Fiori dell'Amazzonia

Riportiamo di seguito l'elenco delle 83 essenze floreali dell'Amazzonia con descrizione in inglese divise secondo i diversi kit create da Maria Alice Campos Freire e da Isabel Facchini Barsé. Sono essenze floreali molto interessanti che stiamo studiando da alcuni anni, sono molto potenti.

Large Trees

Andiroba (Carapa guianensis)

Clarity and discernment that blossoms from inside, elevating consciousness. Purification of what needs to be worked out, maturation and expulsion of dissociative elements that transform themselves into currents of propelling forces of the magnetism of life. In the contact of spirit with substance, one liberates the chain of actualizations that shape the pure image, the revelation of the primordial identity. The awakening of this interior force brings irradiation that disperses invaders with the affirmation of well-being and the harmony of health. I am the blessing of the sacred seal that reveals the essence.
Orixá – Obaluaê - Classification – Virgin Forest – Large Trees - Power Point – 6th and 7th chakras
Action – Purifying. Goes directly to the pain, indicating blockages and areas that need to be worked on, on the physical or subtle planes. Through the intervention of the self awakened by the pain, the invader is eliminated, purged and purified, working on the broad and profound levels of the Large Trees. The state that follows this purification brings the inner essence to the surface. Phototherapeutic use – The oil extracted from andiroba seeds is widely used as an anti-inflammatory, fungicidal and anti-tetanical agent, for internal and external use. It repels insect and serves as a base for different preparations.

Castanheira(Bertholettia excelsa)

I live in the high crown of Mother-Forest, and I manifest her abundance and nourishing power. I am the generative mother, I am the cradle where you nestle. I am a fountain of abundance, from which gush soft and comforting memories that cleanse your path of sorrows and scars. I represent the responsibility to re-encounter, to return to Mother’s house, to enduring security, to the conclusion of the cycle of life. I am the beginning and the end. In me are born new fruits and new directions. I am the food that nourishes the form of new fruit.
Orixá: Oxum - Classification – Virgin Forest – Large Trees - Power Point– 2nd chakra – ascendant – astral body
In the wild – Its most importance characteristic is to be always busy generating life. Its fruit takes 9 to 10 months to ripen, and when ready, it bursts into blossoms. Its chubby flower resembles a uterus, which has to do with nourishing life, both physical and spiritual. It has a strong link to human and animal life.
Action – Evolutionary – Goes to past life records and connects with the ancestors. It is the responsibility to find oneself again so as to generate new fruit. It works in favor of everything that relates to generation, maternity, childbirth, generating ideas and carrying them out. It works with the cycles of life connecting them in a timeline. It is great for new beginnings since it originates. It is a wonderful antidepressant. It awakens artistic and creative potential. Phototherapeutic use – Pajés (medicine men) use them in invigorating flower baths. Its fruit is combats anaemia, organic weakness, sterility and renal insufficiency. The oil is anticarcinogenic.

Marupá Branco (Simapuba copaia)

I am a perfect balance of sublime generosity. From my heart flows mercy, and it distributes itself equally, favoring all who connect with my being. From the heights of heaven I capture regenerative waves that fuel me and manifest themselves in my capacity to draw together the elements and revitalize them. I act in the depths of every being. I go to find the essence of the spirit and from it I extract life-giving elements for the soul and the body. My action unfolds in intimate comfort that manifests itself in a feeling of oneness, religion, and devotion. I establish the connection between many planes, and therefore I bring elucidation of dark places and liberation from external influences, transforming myself into clear direction for all spiritual parasites. I am the breath of time. Classification – Virgin Forest – Large Tree
In the wild – From the elevated world, nothing leans upon this tree that welcomes no guests. Growing isolated with empty space surrounding it allows those who come near it to connect directly to the lofty realms. Its splayed leaves are organized symmetrically like steps that provide access. Flowers form a crown at the top. It is a type of jacaranda with a straight white trunk.
Orixá – Obaluaê - Power Point– 4th chakra ascendant – lower and higher mind
Action – Brings together – Works mediumship. Its key word is mercy. It gathers up the person’s original elements that are dispersed inn external interferences and adheres to the original matrix. Indicated for persons who deal with many beings, and who give too much of themselves materially or spiritually. Useful in cases of obsession. Phototherapeutic  use – Leaves and peels are generally used for their antiseptic properties in skin maladies. Vermicide.

Mulateiro (Calycophyllum spruceanum)

I am a child, and I continue being one because I am always reborn in order to appear small. I cover myself with a mantle of celestial blue when my flower arrives, but the eyes that see me feel compassion. I detach myself from everything that ties me, and like shed skin I free myself from the darkness. Thus new brilliance gleams in the forest, in the power of the dark wood on which everything stands out, with that which never ages. I play with the wind, I play with the sun, and not even time makes me resign myself to loneliness. I always grow, and I expand myself and illuminate everything that comes apart, destroys and decomposes. I forgive everything, and I renew everything every day when rays of light are reflected and new understandings achieved. I am a little prince of the jungle, and where I expand myself I attract marvelous rays. I am a revelation of eternity.
Orixá – Oxalá Menino Little boy Oxalá - Classification – Virgin Forest – Large Tree
In the wild – Blooms in April. Fragrant and abundant white flowers. Sheds its bark every year leaving behind a shiny trunk that stands out in the forest.
Power Point– 3rd .chakra – radiant – physical and spiritual level.
Action – Evolutionary – Gives force to regenerate original potency. Acts on the deep self to recover the force of realization. Throws out the old shell and begins anew. It is detachment from the old and the health of the new. It would be the initiation, eternity. Works on humility, the innocent condition of the inner child in which there is no sadness. Phototherapeutic  use- In the forest it is considered to be the fountain of youth, the elixir of life. The macerated shells are used or cooked for internal use and to the wounds and burns. It is an aphrodisiac.

