Fiori Kauai - Kuai Flower Essences

Riportiamo in inglese (in attesa di traduzione in italiano) le descrizioni dei 102 Fiori Kauai.

1. AFRICAN TULIP (Spathodea campanulata)

Liberates one from effects from past-life associations with dark beings, dissolving the toxic effects in the astral which cause fears, heaviness, and lack of peace in this life. Prolonged use required.

2. ALOE VERA (Aloe Vera)(Haw. Panini-awa'awa)

Revitalizes etheric body and nervous system. Closes holes in the aura from burn out and psychotropic drugs.

3. ALULA (Brighamia insignis)

Helps people who are very closed to come out. For people who are ashamed to show their faces. For opening to a higher spiritual level with a strong base. Provides a bridge for autistic children to integrate into this dimension.

4. AMARYLLIS-BARBADOS LILLY (Hippeastrum vittatum)

Strengthens and clears our emotional selves, so we can cope much better with whatever comes at us. Helps resist becoming the "victim" or "servant" of those who seek to have power over us. Resolves "angst" and disharmony towards peace and clearer wisdom.

5. ANGELS TRUMPET (Haw. Nana-honu)

For soul level guidance from angels. Clarity of intellectual functions and enhances visions. Spiritual surrender.

6. AVOCADO (Persea americana)

Overcomes fear of being touched and allows greater pleasure from touch.

7. AYAHUASCA VINE (Banisteriopsis Caapi)

For those wishing to make a greater and more accurate contact with the spirit world.  Quiets the action of the ego so the soul can work more actively.

8. BANANA (Musa saprentum) (Haw. Mai'a)

Balances the sexual energy of men to reduce excessive sexual energy and increase sexual drive if it is too weak.

9. BANANA POKA (Passiflora mollissina)

Balances and rejuvenates male sex drive. Improves the physical action of the penis in sexual intercourse.

10. BASIL (Ocimum basilicum)

Good for bickering couples. Facilitates negotiation and helps get to the point in emotional issues. Relieves polarized sexual issues.

11. BEACH HELIOTROPE (Messerschmidia)

For breathing problems and sadness caused by excessive crying and grief in children to restore well being, calmness and strength. Also effective for resolving inner child issue.

12. BIRD OF PARADISE (Strelitzia reginae)

Enhances the ability to fly free and independently. Assists individuals in moving towards self-empowerment.

13. BOUGAINVILLEA (B. spectabilis, var. lateritia)

For those who are experiencing anxiety  from the effects of a left brain, male dominated society. Restores awareness of magfic. Restore vision of one's higher spiritual path.

14. CANNA LILY (C. indica)

Heals the heart center in people who have been attacked, abused, or traumatized in a relationship.  Helps overcome hard-heartedness and desire for revenge.  Heals damage to the heart center from abuses in past lifetimes as well.

15. CANAVALIA (Canavalia maritima)

This essence gets people back on track and in touch with their higher self.  Helpful in situations where inner light may be diminished as a result of frustration or being off balance.  Enhances astral body invigorating the glow of aura and restores inner certainty about one's role in life.

16. CASTOR BEAN (Ricinus communis L.)(Haw. La'au'-aila)

Calming and strengthening for women with deep fears and anxieties.

17. CATS CLAW (C. sepiaria)

Helps detox from drugs and allopathic medicines. Treats overdose and poisoning from these kind of drugs and helps overcome the addiction. It dissolves certain toxins in our Etheric bodies, restoring energy flow and equilibrium. Should be taken with chemotherapy.

18. CHRISTMAS BERRRY (Schinus terebinthfolius)

For recuperating from alcohol hangovers and also for effects of MDMA. Aids changing patterns of alcohol or Ecstacy dependency.

19. COCONUT (Cocos nucifera)(Haw. Niu)

Realigns psychological imbalances and confusion about sexuality.

20. COMFREY (Symphytum peregrinum)

Helps release tension in the nervous system and subconscious. Enhances telepathic and mental abilites.

