Fiori Tedeschi - Horus Flower Essences

Fiori Tedeschi

Riportiamo di seguito l'elenco dei Fiori Tedeschi in Inglese.

Essenze per le donne in cinta

Since the early 1990s we have been researching the most effective use of flower essences during pregnancy and childbirth. The research project involved more than 100 midwives, who did most of the work.  Although we appreciate all the help and efforts of modern medicine in this field, we are also convinced that the vibrational assistance of flower essences can help to decrease the use of medications, which sometimes have damaging side effects, and can cause unneeded surgery. What we want is to help pregnant women to get in touch with their own needs and follow their own instincts. Our own position is that of helpers who only support them in this process. Medical help is sometimes necessary and advised in many situations. Horus Flower Essences help women to gain back their inner balance in this very emotional time in their lifes, and helps to support them to make decisions that are right for themselves and for their new babies.

Apfel - Apple: For weary, lethargic and ponderous people, heightens motivation, assists in physical and mental energy, helps one to see and feel ones body as lighter and more beautiful during pregnancy and after birth; helpful in times of hormonal changes.

Birne - Pear: Gives inner peace in situations in which you are afraid of losing control. Gives internal calmness. Consoling, maternal essence. Essence for worry. Helps with breast-feeding.

Borretsch - Borage: Brings courage and confidence in situations where there is a tendency towards depression, a feeling of feebleness and hopelessness; helps to lighten up energy in case of complications or problems during pregnancy; facilitates true mourning and supports one through trying times.

Bougainvillea: Helps one to feel the inner child, reconciliation with inner child, acceptance of inner child. Gives safety, security and confidence. Helps one to be able to think and feel like a child again; brings contact to the unborn child; helpful in cases of breech position.

Doldiger Milchstern - Star of Bethlehem: In cases of shock, terror or trauma, this essences soothes and softens the after effects; helpful to achieve wholeness and integration of all parts of the personality and of all experiences; helps with the trauma of birth.

Drüsentragendes Springkraut - Indian Balsam: Brings inner calmness if you tend to feel pushed and hurried, or if you are quick-tempered because of impatience; useful in cases of impending premature birth.

Echtes Springkraut - Touch-Me-Not Balsam: Recognize ones true value, being able to receive and accept praise; lose mistrust and experience confidence; being able to allow closeness; strengthens self-esteem; being able to experience touch and to have confidence in ones own body.

Granatapfel - Pomegranate: Helps to accept and live out the female part of the personality. Gives self-confidence in ones own feminine energy during pregnancy and in birth. In case of an identity crisis helpful for women as well as for men.

Johanniskraut - St. John's Wort: For cases of nagging uncertainty, anxiety about future, insecurity, shyness, fear of the new and unknown, tendency to confusion, lack of self-confidence; makes you trust in the future and believe in a good ending of all things; useful for problems of communication in a partnership.

Kiefer - Pine: For people who push themselves towards 100% perfection and react with guilt and shame if this is not achieved; facilitates forgiving ones own imperfection, helpful for those who need to forgive themselves.

Kirsche - Cherry: Helps to get back into action again, when life is bringing you down. Use when downhearted to bring light-heartedness and enthusiasm back into life. Give in cases of long lasting birth processes, when the woman gets dispondent and does not have the energy to cooperate any longer.

Kleine Braunelle - Self-Heal: Helps one to accept ones faults and failures; helps to stimulate self-healing forces; improves the bodys utilisation of food in the body during pregnancy and helps to boost the immune system.

Löwenzahn - Dandelion: Helps to let go of emotional tension which is kept in the muscular system; realization and understanding of ones intuition and instincts, to honour them instead of holding them back; helpful during the last stages of birth to let go of the baby.

Quitte - Quince: Balances polarities to realize, respect and live up to ones strengths as well as ones weaknesses; no longer holding on right or wrong but accepting their reality; helps one to find ones own rhythm in order to avoid extreme reactions (like the end of a spastic labour).

Rosmarin - Rosemary: Useful when facing conflicts. Assists one to stand up for oneself by finding the voice and courage to fight appropriately; brings concentration of energy, especially in cases of acute powerlessness as in fainting or nausea.

Schmalblättriges Weidenröschen - Willow Rose: Heals wounding of the soul; brings confidence in ones own positive development, having the courage to start something new; breaks isolation, heals the unconscious, heals wounding of women and ones femininity, especially injuries from birth.

Sonnenblume - Sunflower: Helps to evolve and liven up masculine energy, assert oneself, show encouragement, strength and responsibility for oneself; for identity crisis in men and women, new fathers and mothers.