Pau d’Arco Roxo (Tabebuia avellanedae)

From the heights of Mother Forest, I spill over the Earth my encompassionate sight and in my heart I embrace all her children with love. When I express myself in a flower, and the shine of the sun illuminates my violet color, all the jungle receives my radiance and reveres me. My great clarity of violet light inhabits the virgin forest in various points of the elevated plane. Where I situate myself is in the intersection between the cosmic and planetary levels. There I perform my noble mission of a messenger. I raise up from the children of earth the prayers and the clamor, and I communicate them to the ears of the universe. From the timeless infinite, I nourish myself with answers and offer them to the children of earth in the form of great liberation, superior comprehension and expansion of noble sentiments. The vision of my majestic beauty is simultaneously strong and very delicate. It penetrates profound fields of the soul and liberates there its transformative energy. From my action comes peace, confidence and transmutation in ample spectrum. I am a new point of departure, the dawn of a new awakening. I am capable of nourishing your faith until it can generate the fruits of the crowned prayer. And I can give you more. The gratitude and the recognition in substitution of the lamenting and the pain. From your faith will blossom your rebirthed being, and the Great Mother manifest in me will cover you with blessings and your sores will transform into teachings and gifts. I am the manifestation of the creative feminine force that I spill over the children of Earth.
Orixá – Nanã - Classification – Virgin Forest – Large Tree - Power Point– 7th chakra – higher mind
In the wild – A very great tree whose branches extend majestically over the highest tree tops of the forest. Its abundant purple blossoms stand out from afar and form a beautiful carpet of flowers in the forest.
Action – Transmutation. It is the abundance of blessings that may be captured from on high and brought to the physical plane through the feminine aspects of the Creative Mother, nourisher and protectress of all her children. It regenerates and transmutes records of deep traumas, bringing luminous vitality to the aura. Phototherapeutic  use – Healing, regenerating, known to heal stomach disorders, ulcers, gastritis and degenerative illnesses. Legend has it that Our Lady appeared on the trunk of this tree, which is why the people of the forest venerate it, believing that it can cure any sickness of the body or soul.

Pequiarana da Várzea

I catalyze the interior fire and I make sure that on earth there is no lack of shortcuts and various different roads. I am an entryway for telluric energy and I communicate with the center of the earth, from which I extract heat and fertility to express myself gently. If I am respected I will dominate rebellious instincts and those beings that reside within them. I work with primitive powers of nature, and I still find myself in an intermediary state. I reinvigorate tired energies. Heaviness is not an obstacle for me, and I remove painful scars from the past that keep the mind imprisoned in disagreeable sensations. I am the effort and constancy to proceed.
Orixá- Exú - Classification – Virgin Forest – Large Tree
Elements – Fire – Earth - Power Point– 1st chakra – lower astral – ascendant.
In the wild – Its flower displays red and yellow base and countless red stigmas. It is a very large tree in the forest and a carpet of flowers covers the ground when it blooms. Inside the pit of its thorny fruit there is a delicious chestnut. Its trunk is always leaning, as if to signal reverence for Mother Earth.
Action – Unblocking. Works like the fire in the depths of the Earth. It is a primitive elemental who is going to work with the deep fire, primary emotions, and instincts. Its pattern of health mirrors the unity of the basic fire with the rays of colors of the solar spectrum of the elevated world. It is a remedy that will work on the degeneration of this pattern, that is, a person’s dissociation with his base, with his instincts, creating blockages that generate diseases. This floral essence brings to the surface what was suppressed and the diseased processes generated from that. It brings triumph, vitality, an abundance of forces. It awakens the negative pattern. It is recommended that it be associated with other essences that can complement, and balance its action (vines, cultivated, capoeira).

Pétala de Mamãe Velha (Petal of Old Mother)

I have the power of Nanã and Oxum from the bottom of the river. I purify and transform bitterness in the heart. I am delicacy. I develop the sensitive aspect. I stimulate the process of forgiveness and of surrender. I free the tensions that hold back the natural flow of joy. I capture the shine of the sun to polish the hearts, cleaning the marks of time and clearing the memory of the spirit with the crystalline light of the waters of the ether. I am a string that runs with time in soft cadence, and I express myself in abundance of soft light and sweetness that descend from divine origin and spread themselves over the ground. Perseverance and continuity are within me. I provide contact with devotion. I am the living water that washes every heart.
Orixá – Nanã - Classification – Virgin Forest – Large Trees
In the wild – During the rainy season, its blossoms come down with the rain leaving a fragrant carpet on the ground. It has a pale yellow flower that is most delicate, with but a single petal. Power Point– 3rd chakra – radiant – emotional body. Action – It joins. It has the energy of fine rain. It works to clean well-trodden paths, polishing marks, healing hurts and scars. It is making the connection again with the lost link, given that every scar can cause an interruption, a break in continuity. Softly it goes rejoining links, overcoming gaps, generating the maturity of healthy fruit. It is good at a mature age, for menopause and problems with traumatic human relationships. Purification, humility and surrender are words associated with this plant that works to rejoin the flow of life with the original source.

Vaso Perfumoso (Perfumed Vase)

I bring the power of Iansã. I call in courage where there is fear, blockages and stuck processes. I am like the flash of lightning. I open communication with the higher powers of consciousness, removing blocks that keep from illuminating people through their senses. I help open the understanding and feelings from which the blocks originate. I open the pathways through radical cleansing. All that was closed will be pulverized before my ray and the particles of dust will form an intelligible mosaic for a higher understanding that proceeds from the same heights from which I come. I am the sign of a new time. In the wild – It has yellow flowers with orange streaks.
Orixá – Iansã. Classification – Virgin Forest – Large Tree
Power Point – 6th chakra. Higher mental body – expansive.
Action – Radical remover of blocks – Works on communication through the senses, performing a deep radical cleansing. Unblocks everything and brings it back for transformation. Clears the way for the elevation of consciousness and activates perception, determination and will-power. Associated with cultivated flowers, it becomes more gentle and accessible. It helps in overcoming shyness and indecision and may be used in the treatment of autism. Its action is expansive and capable of providing healing of the other in us, through understanding which generates a new vision of the other and a change in attitude that shines out and transforms.