21. CORN (Zea mays)

Assists urban dwellers to hold spiritual contact with the Earth. Bridges experience, understanding and action.

22. COTTON (Hawaiian)(Gossypium barbadense)

Releases the fear from the solar plexus that prevents us from getting on with life.

23. COSMOS (Cosmos bipinnatus)

Calming for integration of clear thoughts and ideas into speech.

24. CUP OF GOLD (Solanra hartwegii)

Brings divine warmth and humility, allowing one to share in a more open, loving and real way.

25. DAHLIA (D. pinnata Cav.)

Activates emotional resiliency and stamina during extreme emotional stress, leading to optimism.

26. DANDELION (Taaraxacum officiale)

Relaxant and reliever of tensions in the body.

27. DIVINER'S SAGE (Salvia Divinorum)

A healing remedy for sight and smell.  Enhances eyesight and sense of smell.  Effective in weak-willed people who need more potency and strength in their lives. Also can help healers to detect fear related problems.

28. FALSE LILAC (Tibouchina semidecandra)

Cleanser of the will and dissolves energy blocking personal power.

29. GARDENIA (Ervatamia divaricata)

Creates feeling of compassion and peace. Attunement after a recent shift in consciousness.

30. GERANIUM (G. cuneatum, var. tridens)

Helps to understandstand, balance and heal past relationships.

31. GLORY BOWER (Clerodendrum)

Enhances many spiritual practices, where we connect with Spirit Guides. Improves the work that Healers and Shamans do, in that enhances the connection between Spiritual Guides and the Physical/Etheric bodies of a person. Gives practitioner greater powers of spiritual connection.

32. GLORY BUSH (Tibouchina urvilleana)

Relaxes fears for people with past life cruelty in group situations. Relaxant for most people.

33. GOLDEN AMARYNTH (Amaranthus spious)

Boosts the immune system to repel viral infections connected with the solar plexus and intestinal areas.

34. GOMPHRENA(Bozo) (gomphrena globosa)

Diplomat's essence. An adaptational essence for those going into another country or culture to attune to the native peoples.

35. HAHA (Dilessia Rhytidosperma)

It brings about an openness and an innocence to our relationships, cleansing away the effects of past conflicts and pain.  It gently releases blocked emotions and clears the mind of "poisoned" or hostile thoughts towards another.

36. HAOLE KOA (Leucaena latisiliqua)

Dissolves negative conditioned attitudes about sex and revitalizes the flow of sexual energies.

37. HAU (H. tiliaceus)

For ease in stressful situations. General relaxant.

38. HELICONIA (H. mairiae)

Helps assimilate ideas and making changes. Enhances brain function.

39. HIBISCUS (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis)

Frees sexual energy blocks in women.

40. HILA HILA (Mimosa pudica L.)

Transformational essence that returns wholeness to the mind overcoming it's toxicity from derogatory thoughts from others.

41. IMPATIENS (Imatiens gladulifera)

Restores patience and tolerance.

42. KALAMONA (Senna surattensis)

A healing remedy for people with hearing problems or insensitivity to noise. Can restore hearing from various stages of deafness. Long term problems require use of essence for sometime.

43. KOU (Cordia subcordata)

Stimulates clairvoyance abilities and clarity of perception.

44. KUKUI (Aleurites moluccana)

Enhances calmness and understanding for the emotions.

45. LANTANA (Lantana camara L.)

Harmonizes conflicting emotions for the release of sadness and pain through tears.

46. LEHUA (Metrosideros collina)

Increases female sexual energy and self esteem restoring balance and enjoyment.

47. LEMON (Citrus limon)

Invigorates the mental body and meridians.

48. LIMA BEAN (Phaseolus limensis)

For grounding one's energy and connecting to the earth.

49. LIME (Citrus aurantiiflia)

Attunes consciousness to higher self. Opens 6th & 7th chakras.

50. LOTUS (Nelumbo nuciera)

Master healer. Balances all chakras. Accelerates enlightenment process. Balances spiritual ego.