Stechpalme - Holly: Calms negative emotional reactions like jealousy, anger, rage, fury as well as inflammatory reactions on the physical level.

Strahlenlose Kamille - Camomile: Brings calmness, safety and orientation; brings composure and consolation in apparently hopeless situations; realization of ones own limits and potential; gets one in touch with ones own body; helpful for the motor co-ordination of the body: useful in the bonding of mother and child.

Weiße Schafgarbe - White Yarrow: Shelter and safety in spite of unfavourable circumstances. Protects one against stress, bright lights, loud noises, hectic background, radiation etc., eases transition through changes.

Blütenhilfe - Emergency Trauma Essence: Combination of Pear, Star of Bethlehem, Rosemary, Willow Rose and White Yarrow for all psychic and emotional emergencies.

Essenze per i bambini

These essences accompagny and support the essences for pregnancy and childbirth. They are designed to help our beloved children to both master and enjoy their childhood.

Bougainvillea – Bougainvillea sp.

supports phantasy and dreaming and help to discover all the miracles around us in our everyday life; for children who forgot how to dream and enjoy creativity, especially when their life is hard and boring

Blackberry – Rubus fruticosus

learn to understand what you see with your eyes; gain a complete picture from all the details; see what lies underneath the surface

Touch-Me-Not Balsam – Impatiens noli-tangere

for safety and security; good for abused children, who cannot trust anyone

Bell Heather – Erica tetralix

stand on your own feet; overcome the feeling of being abandonnened; supports the outsiders, who may somehow look different or speak a foreign language or cannot join the group for any reason

Cherry – Prunus avium

brings back one's ability to laugh and enjoy oneself; good when a child suffers from a long-term disease; for children, who have to work or who are handicapped and therefore lost their zest for life

Little Primrose – Oenothera parviflora

for all those, who are often scared; for children with too much phantasy who are afraid of everything in the shadow, under the bed, in the cellar ...

Calendula – Calendula officinalis

helps to listen carefully and express oneself clearly; understand the meaning of what is said, not just the words

Holly– Ilex acquifolium

good when children suffer from regular tantrums; also good for jealous children, who hate their brothers and sisters

Pineapple Weed - Matricaria discoidea

teaches how to learn easily; develop and integrate new skills, trust in one's body

Clematis – Clematis vitalba

grounding for the daydreamers, good for children who are unaware and accident prone

Chicory – Cichorium intybus

independence for those who stick to their mother's side, learn how to love without chains

Amble Willowrose – Epilobium hirsutum

heals the injured children, especially good when the parents expect their children to work much and give them too much responsibility, e.g. when one parent went away and the child shall fill the gap

Essenze Archetipiche

Granatapfel - Pomegranate

Anima, the inner female. Aphrodite.

Sonnenblume - Sunflower

Animus, the inner male - and father (in combination with Spruce). Zeus.

Birne - Pear

The mother within. Demeter.

Birke - Birch

The grandmother within. The wise old woman.

Fichte - Spruce

The grandfather within. The wise old man.


The inner child: marvel and magic. The poet.

Echtes Springkraut - Touch-Me-Not- Balsam

The inner child: innocence and trust. Simplicity.

Kirsche - Cherry

The inner child: fun, joy and happiness. Falling in love.

Beifuß - Mugwort

The elder sister, strengthens the awakening of the inner female forces. Artemis.

Johanniskraut - Saint Johns Wort

The elder brother, strengthens the awakening of the inner male forces. Apollo.

Schmalblättriges Weidenröschen - Willowrose

The healer of the inner female.

Breitblättriges Knabenkraut - Broad-leaved Orchid

The healer of the inner male.

Glockenheide - Bellheather

The abandonned. Helps to overcome the feeling of being all alone in the world. The outsider.

Kiefer - Pine

The abandonned, Helps to overcome feelings of guilt, that say that you have deserved being all alone. Redemption.

Odermennig - Agrimony

The abandonned. Helps to overcome the necessity to deny your desperate feelings by wearing masks. Honesty.

Bergflockenblume - Perennial Cornflower

The pilgrim, who discovers his senses, sensuality and sexuality, learns to enjoy his body and sexuality. Good in cases of abuse.

Strahlenlose Kamille - Pineapple Weed

The pilgrim, who learns to use his skills and talents. He grows with his growing tasks. Adaptability.

Heidekraut - Heather

The big shift in perspective, the attention is no longer focused on oneself, one learns to turn to others, to listen to others needs and perspective.

