Annual Trio, Borage, Columbine, Evening Primrose, Queen of the Prairie, Lymphatic system, Relationships, Light-body
In the chaotic swirl of events occurring around the globe, many people tend to retreat into stasis. While withdrawal may keep us safe, it doesn't satisfy the soul. The New Year 2003 essence challenges our inclination to shrink and hide by helping us honor our destiny. We came here to be present in just these times. Rather than waiting until the stage-lights are up and conditions appear ideal for our grand entrance, we must act now. To expand into our full statures, we need to embody our souls, spread our wings, and let our radiance soar. At the same time, we must steadfastly maintain the sanctity of our inner temple. In meditative stillness, we can feed our souls and listen for what we need to know. Moment by moment, life sings throughout creation, "All is well." With this love echoing within us, we move in the world with graceful balance. New Year 2003 requires unprecedented focus, ingenuity, and open-hearted simplicity because every distorted pattern on the planet is coming up for review. It takes the visionary heart of a poet and the grounded intuition of a peasant to thrive in these times. We must also dissolve the illusion that each of us is just one tiny person trying to make a difference in the world. Circles are crucibles where personal and global issues can be held and transformed. Where ‘two or three gather' with clear intent, our radiance magnifies and our destiny is fulfilled as we re-member true community.

New Year 2004 (Annual Essences)

Canna Lily, Hibisicus, Golden Trumpet, Earth, Immunization Toxicity, Cranesbill, Raven Blue, Castor Bean, Datura, Gathering, Raven Gold, Spiderwort, Wayfaring Tree, Orchid
The focus of 2004 is the birth of the feminine. Individually and collectively, we have been preparing for this shift for some time and in this year we are entering the labor process. In this transition, while we respect the painful upheavals in our personal lives and in the larger world it is vital we attend to the emerging newness. Part of our challenge concerns birthing something completely unknown and when we have no ultra-sound, other than our own intuition, to see what is coming. The other challenge is that the earth herself is in a birth process. As she goes through her shifts, our familiar home-base wobbles. When everything we have assumed to be stable is actually in flux, we must seek our grounding beyond the changing earth. We must reference the heart of Nature, the source of all manifest form. Rooted in this larger reality, we can participate in the birth of the feminine at a personal level and at the level of the changing earth without succumbing to our basic survival issues. This is not a time to get stuck in the birth canal nor is it an occasion to push prematurely. We are confronting the thick mass of outmoded, externally-imposed agendas that no longer resonate with our soul's evolution. As we reach to embrace the unknown, we must identify and peel away the toxic attitudes and false beliefs that bind us. The New Year 2004 essence offers a deeply soothing reassurance that helps us flow with our personal process within the larger process of global evolution. The birth of new feminine energy is a natural part of the maturation of our planet. Our maturation requires a disciplined spiritual practice, a dedication to follow inner guidance, and an ability to welcome change with openness rather than reactive fear. We can trust that our souls' mandate is coded to participate in this feminine emergence in a purposeful, timely fashion. Doing what is right for us and trusting our inner authority, our souls' gifts gradually reveal themselves as part of the fabric of this new earth.

New Year 2005 —The Way of the Feminine (Annual Essences)

Black Walnut, Bridalwreath Spirea, Crabapple, Datura, Forsythia, Fritillaria, Lupine, Iris, Nicotiana, Quince, Winter Aconite, Zebra Mallow, Creativity, Grief & Loss, Transitions, Digestive System, Valentine's Gathering, Air, Water, Earth, Garnet, opening Bud, Stepping Out, Restoring the Earth's Song, Queen Anne's Chariot
I am mother, cradling my heart, in my silent sacred space. It's spring in here and sunlight reigns while outside grief lies everywhere. Pushing back the clutter turning down the noise, I hear this sweet song rising dancing in my tidal-blood ancient, ripe and slow lifting in the listening places in leaf and fin and bone. Sing with me and dance with me for this is our new home. The year 2004 marked the fragile beginnings of the rise of feminine energy. Now, 2005 is the active transition phase as some of this new energy begins to present itself in and around us. Our challenge is to protect the divine seed growing with us from the world's chaotic static. The essence will help you draw back into yourself, feel the source of your potency, and hear the thread of your own song. As you center yourself in your heart, the Way of the Feminine will offer Nature's nurturing, calm strength that makes your changes effortless.

New Year 2006 — The Moment (Annual Essences)

Rio Samba rose essence, Black Snakeroot, Embracing Destiny's Joy
The hawk hangs suspended in the sky his long fingered wings straining, his chest pressing back the tide. The wind, his adversary and truest ally holds the hawk in silent combat. Waiting for the moment, searching for the tunneled opening, finally he drops, an act of wild, liquid precision as the beam of feathered joy plummets to the ground. The 2006 Essence holds you steady as the world's intensity builds in and around you. Let the essence give you courage, self-determination, and right timing to confront and melt your fears with the radiance of your being. Use the essence to fan your passion's fires and clarify your wisdom. Meet every challenge sustained by the power of love and know the fullness of your joy as you stand in your destiny.

New Year 2007 Essence — The Call (Life Theme Kit)

Calling Forth the Vital Life Force, Following Desire, Raven's Retreat, Feverfew, Raven Blue, Pink Lily, Nasturtium, Borage, Annual Trio,Love's Message, Raven Pink, Solomon's Seal
I call and what comes - Dark honey humming of clover and sunshine Cool water trembling on the lip of a goblet. Life calls and what rises in response - Love and its pain swelling the bands of my heart Songs from the earth pressing tiny bones in my throat. I call again, keen-eyed and listening As the messenger knocks at my door And the slim answer glides to me on night's quiet wings. Life's call pulses in me again As a pure ringing bell in my heart Quickening the dormant song now flowing past my lips. As the world accelerates, The New Year 2007 essence encourages us to welcome and embody the full life force in our own wise hearts and bodies. Releasing the blocks of fear and shame that keep us small, the New Year 2007 essence opens us to the magnificence in and around us. By easing the limbic system's tendency to automatically react to survive, the essence helps us dwell in the power of love by strengthening the connection between our heart and mind. As our intention clarifies, the essence helps us know when it is wise to wait and continue gathering our energies and when we must act boldly in response to Life's call. Related Chakra: Eighth (Sacred Heart, located above the head.) Characteristics: Ability to connect consciously, with faith and trust, with the Divine; protection from spiritual energies that are not congruent with our own. Related Physical Function: Template for connecting with larger energies and information in the environment.

Nicotiana    Sweet Attractions

Nicotiana alata; Solanaceae - Flowering Tobacco
Nicotiana fosters our attraction to the genuine sweetness of life by drawing us away from habitual, numbing comforts. It stimulates our natural instincts and desires and opens us to life's true pleasures. Nicotiana motivates growth without attachment to addictive substances or habitual experiences. In times of withdrawal, when we may judge ourselves as a failure or view our lives as hopelessly overwhelming, it gently prods us to start again. Flower color: white, burgundy rose; Musical term: long legato phrases

Night Essence

Made in the full moon with Datura, Nicotiana, Hosta, Clivia, Artemesia, Sweet Pea
Night Essence addresses both physical and metaphorical aspects of night. When we over-value the daytime aspect of our lives, our jobs, and achievements, Night essence opens us to the dark, feminine, intuitive parts of ourselves. It offers balance when we live too long in our heads or mask our real feelings with a false smile. By unblocking old grief, Night Essences gently brings to the surface any early childhood wounds needing to be released. Night Essence is also effective for children who are afraid of the dark. Used before bedtime, the essence helps us relax into deep and restful sleep.

Ninebark     Masculine Protection

Physocarpus opulifolius; Roseacea
Quiet and sturdy, Ninebark plays the masculine role during cycles of gestation and pregnancy. The essence protectively surrounds the developing seeds, providing a stable force when delicate factors are vulnerable and exposed. This role is critical when we must nurture our seed-ideas with proud, loving care so that the forming elements are not buffeted by external factors. Flower color: white; Musical term: phrasing

Nurturing/Abundance (Inner Beauty and Healing Kit)

Crabapple, Datura, Hops, Nasturtium, Sweet Pea, Zinnia, Raven Yellow, Arthritis, Alzheimers
The Nurturing essence supports our ability to develop the creative ideas and unique gifts we came on earth to express. Regardless of external limitations, the essence helps us protect and sustain the seeds of imagination growing in our hearts and minds. As we lovingly tend our gifts, we feel life's generous abundance flowing through us as an infinite source of nourishment and support.
Seventh chakra, top of head: self-knowledge; universal wisdom.
Issues of spiritual connection, ability to receive from Source, personal wisdom, expanded awareness, meditative experiences.

On Tara's Hill (Irish Essences)

Maple, Pine, Gorse, and Cottonwood
On Tara's high round hill amidst stone ruins -some broken, some still proud, linger echoes of banquet revelry and battlecries, the stench of sour victories. Haunted and embarrassed, Tara's earth sings, "Not again, never again!" while gorse and pine and oak do their humble repair. On Tara's Hill invites us to remember and address sins committed through the abuse of power. It helps us to align with nature's healing energies so ancient memories, held primarily in stone, can release the sadness and regret from the past. Let the essence assists us in facing the darkness of cruelty, excess, and loss of possibility that is our shared legacy from the past. The essence can be used to address personal issues, but its main function is to heal traumas held deep in the cellular matrix of the earth, memories that still resonate at subconscious levels within our bodies now.

Opening Bud

Cerastium (Snow in Summer), Bridalwreath Spirea and a circular stone
Opening Bud supports emerging feminine energy. A bud fiercely protects its gestating mystery and when the time is right, opens to reveal the mature beauty of the flower. The essence acts as an antidote to debilitating self-criticism by reversing our tendency to comply with others while ignoring our own needs and desires. With a holy calm that brings self-forgiveness, it helps us assuage the effects of shattered innocence. Created with a circle of women near the transit of Venus, the essence honors friendship's role in helping us reconnect with our true beauty. Focused on the root chakra, Opening Bud encourages openness, flexibility, and inner freedom as part of the celebration of the blossoming feminine. Flower Colors: white; Musical term: a long sustained chant-tone

Opening Space (Lighthouse Healing Practitioner Essences)

This essence opens space within the second chakra for a fuller and more pleasurable experience of life. It quickens the movement of any creative process by encouraging an expansive inner abundance and generosity that nourishes all our relationships. If we have withdrawn from others, wounded and hurt, we may need an oasis experience to restore the fertile lushness of life. The essence gently opens the tight constricted areas so that we can trust and interact with ease and joy again. It also helps us to build containers for new relationships, ones that are based upon openness and freedom. Opening space in this way allows us to provide friendship to others while being true to ourselves.