51. MACADEMIA (Macadamia integrifolia)

Helps overcome the deep negative reactive patterns that are the result of being dominated by others.

52. MANGO (Mangifera indica)

Universal tonic. Stimulates telepathy. Energizes.

53. MARIGOLD (T. erecta L.)

Enhances the experience of joy of life in a physical body.

54. MOCK ORANGE (Murraya exotica)

Energizes and resensitizes nervous system after overwork, stress, trauma or as a general pick me up.

55. MORNING GLORY  (Ipomea purpurea)

Helps overcome nicotine and opiate adictions. Revitalizes the nervous system. Hangover remedy.

56. MUNROIDENDRON (Munroidendron racemosum)

Opens the heart, especially for men. Relieves the tension from mental stress. Provides strenght and support, allowing for the practical wisdom to be who you are while in your body. Helps sleep and meditation.

57. NAIO (Myoporum sandwicnse)

For those who want to lose weight but can't overcome the addiction to the pleasure of eating.

58. NASTURTIUM (Tropaeolum majus)

Eases nervousness and obsessive behavior. Increases vitality.

59. NAUPAKA-KUAHIWI & KAHAKAI (Scaevola gaudichaudiana)

Heals mental negativity for those attached to earthly power.

60. NICOTIANA (Nicotiana alata)

For deadened emotions and feelings. Connects them to Mother Earth for emotional wholeness.

61. NONI (Morinda citrifolia) 

Strengthens health and emotions for pregnancy and childbirth.

62. OLEANDER (Nerium oleander)

For deeply buried emotion problems causing withdrawal.

63. ORANGE (Citrus sinensia)

Restores clarity and calmness to highly charge emotional states. Releases deep subconscious tensions.

64. ORCHID (Epidendrum X obrrenianum)

Dream clarification Balances emotions in extreme stress.

65. ORCHID TREE (Bauhinia Variegata)

Helps people who are repressed by social conformity and rigid expectations to be free, creative and to be themselves. A liberating essence to help us to overcome social stereotypes and oppression from conformists within society. For those who want to be creative but have closed down their creative abilities, helps them to discover those abilities again. Activates and opens the heart charka, which is our true creative center.

66. PAKA LANA (Telosma cordata)

High spiritual essence working on the Highest vibrations with the Self to restore the clear direction of the inner Light.

67. PAPAYA (Carica papaya)

Greater insight into denied male and female in a person. Enhances clarity in couple relationships.

68. PAPYRUS (Cyperus papyrus)

Improves communication and negotiation skills. Adds flexibility in pursuit of higher goals.

69. PASSION FLOWER (Passiflora)

Christ consciousness. Promotes deeper spiritual confidence.

70. PINEAPPLE (Ananas comosus)

Chakra opening and amplification. Cleanses meridians.

71. PLUMERIA (Plumeria acuminata P. acutiflia)(Haw. Pua melia)

Brings awareness of family roots. Restores spiritual integrity for native peoples.

72. POHA (Physalis peruviana)

A learning enhancer for children who have had negative relationships within family or friends.

73. POINTSETTIA (Euphoria pulcherrima)

Opens 1st chakra & balances lower chakra energy to move up.

74. PUA KENIKENI (Fagraea berteriana)

Eases attachment and craving for physical pleasure and marijuana.

75. RAIN TREE (Samanea Saman)

A specialist healing essence for those who have suffered black magic and satanic abuse in past lives, where they were mind-controlled, and as a result live in a mental prison in this life. Heals the astral body to alleviate the shadow of terror, fear or anxiety which constantly lurks in the consciousness.

76. RED GINGER (Alinia purpurata)

Union of male/female into highest aspects.

77. ROSEMARY (Rosmarinus L.)

Balances emotional body. Inspires creativity. Brings inner peace.

78. SHOWER TREE (C. grandis)

A peacemaking essence between people of different cultures and languages by alleviating fear and suspicion, thus dissolving blocks.

