New Millennium Flower Essences

Abundance Plum

To encourage the energy of abundance in one's life. Experiencing a severe sense of lack in one's life. For people who believe they do not have the ability to create a rich life full of love.

Abundance Cabbage Tree

Holding the truth of prosperity. Releasing the blocks that prevent us from totally knowing that we have eternal access to Divine Abundance. (Like - there is nothing to want, we already have it.)

Addictions Yellow Canna Lily

To help break the energy of the addictive process. For all process addictions. (Including gambling, relationship, sex, workaholism). Also for the psychological component of addiction to prescription medicines.

Addiction Healing Pink Manuka

To help the integration and opening of the thymus chakra. For people with addictions, that part of the person will not be open. ie. This essence supports the healing from addiction.

Adult-hood Small Red Dahlia

It's time to grow up into adult-hood. An essence to assist in the process of transforming oneself from the state of childhood (especially emotional and spiritual childhood) that all of humanity is stuck in. “It is time to finally grow up”.

Anger Spiraea japonica

“Latin temperament”..... to balance and be in command of one’s temper. Like the Aires energy, that blows, subsides, and all is forgotten.

Anger, hidden under Love Lacecap Hydrangea

To access one's anger..... hidden beneath the mask of love. For people who are disconnected from their anger..... Breaks the fear barrier, and crosses the bridge to honest ownership.

Apathy and Tiredness Helichrysum

Feeling apathy and gloom (not depression). Like in a fog - life force starting to close down. Lifts one up, with a capacity to enjoy opening up to life.

Arnica Marguerite Daisy

The flower essence equivalent of homoeopathic Arnica. For bruising, sprains, bleeding, body trauma, emotional trauma, shock, etc.

Arnica Equivalent Super-Essence (Marguerite Daisy, Typhoon Rose, Potato Vine, White Aster)

Arnica is probably the most widely-used of all the homeopathic remedies. It is specific for all types of shock, trauma, etc, and is successfully used for this by millions of people. This Super-Essence provides us with a flower-essence equivalent to homeopathic arnica. Affirmation: My body processes and integrates this experience, and moves on into a state of balance and harmony.

Aura Cleansing Pink Flower Bush

An aura cleanser. Cleans the human energy field.

Babies Body Integration

Babies Body Integration Stone

For babies who have been born, to help them integrate into their new physical body. (Like a higher vibration of the Dr Bach Star of Bethlehem.)

Balance White Aster

A balancer. Balances energy on all levels.

Bitterness and Resentment Lilac Oxalis

Feeling bitter about the way other people are behaving in one's life. For when the inevitable happens...... and things do not work out the way one wanted them to.

Blocked Creativity Indigo Spires Salvia

To create a fertile consciousness for creativity to be birthed. For people who have blocked their creativity and lost touch with life. Can also be depressed and/or low self-esteem.

Body Anchoring Crassula

To strengthen one’s connection to one’s body, where one has suffered a past physical trauma, including assault or abuse.

Body Connection Red Salvia

For having both feet firmly on the ground, rather than jumping out of one's body.

Body Energy Pounamu

Lifts old energy closer to the surface. Aligns people with the earth and with divine energy (ie. the stars). Bringing one into divine alignment.

Body/Soul Integration Quartz & Granite

Assists in the integration of spirit and matter. Mind/body/spirit alignment.

Body/Spirit Fit White Climbing Rose

To ease the spirit into the body. People with autism, cerebral pausy, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. The spirit does not fit into the body, largely a physical process. Helps clearing on a karmic level. For these people, it is like an energy process.

Boredom Parsnip

Feeling bored and in a rut. When life is feeling stale, this essence brings in a fresh energy and moves one towards change. Works at the mental level. A neutral type of energy, not a big drama issue.

Breaking the Pattern Yellow/Orange Rose

The “breaking the pattern” essence. To assist with breaking out of the old pattern(s), seeing the illusion of the old habits, the “same old, same old.....”, laying aside old programming, and making room for the new to come forth.