Quitte - Quince

The female warrior, who makes use of rather smartness, intuition and tratagem than muscular strength. Centredness.

Rosmarin - Rosemary

The male warrior, who concentrates his complete power for the battle. The knock out hit.

Wegwarte - Chicory

The martyr, who gathers strength from giving and sacrifice. Unselfishness.

Eiche - Oak

The martyr, who knows how to keep his energy in order to endure.

Magnolie - Magnolia

The magician, who strives for enlightenment.

Große Nachtkerze - Evening Primrose

The magician, who is ready to inspect his own dark side.

Blutbuche - Copper Beech

Death, void, nothing - learn to handle the unspeakable and inconceivability. Face death, accompagny the dying.

Borretsch - Borage

The mourner. Learn how to face loss and death, to feel and express sadness.

Drüsentragendes Springkraut - Indian Balsam

The warrior at inner peace, waiting patiently for the right moment to act.

Kleines Knabenkraut - Little Orchid

The inner artist.

Linde - Lime

The home. For people who feel alienated and never feel welcome anywhere.. Hestia, the Goddess of the Hearth and Temple.

Lungenblümchen - Lungwort

The joker, who always finds an unexpected solution or escape. The flash of genius.

Rosa Schafgarbe - Pink Yarrow

The heroine, who is able to protect herself.

Salbei - Sage

The pure, wild and untamed within oneself.

Weiße Schafgarbe - White Yarrow

The hero, who is able to protect himself.

Zottiges Weidenröschen - Amble Willowrose

The healer of the inner child.

Essenze Sciamaniche

Shamanism is nothing but a very old holistic healing art. Medicinemen from North America make the very same use of it as Europes healers, priests, witches and shamen did in ancient times known as the stoneage. Shamanism works in a holistic way, because it cares for the entire person in a psychological and medical as well as in a pastoral and spiritual sense. Shamans work with head, hands, heart and deep respect of their patients. They use methods, that one would assign the conversation psychotherapy today, physical practices and dances, relaxation techniques, rituals and trance. They help their clients to find the way back into their centre and regain their inner balance. Europe and her peoples experienced many fundamental changes of cultural and social values during the millenniums: from matriarchy to the male dominated society, from natural religions to christianity etc. The heir of the medicine men and -womens wisdom was step by step destroyed. Today we have very little evidence of tools, rituals and methods of ancient shamen, and how could we? There is nothing written in times of illiteracy. So all written records date much later and should be enjoyed with some caution. And yet fragments have lasted in fairy tales, stories and legends, and the one, who is able to read between the lines, will certainly discover a touch of old knowledge, often changed, shortened and manipulated but yet noticeably available. The essences contained in the Shamanic Tool Kit are prepared at special places, where the energy is legendary and has made the place a power spot since ancient times. We chose plants of which we know they or closely related species were used for shamanic purposes (unfortunately botanical plant names do not belong to the little historical material delivered). Anyway we researched their effects and now we are ready to present them in public.

Baldrian -Valerian

Pure instinct. Simply sense the right direction, the right solution.

Beifuss – Mugwort

The forces of the moon. In harmony with nature, self-assured even when all alone, autonomous.

Grosse Nachtkerze - Evening Primrose

Watch your shadow. Able to look into the abyss, bring light in the darkness.

Lauchkraut - Garlic Mustard

Help the healing. Display your weak point outward.

Lungenblümchen – Lungwort

The messenger. No more borders and limitations.

Roter Mohn - Red Poppy

The visionary. The path into the future.

Salbei – Sage

The origin of all. Be yourself, tap into the wild and untamed in yourself.

Schwarzer Holunder – Elder

Cross your threshold. Courage for a new reality.

Strahlenlose Kamille - Pineapple Weed

Join the dance of the wild. Focus the strength of earth and moon in one's feet.

Wermut – Sagebrush

Nothing but the truth. Be true to others and yourself, authenticity

Wiesenschaumkraut - Lady's Smock

Old wisdom. Understand from where one comes.

Fiori per Danzatori

Your joy of life; your body consciousness; your self-worth. The energy of flowers can be extracted and transferred into water, which is then called a flower essence. Flower essences can be taken orally or applied externally e.g. with a massage. Dancing awakens your joy of life and enhances your flexibility mentally as well as physically. Essences for dancers help you feel physically safe and secure, enjoy your moving and reach a new spiritual level. Horus flower essences for dancing are for all those, who want to increase their vitality, body consciousness and energy while moving into trance dance. Dancing enhances the effects of flower essences while flower essences deepen the spiritual experience. The combination of both make trance dance unforgettable.