79. SILVER OAK (Grevillea Robusta)

Helps old people and others who easily get anxious or fearful about things they don't understand. Helps heal old fears and phobias, bringing mental activation and fresh interests, hobbies and occupations.

80. SNAPDRAGON (Antirrhinum majus)

Aids speech problems. For jaw, mouth and TMJ disorders from prolonged verbal aggression and hostility.

81. SPIDERLILY (Hymenocallis littoralis)

Dissolves negative attitudes about women in men.


Clarifies issues of a man's sexual compatibility and suitability with a particular woman and allows Higher will and destiny to have control.

83. STAR FRUIT (Averrhoa Carambola)

Brings hope, positive action and emotional upliftment. Helps to dispel doubts and fears about the future. Brings hope and real optimism for positive transformation and change.

84. STEPHANOTIS (Stephanotis floribunda)

A deepening, strengthening essence for commitment in a marriage or close partnership. Clears the will from the confusion of other sexual temptations. Heals disharmonies coming from "inappropriate" sexual actions and relationships.

85. STRAWBERRY (Fragaria chiloensis)

Stimulates visions and eases mental rigidity.

86. SUGAR CANE (Saccharum)

For sudden mood swings, lethargy and depression.

87. SUNFLOWER (Helianthus annuus L.)

Tempers and spiritualizes the male ego for balanced sense of individuality.

88. SWEET POTATO (Ipomomea batatas)(Haw. Uala)

Assists healing of young children from trauma or accident.

89. THYME (Thymus vulgaris)

Amplifies effects of other flower essences. Speeds up time flow.

90. TI (Cordyline terminalis)

For lifting a spell or curse. Eliminating astral possession.

91. TOMATO (Lycopersicon)

Opens base chakra. Assists body in cleansing cause of infection or disease.

92. UMBRELLA (OCTOPUS) TREE (Brassaia actinophylla)

Brings healing to the mind and peace to the emotions, so anger and violence is dissolved. For mental illness which blocks the normal flow of mental energy, where these mental blocks synergistically produce emotional tension blocks in our emotional bodies. These blocks can be produced by severe repression of a very sensitive sort of person, so they lose the ability to express themselves normally, giving rise to a form of mental illness in which a person builds up a lot of anger and emotional tension within themselves that can be expressed in sudden, violent outbursts which can be very frightening.

93. VERVAIN (Verbenaceae)

Relaxes nervous stress or tension. Aids sleeping. Promotes balance.

94. WATER HYACINTH (Eichhornia crassipes)

Cleanser of the emotions to lift depression, fear, and heaviness. Good for winter blues or lack of sun.

95. WATERLILY DAY (Nymphaea)

Enrich the exciting and erotic aspects lovemaking.

96. WEDELIA (Wedelia trilobata)

Heals and integrates our psyche, helping people with a "split" between their "inner" reality and "outer" realities, ex. schizophrenia. These integration and coordination problems can be deep seated, so prolonged use of essence is required.

97. WOMAN'S TONGUE (SIRIS TREE) (Albizia Lebeck)

For introverted, insecure and shy people, to help them communicate easily with other people. For people who feel stuck in their own world and who long to speak easily with others, this essence will bring great wellbeing, and the ability to express themselves effortlessly. An excellent essence for stammerers, this helps us to speak harmoniously without stress and fear. Helps to stop stammering completely in the longterm.

98. WOOD ROSE (Ipomoea tuberosa)

De-stresses and relaxes nervous tension from over-work and fear.

99. YELLOW GINGER (Heychium flavum)(Haw. Awapuhi-melemele)

Aligns physical and astral bodies, releasing subconcious agitating issues. Aids sleeping.


Brings soft tranquil ease. Creates true tantric 2nd and 4th chakra connection. Allows for acceptance of space and individual identities within a relationship.

101. YUCCA (Yucca gloriosa)

A sexual energy balancer for men. Helps dissolve sexual energy frustrations so they can be used in a harmonious, loving way. Helps sexually overactive and under active men.

102. ZINNIA (Z. elegans)

Restores playfulness and contact with inner child. Uplifts out look on life



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