Broken Heart Primula obconica

To heal a broken heart, bringing happiness where there has been none. A neutral state of indifference. Not sad or unhappy - just indifferent.

Broken Heart Snowball Daisy

To crack the layer of ice around a wounded heart. To help build trust in people who have experienced a broken heart and have withdrawn into an icy sanctuary.

Cancer Willow Weed

Assists people on to the next level of their emotional journey with cancer. To help facilitate emotional release.

Change Wild Turnip

To bring light out of chaos, order out of disorder, love out of darkness..... warmth where there has been a coldness of heart. For people who are ready for change.

Childhood Abuse Cosmos

For victims of childhood abuse. To restore the delicate balance one has lost, where the care-giver came from hate instead of love.

Children’s Emotional Mirroring Elegans Supreme Camellia

o help children in the processing of the emotional energy that they pick up and mirror back to adults, especially to adult authority figures that are close to them, for example parents and teachers. Assists children to handle the heavy load of this emotional energy, and to process, transmute and release it.

Co-dependency Parahebe

The Codependence Essence. To help the co-dependent person break free of the cycle of codependence, and to come to a recognition of her/his own inherent self-worth as a totally free, independent person in his own right.

Co-dependency (Rescuer) Broom

The “rescuer’s” essence. “Good old dependable.” Always available with a shoulder to cry on. But who is giving a shoulder to you? No-one, because you won’t allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Courage of the Heart Bloodstone

The essence of the courage of the heart. To help the spiritual warrior transcend all fears in the journey on the True Path, the path of one's heart and spirit.

Craving and Desire Scabious

To heal “constant craving”. To help resolve the feelings of deep desire, where one just has to have the desired object (or person). To help in seeing through the illusion of “wanting” and “needing”, and to come to the realisation that the intense feelings of attraction to the desired object (or person) are nothing to do with reality.

Creativity Bird of Paradise

“Flamboyant”. To free creativity (physical expression of) that has been blocked. Bringing in the energy of drama, in a positive way.

Cultural Future Shock Super-Essence (Zucchini, Pink Blossom, Tomato)

The “good old days”. Many of us look back on the past with nostalgia and longing for how it was back then. Wishing we could literally turn the clock back. However, in our longing for the good old days, maybe we are overlooking the many benefits that we derive from facing up to, and overcoming, all of those “challenges” and, maybe if we allow ourselves to remove those rose colored spectacles, we would see that things were actually not as good as we imagine them to have been. Affirmation: I am open to receive the learning from my past, and to allow myself happiness right now in the present.

Deeply Embedded Stuff Pink Cyclamen

Releasing deeply embedded, hard to shift stuff. Small of back, 2nd and 3rd chakra stuff. To assist with the heavy spadework required for healing.

Delicate New Zealand Iris

“Delicate.” “I am going to break.” To move back from the edge. To strengthen from feelings of vulnerability and fragility.

Depression Yellow Flower Bush

To lift people out of their depression. A catalyst essence, to help the healing to take place.

Depressed and Withdrawn Buddleia

The loner who feels isolated, and withdraws into a personal black hole of depression. To uplift the energy and bring back the dance.

Despair ToeToe

When one is in deep despair, feeling like one is falling. This essence will catch one and lift one out of the hole.

Divine Sexual Love Cream Rose

Healing the perceived split between sexual love and Divine Love. A “new energy” essence, to help facilitate the healing of the perceived split between God's love and sexual love. This perceived gulf between the supposed “pure” love of God, and the “impure” love between man and woman is actually an illusion that is deeply entrenched in the mass psyche of humanity.

DNA Transformation Cream Climbing Rose

Transforming and reconfiguring the human DNA of the “New Energy Human”, for the “New Reality” of this New Millennium.

Drug Addiction Bush Lawyer

Breaks the energy of marijuana dependence, even when motivation to change is low. Also for people who disassociate for any reason..... To help one to come back into one's body.