Bushes and Shrubs

When the celestial energy acts upon the bushes and shrubs, it as already passed through the transmutation of the superior levels. The energy becomes different. There is a great expansion of forms and possibilities that are attributed to all beings. Within the forest they are the closest to the ground, and when they receive the energy from the sky that has already passed through the superior levels of the forest, it arrives loaded with earthly elements. The vegetative bodies of these plants bring signs of the past, and store the capacity to endure the transformations. All of the beings that see this physical form that we see with our eyes, are permeated with the necessary and continuous transformation that is synonymous with life. But within each being exists a different capacity to sustain life’s transformation process. The plants mentioned here form the basis to sustain, acting together with the roots of all the trees of the forest. In the more dense planes, they act to support the transformation that comes from the more elevated planes. Upon interacting with the internal dynamics of man, these elementals can uncover new fields of comprehension that will certainly bring the solution to questions that appear to be without resolution. It is as if they open new chambers in the mind. This seems more possible due to the fact that they inhabit the same sphere of energy as the human being, immediately above the soil, strongly magnetized by the earthly forces. When the beings of the forest enter into contact with human being through elemental therapy, each one knows how to find his respective place. The place of the bushes and shrubs is close to the earth, in the base of the sustention of the being as material in the physical body, as well as the living soul, with the mind and heart. If their roots remained unprotected the tall trees would not survive, and would easily be carried away by the winds. This also refers to the human being, as much internally as collectively. The world of the bushes and shrubs is a world of definite forms with access to the people. It is a clear language to answer particular questions. They reflect pathology or unbalance through a lucid vision of the manifestation of health that is within immediate reach of the human being. The effects are rapid and easily identified and processed even by the most resistant patients.


I am pure, from the pure white of light and from the celestial blue of the sky. I am as delicate as the little blue stars that shine on my crown. My action is as subtle as the white wings of the angel that safeguards my crown. I bring the strength of Iemanjá, Child-Janaina, the one who dispatches the washing of white waters to bring the action of purifying salt. The strength of salt is in me, I am the salt of the forest. I comfort, I transform, I dissolve chains, I liberate the awareness of intimate pains. Where there is weight I bring lightness, where there is tension I bring relief. Where there is darkness I bring the shine of the light of the East. I am the Consciousness that vitalizes faith and will. I am the liberation of the deep will to be. I am the flower of Benguê.
Orixá – Iemanjá-Menina [Little Girl Iemanjá] - Classification – Virgin Forest – Bush.
In the wild –It is a small bush that proliferates mainly in low valleys. Its flowers are like little blue stars on white petals. The whole plant is very fragrant.
Power Point– 5th chakra descending- astral level
Action – Purifying. Works on the traumas of your auric records. It is part of the Urgency Formula. Dissolves internal as well as external bruises, very gently. It is good for childbirth, convalescence and recuperation. It also works on group and family relationships, harmonizing and liberating negativity, as it purifies them. Dissolves personality armour. Indicated for external use in compresses and ointments or for cleansing and harmonizing environments. Phototherapeutic  use – It is balsamic, the entire plant is useful for bruises and blows. It is also used in baths to protect the aura.


Princess of the forest, I fill myself with the freshness of the earth, to transform it into the little bell that announces a change of direction. I project the reminder of the present incarnation, its objective and its trajectory. I accumulate energies for times of necessity, and when such a time presents itself, I am prepared to supply and maintain balance. I work on the purification of the first chakra. My work on this horizontal plane is to keep order, awakening humility and patience. I stop the waste of energy and I protect the aura from attacks of fraud. I protect the feet of walkers so that they do not lose the conviction of their objectives. I am the awareness of the present and the direction of the future.
Orixá – Xangô - Classification – Virgin Forest – Bush.
In the wild– A crawling plant that appears between December and May. Its flower is like a little bell and looks like forest pearls. Power Point – 1st chakra ascendant – etheric body
Action – Protects and regulates the flow of energy. Indicates energy loss, reorganizes the elements. It directs, rescues and gives focus. It is good for sensitive persons who absorb or use up a lot of energy in the surroundings, or persons whose life has degenerated, addicts, persons who destroy their energy. It is also good for those who, because of unconscious guilt, develop a compulsively generous personality or other deviations of the personality. It has a lasting effect. Guardian of the natural order, it deals with one’s mission.

Concha Lilás

My smell, so sweet, so soft, like the rose color of my petals, reflects the vibration of the river bank. I am only a petal, like a vase where the mother deposits her water to wash the vision of all who are blind. I am the comforter of the anxiety that accompanies blindness. I bring light to dissipate fear and mistrust. I work with the opening of the third eye, making possible the development of clairvoyant medium capacity. I bring with me the energy of sincerity and awaken it in each one, from within oneself and for oneself, to dissipate errors and delusion. I am the faith and trust that illuminates the darkness.
Orixá – Oxum da beira do rio [Oxum from the edge of the river] - Classification – Virgin Forest – Bush
In the wild – It is a large bush that in some cases turns into a vine. Its flower is a single petal, shaped like a shell or an eye
Power Point – 6th chakra .descending – mental level
Action – Evolutionary and Purifying. Works on the falsehood that comes from fear, using various disguises. Works on the inner vision, clarity, and the development of the 6th chakra. It teaches clarity of self for the self , the sincerity that undoes deceit, bringing faith and confidence.

Flor de Nanã (Melastomatácea belúcia)

My rare and delicate petals of strong violet grow from a vigorous pink stem that looks old and dry. I am beauty that blossoms from ugliness. I am the dainty flower that blooms on top of a callus. I am the potential for transmutation of deep heartaches and soul-traumas. I bring acceptance and the breath of life. I bring new joy and I awaken vision of realities that are unknown to you, even though you live within them. I bring humility and patience in life’s trials. I go slowly but my steps are firm. I am the consuming flame that eliminates obstacles.
Orixá- Nanã - Classification – Virgin Forest – Bush
In the wild – It is a bush with a woody stem and a very large leaf. Its flower comes out of a hard tassel, with nodules where the flowers spring. The colours: pink and violet.
Power Point– 3rd chakra – emotional body.
Action – Transmutation. Works on overcoming internal and external scars and trauma, deep sorrows, shame due to physical defects. Good for the reintegration of paraplegics, karmic illnesses. Brings acceptance in the face of the inexorable quality of destiny, transforming a traumatic experience into self-knowledge and maturity.

Helicônia (Heliconia psitacorum.)