Orange Cosmos            Healing Sunshine

Cosmos sulphureus; Compositae
Orange Cosmos brings the attributes of sunlight directly into the body's cells, gently burning through the attitudes and memories that exert a false control in our bodies. With healing radiation, Orange Cosmos boosts immunity by cleansing and revitalizing the cells. If we are afraid of sunlight, it helps us re-establish a healthy relationship with the sun. Orange Cosmos banishes the ‘blues' of seasonal affective disorders and can be used during long periods of indoor confinement.
Flower color: orange; Musical term: the in-breath, deep inhalation before singing

Orchid        Feminine Flesh

Phalaenopsis; Orchidaceae - Moth Orchid
A radiant moon-faced flower, Orchid aligns our cellular energy with Mother Earth by restoring the full-frequency of the sacred feminine at the cellular level. The essence encourages the restoration and differentiation of this energy by reinforcing the wisdom and purity of our living flesh. As feminine energy is reactivated in men and women, both sexes become more balanced and whole, and Mother Earth can articulate Herself more fully through us. Flower color: white; Musical term: A deep AUM sound

Orchid Tree (Cuban Essences)

Bauhinia; Leguminosae
The Orchid Tree addresses wounds passed on through maternal bonds. It aids with forgiveness of our mothers, whether they are living or dead. It opens the grace of deep self-acceptance and allows us to experience a greater breadth of compassion in our mature years. The essence helps us to hold both the spice and the sweetness of our full character. This quality of heart-wisdom commands peace through uncompromising stature and quiet presence. Flower color: white; Musical term: Lullaby

Oregon Grape      Monetary Worth

Mahonia aquifolium (Berberis aquifolium): Berberidaceae
Oregon Grape reconnects monetary values to our true sense of worth rather. The essence helps us step away from the fear and greed associated with money in the mass consciousness. Connecting with our core substance invites us to see money as soul-currency and helps us manage it as a fluid blessing, in and out of our lives. Oregon Grape activates our inner gold by rooting us in the present moment, opening us to the resources in our current situation, and stimulating our creative imaginations into new leadership endeavors. Flower color: yellow; Musical Term: flutes dueling with piccolos

Oriental Poppy    Confident Selfhood

Papaver orientale; Papaveraceae
Oriental Poppy gives us the confidence to boldly be ourselves without pompous arrogance. The essence supports that vibrant assurance in our uniqueness not necessarily evident in early life but unmistakable in maturity. This well-rooted power is generated through years of fine-tuning our instincts and honing our talents. While our outer expression may seem inconsistent with this inner reality (a gentle woman's firm handshake or a cowboy's poetic sensibility), it is all part of our natural blossoming. Flower colors: pink, red, and orange; Musical term: Rhythmic beat

Osteoporosis: Sharing the Load (Surround Essences)

Boneset, Self-heal, Heliopsis, Yellow Sweet Clover, Evening Primrose, Thistle, Bugloss, Chicory, Yellow lily, Honeysuckle vine, Shasta Daisy, Aconitum, Calendula, Dwarf Convolvulus
The Osteoporosis essence helps our bodies absorb what they need from the environment while they release old burdens and responsibilities. What appears to be structural breakdown or brittleness where we feel unsupported can actually be an invitation to ‘lighten the load.' As we find new suppleness, the essence helps us recognize our inner strength and how we have, sometimes at great cost, honorably carried tremendous burdens. With nature's support, we learn to share our responsibilities with others in an atmosphere of

Othello (Rose Garden Kit)

Relationship: Mentor/apprentice. Archetype: The Fiery Youth. Fifth Chakra: Sense of stature, resiliency based upon strength of communication, willingness to listen and speak truth. Honoring our latent potential, Othello supports us as we learn to use our talents wisely. Offering Love's governance through the experience of mentorship, the essence helps us hone our visions into practical forms of expression. Throughout our lives, mentors may offer knowledge resonant with our soul's mandate. As we open ourselves to learn and grow in a climate of love, we invite different aspects of our destiny to manifest. Othello supports the dynamic synergy developed between teachers and students or colleagues working together in a creative process. As we delightedly grow into our full stature, Othello celebrates the maturation of our gifts as part of Life's ongoing song of creation.

Packing the Suitcase (Gathering of Soul Kit)

Self-Expression, Hollyhock, Ninebark, Raven's Retreat
Packing the Suitcase helps us gather and sort before we move into a new stage of life. During this discrimination phase, all the aspects of our life may be under review. While it is easy to recollect the experiences, talents, and achievements we are proud of, we also need to review the broken relationships and missed opportunities in our past. Looking at a negative experience in this light, we may see something valuable that we could not recognize before. Knowing change is imminent, the essence grounds and stabilizes us as we prepare to move so we do not get tangled in fear and regret or swept up with excitement. As we hold to our vision, the essence provides a container for our process, now manifesting in very tangible ways.

Passion Flower    Passion's Blueprint

Passiflora caerula: Passifloraceae
The intricate, exotic Passion Flower provides a blueprint for focusing our passions. Providing the supportive mechanics for following our bliss with tenacity and imagination, the essence holds us to the path of desire. Passion Flower affirms our integrity in the midst of chilly criticism or distracting busyness that would deny us nourishment and fulfillment. Organized around the axis of our being, the essence encourages a life-story built upon ecstasy rather than debilitating drama. With this mandate clear and strong within us, our passions can readily harmonize with others. Flower color: purple, green, white and yellow; Musical term: a gammelan orchestra with a traditional symphony

Pathfinder (DreamQuest Kit)

Apple Tree, Campanula, Clivia, Daylilies, Japanese Fleece Flower, Spiderwort, Georgian Bay, Living Cross, Cedar
The Pathfinder's home is at the still point, where the crossroads intersect and decisions are made. With her body as a compass, she looks to the natural world for direction and guidance. Perceiving through all her senses, each detail is significant: trees and stones whisper to her; a birdsong is a message; even obstacles have useful information. Through the soles of her feet, she feels her way; her heartbeat sets the pace. Trusting this natural wisdom can lead her into noisy crowds or take her into welcome isolation, where she walks without fear. The Pathfinder's obedience to her own way opens a safe path for others to follow.

Peacemaker (DreamQuest Kit)

Feverfew, Bergenia, Queen of the Prairie, Yellow Yarrow, Osteoporosis, Self-Expression, Othello, Cedar
The Peacemaker's home is a place of green abundance near a mighty river. She loves the pure sweetness of life's waters and offers these freely any time we chose to visit. Without judgment, she sees the dry hardness in the hearts and minds of her friends and recognizes their enormous thirst. She does not lecture us with words. Instead, she takes us through her lush fields to the river's edge and leaves us there to contemplate and replenish ourselves. She lets the larger order of her world teach and heal her guests and, as the water begins to flow again within them, they gradually remember and feel their own native joy and beauty.

Peony         Good Mothering

Paeonia; Ranunculaceae
Peony offers a gently mothering embrace of love, safety, and tranquility. This reassuring vibration is vital when there has been insufficient nurturing in our early years. Peony also adjusts our perception of difficult circumstances helping us see the secret door hiding within the stone wall. Flower color: light pink; Musical term: accompaniment

Perception Adjustment (Inner Beauty and Healing Kit)

Aster, Evening Primrose, Phlox, Annual Poppy, Star of Bethlehem, Raven Red, Circulatory System, Alzheimers.
Viewing oneself and one's world from a position of inner beauty, from a sense of fullness and supportive inner joy, the mind is free to play its true role. Instead of constructing an elaborate defense system that analyzes oneself and one's world, the mind can access its true structure. Any adjustments needed in perception can become creative openings rather than constricting problems. While the mind listens, new designs hover as possibilities. Then multiplication begins as seeds of the soul start to form. Sixth chakra, brow: Self-reflection, psychic vision. Issues of clear sight, accurate perception, imagination and intuition, spiritual vision versus illusion

Perennial Mix Essence

Shasta Daisy, Artemesia, Golden Glow, Honeysuckle Vine, Maltese Cross
Perennial Mix helps people develop a grounded sense of stability and permanence fundamental to achieving good focus and a powerful center. Made with a combination of perennial flowers, the essence mines the gold in our heredity and roots our imagination in practical, creative applications. Offering an expanded sense of presence without the need to do or achieve anything, Perennial Mix helps us land when we are flying too high and pause when we are over-striving.

Phlox          Cheerful Lightheartedness

Phlox drummondii; Polemoniaceae
The assuring angelic presence of Phlox connects us to the eternal spring of hope. At any stage in life, the essence moves us beyond dutiful reliability to a deeper joy and pleasure in living. By opening us to the wonder of life, Phlox dissolves disappointment and sadness and encourages us to be cheerfully lighthearted. Flower color: cream, pink, violet, salmon, and mauve; Musical term: allegretto, animated and lively

Pink Hawthorn     Psychic Rebuilding

Crataegus Mordensis loba: Rosaceae
When our psyches completely shatter, Pink Hawthorn helps us reassemble gradually in accordance with our soul design. During fragile times, Pink Hawthorn protectively cloaks our vulnerability and gives us the space to heal and sense new creative possibilities. By activating the frequencies of sound in our flesh Hawthorn restores the body's innate musicality. With our heart as conductor, the essence lets us experience the humming pulsations of our enlivened body as a beautiful symphony. Flower color: pink; Musical term: wind-whispers

Pink Lily     Sacred Intimacy

Oriental Hybrid lily 'Rose Elegance'; Liliaceae
Pink Lily invites us to experience the sacredness of sexuality. By giving us the confidence to speak our sensuous desires and personal matters of the heart, the essence opens a full feminine current in the body. Pink Lily's unabashed energy intensifies our longing for intimacy at every level of our being. The essence gives us the assurance to trust our desires and make choices that honor the sacredness of our body-soul. Flower color: rich pink; Musical term: a solo oboe melody.

Pink Yarrow         Unconditional Support

Achillea filipendulina; Compositae - Yarrow, Milfoil
As nature's blanket, Pink Yarrow supports us when we are vulnerable and need unconditional love. The essence holds us gently, allowing us to relax while things in and around us manifest at a concrete level. Feeling supported, we can let go our worried fussing as the tender buds of new ideas, relationships, and projects gradually appear. Flower color: pink; Musical term: a 6/8 flowing accompaniment, as in a Barcarole

Playfulness (Lighthouse Healing Practitioner Essences)

Acidanthera, Aconitum
Like a sunny giggle in the belly, the Playfulness essence reminds us of the liberating spirit of play. When we take ourselves too seriously, work too hard, or forget to enjoy life, the essence helps us lighten up. Shaking off our woes and letting our sunny spirits move freely in our bodies, we rediscover our natural grace and balance. By encouraging us to be playful and spontaneous, the essence stimulates our lower-body energies and helps us become truly light-hearted.

Poppy, Annual     Brainstorming Support

Papaver rhoeas and Papaver vulgaris; Papaveraceae - Shirley poppy and common poppy
Annual Poppy assists with playful brainstorming and future-visioning. The essence eases subconscious fears around change by cutting through our ego attachments and preventing us from rehashing old ideas. In group settings, Annual Poppy helps people listen and interact with greater fluidity as they explore new creative options. Flower colors: white, pink, and red; Musical term: allegro.