Earth-Bound Spirits Happy Wanderer Rose

To help discarnate souls who have remained earth-bound, not being able to move on to the next stage of their evolution. This essence helps such souls to resolve whatever it is that is holding them here, at the emotional level. Also useful for situations of “attached entities”, where an earth-bound soul (or souls) has attached itself to a living person.

Emotional Attachment Valentine Heart Rose

The illusion of emotional attachment. To help heal a “broken heart” where a person perceives that they have been hurt by love or by loving. To help such a person to see through the illusion of what passes for “love” but is in reality emotional attachment to the person or thing that is perceived to be the cause of the pain.

Emotional Healing Pink Dahlia

To assist in the processing and releasing of emotional energies. Includes emotional energies that have been “picked up” from other people, or from things like TV programs, movies, video games, conflict, etc. Also for animals, for releasing the emotional energy that they pick up from humans; and, for children, to assist them in processing and releasing the emotional energy that they absorb from adults. A great essence for Empaths.

Emotional Trauma Emotional Energy Transmutation

A sea essence, to assist in the transmutation of emotional energy from this life (not past life).

Energy Lack Nasturtium

Stimulates stagnant energy into movement. Allows one to “wake up and live a new day.” For people who are feeling as if their energy is ebbing.

Ethnic Cleansing Brush Wattle

For victims of ethnic cleansing and the Holocaust. To help transmute the pain of these events in the hearts of people who remember, and in the cellular memories of people reborn. To raise this energy and eradicate it for ever.

Everyday Challenges Everyday Challenges

The hundred and one “little” things. The straws that are breaking the camel’s back...... None of them of much importance on their own, but when they all accumulate, it feels like there is a huge load on our back.

Everyday Emergency (Yellow Rose, Yellow-Orange Narcissi, Yellow Berries, Yellow Marigold, Typhoon Rose, Support, Stress, White Magnolia)

This is our versatile and powerful trauma mixture, and could be said to fill the same role as the Bach Flowers “Rescue Remedy”. For help with all types of trauma, including physical injury, emotional and mental trauma, “bad news shock”, etc. Keep a bottle always on hand for those unexpected sudden “everyday emergencies”.

Expectations and Agendas Mahoe

For unfulfilled dreams and expectations. Having an idea, and feeling let down, because the other person would not come to the party. Brings clarity to the illusion of trying to cast other people in one's stage show.

Family Relationships Pink Lavatera

To help with the restoration of harmony within family relationships. To accept the differences, and allow the other family members to be who they are.

Family Loss Issues Clematis montana

Loss of family. Loss of the feeling of family. Loss of parents through death, or moving away. Also for adoption issues.

Father/Daughter Broccoli

For women who still need “Daddy” to look after them, to be their protector, the nurturer, and the provider. Frees the heart of the “abandoned daughter” and allows women to grow up and take responsibility for themselves. The woman who felt her father was never there for her...... physically or emotionally.

Father/Son Bog Sage

For boys and men who see their father once in a blue moon. Boys whose fathers were working, living apart, physically absent in some way. This essence helps heal the wound left in the male psyche by the absent father.

Fear Flax

For fear, especially fears about the future. Helps to release the “What if?” fear of what might happen, the trying to anticipate the future and imagining the worst. When we learn to let go of this anticipating the future, this frees up a huge amount of our energy to deal with the here and now.

Fear of True Self Pelargonium

Afraid to be alone, afraid of one’s own inner light and inner fears. Seeks company to divert one away from one's own truth. The “party animal”, relationship addict, sex addict. “Draw me out, and keep me safe from my self.”

Feeling Flat Roseraire de l' Hay

To help lift one out of “feeling blue”. Feeling helpless, lethargic, bored. To lift out of an unproductive phase, and move into activity.

Female Health Jean Ducher Rose

For all aspects of women's sexual and reproductive health. Includes the physical, eg. pms and menopausal symptoms, and also the emotional, to help a woman to become more balanced and healthy with her femaleness and her sexuality.