I facilitate communication between heaven and earth. I shine on the earth with the red and yellow colors of fire, and my luminous sharp tips point to heaven. I clarify the road of interior illumination, of self-encounter. I have the power to clear roads of impediments and to initiate processes of healing. On the subtle plane I clear clogged emotional processes. With my lance I can cut the links that connect obsessing spirits to human souls, and make the interior light shine in your memory. To those who find themselves on the threshold of the abyss, I affirm and strengthen their feet on the ground, so that they don’t despair but endure life’s weight and keep going forward. I am the subjugating force that leads to transformation.
Orixá – Ogum da Mata [Ogum of the Forest] - Classification – Virgin Forest – Bush
In the wild – They form thickets in the forest and the yellow and red flowers look like spears that pointing to the sky. There are many varieties.
Power – 3rd chakra –ascendant – lower astral body
Action – Unblocks. It rips the veils opening the channels to the higher world, bringing down clarity. It liberates external interference and works on the consciousness. It is similar to Espada de São Jorge [the Sword of St. George], only it works on deep levels, removing crystallized blocks, breaking and clearing pathways. It prevents the appearance of nodules and [kidney/gall] stones in the physical body.

João Brandim (Peper ottoni)

The core of the “I” is with whom I communicate and is of whom I become a messenger, revealing it as a new point of focus. For beyond the limits of form and appearance is the focus of my vision. I will soften the meshes of the form that imprisons, I will expand the limit accumulated by time, to liberate the expression of a new intelligence, rich in subtleties of sensibility. Through this expansion I promote a readaptation, a re-accommodation. I liberate this search that directs me for the inner promise of each expression of life. I go to the original idiom, I will teach again the most ancient alphabet the registered the project of each quantum of light. From the pain was born the contraction that modified the image and imprisoned the essence. I communicate with it and I decentralize it do they it can be transformed valve of time/light, the valve that liberates the consciousness and through the revelation of feeling, gives back life to the image and presents a new dimension. In me is born the profound comfort that contains the intimate knowledge and the surrendering of the self to its own alive nature. The synthesis is a profound memory that enlarges the vision and rescues lost spaces inside the consciousness. Inside myself inhabits a big healing force to reach this encounter. With peace and constancy I go following my steps. I am light in the darkness.
Orixá – Xangô and Obaluaê - Classification – Virgin Forest – Bush
In the wild – A low-lying bush, it has elongated leaves with white streaks. It springs up in dark places.
Power Point– 6th chakra – higher mind
Action – Synthesizer – Liberates tensions and blockages, providing an attitude of surrender where it is possible to go deep into unknown internal spaces. It opens up discernment and concentration. Harmonizes with the original rhythm of energy, undoing disillusionment, delirium, pains and lack. Phototherapeutic  use- It is used as a relaxer and analgesic; it acts upon the nervous system. The medicine men smoke its leaves when they need to diagnose patients.

Lilás da Mata

I am fertilization and maturation of the sublime gifts.
Orixás – Nanã and Xangô - Classification – Virgin Forest – Bush
In the wild – A great bush, its flowers are made up of bluish or lilac stigmas that sprout from a shiny ear. Radiant aura
Power Point – 6th chakra-radiant – higher mind
Action – Transmutes – Evolutionary. It works with the violet ray in the forest. It works on inner maturation, through one force that fertilizes the internal gifts of the higher chakras. It brings equilibrium and discernment. Good for meditation and also for character and mental imbalance. It works on the electricity of the water in the body when there is no grounding wire.


I am the victory of the subtle force.
Orixá – Oxum do fundo do rio and Oxalá Menino [Oxum of the river-bottom and Little boy Oxalá] - Classification – Virgin Forest – Bush
Elements – Dominance of water
In the wild – A creeping plant that spreads abundantly on the ground, with heart-shaped leaves. Its flower is a small white star that is transformed into a red fruit.
Power Point– 2nd chakra expansive – lower emotional body
Action – Rescues and reconstitutes. It is related to panic due to aggression. For extremely sensitive persons, with mediumship that has blossomed to the surface, or which has been imprisoned by fear, and who lose their own selves. Being so delicate, this flower rescues that sensitive being that is often camouflaged by an aggression developed as a defense. Useful in the treatment of some allergic processes and asthma. Somatization. Phototherapeutic  use – Its fruit is utilized to combat skin funguses.

Rainha (Psycotria virídis)

I am the light of Nature.
Orixá – Jurema - Classification – Virgin Forest – Bush
In the wild – Bush of the Virgin Forest, it likes dark places. It is a relative of coffee. Its flower is extremely small and generates a red fruit.
Power Point– 6th chakra – It works on all the levels starting from consciousness. Action – Revelation – It works mainly from the light aspect of the element fire, the feminine side of light. Through knowledge revealed it transforms negative patterns in evolutionary experiences. It processes the incarnation of the (masc.) divine spirit in the world of the (fem.) energy form. It unfolds the perception of the inner planes, thus increasing the capacity to recognize one’s own shadow. Other uses – Its leaf is added to the jagube vine in the preparation of the sacred beverage used since the time of the Incas by the peoples of the Amazon.


I am the equilibrium that affirms love and perseverance.
Orixá – Xangô. - Classification – Virgin Forest – Bush
In the wild –Small bush of very delicate flowers that spring from the upper part of the plant. They resemble small white orchids with shades of lilac. Radiant aura.
Power Point– 4th chakra –radiant – higher mental body.
Action – Balances. It is the energy and the harmony of the forest. It brings silence, introspection, meditation and rhythm. It helps in finding one’s place in the surroundings where one lives. It works on the equilibrium between the high self and the lower self. It helps people who are full of pride and those who are very rigorous with themselves.

Xangô da Mata (Melastomácia)

I am the intelligent power that governs all activity.
Orixá – Xangô. - Classification – Virgin Forest – Bush
In the wild – This bush has an oval leaf with dark red veins. Its delicate flowers spring from the stalks that come up at the tip of the branches.
Power Point– 6th chakra Higher mind
Action – Evolutionary. It favors concentration. Its work is very fine and brings the mirror of higher consciousness with its wise justice. The discernment is unveiled in a range of possibilities. It helps one to find the natural path and brings self-esteem. It studies the original matrix and manifests dharma. It is an anti-depressant.