Portia Tree (Cuban Essences)

Hibiscus elatus; Malvaceae - Cuban bast, Mountain Mahoe,
Portia Tree encourages an earthy eroticism, helping us to embody a full-blooded sensuality. Its fiery passion is rhythmic, dynamic, deeply rooted and unapologetic. Spicy and strong, this is the sensuality of a mature flamenco dancer, red skirts and black-heeled shoes. The essence will stir the fire in your blood and help you to contain this dynamic potency within your own body. Flower color: yellow and burgundy; Musical term: castanets, guitars, and stamping feet

Positioning Radiance (Destiny Kit)

Fire, Raven Blue, Vibration - Nature's Music, Resurrection, Cardinal Flower, Chives, Gladiola, Maple, Peony, Stinging Nettle, Wayfaring Tree, Rhododendron.
I am still and I am soaring. I am breathless and I am wind. I am dragonfly's silk-net wings and I am its dark-worm body. I am maple, broad, alive, and reaching and I am totem, slender, carved, and proud. I am fiery kiln, melting metal and I am woman-flesh, warming babies. Every possibility hums in me past and future shimmer around. This moment, only this moment, is full of all grace. Let the magnificent strangeness swell within me as I stretch my hand and lift a foot to dance within this holy space.Positioning Radiance is the doorway essence. Use it to stabilize yourself before moving forward. It will affirm your stance upon solid ground, helping you include all the elements in and around you that are part of your destiny. Midway through the kit, it is the awakening point, where we often meet our greatest fears. It signals the completion of the gathering and embodiment phases and the beginning of self-aware expression. It also marks the threshold between silence and sound. Through the element of fire, the essence stimulates a swift, precise opening and promise of ecstatic joy.

Preparing to Receive the Holy Fire (Destiny Kit)

Arbutus, Annual Trio, Raven Orange, Raven Red, Raven Yellow, Cedar, Ether, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Quartz, Datura, Crambe, Opening Bud, New Year 2003, Nicotiana, Passionflower, Valentine's, Portia Tree, Tithonia, Gardenia, Dunderry Essence, Calling forth the Vital Life Force.
She trembles, watching the magnificent sleeping lion from her hiding place in tall grasses. Her tail twitches, sending a shiver through her taut body, so expectantly charged with the strangeness of it all. He does not see her, or if he does, he will not show it. Cloaked in his sunlit splendor, his languid body sprawled on the naked rocks he terrifies and enthralls her. She hovers, full of yearning yet instantly ready to slink away. Though she knew him all her life now, only now, does her body see him. Her fur and blood are electric with the certain knowledge of their meeting. Use the essence to stabilize yourself during times of intense inner change. It will help you to open to the full current of your life-energy so you can meet your destiny as it approaches you. Organizing the creative passion within your heart and lower chakras, it will assist you to let go fear and shame so that you do not resist the inflooding energy of your own fulfillment.

Prickly Pear (Cuban Essences)

Opuntia robusta
Prickly Pear helps us to attend to deep inner healing in a very private, tender fashion. It supports self-defense, so that we can conscientiously slow to be with ourselves in a state of soft hibernation. It helps us to contain and hold our energies in reserve, to be with grief, and to live in simplicity. Prickly Pear also prevents us from springing prematurely out of sadness into artificial cheeriness when it is important to stay with the transformation process. Flower color: red, orange, yellow; Musical term: oboe and piccolo

Primrose    New Feeling

Primula vulgaris; Primulaceae - English primrose
Encouraging optimism and laughter, Primrose promotes a sunny disposition. The essence lifts the lethargic melancholy of depression and, through the power of joy, helps to cure disease and dissolve arguments. In difficult circumstances where rigid attitudes prevail, Primrose offers us a fresh start by prompting life-affirming feelings. Flower color: purple with yellow throat; Musical term: staccato (detached sounds)

Protection (Life Theme Kit)

Apple Tree, Aster, Campanula, Clematis, Clivia, Cranesbill, Delphiniu, Lady's Slipper, Lilac, Lupin, Pink Lily, Annual Poppy, Purple Loosestrife, Solomon's Seal, Stock, Tithonia, Tulip, Georgian Bay, Raven's Retreat, Raven Orange, Raven Blue
Protection is not achieved by having a sturdy house and bodyguards, rather it stems from attitudes we hold about ourselves and the world around us. The first key to true protection comes in feeling we are worthy of being supported and believing we are part of a loving universe. Carefully monitoring our mental attitudes, we draw on the energy and wisdom of the natural and spiritual realms for guidance and support. With openness and patience, we protect ourselves by listening to our heart's wisdom for the right actions and timing. Rather than reacting emotionally or impulsively using our willpower to get what we think we want, we can make decisions that keep us safe and allow us to move forward in harmony with our larger world. Related Chakra: First (Root, located at the tailbone) Characteristics: Feelings of security and belonging, physical body support. Related Physical Function: Template for establishing connections to energetic sources; receiving energy into the body for building and rebuilding.

Psychotherapy (Life Theme Kit)

Bergenia, Bitter Nightshade, Bridalwreath Spirea, Clematis, Burgundy Clematis, Clivia, Cranesbill, Creamy Yarrow, Gladiola, Hibiscus, Honeysuckle, Hops, Hollyhock, Lilac, Lobelia, Magnolia, Maple, Maltese Cross, Pink Lily, Pink Yarrow, Annual Poppy, Primrose, Rudbeckia, Red Lily, Salpiglossis, Sedum, Snowball Bush, Snow-on-the-Mountain, Spiderwort, Star of Bethlehem, Stock, Tithonia, Tuberose, Tulip, Perennial Mix, Raven's Retreat, Raven Orange, Raven Pink, Raven Blue, Raven Gold
We are propelled into a psychotherapeutic process by the sudden realization that we way we've lived our lives no longer works. Liberating ourselves from self-bondage by revealing our deepest fears and longings requires a tremendous act of surrender and commitment to heal. In the intimate container provided by the therapist, we seek assurance that healing will occur and new life-directions will become apparent. With this support, we rekindle our souls' purpose and passion and make baby steps to explore our new self. The combination essence provides support for the various stages of individuation. As our range of expression grows at both our root and crown, we consider where we are going and how we are living our lives. With greater awareness of our human nature and confidence in our uniqueness, we move forward with freedom and joy. Related Chakra: Second (Hara, about three inches below the navel) Characteristics: Container for the self; the ability to relate to and engage creatively with the world (in relationships, sexually, financially, and professionally) while maintaining a solid sense of self. Related Physical Function: Template for opening our bodies in preparation for release and drainage.

Purple Loosestrife        Love's Embrace

Lythrum salicaria; Lythraceae
Purple Loosestrife supports the compassionate, visionary heart that truly allows us to love our enemies. Whether they are other people or evolving parts of ourselves, life-challenges such as illness, personal misfortune, or societal situations beyond our control can seem like enemies. Shifting our world-view from narrow judgments to heart understanding, Purple Loosestrife helps us hold contradiction and paradox. As we do this challenging inner work, a totally new way emerges. Purple Loosestrife gives us the courage to face enormous shifts at the personal, societal, and ecological levels. True understanding is inherent in love, in love's embrace we find the compassion to meet violence, evil, and adversity in our personal lives and indirectly through the media. Flower color: purple; Musical term: a choral fugue

Quartz III (Crystal Grid Kit)

Quartz assists the third chakra to be in alignment with universal will so that human focus can accurately reflect the precise accuracy of the earth's frequencies at this time. It will assist people to listen and coordinate their forward movement with a stronger sense of connection with the living systems in the earth, rather than tending to dominate or ignore the effects of their actions upon other species.

Queen Anne's Lace       Conscious Dreaming

Daucus carota; Apiacea
In the midst of the world's turmoil, Queen Anne's Lace reminds us of the importance of sanctuary. The essence helps us create a quiet space to gather our dreams wherein our swirling thoughts can settle and form into a clear intent. As we allow ourselves to dream consciously, Queen Anne's Lace affirms the web of connection between our hearts and all the beings, near and far, who resonate with our tone. Flower color: white; Musical Term: a tenor drone

Queen of the Night        Celebrating Victories

Epiphyllum oxypetalum (or Selenicereus grandiflorus): Cactaceae - Orchid Cactus, Dutchman's Pipe, Queen of the Night
Queen of the Night sounds applause from one of the most astonishing corners of the plant kingdom. It acknowledges the restoration of self-love from which new beginnings are made. Giving us confidence to actively participate in otherworldly dimensions, it demonstrates the ever-present synchronicity between human beings and nature. Queen of the Night supports the powerfully significant victories in our personal evolution. Flower color: white; Musical term: Bravo, Encore!

Queen of the Prairie      Conquering Adversity

Filipendula rubra; Rosaceae - Queen-of-the-Prairie, Meadowsweet
With lighthearted ingenuity, Queen of the Prairie encourages us to bloom in the midst of adversity. In situations where our uniqueness has been ignored or suppressed, Queen of the Prairie supports our self-starting capabilities. Fostering the inner resourcefulness normally developed in a loving, supportive environment, the essence releases poverty-consciousness and helps us break through limitations in our environments. Flower color: pink; Musical term: descant, an upper part added to a familiar song

Quince Tree         Trusting Men

Crataegus Mordensis loba; Rosaceae
Quince helps us trust the natural sweetness and strength of masculine energy often hidden behind cultural masks. Fortifying quiet inner strength, Quince encourages us to re-approach men after negative experiences have left a residue of fear and mistrust. The essence helps us appreciate true masculine qualities in others and to integrate them within ourselves. For super-women locked in overdrive, young boys without fathers, and men seeking to open their hearts, Quince supports the emergence of the balanced masculine energy. Flower color: pale pink; Musical term: a flute solo, outdoors

Ragweed    Feisty Self-preservation

Ambrosia artemisiifolia; Asteraceae - Roman wormwood
A feisty weed, Ragweed helps us defend our right to live. Rooting us without ego in the pure core of our being, it holds the key to self-preservation. Ragweed is able to withstand extremely adverse situations. With steady determination, it affirms our gut instincts and strengthens our ability to hold clear, healthy boundaries. Flower color: green; Musical term: the rhythmic sounds of metal rasps

Raven Blue (Chakra Kit)

Spiderwort, Raven Blue (previous combination), Summer Solstice, Campanula, Diamond & Gold, Purple Loosestrife, Hibiscus, Raven's Retreat, Lilac, Sedum, Zebra Mallow, Stock, Forsythia, Aubrieta, Burgundy Clematis
The robin sings her song, her self, her joy amidst the rising green ovation of spring. Raven Blue offers protection for the flow of all life-energy as it rises from unconsciousness into active expression through our fifth chakras. It helps us voice our pain and our voice as we express ourselves or advocate for others in our world. It also prevents us from shutting down that energies that rise within us for timely, natural release. In the throat chakra, we experience the marriage between heaven and earth as thoughts and feelings take form through word, gesture, music, and art. This chakra is where nature, through our individual body-souls, finds her most articulate expression. Raven Blue assists us to shape our feelings into coherent forms of expression and offer these as peace and blessings into our world.

Raven Gold (Chakra Kit)

Singing, I arrived on earth. Now here, I listen for my song and offer it with joy. Raven Gold assures the living memory and connection with our soul throughout our life. As we touch this expansive possibility of being, the quiver of this reality informs our flesh swiftly and fully. By opening and expanding the body to the soul's aliveness, Raven Gold helps us remember who we are and what we came here to do. It helps us feel the golden stamp of our destiny, and the sweetness available in the ether of the moment.