Feminine Aspect Healing Cockle

Helps restore energy to the feminine aspect within humanity. Heals and balances the wounded feminine aspect within humans and animals. A female energy, but not only for women.

Forgiveness Piripiri

The forgiveness essence. To allow the energy of forgiveness to enter our hearts and dissolve the barbs that we have placed there and projected onto others.

Gender Wars Ostrich Foot

Helping heal the hurtscarried by men and women since the beginning of time (gender based). Men hurting women, and women hurting men. The pain of words that pierce the body like small arrows, leaving the fabric of humanity scarred and afraid.

Generational Issues Bougainvillea

For healing the emotional legacy of one’s ancestral line, inherited through parents, grandparents, etc. Passed from generation to generation, along with the legacy of our genetic makeup, there is also a legacy of emotional energy and beliefs, which we take on as being our own.

Ghosts Healing First Love Rose

To help discarnate souls who have remained earth-bound, not being able to move on to the next stage of their evolution. This essence helps to heal the damage in the etheric body of such souls. Also useful for situations of “attached entities”, where an earth- bound soul (or souls) has attached itself to a living person.

Grandmother Nurturing Blackberry

For people who did not have the unconditional love and acceptance of the traditional grandmother in their life. We have the need for this grandmother energy in our consciousness, but for most of us nowadays this need is left unfulfilled.

Grief Blockage Water Celery

“The tears of regeneration.” For people who find it difficult to cry. The river of tears that needs to be released, so that the soul may be freed, and life may finally be lived.

Grounding Smoky Quartz

The essence for grounding. For assistance with firmly grounding a person's energy and body into Mother Earth. Connecting one’s energy to the energy of the Earth. Also, to assist one in anchoring one’s spirit into one’s base chakra, with one’s feet firmly on the ground, rather than jumping out of one’s body.

Guilt Strawberry Cactus

For guilt and self-blame. To accept one's part in an experience, without self-blame. (Especially good for women and children).

Healing Crisis Pink Rose

Regulating and moderating a “healing crisis”. Knitting together the experience of the healing crisis, a little like glue.

Healing the Sacred Feminine Super-Essence (Sacred Feminine Crystal, Pink Rose, Bog Sage)

The feminine energy of humanity (and the masculine as well), has been severely distorted by most cultures for thousands of years. The feminine has also been ruthlessly suppressed, disempowered and misunderstood. It is now time for both the feminine and the masculine to come into balance and harmony, and this Super- Essence addresses one aspect of the disharmony that needs to be healing to enable this to happen. Affirmation: I open my heart to the sacred feminine and invite my own inner sacred female aspect to heal.

Heart Connection Pink Rose

Enhancing and deepening the heart energy connection between men and women. A “new energy” essence, to help facilitate a stronger, clearer heart connection, with a more pure energy, based on the energy of true unconditional love. To help woman and man to move on from the “old energy” paradigm based on duality and karma, into the “new energy” paradigm of partnership and love.

Heart Love Energy Pink Pumice

Grounds the love energy in the heart. For people who find it difficult to stay in their heart centre, because they mistrust love. A very gentle energy - androgynous (neither male nor female).

Hidden Talents Hidden Talents

To help a person bring out the many “hidden talents” and latent abilities that they may not even suspect that they have.

Hiding behind Mask Veilchenblau Rose

To reveal that which is hidden behind the mask. Bringing the true colours (both light and shadow sides) out into the light. “I open up to Wholeness and welcome Truth.”

Homesickness Whisky Mac Rose

For homesickness and feelings of missing home. To help people who are intensely feeling out of place, in a strange land, or among strangers, away from friends and family, etc. To help one resolve feelings such as these, and realize that although one may be separated by physical distance from home, that one always carries the energy and experience of home in one's heart, no matter how far one may wander.

Hormonal Balance Red Camellia

For hormonal balance, for women and for men, also for all mammals. Helps with all of the factors in the body that influence hormonal balance, and also helps facilitate the resolution of underlying emotional and mental issues that are the causative agents driving the imbalance.