Climbing Vines

Brinco de Princesa da Mata

I bring the strength of the winds and of the rays in the treatment of female difficulties, on the earth plane, of the body. I open pathways and communication. I act on stuck points and blocks. I will blow and air out charges, emotional neediness, frustrations and grief that cause sexual disturbances (compulsion or frigidity). With sensibility I soften the deep resentments that stop the flow of love and beauty. I bring the resolution that helps change opinion, calming contrary tendencies. To the ones that resist acting on knowledge already acquired, I bring intimate and deep memory. I am the courage that makes me evolve.
Orixá – Iansã in the treatment of Exu - Classification – Virgin Forest – Vine
In the wild – When it flowers it forms something similar to veils in the forest with its branches covered with red and yellow pendants. The flowers are firm and consistent and turned towards the ground.
Power Point– 2nd chakra. Emotional body – ascendant
Action – Evolutionary. Works with the Kundalini. Works on resentment and learning. Works a lot on feminine difficulties, sexual disorders, frigidity or compulsion. Makes the energy rise up, unblocking paths and the blockages until it reaches the beauty of being. Acts upon the psychological aspect of the formation of the character. Awakens in order to put into practice what is already knows, without being afraid of finding the light and the darkness as parts of oneself that need to be worked on so as to reach true illumination, the realization of inner talents.

Cipó Imbé - Imbé Vine (Philodendron bipinnatifidium)

I am bitter. I bring the force of Ogum of the Forest. My sap runs through very stable channels that arise from the depths. I express communication of the darkness with the light. I neutralize agents of aggression that intercept humanity’s road. I bring comfort and the ability to overcome. I console and soften. I am the redeemer of sins on the subtle plane. I clarify and give awareness. I offer protection and open the way for reconciliation by redeeming and clarifying what was hidden in the darkness. I interrupt the path of harmful forces, and connect them to their origin. I am abundant in fire, and wisdom accompanies me in order to manifest in the awakening of hidden forces in the body. I am strength and overflowing power.
Orixá – Ogum da Mata [Ogum of the Forest] - Classification – Virgin Forest – Vine
In the wild – It i born at the top of the trees and it is told that its seed arrives there via the animals. When it germinates, the leaves grow big and hard upward and sink their roots into the ground, thereby forming vines. In cleared land and fields it springs up directly from the ground or on rotten logs. Its flower opens at the Full Moon.
Power Point– 3rd chakra- astral plane
Action – Detoxifying, rescuer. First it neutralizes and then expels the poison. Works on the deep being helping the person to find his ghosts, makes room for reconciliation. Conducts communication with the darkness in order to find the Light. Acts upon the unconscious liberating hidden linked to obsessive beings and obstacles of karmic origins. Many of these records are found anchored on the astral body, from which they are eliminated through this essence. It works on immunity. It has already been tested for detoxifying poisoning due to chemical products with success. It accepts associations which soften it, such as the Cactus Palm, Flor de Janeiro, etc. Helpful in chemotherapy. Phototherapeutic  use – The people of the forest use this vine against poisonous animals, especially spider bites. They cut the descending vine and use the sap on the bites.

Cipó Imperial - Imperial Vine

My germ comes from the fire of the Earth that keeps the planet alive. When I awaken on the surface it is the subtle ether that attracts me and sustains me in the air to reach it in pure devotion. I follow my path in time, and embrace the clarity of the heights. For this reason I do not travel on unnecessary lines, but I channel all energy in only one wish and gradually the inspiration is realized. The power of the sky attracts me just as the power of the earth propels me, and step by step I go praising creation with love and consideration. I travel through different degrees of solar light, and I reach the pure force that immediately rules in all of my range, making Nature smile every time I blossom in a flower. And all beings become happy because from this form the connecting threads between the worlds are maintained. I am the Light that keeps the flame of love lit.
Orixá : Ogum da Mata e Jurema - Classification – Virgin Forest – Vine
In the wild – It comes up from the ground and winds itself around wood, climbing directly to the top and only then branches out and produces leaves. Its pink flower springs up in small bunches around the vine.
Power Point- 7th chakra. higher mental level
Action – Evolutionary- Impels the energy on high acting on higher levels through a gradual process of identifying each one of the It concentrates on the goal dissipating steps that must be followed to attain evolution. It makes the soul mature so it can live new experiences and thereby dissolve old patterns of behaviour. It awakens devotion towards higher things, a noble character, high virtues. It concentrates on the objective, dissipating dispersal, shyness, and misuse of free will. Keeping the flame of love lit makes the connection between the worlds (inner or outer, subtle or physical).

Cocar da Jurema

My green-pink coloration points out in me the strength of Jurema. I am the shine that comes from the depths and expands itself as the headdress of the cabocla pointing to all directions of the higher astral. I bring the force of hope. I strengthen love in the heart, increasing the transforming fire in the core of each being, making it circulate in all levels. I am alert, and firmness allows me to cross the dense planes and arrive in the fullness of the high presence. I am the power of the love that flows out life, health and well-being.
Orixá – Jurema - Classification – Virgin Forest – Vine
In the wild – The texture resembles cloth with small hearts drawn upon it, its color is dark pink and light green. When it comes up in the forest it looks like arrows pointing upwards. The pennant is has three faces.
Power Point.- 4th chakra –emotional body –ascendant.
Action – Processor. Works on circulation, linked to the heart, the preparation is the transmutation of feelings. It is the greatest anti-depressant of the system. Very positive, it brings hope and will-power, and incentive to cross more elevated portals.

Flor Boa - Good Flower (Alamanda rósea)

I am the flower that expands goodness and mercy. My heart resides in the depth of the forest where I deposit myself when I detach from my foliage. My rose-violet color is the manifestation of the force of forgiveness, deep transformation, rebirth and fertility. I am the cradle of the new, I am the origin of the source, I am the generator of the seed. I heal resentment and intrigue, softening vanity and superiority. I give to the earth the shine of my curls, and the sun gives light to my color. I am the consoler of repentant ones and the confessor of offended ones. I am tolerance and the law of forgiveness.
Orixá – Nanã - Classification – Virgin Forest – Bush
In the wild – It is a bush with long stalks, resembling vines. It produces its flowers in bunches attached to branches. Its color is between pink and violet magenta. It blossoms abundantly and likes the edges of forest wetlands where it spreads out in the water.
Power Point– 2nd .chakra – lower astral body –ascendant
Action – Transmutes negative patterns which it causes to surface. Works on restraint and humility. Where there is discord, it works through forgiveness, in a profound manner. It clears separatist sentiments, since it is basically good. Favors the process of rebirth.