Raven Orange (Chakra Kit)

Red Lily, Feverfew, Crambe, Lavatera, Creativity, Calling Forth the Vital Life Force, Sunflower, Night Essences, Aconitum, Calendula, Helenium, Transitions, Phlox, Morning Glory, Psychotherapy, Bitter Nightshade, Golden Trumpet, Primrose, Diamond and Gold, Summer Solstice, Yellow Lily, Hops, Centurea
Soaring skywards, diving deep the plunge as joyous as the flight the melt as tender as the thrust, Life's singing through water and air. Raven Orange supports transitions at every stage of life. Our second chakra is the womb where we experience the tides of our own life energy. Embracing paradox — stillness and movement, connection and separation, expansive opening and conscientious release, the essence helps us feel the rhythmic surrender to life's powerful movement through our body-souls. As we open to the joy of living, we birth ourselves as part of the manifest fullness of earth's ongoing creativity. Raven Orange eases the constricted, arid experience of living when we are caught in fearful poverty-consciousness. It opens us to the constant stream of life's abundance, letting us embrace the joyful pulsations of the moment.

Raven Pink (Chakra Kit)

Globe Thistle, Orange Cosmos, Borage, Cyclamen, Lady's Slipper, Queen of the Prairie, Clivia, Golden Trumpet, Diamond & Gold, Night Essences
Reaching over the vast black sky one heart seeks its star, the star finds this eye, and the meeting is silent and complete. The heart is the connector to all worlds; it is capable of holding and transforming anything. Giving us access to the rhythmic laws of the universe, Raven Pink helps us draw energy in, hold and feel it, then release in a timely, natural way. From the stillpoint, the hub of life's creative pulse, it provides us with the gateway into every realm of the universe, from cells to stars. The essence invites us to rest in the chamber of our heart and feel the living oneness with everything around us. From this place, all our achievements are built upon the power of stillness.

Raven Purple (Chakra Kit)

Sweet Pea, Morning Glory, Diamond & Gold, Globe Thistle, Lobelia, White Lily, Canna Lily, Columbine, Phlox, Hops, Raven Blue
In the misty morning the dewdrop is a mirrored sphere dissolving into the nearest earth that summoned it from night air. The world perceives itself through us; this is the function of the sixth chakra, the third eye. Raven Purple gives us a very surrendered, yet precise, receptivity through all our senses. This is the place where manifestation originates in pure or distorted relatedness to life's design in the moment. Our third eye works intricately with our heart. A strong working connection between these chakras allows our expression (through the fifth chakra) to be a true blessing to the entire world. When the brow chakra is misaligned or cloaked, our vision will be faulty and we will shape our worlds accordingly. The essence helps us stand in open stillness. Then we can perceive the forming and dissolving of our world, and feel our role in creation.

Raven Red (Chakra Kit)

Oriental Poppy, Crambe, Diamond and Gold, Grief and Loss, Campanula, Evening Primrose, Aster, Calendula, Forsythia, Golden Trumpet, Queen of the Night, Hibiscus, Zebra mallow, Sunflower, Feverfew, Lady's Slipper, Communicator, Lupine, Clematis, Georgian Bay
Life's pulsing eros red and full and holy sets roots of joy in clay and bone. Raven Red welcomes us into the earth plane, anchoring our soul's mandate on this planet. It establishes our roots for a natural intimacy with the earth within the holiness of our human bodies. As Raven Red eases the challenges of incarnating into a war-torn, environmentally-challenged planet, it encourages us to access all the beauty and goodness we came to enjoy. Well-grounded, we can joyously participate in the cycles and pulsations of life on earth and explore our unique destiny. Raven Red provides the foundation for our hearts to know true stability within constant change.

Raven White (Chakra Kit)

Aubrieta, Campanula, Centurea, Clivia, Cyclamen, Forsythia, Helenium, Iris, Lobelia, Purple Loosestrife, Raven's Retreat, Creativity, Living Cross, Diamond & Gold
Standing open to the sun light pierces through the gateway embracing every cell as peace and stillness reign. Raven White opens us to an experience of total love and peace. Filled with this energy through the crown chakra, we can find compassion for every situation. The seventh chakra opens the primary connection with Spirit. Raven White supports us feeling this light-filled energy while remaining fully present in our bodies. The essence opens us to the transcendent aspects of life and helps us face our fear of death. It offers us a greater sense of Life's wholeness, enhancing our oneness with all that is, both in form and beyond. It can be used to open the pathway for the soul to exit during the dying process.

Raven Yellow (Chakra Kit)

Building a Foundation, Departure, Cranesbill, The Pathway, Lobelia, Japanese Fleece-Flower, Annual Poppy, Hollyhock, Burgundy Clematis, Borage, Ginger Lily, Golden Trumpet, Diamond & Gold, Nasturtium, Forsythia, Wayfaring Tree, Sunflower, Annual Trio
Pouring through the mouth of the cave, a shaft of sunlight changes everything as the earth becomes a womb.
Raven Yellow supports the development of a strong, healthy third chakra as the apex of stable earth-body energies. This chakra serves as both a platform and a portal. Without a firm foundation, the interpenetration of spiritual energy cannot hold. It takes a strong ego to be able to invite spirit's transformative energies into our minds and bodies. The essence supports both the foundation-building process and the breakthrough of new energies beyond our mental structures. It assists us to let go of resistance, self-judgment, and over-striving. If we keep bumping up against a glass ceiling and feel caught in earthly illusions, the essence helps us stand in open receptivity. Conversely, if we are feeling wobbly and vulnerable, the essence affirms the stable foundation of our own presence.

Raven's Retreat Essence

Sedum, Hops, Echinacea, Thistle, Schizanthus, Calendula, Artemesia
Made from the elements of earth, water, fire, and air, Raven's Retreat provides healing energy at every level. Useful in preventing and averting psychic invasion, the essence activates our wise and peaceful inner warrior by helping us move with the flow of aggressive energy rather than getting knocked over by attempting to block it. Raven's Retreat encourages us to translate stress into energy for dynamic change. Similar to Bach's Rescue Remedy, it helps to balance the psyche during stress and shock, particularly at the emotional and spiritual body levels. Raven's Retreat also assists our visioning by firmly anchoring our intent while opening an energetic corridor to future manifestation. The essence can be used effectively in long-distance healing for Raven carries magic on the wind.

Receiving the Gift (Christmas Gift)

Magnolia, Hibiscus, Queen Anne's Lace, Star of Bethlehem, Annual Trio
Poised and ready, we open our hearts to receive the Gift of Love. Knowing the Gift will change our lives, we remain steady, letting nothing block its way. The beauty and joy approaching us brings a tremor of anticipatory delight. Utterly worthy and deserving, we welcome the Gift as a true blessing and fulfillment of our dreams. Receiving the Gift is the essence of Christmas and the birth of Love.

Red Climber (Rose Garden Kit)

Relationship: Mediator-Expander/Protector-Enforcer. Archetype: Nature as Mater and a link to Gaia. Earth Chakra: Located below our root chakra, Nature's primal energy flowing through the earth. By encouraging us to trust and surrender to Life, Red Climber brings Nature's vital force to every stage of growth. During the challenging yet necessary descents into darkness the essence helps us on our healing-journey. During such times, Red Climber pours Nature's healing energy into every corner of our body-souls. complete surrender needed during times of profound healing. As Sleeping Beauty lies in her sanctuary protected by a bower of roses and thorns, she surrenders for a time of profound healing. The restorative forces of Nature work deep within her and when the healing cycle is complete, she is greeted with the kiss of Love.

Red Lily (Body Sensation)

Lilium; Liliaceae, Asiatic Lily
Red Lily gives us access to the articulate wisdom of our bodies. By opening a broad range of body-sensation, the essence encourages a dynamic interplay between brain and body, thought and feeling. Used during massage, Red Lily opens the entire sensory system to the healing power of sensuous touch. Principled and confident, Red Lily also encourages leadership in worldly affairs. Sometimes part of crone-fire initiation, the essence strengthens our mature intent and supports momentum for new ventures. Flower color: rust; Musical term: the orchestra conductor

Re-Evaluation (Inner Beauty and Healing Kit)

Apple Tree, Black Walnut, Evening Primrose, Lady's Slipper, Lupin, Oregon Grape, Star of Bethlehem, Tuberose, Alcoholism, Migraines, Alzheimers, Diamond & Gold
By strengthening the flow of energy through our bodies, the Re-Evaluation essence affirms our living connection with nature and spirit. Rooted in truth, we are steady and flexible rather than rigid and brittle. With this internal stability, we view ourselves, our strengths, and our weaknesses without grandiosity or self-judgment. Seeing our world and our creative capabilities with loving clarity, we then grow true to life's design. Second chakra, abdomen, lower back, hips and genitals: self-gratification; sexuality; emotion. Issues of guilt and desire, fluidity, pleasure, healthy sexuality, and joyous creativity.

Rejuvenation (Inner Beauty and Healing Kit)

Aconitum, Cardinal Flower, Burgundy Clematis, Crambe, Hibiscus, Lady's Mantle, Phlox, Pink Yarrow, Stock, Yellow Yarrow, Georgian Bay, Skeletal/Muscular System, Immunization Toxicity, Golden Cross
The Rejuvenation essence links us to our birthright, the seed that can become a living plant rather than an artificial flower. Stabilizing the quiet depths of our being, the essence honors our uniqueness and helps us value ourselves. Assuring us that we belong and have a vital role to play, the Rejuvenation essence connects us to the vibrancy of life. First chakra, base of spine: survival; self-preservation; the right to be here on earth.Issues of stability, roots and grounding, physical health, prosperity, trust.

Relationship (Living Creatively Kit)

Hosta, Oriental Poppy, Iris, Orchid, Maltese Cross, Datura; Ruby & Zoisite, Amethyst Trio, Crystal Essences
The Relationship essence helps form a kinship with all forms of life on earth. By dissolving the artificial walls that separate us from Nature, the essence helps us feel the universality of the life-force animating our bodies and pulsing in the earth. In the face of mounting signs of global distress, the Relationship essence encourages compassionate empathy for people, creatures, and eco-systems and assists us to develop our co-creative role in the planet's evolutionary process. Nurturing the elements in our world that we have drawn to us, we help restore beauty and harmony to our Home.