Indigo Children Crystal Silver Lobelia

A flower essence for the Indigo Children..... for integration and alignment with their soul purpose.

Indigo Children Red Sunflower

A flower essence for the Indigo Children..... To help them to adjust to the changing Earth energies and return to a state of equilibrium.

Joylessness Red Clover

The big bumble-bee, doing what it has to do. So busy taking from the flower that one forgets to enjoy the flower. Not having any fun.... joyless. Learning to work and play at the same time.

Keeping On Darwins Barberry Berries

Feeling like “I had my chance, and I blew it”. To get back on the horse after falling off. Feeling defeated..... this essence helps one to get up and try again.

Learning from Past Trauma Statice

“Every cloud has a silver lining”. The good that comes from the opportunity for growth and learning from past trauma.

Left Out and Overlooked Lotus

The “middle child syndrome”. Hand-me-downs. Feeling left out or overlooked. Feeling like one is living in someone else's shadow. Passed over for promotion, or unnoticed by authority figures.

Letting Go Spur Valerian

The sense of loss perceived when a relationship has ended, and one is still believing the outcome should have been different. When it’s time to move on..... Closing the door of the “old” firmly behind oneself.... and thus making room for the “new” in one’s life. Letting go of “what might have been”, gracefully letting go of the perceived loss, stepping on from living in the past, and moving forward with confidence into the new.

Living in the Past Tomato

Living in the past. “When I was a lad.....” Anyone who is longing for how it was in the “good old days”. Wanting to turn the clock back to the past.

Loss Coriander

To bring the sweetness back into life. When there has been a broken heart, from a loss of any type.

Lost in the Crowd Fescue Grass

To help find one's uniqueness from within the crowd. Feeling lost and unable to find one's identity, everyone else seems more dominant.

Macho Warrior Variegated Wallflower

The personality type of the (Macho) “Angry warrior, looking for a fight”. To soothe and nurture a deep insecurity..... a “Mother Mary” essence.

Male Health Orange Begonia

For all aspects of men's sexual and reproductive health. Includes the physical, eg. impotence and prostate enlargement, and also the emotional, to help a man to become more balanced and healthy with his masculinity and his sexuality.

Male Impotence Poke Weed

For male impotence (not only sexual), because of female control. Severe loss of personal power. For men who have or had controlling mothers and/or wives. The male energy becomes impotent.

Male Issues Korokio

To strengthen the gentle nature within all men, and remove the blocks that prevent its integration. There is a magical and innocent child within all human beings. The acceptance of this child is the key to our total healing.

Man-Woman Healing Elina Rose

Healing the separation between men and women. A “new energy” essence, to help transcend the illusion of the duality paradigm, as it is perceived in the relationships between man and woman on planet Earth.

Mental Dysfunction Olearia

Caught up in an aberration of thought, mental processes overworked. To streamline the thought process..... “Moving forward with confidence and ease.”

Mental Illness Nikau Palm

For people who have been diagnosed with brain malfunction. To help open the neural pathways that have been blocked. When the mind is caught up in an endless, futile, pattern of going around and around. Trying to figure things out, when the solution will not be found in the mind. Needing to step back and just let it go, which will allow the answer to come.

Mistaken Identity Beet - Bright Lights

Mis-diagnosed by the medical profession, or wrongly accused of a crime, and still carrying resentment. Also for people in a relationship who realise that the person is not who they thought they were.

Mother-Daughter Issues Pink Camellia

For daughters who cannot get close to their mother, because mother could not get close to her own mother. Releases the need to keep trying to please mother. Afraid of love because they never felt it from their mother. Looking for a man to mother her.

Mother-Son Issues Super-Essence (Poke Week, Black Eve, Rock Plant, Lacecap Hydrangea)

The quality (or otherwise) of the relationship with his mother is of vital importance to every man and boy. And, as is so often the case in our modern society, when this relationship is deficient, this results in difficulties. Affirmation: I call on the Healed Father to nurture my little boy and heal the wounds that have kept him in pain.