Löwenzahn – Dandelion

Grounding and stability while your muscles stay relaxed; massage into the soles.

Strahlenlose Kamille - Pineapple Weed

Coodinates your movements, feel safe and secure when dancing, stay on your feet even when your eyes are closed; put a drop on your head.

Granatapfel – Pomegranate

Enhances your feminity, gentle movement; put a drope on the basis chakra.

Sonnenblume – Sunflower

Enhances your masculinity, passionate movement; put a drop on your solar plexus chakra.

Quitte – Quince

Feel safe even when your inner forces seem to push you in different directions; put a drop on your sex chakra.


Enhances our playfullness and inner poet; put a drop on your forehead..

Magnolie – Magnolia

Feel peace and stillness in your heart, put a drop on your heart chakra.

Le Nuove Essenze

These are our research essences. We already have an idea of what they are about, however there certainly is much more to discover. We appreciate feedback vers much and offer free essences for case studies, meditations, new ideas about applications and so on and look forward to hearing from you.

Ackerkratzdistel - Creeping Thistle

Enables cooperation.

Ackerveilchen - Wild Pansy

A cool breeze in a stressful environment.

Ahornknospe - Maple Bud

Energizer, dissolves inner blockages

Bärenklau – Hogweed

balances materialism and spirituality; helps to recognize errors and illusions.

Beinwell – Comfrey

Throw off your burdens.

Bergahorn – Sycamore

Stay cool when facing the crash.

Blaue Lupine - Blue Lupin

Keep the general view.


overview, clarity, inner stillness, teaches to see with the heart.

Buschwindröschen - Wood Anemone

teaches to see without inner distortion; find karmic patterns und solve the issues

Eibisch - Marsh Mallow

No more inner limitations; grow beyond your expectations.

Engelstrompete - Angel's Trumpet

open yourself to higher sources and influences; let go off all resistance; go with the flow of life.

Gamander-Ehrenpreis - Germander Speedwell

teaches how to coopertaes; good for persons who use their ellbows to dominate.

Gundermann - Ground Ivy

Openness, directness, responsibility, selfconfidence

Haselnuss – Hazel

Discover yourself.

Klatschmohn – Poppy

Opens your heart, strengthens the inner female.

Kugeldistel – Globethistle

Be one.

Lanzett-Kratzdistel - Spear-Thistle

teaches to forgive oneself and others. Self-determination and humilty.

Lavendel – Lavender

Clarity of view, freedom, relaxation.

Mädesüß – Meadowsweet

Learn to be able to accept gifts from others and make presents without selfishness.

Pfefferminze – Peppermint

Mental clarity, instant understanding; helps to learn.

Rainfarn – Tansy

Overcome apathy, lethargy and sluggishness

Rote Taubnessel - Lamium purpureum

Helps you to get your personal relationships in order.

Roter Fingerhut – Foxglove

Frees one's heart from any sufferings; makes you think with your heart.

Roter Steinbrech - Purple Saxifrage

Helps one open one's closed and blocked heart, survival-essence

Schlangenknöterich – Bistort

helps to focus on one main issue, before trying to solve the next problem; helps to let go off old stories and quarrelings and all the nagging staff from the past.

Schlüsselblume – Oxlip

strengthens when one has poor self-esteem and always considers oneself to be ugly, stupid and lacking any skills; the key to one's inner ressources.

Schneeball - Guelder Rose

Be your own master.

Schneeglöckchen – Snowdrop

see the light at the ennd of the tunnel; uplifts after long lasting periods of fear and depression and illness.

Sumpfdotterblume - Marsh-Marigold

helps to find the source of strength and power within oneself; helps to find one's real path in life.

Tagetes – Marigold

joy of life, friendship, cooperation, solidarity.

Sumpfschafgarbe - Sneezewort

Safety on one's journey through life, protection and guidance.

Tomate – Tomato

access the inner warrior, be able to fight, never be discouraged again.

Vergissmeinnicht - Forget-Me-Not

understand current and karmic relationships, their patterns and your present role within your love-affair, family, society...

Weicher Storchenschnabel - Dove's-foot Crane's-bill

focus on major issues, increases one's learning abilities.

Weiße Taubnessel - White Deadnettle

Discover the meaning of serving.

Weißer Klee - White Clover

accept, what you cannot influence, change what you can influence - and stay confident and optimistic with both cases.

Zaunwinde - Great Bindweed

helps to let go off old habits and addictions and be able to take new challenges in life.

Zweigriffliger Weißdorn - Midland Hawthorn

Delight, pleasure, sensuality.



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