Relationships (Life Theme Kit)

Apple Tree, Aconitum, Japanese Fleece Flower, Bitter Nightshade, Campanula, Cardinal Flower, Burgundy Clematis, Columbine, Crambe, Cyclamen, Forsythia, Globe Thistle, Hibiscus, Honeysuckle, Hollyhock, Lily of the Valley, Lilac, Lobelia, Magnolia, Maple, Pink Lily, Annual Poppy, Primrose, Purple Loosestrife, Spiderwort, Star of Bethlehem, Stock, Sweet Pea, Georgian Bay, Night Essences, Perennial Mix, Raven Orange, Raven Pink, Raven Blue
This combination essence offers a blueprint for the full potential of dynamic, loving relationships. Supporting all relationships with lovers, colleagues, parents, spouses, children, mentors, and friends, the essence helps us be fully present to the dynamic possibilities in each situation. Developing kinship and love with another human being compels us to grow at every level. Within any relationship, there is a constant need for clarification and adjustment. Looking at ourselves in relationships provides opportunities to become aware of our blockages, automatic responses, patterns carried from the past, and unfulfilled longings. The heart-work of relationship takes us into the depths of our soul where we must continue strengthening our primary relationship with ourselves. As human beings, we are designed for love. Deep longing for union with the ‘other' is the most powerful magnetic force in the universe. Answering this call by opening ourselves to love, we generate a field of healing and beauty that embraces and blesses our world. Related Chakra: Seventh (Crown, located on the top of the head) Characteristics: Alignment and reception based on our souls' purity; ability to send and receive information about our life based on our soul's experiences rather than our familiar scripts. Related Physical Function: Template for structures that govern our ability to relate to elements in our environment.

Respiratory System (Body System Essences)

Daylily, Orange Cosmos, Datura, Clematis, Aster
The respiratory system links us directly with oxygen, our most vital source of life-energy. Through our breath, we have a powerfully intimate connection with spirit. Breathing in oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide is an automatic function, and as we participate with deeper, more conscious breathing, we can balance and renew ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. By helping us open more fully to our own expressive spirit, the Respiratory system essence eases the constricting effects of grief and fear. The essence is also useful with various forms of energetic body-work. In coordination with conscious breathing and/or sounding, the essence helps ease pain and tune the cells of the body. By helping us welcome spirit directly into our bodies through our breathing, the Respiratory essence reconnects us to our source of true inspiration. Feeling fully inspired, we can then provide an embodied inspiration to others through the sound of our voice and the radiance of our presence.

Resurrection Essence (Gathering of Soul Kit)

Bridalwreath Spirea, Centurea, Crambe, Evening Primrose, Hosta, Lady's Slipper, Lupine, Pink Lily, Tansy, Night Essences, Raven Pink, Immune System, Alcoholism, Letting Go
The Resurrection Essence creates the new foundation for future work, after all the cycles of healing, gathering, letting go and departure have occurred. It presents nature's unobstructed, original design available for our participation. From a still, calm place where the tides of nourishment feed one at all levels, one can open to receive a totally new life-plan which is initially just sensed in the heart. At this point, the central challenge is to surrender old strengths, then remain empty-handed and open-hearted, exposing the purity of one's soul to what is forming. Blessing the past and embracing the new, the sacred root of oneself is resurrected - brought to life in concert with nature's design.

Rhodonite VII (Crystal Grid Kit)

Rhodonite expands and aligns the seventh chakra to act as a pulsating receiver and radiant transmitter of universal energies. Its function is primarily responsive to the earth's crystal grid matrix rather than ‘unearthed' spiritual energies.

Rio Samba (Rose Garden Kit)

Relationship: Grandmother and all her offspring. Archetype: The Wild Child. Second Chakra: Creativity, fertility, autonomy, relationships and boundaries, fertility, holding on, letting go. Rio Samba loosens the paralyzing guilt and self-criticism that blocks our joy in living. If we become complacent and compromise our soul purpose, Life may sting us into action. By reminding us of the magnificence of our potential and our true passions, Rio Samba calls us back to our destiny. Painful experiences elicit change. Love topples our status quo. Our inner ‘wild child' hurtles us down new paths. As we ready ourselves for change, Rio Samba encourages us to drop our tattered safety nets and cross over the tightrope to our dreams. Abandoning familiar ground and shedding old identities, the wise grandmother living within our hearts holds us steadfastly in her loving arms.

Rudbeckia            Ongoing Incarnation

Rudbeckia hirta and Rudbeckia amplexicaulis; Compositae Black-eyed Susan and Clasping Coneflower
Throughout our lives, Rudbeckia assists us by grounding our ongoing incarnation in the earth and helping us receive nourishing stability from the living planet. Rudbeckia can be used with children struggling to express themselves or adults parenting themselves in new phases of their lives. When we are stuck at any physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level, Rudbeckia stimulates movement and new growth. Flower color: yellow, dark brown cone; Musical term: contrary motion; two voices or parts going in opposite directions

Rugosa Alba (Rose Garden Kit)

Relationship: Priest/Queen. Archetype: Temple dancer, Sacred prostitute. Fourth Chakra: Compassion, balanced loving, devotion and self-reflection, central nexus of chakras. Rugosa Alba opens our hearts to High Priestess energies, the power of our feminine wisdom. Embodying the sacred inner marriage, the High Priestess is complete unto herself and capable of extraordinary intimacy with the Divine. She dances in the still point where the fire does not consume the rose. With a deep loyalty to her calling and a healthy distain for social pretense, her ecstasy touches everything around her. Rugosa Alba helps us create the sacred space that lets us honor and develop our souls' wealth. When we are mired in depression or seduced by emotional drama, Rugosa Alba offers holds up a mirror of love. We may see her in the mirror as we view ourselves compassionately and remember the beauty of our truth.

Sacred Clown (DreamQuest Kit)

Georgian Bay, Lilac, Osteoporosis, Cedar
The Sacred Clown lives everywhere. Sometimes she hides behind a mask, other times she pops into the open unexpectedly. She is the wild card, the uninvited guest, the giggle in a hushed room, the Freudian slip, the startling gesture at a formal dinner party. When we become too stiff and serious, the Sacred Clown can topple everything in our world and create a wondrous freedom. Refusing to be confined in a neat little box, she gleefully, never spitefully, challenges our favorite, carefully-constructed paradigms. Though she may appear dangerously spontaneous, she is the true daughter of synchronicity.

Sacred Threads of Connection (Destiny Kit)

Fire, Raven Gold, Peony, Re-evaluation, Balanced Power, Ether, Peacemaker, Red Climber, Zinnia, Water, Tithonia, Horsechestnut, Giant Milkweed, Bouganvillae, Raven Pink, Woman-Being, and Gardenia
Singing, she gathers the grape vines bending each to find the strong and supple. Humming with a honeyed warmth, she weaves them into firmly round and holy baskets. Singer, vine, and basket reveal the Song. Shaped and lifted through her weaving its tone falls gently to the quiet earth to rise anew through next spring's greening vine. Use the essence to strengthen your connections within the web of destiny. At the personal level, it will help link your body and soul, your primary life-connection. It can offer a protective cocoon for various stages of development, cradling you so that you do not feel isolated or separate. It will help you resonate with the people and places that are integral to your destiny. The essence also offers you the means for receiving nourishment and transmitting joy as you build pathways out into the world. Sacred Threads of Connection brings increased radiance, immunity, and a sense of being an integral part of Life.

Salpiglossis         Liberating expression

Salpiglossis sinuata; Solanaceae - Painted tongue
Salpiglossis encourages us the articulation of our feelings and convictions, particularly when we find it difficult to speak. Through appropriate aggression, Sapligossis liberates self-bondage by releasing awkward and trepidation. This freedom allows us to manifest creative vision with greater ease and artistry. Flower colors: highly varied; yellow, purple, burgundy, reddish all on the same flower; Musical term: Polyphony

Sapphire and Gold VI (Crystal Grid Kit)

Sapphire and Gold expands sixth-chakra vision to include future realities as they are held within the crystal grid matrix in the earth, waiting to be received and integrated into the human mind and heart.

Sedum        Independence Activator

Sedum spectabile; Crassulaceae - Showy Stonecrop
Helping us receive input from source and other people, hold and integrate the energies, and then soar with our own wings, Sedum lives at the pivot-point between receptivity and flight. By encouraging autonomy, Sedum helps people who feel their role in life is strictly to care for others. At the physical level, Sedum helps dislodge and eliminate toxins from the body. The essence can be used with acupressure or massage: adding a few drops to massage oil and working on specific points will bring a penetrating intensity. Applied on the wrists, Sedum will ease carpal tunnel syndrome. Flower color: pink; Musical term: a pivot chord, from which a new section or music begins.

Self-Acceptance/Esteem (Inner Beauty and Healing Kit)

Campanula, Chives, Lady's Slipper, Rudbeckia, Yellow Lily, Raven Blue, Migraines
The Self-Acceptance essence helps us interact with our environments with a finely-tuned sensitivity. When we are not able to accept ourselves, we are estranged not only from vital parts of ourselves but also from aspects of the world around us. The Self-Acceptance essence helps us understand our strengths and our limitations. With clear self-awareness, we are free to engage with the many dimensions of life around us. As we acknowledge our part in the web of life, the essence helps us bring beauty into every aspect of our lives. Fifth chakra, throat: Self-expression, communication.

Skeletal/Muscular System (Body System Essences)

White Lily, Tansy, Snapdragon, Honeysuckle vine, Sunflower, Feverfew, Shasta daisy
As our personal earth-temple, the skeletal/muscular system holds the memory-patterns of our history. Though we constantly shape our bodies through our life-choices and consciousness, our hereditary patterns are deeply embedded in our flesh and bones. Our skeletal/muscular systems house our spirit and permit us to move. The uniqueness of our human bodies requires us to accept our human nature and work with its apparent imperfections. Through the interplay of our spirit, emotions, and physical body, we manifest creative expression. The Skeletal/Muscular essence helps us release our judgments about our physical form and appreciate the unique ways in which it supports us. If we tend to live in our heads or drive our bodies like machines, this essence helps us to be more sensitive to and aware of our true physical needs. Loving participation with our bodies gives us the vitality to participate in the fullness of Life.

Snakeroot   Easing Rigidity

Cimifuga; Ranunculaceae
Snakeroot works in several ways. If we are lethargic and sluggish, the essence acts like a pump creating a strong pulsing energy to get us moving. If we are scattered and unfocused, it helps us face our resistance. At other times, Snakeroot encourages the silky, sinuous movement of energy within our bodies that is the primal life-force sustaining our radiance. As a plant, Snakeroot is full of paradox: delicate tiny flowers blossom on a sturdy woody stem late in autumn. The essence supports the integration of opposites by easing physical, mental, and emotional rigidity and encouraging a full-frequency experience of life in our body-souls. Flower color: white; Music term: sssssszzzzzz

Snowball Bush    Accepting Boundaries

Viburnum plicatum; Caprifoliaceae - Japanese snowball
Snowball Bush fosters moderation, perspective, and coordination within very difficult circumstances. The essence helps us adopt a resigned acceptance when the situation requires our loving presence more than clever solutions. Snowball Bush encourages us to retain our vision, care for others, and remain steadfast within current constraints. Flower color: white; Musical term: musical form or structure (as in a sonata or rondo, etc.)

Snow-on-the-Mountain           Inner Union

Euphorbia marginata; Euphorbiaceae or Spurge Family
Snow-on-the-Mountain supports the reality of union by underscoring the fact that we are spiritual beings living in a earthy body. Useful for perfectionists endlessly striving to better themselves or pessimists constantly experiencing futility, Snow-on-the-Mountain appreciates our polished talents and our untamed immaturity as diverse elements within our being. Through an infusion of love, the essence helps us be at peace with ourselves in any circumstance.
Flower color: white and green; Musical term: fermata (hold, pause, suspend in time)

Snowball Bush    Accepting Boundaries

Viburnum plicatum; Caprifoliaceae - Japanese snowball
Snowball Bush fosters moderation, perspective, and coordination within very difficult circumstances. The essence helps us adopt a resigned acceptance when the situation requires our loving presence more than clever solutions. Snowball Bush encourages us to retain our vision, care for others, and remain steadfast within current constraints. Flower color: white; Musical term: musical form or structure (as in a sonata or rondo, etc.)