Mourning and Grieving Canadian Fleabane

Feeling empty. Laughter has gone out of one’s life. To bring back the laughter - feeling jolly again. A grief essence - bereavement, some time ago.

Negative Energy Release Rhubarb

Dealing with negative energy that one is picking up from other people. Helps enhance the body's natural process of processing and releasing this energy. A very useful essence, especially for Empaths.

Negative Thought-Forms Dissolve First Lady Rose

Dissolving negative thought-form energy that is lodged in the body, especially in the chakras. This energy has originated from negative thoughts that we have had, and from other people. Contains the same type of powerful energy as the “Violet Flame” and the “White Light”, and is similar to the energy of sacred sounds, like the Om.

Negativity Wild Fennel

To counteract and remove negativity (all forms).
Includes animals with fleas, plants with insect pests, negative energy, and etheric parasites and entities.

New Ideas & Fresh Energy Parsley

Stimulates the free flow of new ideas, regeneration energy. Works at the mental level. A mindset. Includes physical body.... rebalancing the body's energy.

Nurturing Pink Verbena

“The Pink Lady”, Lady Nada. Soothes the weary-hearted, a heart balm. Gives one the strength to open up to healing.

Out of Place Pinus radiata

Feeling like a square peg in a round hole. Feeling out of place. Trying unsuccessfully to conform, believing one should be other than who one truly is. Pinus radiata, the flower essence for feeling out of place. Helps resolve feelings of disconnection. Believing one is different, and therefore unable to see the sameness.

Out of Time Super-Essence (Scotch Thistle, Red Flowering Gum, Fescue Grass, Pinus Radiata)

Just about everybody in our modern society is suffering to some degree from “future shock”, and many people have a longing for the “good old days”, back when the life was simpler and slower paced. However, within this large group of us, there is a sub-group that is suffering from an acute form of this dis-ease. These people are, literally “out of time”, sometimes to the extent of being very confused and disorientated by many of the things in modern life that have become commonplace. This Super-Essence is for these people.

Parental Responsibilities White Clover

The essence for parental responsibility issues.

Parent’s Issues Orange Canna Lily

For the parents of Indigo Children..... (including ADHD children), who do not know what to do, because these children are “streets ahead”.

Passed Over Convovulus muritanicus

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. The wallflower. To resolve the feeling of being passed over. To realise the greatest relationship in the world is with oneself. Often specific to wanting to be in a committed relationship (but not about sex).

Perfectionism Picture Perfect

For those that believe that life needs to be “picture perfect”, striving constantly to achieve that level of perfection. Both for themselves and their expectation of others. Helps the belief in this illusion fall away. eg. People in the fashion industry.

Personal Transformation.Super essence (California Poppy, Pimprenelle Rose, New Zealand Iris, Wild Turnip)

What could be more important than the process of becoming a healthier, happier, stronger, self-empowered, self-fulfilled person? The path of self-transformation is the most rewarding path that a soul can follow. Affirmation: I welcome the warm winds of change.

Pinus radiata

Pinus radiata, the flower essence for feeling out of place. “Feeling like a square peg in a round hole.” Feeling out of place. Trying unsuccessfully to conform, believing one should be other than who one truly is. Helps resolve feelings of disconnection. Believing one is different, and therefore unable to see the sameness.

Pregnancy Termination Red Frilled Lettuce

This essence brings in the light to uplift and heal abortion trauma. For the woman who still carries the guilt foisted upon her by a fundamentalist society. To strengthen the knowing of “right choice” amidst the sea of adversity.

Racial Issues Solanum aviculare

Healing divisions and separation based on race, tribe, etc. “We are one people, one heart, one love.” An essence to assist in the healing of the racial, ethnic and tribal divisions, for the new millennium.