Jagube (Basteriopis caapi)

I am the daughter of a sovereign and pure Father, a venerable Ancient One who designed me to illuminate the springtime. I announce the renewal of time, the transformation that purifies everything, and through humility, arrives victorious at the Truth. In the middle of the forest I associate with all the elements that surround me, absorbing their subtle forces and transmitting stability and firmness. I move myself through Time to wherever I want to go. I bring balance to discord and I awaken the heart. I am temperance. I am the soft song that penetrates the soul, awakening its spirit for its liberation. I am lightness and sweetness, the carrier of a powerful essence that can transform itself into the supreme order that awakens the internal command in every being. I am the force and the determination to climb which expresses in Love.
Orixá – Oxalá - Classification – Virgin Forest – Vine
In the wild – It is a vine that becomes very thick in the forest. As it grows it forms something like a bunch of veins that wind around the tress in all directions. Its flower is pink, yellow and golden, contrasting its delicacy against the firmness of the vine.
Power Point – 6th chakra- higher mental body – Conscience
Action – Evolutionary. Opens up inner revelation. It relates to all the elements in order to raise up the spiritual force, awakening the Higher Self to be himself. It rouses the inner command through which the forces of love are increased. It illuminates the mental plane, liberating fears so as to gain inner awareness. It works softly, but quickly. It is good for adolescents, the chronically ill and depressed and other types of behavior denoting fear to confront reality. It is a component of the Urgency Formula. Other uses –The people of the forest use this plant to make a sacred beverage, used in rituals since the time of the Incas.

Maracujá Vermelho - Red Passion Fruit (Passiflora quadrangularis)

Ardent flame of love and compassion, I call forth happiness and strength for those who are on earth. I clean the roads, above all where there are heavy charges. I bring a sentiment of freedom, and I awaken the inner search. I am the flower of infancy, principally for the little ones who suffer, and I clean family karma. The actual concepts are hidden but they tend to manifest gradually. My sensitivity leads me to conceal myself in certain hours so my energies can restore themselves, but I soon awaken renewed, to continue advancing always in search of peace and quiet. On earth I collect elements of low vibration to elevate them and help them know the right rhythm. I am the flame that warms the earth and goes up to heaven.
Orixá – Exu Menino [Little Boy Exu] - Classification – Virgin Forest – Vine
In the wild – Its flower is red, large, beautiful and sweet. It attracts ants and insects. Its branches climb up trees as well as spread out on the ground. It produces inedible fruit.
Power Point-1st chakra –astral body – ascendant
Action – Evolutionary – It works on unbalanced character. It helps in embracing instincts, loving and understanding them. It is being on Earth joyfully. It brings joy and works with the karma of infants, children that clean family karma. Phototherapeutic  use – it is being studied for its effect against malaria.

Trepadeira Amarela (Mandevila apocinácea)

I live in the heights. I bring the dynamic movement of the wind, and the sun is my guide. I am patient, and my strength is not easily exhausted. I always go searching and I like to expand myself, but the creative force that is within me is found in the depths, and wisdom is needed to find it. I carry ethereal elements, and the power of the sun within me illuminates hidden feelings that, upon manifestation, can be corrected. The possibilities for clarifying are infinite, and I transmit them to the Earth in order for me also to transform myself within her. My rhythm is perfect and through it I bless and follow the road that was traced out. I am conscious action in every place.
Orixá – Xangô - Classification – Virgin Forest – Vine
In the wild – It usually blooms in more elevated places.
Power Point– 3rd. Chakra. – mental body
Action – Connection – Revelation. Acts like a plug – connects and e reveals what is hidden. Reveals what we don’t want to know. Brings encapsulated information from deep within. Reveals the negative as well as the positive. Its action is raising awareness of the being in the recovery of his health. It works on somatization, deeply registered traumas, scars on the body and soul, and character deviations. Contributes to reconnecting bodily awareness in cases of forgetting the body such as urinary incontinence and others.



I am the breath that comes in the song of the wind.
Orixá: Iansã - Classification – Virgin Forest – Funguses
In the wild – A small mushroom, shaped like a ball that seems to blow. It is born in the rotten leaves and logs of the forest
Power Point– 5th chakra – higher mental body
Action – Transmutes – Motivates the process of inner transformation. It communicates through the lightness of air, which is the element that permeates all of Creation and is in everything, in the same way that our mental force can penetrate all the mysteries that move life in the 4 elements. It expands the consciousness for us to trust in our inner attributes, which we may use without fear at the most decisive moments of our lives. It opens to the higher mind where it nears the etheric world, thus capturing information about more evolved levels (treasure), which amplifies our understanding of the immediate world and integrates our vision of everything.


I am the peace of meeting the original flame again.
Orixá – Oxalá and Iemanjá - Classification –Virgin Forest – Funguses
In the wild – A white fungus born in colonies among decomposed logs, and which grows in the form of a vase, acquiring the final shape of an umbrella. It is edible.
Power Point– 5th chakra – Spiritual awareness
Action – Evolutionary. In its receptive aspect (hands outstretched, vessel hopeful) and one of the important marks of its being is adding something, expressed in water which reflects light. It lights the inner light, the source of eternal hope reflected in our soul, strengthening our will to live and to fulfill our divine program, which is the tree which bears fruit for the good. In the warmth of this flame it acts upon immunity, attenuating vulnerabilities whether organic or mental. It recovers trust, through which the heart may be opened without fear. It deals with the love between mother and daughter and unity where it is engendered in the depths of the heart, whose ardent fire defends us from death, because it connects us directly with eternal life.