Solomon's Seal                      Refining Communication

Polygonatum multiflorum; Liliaceae - Solomon's Seal, David's Harp
Supporting clear listening, Solomon's Seal helps us receive aural information fully and accurately. Instead of our mistranslating, over-reacting, or putting our own spin on things, the essence helps us entertain a wide range of possibilities within our listening hearts. As our listening deepens, we can sense the tone of voice required in any situation. With bell-like resonance, Solomon's Seal expands the range of our vocal expression by modulating harsh abrasiveness and amplifying the sound of our love and joy. Flower color: white with greenish tinge; Musical term: legato (smooth, connected sounds)

Sonia                   (Rose Garden Kit)

Relationship: Mother/son; Priestess/Prince. Archetype: The Romantic. Third Chakra: Governing gut feeling, the body-knowledge of moral direction, personal responsibility, commitment, sense of personal worth, capability. Sonia provides Love's compass to guide us as we move out into the world. Leaving the safety of the castle, Sonia reminds us of birthright and inherited strengths. As we journey, the essence provides an inner homing beacon during times of loneliness, uncertainty, despair. Coordinated with the laws of the universe, we discover our place in Life's unfolding tapestry. Sonia assures us Love is present always and the fullness of our success will occur. With the light of this inner certainty, we make our way with certainty, clearly discerning every truth from falsehood.

Sounding the Blessing of Liberation — Exhalation (Peaceful Warrior Kit)

Tourmaline, Bull Thistle, Motherwort, Tickseed Sunflower, Chicory, Queen Anne's Lace, Clover
Developing in synchronous harmony with all the elements in her web of life, the seeds of the Peaceful Warrior's vision mature. Patiently, she attends to the right timing of her actions. As she aligns with the Solar reality, she carefully weighs her actions and focuses on the emerging design of her sacred intent. Centered and undistracted within the Great Mountain, the Peaceful Warrior begins to move. Her actions create a mantle of green vitality around her, gently waking and blessing all that responds. She sounds a tone of generosity throughout her world, quickening the earth with new life. From this position of independent strength, she liberates herself.

Spiderwort - Spiritual Ecstasy

Tradescantia virginiana; Commelinaceae
One day flower, Spider flower, Flower of a Day, Moses in the Bulrushes, Devil in the Pulpit, Widow's Tears
Spiderwort promotes a strong working faith. Honoring our hunger for ecstasy, the essence opens us to the extraordinary in everyday life and to numinous encounters with the divine. Balancing inspiration with patience, Spiderwort prepares us to receive the otherness of the guest seeking entrance into our lives.
Flower color: purple; Musical term: rhythmic pulse.

Spring Equinox Essence — Structure (Nature Series)

Aconitum, Aubrieta, Bitter Nightshade, Cardinal Flower, Crabapple, Gladiola, Helenium, Iris, Lobelia, Mulberry, Oregon Grape, Queen of the Night, Yellow Yarrow, Zinnia, Fungus, Raven Orange, Raven Pink, Raven White, Clary Sage
The Spring Equinox essence helps us remember who we are and where we belong in relationship to spirit and nature. Like the trunk of a tree, it helps us feel our stature and vertical inner flow of connection with the heavens and the earth. This is the axis of our truth. Like the branches of a tree, the essence also intensifies the energies within our hearts, assisting the radiance of our desires to extend through us into the world.

St. Johnswort      Life Focus

Hypericum stans; Hypericaceae
St. Johnswort helps us sustain a spiritual focus and reinforce the joy of living at every stage of life. The essence helps us transform our wounds into wise ‘medicine' for the larger community. While our vision rightly changes as we mature, St. Johnswort keeps us linked to the central thread of our stories so that we do not lose ourselves in external events. In youth, the essence offers protection during our innocent explorations. Through middle years, it supports the development of our body-soul around the axis of our spirit. As our vision ripens in later years, St. Johnswort supports the radiant stream of our love pouring into the world. Flower color: yellow; Musical term: Leitmotif, a central theme

Standing My Ground — Stillness (Peaceful Warrior Kit)

Garnet, GoldenRod and White Squash flowers
Through a disciplined focus and alignment, the Peaceful Warrior stands her ground. While her aim is to be at the still point at the center of the Great Mountain, she patiently tends to the details of her life and holds firm to the seed gestating in the depths of her heart. Within her body, a vertical sentinel organizes and aligns her passion, energy, and future options. At the precise time, when all the factors are ready, a door opens within the heart of the Great Mountain. When her position is established firmly upon the earth, she blossoms in sweet stillness.

Star of Bethlehem         Healing Duality

Ornithogalum arabicum; Liliaceae - Star of Bethlehem, Star of Africa
Star of Bethlehem heals inner splits by bridging body, psyche, and spirit. When we are a house-divided, we tend to view the world in simplistic terms: good and bad, right and wrong, them and us. By assisting us to relax into our heart's wisdom, the essence helps us regain our sense of inner harmony, broaden our viewpoint, and open to expansive possibilities of life's mysteries. The subsequent feeling of serenity is based on a grounded appreciation of our uniqueness and innate wholeness. Flower color: white with green edges; Musical term: counterpoint

Starting Over (Verve Essences – Practitioner Kit)

Hyacinth, Earth, Cranesbill, Yellow Yarrow, Primrose
Starting Over helps us examine ourselves and our responses to the world. When we feel overwhelmed and vulnerable, we need to step back and review our lives. As we pause to consider our situation with compassionate self-judgment, we begin to make changes that last. Starting Over brings a sense of light-hearted optimism to the process of reviewing our relationships to work, food, money, and the people in our lives. Making a fresh start, we feel self-love restoring gentle power back in our lives.

Stepping Out (Verve Essences – Practitioner Kit)

Annual Poppy, Transitions, Golden Trumpet, Fire, Katsura Rose, Raven Gold, Forsythia
Stepping Out encourages the playful spontaneity required to imagine our lives differently. Like the welcome green liveliness of spring after a long winter, the essence encourages us to take risks without being reckless. Though we may not have been voiced our soul desires for some time, these impulses are vital to a full and pleasurable life. Stepping Out helps us shed old attitudes thwarting our potential. By helping us explore spontaneity in a balanced way, the essence prevents us from rushing off in too many directions or scattering our energies.

Still Point VI (Lighthouse Healing Essences)

Conception, Spring Equinox, Vibration — Nature's Music
By opening and bringing light into the third eye, the Still Point essence holds us steady as new vision and feeling rises within us. With our conscious and subconscious mind pulsing together, our vision dances upon a calm sea of glass. Dwelling in stillness, our souls hum with spiritual readiness as we attract what we need from the infinite universe and prepare to take creative action.

Stinging Nettle    Transforming Fear

Urtica dioica; Urticaceae
A fierce green guardian, Stinging Nettle supports strong, healthy boundaries while offering vital nourishment for growth. Gently assisting us to release phobias from past traumas, the essence helps us confront our fears and transform them into allies. If we tend to shrink back and settle for less, Stinging Nettle gives us the confidence to embrace life-changes with a hearty vitality. Flower color: green; Musical term: shakers

Stillness in the Void (Destiny Kit)

Queen of the Prairie, Bouganvillae, Yellow Lily, Nicotiana, Ginger Lily, Calla Lily, Coral, Essence of Tara, Orchid, Integration, Lighting the World, and Crassuli.
A stone drops into the sleeping pond startling the water's skin and sending it, trembling, toward the shore. Making its silent journey into the darkness the stone is focused on nothing but falling. The water yields, embracing this new heaviness, offering a brief buoyancy for the stone as it tumbles to its resting place. The last waves whisper against the shore as the stone settles into its dark new home. Use the essence for a journey into stillness. It will help you surrender to the power and simplicity of your being. During meditation, use it to help you view your world through your heart. It will assist you to open a deeper connection with spirit for centering and healing, both within yourself and into the world around you.

Stock Freeing Time

Matthiola incana; Cruciferae
Stock liberates our conception about time by challenging our rigid routines and freeing our cellular conviction of aging and death. Loosening perceptions of time releases tremendous energy for healing, creativity, and relationship. Stepping out of linear time, we enter sacred space where life is full of spontaneity, synchronicity, and endless possibility.
Flower color: pink and mauve; Musical term: rubato, accelerando and ritardando

Storyteller (Destiny Kit)

Phlox, Calla Lily, Stock, Crabapple, Georgian Bay, Cardinal Flower, Fibromyalgia, Candida, Antique Pink, Cedar.
The Storyteller lives at the edge of the village where she weaves the history of the people, the land, the animals, and the starry skies into tales of truth and fantasy. Knowing the power and magic of her words, she speaks to the trembling heart but never imposes her knowledge. You must seek her and ask to hear her gift of tales that reveal your place in the web of life, that remind you how to fly, that teach you how to slay dragons, that pull messages from the heavens. Wise and careful, she is not afraid to let her stories lead you into sadness or even terror for as she sees you poised yet fearful on your great life-adventure, she finds just the right tale to prepare you for the great leap forward.

Summer Solstice Essence — Surrender (Nature Series)

The Summer Solstice essence helps us open to and trust life's abundance. At the solar apex of the year as we witness nature's magnificent beauty and feel our delight in this abundance, the essence invites us to surrender and release both our ego desires and attempts to control the world around us. Letting go, we experience an ease and natural momentum within every aspect of our lives.

Summer Stars (Nature Series)

The Summer Stars essence helps us sustain the persistence necessary to hold true to the divine seed growing within us. Supporting the natural deepening of our vision, the essence sounds a bell tone, a ringing reference throughout our bodies while helping us move with life's calm and steady pulsation. In this relaxed state, we easily let go of old patterns locked in the body that would compromise the growth of the seed.

Sunflower            Strengthening Radiance

Helianthus annus; Compositae
By strengthening our presence in the world, Sunflower helps us stand tall among our peers. Sunflower strengthens and stabilizes our radiance, helping us release any shame and guilt around perceived errors or poor choices in the past. As we stand in our true value, Sunflower helps us offer our gifts and talents as a natural part of our being.
Flower color: yellow, some with rust centers; Musical term: a guitar solo in a rock band

Surrender and Sacrifice (Great Mother Kit)

White Climber, Millenium, Red Climber, Wisdomkeeper
Surrender and Sacrifice assists with the conscious release of ego. When our illusions have been stripped away and we have survived the darkness of a life-altering journey, the essence supports our commitment to living in a fully ecstatic connection with Source. As I weave in the great ringing of silence, I hear the Great Mother ask me to abandon my willful arrogance and false passions. If I grant Her this request, I know I shall never be the same. The shawl that I am making is not to hide old shame and nakedness for it is woven of those very things. Within Her great body, I have let myself be consumed. I know the shawl is woven from my remains. In the pool I see a lotus floating on the water. I remember that I am hungry. I cup the flower in my hands and hold it dripping to my chest. The lotus reaches into my chest, spreads beneath my breasts and licks me with its gentle fire. She has kissed me through the flower. Her lips and tongue are deep inside me. I feel her breath throughout my naked body. "Your body is part of Me. You wear one of My many faces. Now, go and sing your song...."