Radiation Recovery Peace Lily

To help balance the body and the energy field where one has been exposed to radiation energy. From the effects of any source of e.m.f. radiation. Also for people undergoing radiation or chemotherapy treatment for cancer.

Relationship Fear Super-Essence (

All of us are “hooked” on relationships in one way or another. Even people who avoid relating to others are by their very actions demonstrating that they have unresolved issues with relationships. And, what is it that is at the heart of this? Fear. Underneath much of the drama and discord, there is always fear.

Relationship Illusion Wandering Jew

To come clean. To emerge from self-persecution. To finally be free of the hooks of “Relationship Illusion”.

Releasing the Past Red Flowering Gum

Full flowering, against all odds. Takes one into the fullness of recovery, on from the feeling of...... “Things will never be the same again”.

Romantic Illusion Allysum (white)

To help awaken (emotionally) to the illusion of romantic love. Prince Charming turns out to be a myth, and the carriage has become a pumpkin. For people who are looking for Prince (or Princess) Charming to ride into their lives, sweep them away, and live happily ever after.

Romantic Perfection Illusion Naked Lady

Looking for the owner of the glass slipper. Having a picture of the perfect relationship, and going around looking for the person to fit the glass slipper. Helps shift the belief in one's unworthiness, and let go of the illusion of the perfect match.

Schooling Trauma Pohue

This essence heals physical, emotional, mental and spiritual damage that an individual has incurred as a result of the modern schooling system.

Second Chance

Our second chance at the so-called “missed opportunity”. There is always a “second chance”, always another opportunity. Often, the second chance comes in a different form than the first, but, come to us it always does. Always.

Security Loss Zucchini

Post-war “Baby-Boomer” consciousness. The generation who enjoyed the “Good Life”. This essence is to assist them with change. We no longer have full employment, subsidies on basic foodstuffs, nor the security of a secure existence, etc.

Seeing Clearly Brick & Glass

“Seeing more clearly.” Brings clarity where there was confusion. Looking out from the window of the mind at the situation. Brings the hazy picture into sharp focus, replacing illusion with the clarity of The Truth.

Seeing the Big Picture Eagles Eye

To give objectivity and the ability to see the bigger picture. Includes the physical symptoms of failing eyesight, as well as the psychological issue of not wanting to see the bigger picture.

Self-Acceptance Self Acceptance Stone

The essence of totally accepting one's self..... In the totality of whatever one is in the present moment.

Self-Appreciation Violet Clematis

Wanting to be noticed, to be discovered. Feeling “I'm special, why can anyone not see this?” To unlock the door, and allow one to feel the “specialness” within. Wanting to be discovered by others, but need to discover one's own talents.

Self-Love Scotch Thistle

The “rose amongst the thorns”. Feeling out of place, and not knowing what to do about it.

Self-Worth Gorse

For non-acceptance of self. “I'm no good, not wanted, useless.” Gives a nurturing parent energy to the child within who grew up in an emotionally barren wasteland.

Self-Worth in Traditional Roles Aunt Daisy

For the modern woman who doesn't think she is as good as the women from her mother's and grandmother's generation. In her mothering, hostessing, housekeeping, etc. Also for men who feel inferior in their male role..... fathering, providing, etc, that the “traditional” father used to do.

Sexual Abuse Iceberg Rose

For healing all levels of sexual abuse, including sexual harassment. For women and for men. To help restore one's ability to stand proud and tall, look the world in the eye, and smile.

Sexual Stereotyped Roles Marjoram

To help break through rigid sexual stereotyping on all levels. The man who has to have a pretty woman. The stud mentality. The woman who thinks she has be always available.

Sexual Toxicity Lantana

To eliminate toxic sexual attitudes that have arisen since the sexually repressed influence of the Victorian era. Obsessive/compulsive energy. The extremes of the continuum range from repressed sexuality to sexual perversion.

Shadow-Self Integration Milkweed

Helping one to reclaim one's shadow-self. Our True Self includes the “All That Is”, and “all” means just that..... all, which must include the dark, and all the many shades of grey, along with the light.