Flor de Pau Amarelo

I am the liberation that triumphs in all circumstances.
Orixá: Obaluaê - Classification – Virgin Forest –Funguses
In the wild –They are born of from decomposed wood and are the color of sulphur.
Power Point- 5th chakra – lower mind.
Action – Rebirth. Brings liberation from the illusions that generate the idea of death, of degeneration. It brings the memory that live never ceases to exist, but passes from one state to another, always freeing what is heavy and looking for the subtle. It works on guilt. It gives courage to begin again , even when everything seems lost, and reestablishes the natural order of life. It is part of the Urgency Formula and may be used externally in lotions or anti-fungal ointments.

Garrafinha - Little bottle

I am the mystical face of union.
Orixá – Ogum da Mata - Classification – Virgin Forest – Funguses
In the wild – It springs from the decomposition of organic materials of the forest. It is a very hard mushroom. Its black stem looks metallic and the brown comes from the decomposition of the forest organic matter. It is a very hard mushroom. Its black stem seems to be metallic and the brown hat, with white edges has also a hard consistency. It has roots in the earth.
Power Point– 5° . chakra – mental superior – Conscience
Action – Brings together. Balances the elements in order to release the cure for the opening of higher consciousness. Helps to integrate groups, working both the group as the individual, and from this integration comes the possibilities of evolution. Connects with the internal sound and promotes harmony. Develops the sensitivity clairaudient and communication among the various levels.


I am the feminine of Light.
Orixá – Oxum do fundo do rio - Classification – Virgin Forest – Funguses
In the wild- This tiny fungus from the Virgin Forest was born as a thin stem that grows on the leaves in decomposition. Hanging from it grow small capsules, as an ear of wheat, filled with fine powder that is poured slowly over the earth.
Power Point– 2nd e 5th chakras – mental superior.
Action – Evolutionary – Retriever. Source of high inspiration, activates the creativity and opens the channels to achieve in the matter. Expands the feminine of Light releasing their potential. It operates smoothly and steadily. Awakens love and connection with nature, bringing memories of subtler levels.


I am here and now the cosmic mirror of Peace.
Orixá – Oxumaré, Iansã and Xangô - Classification – Virgin Forest – Funguses
In the wild – is a fungus that comes in groups of twigs in the shape of a ladle or small bowl, all covered with little oranges filaments.
Power Point-6th Chakra – Higher mental conscience
Action – Revealer. High values that makes pacify. Maturity to face life without entangling themselves in the circumstances, but remains above it. Awareness of polarities to overcome them. Brightness reflecting (mirror), cosmic water that pacifies – out of time. Clarity and strength to accomplish the mission. The call to be answered, the cosmic mission.


Bromélia (Aechea mertensil)

I am a seer of light and life.
Orixá – Xangô - Classification – Virgin Forest – Epiphytes
Way of being in Nature – Likes to be born on top of the trees, whatever is alive or a dry stick, because its nurses are basically air and materials accumulated on the surface where it grows. Relate much with insects and small animals.
Power Point – 6th radiating chakra – higher mental
Action – Revealer. It is a antenna that captures everything that comes from above. Balances the energies as a bob, always pointing the “x” on the issue. It brings everything to the mind to be assimilated, thus bringing balance. Opens to the revelation, concentration and discernment. Illuminates the dark showing the practicality of life, aiming the flow of energy. Awakens confidence, dispelling the fears and insecurity that prevent the balance in small day by day things. Good for students, intellectuals and people who use much mental energy.

Pingo do Céu

I am the dawn of a new knowledge.
Orixá – Oxalá - Classification – Virgin Forest – Epiphytes
In the wild – Enough to be a large epiphyte, like the flower that consists of several layers of pendants, which is an amazing composition.
Power Point – 4th chakra – mental superior.
Action – Evolving and initiatory. Opens a new portal. It is the mark of a degree. Connect with new ideas that fade the negative of the lower self, vanity, jealousy and melancholy. Its effects are deep and lasting because it acts at the core, bringing the influences of mental higher. Other uses: its tendrils or aerial roots use as anti-venom in snake bites.


I am the herald of light.
Orixá – Oxalá boy - Classification – Virgin Forest – Epiphytes
In the wild – it is usually found on twigs. From his matted roots, home to ants and other insects, branches are born with small fleshy leaves. Its flower is a white bell.
Power Point – 4th chakra – lower astral body.
Action – Transmuter. Announces the light that will come. It brings the hope of a better time. Both for people with serious diseases, including very sensitive people (mediums) that capture the sufferings of humanity and live in depressive states without these sufferings are really yours.

CAPOEIRA-Secondary forest


I am the crack of light that activates the consciousness.
Orixá – Oxalá and Xango - Classification – Capoeira (secondary forest)
In the wild – Tree common in capoeira, its flower is yellow like the sun, single petal that resembles a seashell. Produces a pod that holds great and lasts a curious yellow seed.
Power point – 4th chakra – consciousness.
Action – Proactive. With its light washes out the roads that lead to the dark unconscious providing internal meetings that can lead to behavioral changes. Communicates the opposite. Help decode other levels of language, opening new channels of communication. Its rhythmic motion enhances awareness, streamlining it, which opens new channels of understanding, thus very useful for students, deodificadores language, or people with learning disabilities and memory.

Barba de Bode (Cyperus radiatus)

I am the flame of loyalty.
Orixá – Oxóssi - Classification – Capoeira
In the wild – is a grass that is born anywhere. From it comes a rod boasting cream balls in the middle of other thin sheets like a star.
Power Point – 2nd Chakra – mental body – ascending.
Action – Evolutionary. Acts on the psyche, bringing the maturing of personality. It is the flower of the rebels, of teenagers. Trains to reach the emotions calm. It is a small plant that struggles to survive, is stubborn, is loyalty to the goal, perseveres to achieve, redirects the ideas and actions by faith and hope. Brings to the center, balancing extremism. Other uses – in baths is used for edema, especially liver.