Surviving/Strengthening (Great Mother Kit)

Pink Hawthorn, Warrior, Rio Samba, Ninebark, Honeysuckle, Healer
When we are paralyzed by guilt and shame, Surviving and Strengthening softens our cruel self-judgments and helps us open to the flow of life's nourishment in the moment. My sleep is shattered with endless scenes of deceit and torture. The frightful atrocities overwhelm me. Appalled and grief-stricken, I want to run away. I have become everything I hated and feared. My illusions of perfection are being wrenched from me. I am both the monster, cruel and terrible, and the victim. How can this be? Filled with shame, I weep. Will this ever end? My tears make a pool upon the cool stone floor.
"Stay in this holy place. Find the well. Drink and be nourished."

Sweet Pea           Clearing Space

Lathyrus odoratus; Leguminosae
Sweet Pea helps us identify and remove elements no longer appropriate in our environment. As we clear space and making room for the new, Sweet Pea encourages us to finish projects, let go of our children, or release possessions with an easy heart. From a deep, steady place within, we can hold a firm and loving "No" to any elements in our world crowding in upon us. Effective with Feng-shui work, the essence assists with moving stagnant energy and de-cluttering. In these applications, put a few drops of the essence in an atomizer and spray it in the space. Flower color: deep burgundy; Musical term: listening outdoors to a distant birdsong

Tansy         Active Imagination

Tanactum vulgare; Compositae - Scented Fern, Stinking Willie, Buttons
Tansy stimulates active imagination while supporting the willpower required to manifest our creative ideas. As a protector of the mind's gateways, Tansy fosters an abundant flow of ideas within a well-rooted personality. While the essence can bring difficult or painful things to light, Tansy also boosts our sunny disposition. A healthy active imagination gives us access to the language our bodies that lets us inspire others with new ideas. Flower color: yellow; Musical term: scat singing, vocal jazz improvisation

Thanksgiving Essence (Nature Series)

The Thanksgiving essence helps us integrate the structural shifts occurring with the autumn equinox. As we celebrate the abundance of nature's wealth at Thanksgiving, we also begin turning towards the dark winter months. While harvest is a time of fulfillment, it also marks the death of one season. At this time other there is little to do than stand in poised appreciation for the changing cycles. The Thanksgiving essence helps us to abide simply while the transformation occurs in and around us. Our focus during this time is in our hearts, whether we are being exercised through a deepening sense of purpose and joy, or through the pain of grief and loss.

The Hearth IV (Lighthouse Healing Practitioner Essences)

Raven Blue
The Hearth essence helps us be still and listen to our hearts' wisdom. Located in the center of our bodies, our souls express the power of love through our hearts. Every creative act that brings beauty into our worlds is an expression of our hearts' compassionate love. Whether we are reaching out to others or diving for our own truth, the Hearth essence anchors us in our hearts. Honoring its natural rhythms, we are in position to feel the pulse of the world.

The Messenger of Forgiveness (Peaceful Warrior Kit)

Tickseed Sunflower, Hairy Willow Herb, Sound (Crystal Bowl and Voice)
Poised within the Great Mountain, the Peaceful Warrior is a Messenger of Forgiveness. With radiant assurance, she conveys this golden message through a steadfastly generous invitation to Life. In stillness, she receives the pulsating world through her body's holy ear. Joy reverberates through her as she greets travelers. The Peaceful Warrior sends the message of loving forgiveness to her entire world as she transmutes each thought and feeling that comes to her into patterns of beauty and wholeness. Living her simple life, the Peaceful Warrior establishes a dominion of Love by constantly making the Word flesh through her every action.

The Pathway (Birth of the Wild Heart Kit)

Letting Go, Queen of the Prairie, Antique Pink, Japanese Fleece-Flower
In the womb, movement begins as the embryo begins to exercise its will in active ways. At the start of new cycles throughout our lives, this is a time of visioning where we sense the opportunities available to us and set our sight upon specific goals. Whenever we establish a stable setting with solid roots, we can consider new directions. As we do this, a natural pathway appears, revealing future possibilities. Unlike previous phases that root us in home, the pathway invites us into a deeper awareness of the world. Still protected and safe in our home, we continue exploring and developing our vision. Engaged and alive with possibilities as we prepare to present ourselves to the world, the pathway lies before us.

The Return (Great Mother Kit)

Bridging, Pathway, Digestive System, Katsura Rose, Cedar, Dispersion, Lavatera, Tulip, Millenium, Daylilies, Pink Hawthorn, Forget-me-not.
At the end of a transformative cycle, The Return affirms the experience of being at peace in the world. With the quiet wisdom that comes through deep inner work, we can honor the unity of all life and feel our rightful place in the whole. Walking in the sunlight, I know that part of me will never fully return to this world. Everything in nature reminds me of Her: the cool stones, the flowers, the great silent trees all carry echoes of my encounter within Her great dark womb. Though I carry a great darkness within me, I am no longer sad or fearful. It comforts me to remember my time with Her. The spinning continues deep within me and I still feel her lips upon my heart. When I breathe, it is Her song I want to sing. My busy life no longer seduces me. With a gentle heaviness in my body, I walk more slowly. The lines upon my face are the cobwebs of my past, woven with tears and love, which I now wear with pride. This is my shawl, my life, and I will not let it hide me any more. " Now that you know me, you will find me everywhere."

The Surround (Birth of the Wild Heart Kit)

Wayfaring Tree, Apricot Nectar, Stinging Nettle, Honeysuckle Tre.
The soul trembles at the vastness of the unknown ahead. This is the phase where the design of the wild heart is revealed — a humming presence, intensely alive at every edge of itself. It is a stage of feminine stability where the activation is not a swirling gathering or a focused pathway, but a stable pressure of expanded wholeness. The full feminine presence initiates possibilities of liberation and new union. Now the outer world begins its attraction, drawing one forth from the comfort of momentary completion and balance. In the womb, this is nearing the phase of birth, where the being has completed its term, filled the space and is pressing forth against the walls with a full definition of itself. Completion within the current surround, the project is heading towards birth. 

Time-Out for Love (Verve Practitioner Essences)

Love's Message, White Climber, Peony, Spiderwort, Raven Pink
Reconnecting with the natural rhythms of life re-charges our batteries. Stopping to care for and honor ourselves in the midst of many external demands is a profoundly holy act. In these breaks from our regular routine, we connect our head with our heart and our body with our spirit. Helping us tune into aspects we have abandoned or ignored, Time-out for Love encourages us to nurture ourselves first and feel life's fluid energy moving in us again. Tapping into an oasis of self-love is the basis of authentic generosity within healthy relationships.

Tithonia Personal Creativity

Tithonia rotundifloria; Compositae - Mexican Sunflower
Tithonia assures the strength and beauty of our creative talent, particularly when we are exploring new artistic pursuits. The essence gives us the initial confidence to stand alone, explore our attractions, and develop our skills. Fostering a vibrant potency, Tithonia ensures we do not withdraw in self-doubt nor sabotage our budding creativity by being falsely humble. Flower color: orange; Musical term: sforzando, a strong sharp accent.

Tourmaline II (Crystal Grid Kit)

Tourmaline opens the second chakra to creative influences beyond human stimulation. The essence assists people to coordinate human imagination with the magnificent radiance of the earth's pulsation.

Transitions (Life Theme Kit)

Borage, Calendula, Castor Bean, Clary Sage, Gladiola, Globe Thistle, Honeysuckle, Hollyhock, Lady's Mantle, Lady's Slipper, Lilac, Lobelia, Oriental Poppy, Oregon Grape, Annual Poppy, Purple Loosestrife, Sweet Pea, Night Essences, Perennial Mix, Raven Pink, Raven Gold
This combination supports a soul-directed process of change. Though the form this change takes may appear chaotic, our soul confidently navigates into new waters. Transition may include healing crises, relationship changes (marriage and separation are both enormous transitions), job loss or career changes, moving home, mid-life introspection, changing belief systems, and so on. In the midst of upheaval, the essence provides reassurance by helping us hear our inner wisdom. As we stay centered in the sanctuary for our heart, what needs to fall away can happen with ease, and we can be fully present to see and embrace the new. Related Chakra: Third (Solar Plexus). Characteristics: Center of personal power; ability to, with self-esteem, take action and meet responsibilities; ability to be with power rather than have power over or be over-powered by others. Related Physical Function: Template for reorganization and release within a body based on patterns found in healthy organisms.

Tuberose             Inner Direction

Polianthes tuberosa; Agavaceae
Tuberose aligns our inner compass, helping us focus our direction and actions in the future. It helps us translate external encounters with power into an experience of inner mastery. Tuberose encourages a flood of information through the third eye, our window for seeing the world from a soulful perspective. Poised and open to Source, we move into ever-finer frequencies and our expression becomes more radiantly potent. Flower color: white; Musical term: Overtones created on a violin string

Tulip                    Developmental Vibrancy

Tulipa; Liliaceae
Tulip anchors the 'new flesh' phase of a process already in development. When the initial structures are in place, Tulip affirms everything we have built and prepares us for the next step. Like the phase of decorating a new house, this is a time of vibrant expansion as new ideas and energies are integrated within the existing matrix. Flower colors: varied shades of white, red, orange, yellow, and green; Musical term: intonation

Unifier (DreamQuest Kit)

The Unifier is a shape-shifter, living at the changeable heart within all matter. She embodies wholeness and becoming by moving as pure energy does, either as a particle or a wave. Loving both who she is and what she is capable of changing into, she can be like a tree in our forest or the center-beam in our house. In her watery expression, she takes many forms: a bridge of ice, a salmon's river-home, or an engine's steam. At home with paradox, the Unifier revels in shifting realities of our world but she is not a trickster. Her mutable nature defies definition by narrow minds and hearts, she embraces the vast cosmic order and lovingly stimulates our world with that infinite reality.

Valentine's Day (Nature Series)

Primrose, Hibiscus, Honeysuckle, Lady's Slipper, Maple, Primrose, Golden Glow, Hops, Lady's Slipper, Lilac, Maltese Cross, Orange Cosmos, Oregon Grape, Tansy, Nervous system, Immune Breakdown, Raven Orange, Raven Pink, Raven Blue
As we stand in our newly-stated desires, we find an ally in the Valentine's essence for it helps us discriminate between what now longer serves us and what we must nurture and protect. By helping us gently contain what is developing, the essence supports the ongoing intensification of our desire. The Valentine's essence promotes a deep rebalancing of our internal masculine and feminine energies. As shifts in our outer relationships occur as a result of this internal re-organization, the essence helps us graciously embrace rather than manipulate the evolving elements in and around us.