Shamanic Journeying & Soul-Retrieval Gloxinia and Begonia

Assistance in the “sacred journeying”, where the shaman goes out and brings back parts of the soul that had split off as the result of trauma experiences.

Shifting Daly Pine

Standing tall in the new land (or state of consciousness). Provides support...... supporting and balancing the shift. For refugees, immigrants, etc., moving (or having moved) to a new land. Or, anyone undergoing a large shift in consciousness (ie. a paradigm shift)

Shyness and Hiding Dark Pink Rose

No-one knows the real me. Sitting in a darkened room, afraid to open the door.... “I know who I am, but no-one else knows”. Helps to open up and trust, allowing people to see who one really is.

Smoking Addiction Nicotiana alata

To free the hold that nicotine has on the addicted smoker (mental-emotional). Wanting to give up smoking, but feeling overwhelmed by the hold of nicotine.

Social Conventions Social Conventions

To help with all types of “social conventions” issues. For people who live within a straight-jacket of “What would the neighbors think?” Also for the other extreme of people who indulge in foolish behavior to demonstrate their freedom.

Spring is Here Pink Blossom

To help lift people out of depression. The fullness of spring.....Spring can happen at any time. Joyousness has no special season. You may have a summer’s day in any moment.

Stuck Gazania

“The Dancing Gazelle”. Lifts the spirits and frees the heart to dance lightly, like the gazelle.... prancing and jumping. Frees one to leap free of the beliefs of the past.

Subdued & Uncertain Violet Lavatera

Subdued, uncertain. Not sure where to go next..... Fallen into a slump. To chase away the grey clouds..... and the sun lights your way. (Not as heavy as depression.)

Suicidal Violet & Yellow Salvia

For all people who are feeling suicidal. To strengthen their life-force, and bring them gently back from Heaven. Not everyone who attempts suicide wants to die.

Support Potato Vine

The hand behind the back.....
giving strength and support when the road feels rocky and the legs feel unsteady.

Survival in Adversity California Poppy

To help one survive, through the bleakest of situations. Just like this flower survives in very poor soil with very little water. “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water........”

Sweetness Dark Pink/Violet Bush

Sweetness issues. To help with the assimilation of sugar in one's diet, and..... To help in the assimilation of sweetness in one's life; where a person works hard at denying oneself happiness.

Tenacity Tenacity Essence

When one feels like one is losing one's grip on life, feeling like withdrawing from life. To move a person through their repeated sense of failure in life - get back on the horse (the horse is being dragged - not walking.)

Tiredness and Fatigue Red Rhododendron

For tiredness and fatigue of all types, from all causes. Includes everyday acute weariness, chronic fatigue syndrome, and also for insomnia.

Treadmill Executive Burnout

Getting off the never-ending treadmill..... Releasing the compulsive/obsessive chasing after the trappings of “success”. For people who are jaded, tired, over-worked, and burnt out. This essence helps one to break through the illusion of chasing after the unfulfillable dream.

Women’s Busy-ness Parahebe

For women who are busy, busy, busy, fussing around, cannot settle down. Fear of being still, and of being with themselves.

Warfare Post-Trauma Beetroot

People of the war generation who have “gone underground”, having shut down, being unable to process the wartime trauma. Includes civilians affected by the war experience, and anyone affected by any form of warfare-induced post-traumatic stress.

White Magnolia Magnolia grandiflora

The essence that “ties it all together”. Add four drops of this essence to all mixtures of New Millennium Super-Essences. When added to an essence treatment mixture, provides energies for the following.....Linkage - holding together the energies of the “Super-Essences” in the mixture. Healing crisis management - moderating the aggravation of symptoms that often happens when healing takes place. Treatment regulator - regulating the strength of the healing energies provided by the essence mix to the optimum level. Stabilization - providing stabilization and protection from outside energies for the essence mixture, including protection from negative energies from people, X-Rays, and all forms of e.m.f. radiation



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