Vibration — Nature's Music Essence

Co-created with composer, Wende Bartley, for a series of sound workshops in Toronto. - Clary Sage, Perennial Mix, Tithonia, Zinnia, Forget-me-not, White Climber
Vibration — Nature's Music reconnects us to the spiritual dimensions of sound as an invigorating wave of energy and knowledge. Rippling through our crown chakra, through our heart, and into our roots, this full-frequency vibration expresses itself most fully in spontaneous movement and sounding. Children experience this joyous freedom as they play with sound even before they learn to speak. Most of us lose this vocal freedom as we grow up, using our voices primarily for speech and a very limited range of other vocal expression. The essence helps us reconnect to the living source of sound and encourages our sound-making to be richly varied, free, and wholesome.

Warrior (DreamQuest Essences)

Acidanthera, Daylilies, Oregon Grape, Tuberose, Raven Pink, Perception Adjustment, Quince, Cedar
The Warrior holds a devoted allegiance to the sacred axis between heaven and earth. She is not afraid of deserts and loneliness. Fixed on righteousness, she provides leadership simply through her steadfast presence. Through disciplining the fullness of her joy, she constantly re-creates a shimmering garment of radiance. Her precisely chosen words and penetrating actions spring from her fierce loyalty to the awesome beauty of the sword. When she is with us, it is her clarity, tempered with love, that inspires.

Wayfaring Tree    Welcoming Expansion 

Viburnum Iantana: Caprifoliaceae
The Wayfaring Tree offers a spirit of welcoming hospitality. Like a bridal bouquet, it is symbolic of a new stage of life. Sometimes the essence indicates a timid, virginal readiness for inner expansion. Other times it stirs the restlessness of divine discontent, inviting us deeper into life's mysteries beyond the obvious pathways and easy solutions. Flower color: white; Musical Term: a tremolo on a kettledrum with brushes and soft mallets

White Climber (Rose Garden Kit)

Relationship: The High Priestess/Goddess. Archetype: The Chameleon Lover. Eighth Chakra: Gateway to energies beyond our current reference. Helping us access the rhythmic energies of the universe, White Climber cradles us in Love while encouraging us to feel our wings. Affirming an ongoing process of ascension throughout our lives, the essence helps us recognize our deepest longings. Honoring these desires as integral to our unique destiny, we attract the critical elements we need to manifest our dreams. Love seeks its blossoming through each one of us. The White Climber essence helps us welcome the infinite nourishment of spirit while stirring the memory of sacred, living geometry in our bodies. With this breadth of awareness and support, we soar and surrender gracefully throughout our lives.

White Lily   Beauty's Power

Oriental hybrid Lily Casa Blanca; Liliaceae
White Lily holds the key to radiant discernment through the purity and power of beauty. Gathering the energy of all the chakras, the essence moves directly through the heart. White Lily encourages us to hold opposing forces with a pure intent and heart-centered stability. When we must bear the tension of an evolving situation, within our own heart and mind or with an external situation external, White Lily gives us the strength of inner peace. Rather than doing battle with righteous conviction, White Lily serves as a flowering breastplate, helping us stand firm and clear in beauty's wisdom. Flower color: white; Musical term: A requiem mass

Whole Unto Herself Essence

Co-created with Mary Ann Moore, for the women in her Flying Mermaid writing circles. - Oriental Poppy. Katsura Rose, Sonia, Othello, Antique Pink
Whole unto Herself supports feminine maturation by reversing the feeling of being a ‘lost-little-girl in a big, bad world.' It is an antidote to insecurity, sentimentality, and faint-heartedness. During dark nights of the soul, the essence can assist you to turn momentary crises into wisdom and compassion towards yourself and others. It supports service in the world, helping you to work with others without compromising your integrity. Being whole unto yourself and of service to others is the way of the mature feminine. Our world desperately needs this wise, feminine energy.

Wind Thru Trees (Somatech Practitioner Essences)

Valentine's, Messenger of Forgiveness, White Lily Essences with Tibetan Bells
Wind ThruTrees supports a heart-centered process of growth within relationships. Within any primary relationship, there is always a necessity to be true to oneself while allowing the other to grow true to their form. Wind ThruTrees encourages the process of individuation and the full play of energies between each person. It assists individuals to hold and honor their own position of truth without defensiveness or rigidity. While each person strengthens the currents of love and joy within their own hearts, minds and bodies, the essence assists with the balancing and restructuring of the masculine and feminine psyche within each individual. This delicate inner process requires tremendous protective discrimination for the destructive fires of projection and manipulation can easily wound any relationship during times of stress and evolution. The essence assists each individual to grow at their own rate while encouraging the natural expansive possibilities to emerge within the space between both parties. As the essence releases the hurt and pain that restrict the free flow of love and forgiveness, it opens both individuals to Source and the full soul-potential of their connection.

Winter Aconite    Joy's Promise

Eranthis; Ranunculaceae
Supporting our emergence with a powerful, dedicated simplicity, Winter Aconite is one of the first spring plants to greet the sun. Its vital spark of life-energy gently stirs the serpent energy in our earth-bodies. The essence fosters joy by exciting a sense of inner sunshine. With its honeyed promise of life, we can dance joyfully in partnership with others and in sweet, solo intimacy with Source. Flower color: yellow; Musical term: high-pitched bells and bird-song

Winter Solstice — Intention (Nature Series)

Black Walnut, Campanula, Clematis, Cranesbill, Evening Primrose, Hibiscus, Honeysuckle, Lady's Slipper, Maple, Primrose, Black Walnut, Campanula, Clematis, Cranesbill, Evening Primrose
The Winter Solstice essence supports naming and honoring our true soul desires. In the quiet stillness and with clear intent, we can plant these desires into the heart of nature at the darkest time of the year. This simple action initiates a cycle of nature-supported growth in our human endeavors. When we work in partnership with nature, the seeds of our desire create living forms that are harmonious with everything in our world.

Wisdomkeeper (DreamQuest Essences)

Calendula, Clary Sage, Evening Primrose, Maple Tree, Annual Poppy, Yellow Lily, Immune System, Immunization Toxicity, Evolution, Stinging Nettle, White Climber, Cedar
With the entire world as her library, the Wisdomkeeper reaches for what she needs in any moment, confident that perfect knowledge is available to her in any living form. She magnetically draws the wisdom out of its many places through its varied disguises. The source can be the words of a beloved friend or a street-person. Messages can reveal themselves in a television drama or be coaxed from an ancient redwood tree. The Wisdomkeeper listens fully, noticing and recording the information, then carefully she distills it to its essence and with a precise imagination, lets it find its natural expression through her in word, gesture, silent thought or simple action. Once the wisdom has served its purpose, she does not hoard it, but releases it to the wind with her thanks and blessing.

Withdrawing to Reconnect

(Harmony Healing Practitioner Essences). Raven Red, Diamond & Gold, Fritillaria, Japanese Maple, Primrose, Yellow Yarrow, Air, Amethyst, Garnet, Lava
Taking time away from the busyness of our everyday worlds to open and connect with the earth through rest and body-care helps us ground and find our sense of purpose. As we withdraw and let ourselves be nourished, we rediscover our personal truth, reconnect with our joy, and remember our unique destiny. Withdrawing is not shutting down. We retreat to see more clearly, feel more deeply, and love more completely. As we let ourselves be magnetically pulled through our root chakra by the earth's fiery heart-center, the essence helps us re-establish a calm, sacred focus within our hearts and minds.


Co-created with psychotherapist, Liz Rappeport, to assist women to expand into their full potential during the different stages of menopause. Bergenia, Calla Lily, Dandelion, Fritillaria, Iris, Maple, Milkweed, Orchid, Pink Lily, Tuberose, Zinnia, Relationship, Light Body, Quince, Red Lily, Japanese Maple, Salpiglossis, Bridging, Raven Pink, Diamond & Gold, Perennial Mix
Woman-Being assists the physical and spiritual transformations that occur during menopause. This is a creatively soul-deepening time to honor our dreams and re-vision our lives. It can be quietly liberating, as energy used to nurture others is free to find new forms of expression. Woman-Being supports leadership, the exploration of new frequencies of love, and the ongoing integration of masculine and feminine energies.

Woman Who Heals (Somatech Practitioner Essences)

Lady's Slipper, Healer, Whole Unto Herself Essences with Voice and Crystal Bowl
Woman Who Heals offers balance and perspective during times of stress, loneliness, illness, and loss of identity. At times, many women feel overwhelmed with care-taking responsibilities. They can easily lose a sense of their own needs and desires and forget to nurture themselves. The essence will help them to feel their worth and value separate from their roles in family and society. It will help them to find their own ‘home-center' so that they can reconnect with their natural creative abundance, and thus nurture themselves and others from a place of wholeness. The essence affirms the feminine qualities of heart-centered wisdom, helping one to turn one's wounds into ‘good medicine' for the whole. During times of expansion or challenging transitions, the essence will assist women to trust their intuition and experience while accessing their unique gifts and strengths. As each woman heals her own heart, she becomes a healer within her family and community through the gifts of her experience, wisdom and generosity. * The essence helps men when they are feeling overwhelmed or victimized by life circumstances to access the strength of their heart's wisdom and express themselves with balanced clarity.

Yellow Lily  Ruthless

Vision - Asiatic Lily 'Yellow Brushmark'; Liliaceae
Yellow Lily supports the appropriate ruthlessness that helps us cut away and develops within us a keener awareness for what we do need. The essence fosters the inner sturdiness required to quietly retreat and review our worlds with piercing clarity. During times of major transitions Yellow Lily helps us dwell resourcefully with the paradox of change. Flower color: yellow with brown spots, clear yellow; Musical term: a Paganini violin solo.

Yellow Yarrow  Mothering Self

Achillea filipendulina; Compositae
Yellow Yarrow supports us during those vulnerable times when we reach a new plateau and are trembling with uncertainty. Stabilizing the ground beneath our feet and boosting our assurance that the current expansion is completely attainable, the essence encourages us to mother ourselves, Grounding our roots firmly in the reality of the present moment, Yellow Yarrow soothes our nervous worry and panic. With this support, we can use our energy for consolidation and forward movement. Flower Color: yellow; Musical term: recapitulation, a repetition of the theme in a modified way

Zebra Mallow  Chakra Tempo

Malva sylvestris 'zebrina'; Malvaceae
Stimulating the spin of the chakras, Zebra Mallow quickens our entire life force. Strongly spinning chakras increase the flow of energy through the meridians to rejuvenate all the body-systems. By stimulating a strong, stable heart-pulse and the vigorous movement of blood through the body, Zebra Mallow allows greater love and compassion to flow through us, for ourselves and the world around us. Flower color: pink with purple veins rising from the throat; Musical term: reverberation

Zinnia  Quantum Creativity

Zinnia elegans; Compositae - Youth and age
Zinnia encourages the adult spontaneity needed for a mature creative expression. It inspires the playfully focused genius that Einstein used with concepts, Picasso with paint, and Pythagoras with sound. Zinnia's fertile earthiness assures us emotional satisfaction is right at hand. Dispelling the clouds of inferiority and limitation, it gives us keys into the creativity of the quantum universe that help us activate our true genius. Flower color: red, pink, yellow, and orange; Musical Term: rondo, allegro (lively piece with a returning theme).


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