Cogo Rei

I am the sacrifice that awakens the Unity.
Orixá – Obaluaê and Oxalá - Classification – Capoeira (funguses)
In the wild – Mushroom rising over the cattle manure. Differentiates itself from others by the black ring around the white stem, and the image of radiant and the bright yellow sun in its upper part. Its active principle, the psiloscibina, is hallucinogen.
Power Point-4th chakra Ascendant – higher astral body
Action – Evolutionary – Enables Conscience by opening a new world view in which we are part of the whole, and the whole is in us. Arouses humility because we recognize the immensity of the creation, its laws and natural hierarchies. It brings equilibrium, equity, transformation. Releases stress and disease states by a pure and natural joy such as the joy of children is. Sacrifice is the duality of the adult world that awakens to the Unity world, known in childhood blessed soul. Accesses all internal registers accumulated in the soul on its evolutionary journey. It is indicated for people with degenerative mental or physical diseases, and for children and adults with learning and assimilation blockage.

Inayinthi Ion

I am the cup of love that liberates the beings to perform.
Orixá – Nana Boroquê, Iansã - Classification – Capoeira
In the Wild – also known as “capoeiro”, this tree shows up between June and August with abundant flowering lilac flowers, fragile and delicate. At the height of fall flowering all leaves forming a large bouquet of light in the landscape.
Power Point – 4th and 7th chakras higher mental
Action – Integrator. Opens to the power of inner healing that is focused on forgiveness and love. It is indicated for patients, especially those who have difficulty letting go of diseases. Works the anguish and depression. Also for therapists and healing mediums. Provides the link between the internal levels, stabilizing energy in order to achieve a better connection to the external levels, either in exchanges with the material world or spiritual .

Jurubeba (Solanum paniculatum)

I am the light of pure ineffable grace.
Orixá – Xangô - Classification – Capoeira
In the Wild – is a big bush full of thorns. Its flower is purple with a yellow center.
Power Point – 6th chakra – higher mental body – expansive.
Action – Evolutionary. Brings cosmic energy into the earth. Eliminate negative patterns. It is the violet ray of transmutation, airs ideas connecting thought with higher levels. Transforms faults and self-pity. It is also good for people struggling to articulate (words or gestures). Protects and relaxes to release the gifts that are sublime and delicate feelings. Acts in dreams. Other uses – The fruit is used for the digestive tract.

Lacre (Vismia latifolia)

I am conservative of the aura’s brilliance.
Orixá – Ogum and Obaluaê - Classification – Capoeira
In the Wild – small tree that comes abundantly in the barns. Its flower in golden curls and gives the trunk leaves a red resin (seal) used for sealing vessels.
Power Point – 1 °. Chakras – subtle body.
Action – Protective and regenerative. The fire consumes and overwhelms the aggressive energies that emanate from abroad. The Earth generates and regenerates the inside. Works immunity from the mental aspect, before its effects appear in the physical. Retains the auric field. It is excellent for very sensitive mediums. Good for environments where there is discord and disagreement. Other uses – Its resin is powerful against fungi. The leaf is used for the urinary tract.

Malvina (Urena lobata)

I am the unfolding of the compassionate heart.
Orixá – Oxum - Classification – Capoeira
In the Wild – is a medium shrub that comes abundantly when the land is already very wet from rain. Pink flower, simple and delicate.
Power Point – 4. Chakra – the emotional body.
Action – Purifying. Works the receptive matrix, the inner forces, dispensing beauty. Works with cleanliness, comfort and directs. Arouses compassion helping to overcome enemies. It also works with allergic processes, showing what is being rejected. Its action is expansive. Connects with the mother’s love, who protects and comforts, nourishes and heals the scars of life.

Maracujá Silvestre (Passiflora capsularis)

I am forgiveness that transforms and fills up empty spaces with light.
Orixá: Oxalá. - Chakra: 7th
Elements: Fire (+), Air, Earth, Water
Simple and tiny, I am an inspiring mandala scattered throughout the meadows. Only those who go out walking early can decipher me. I bring calm and gentleness from which bloom balance and discernment. I am comfort in infancy, and I act on souls in the process of maturing. I depart from the trinity to move through all the stages of knowledge, in order to arrive at the superior trinity, through which is channelled a more elevated consciousness. I awaken the soul to purity and illumination.

Xangozinho da Mata (Clidemya hirta)

I am simple and clear, and my form is well outlined. I work with the arousal of consciousness of the earth plane. I bring balance in the body, awareness of limits, humility, and acceptance. I act in the sense of conscious material realization. I help to bring objectivity to the steps of life and the ideas of the mind. I balance those who are too airy or connected only to the spiritual, with difficulties in adjusting themselves to the physical plane. I act on those psychic anomalies that originated in disconnection of the spirit with the material and resistance to the process of incarnation. I am the door that brings balance and trust in order to grow in the right direction.
Orixá: Xangô. - Chakra: 1st - Elements: Earth (+), Air, Fire

Garden Plants

Açucena (Crinum erubescens)

Effort and acceptance accompany my call of awakening. And when I awaken, I comprise superior things to bring expansion. Communication between the worlds makes me happy, and my choice for freedom is to go forward with firmness. I concentrate myself on this remedy in order to be one more point of the Infinite in this world. I warm up the centers of being that are sleeping, and I illuminate the mind, liberating bad thoughts and lifting them to a new level. I am a center of light and peace. I am the revelation of ideas and the movement of Divine Forces.
Orixá: Oxalá and Ogum. Chakra: 1st - Elements: Fire (+), Water, Earth, Air

Amor Agarradinho (Antigonum leptopus)

I am the delicate flower of my Father Xangô, and I have the power of the Girl Iansã. I work with the opening of the energy flow that emanates from the heart, radiating to the mind, and blossoming with just and conscious love. I aid in the process of revelation and the study of feelings and illumination of consciousness. Through the movement and circulation of the air element, I move and take apart the blockages that impede confidence, relaxation, sleep and concentration.
I am the sweetness and the stability within love.
Orixá: Xangô and Girl Iansã. - Chakra: 4th - Elemants: Air (+), Fire, Earth(-)

Antúrio Bravo (Anthurium acaule)

I work directly with the negative mental creations that are fed daily by corrupt and low thoughts. You should treat me with attention because milk and honey are not for all. The victorious attainment of truth departs from new beginnings, but we must be attentive to everything in order not to satisfy only low feelings, obsessions and other entry-points for deceit and mockery. If there is something tangled that needs to be untied, I liberate your energy to flow and expand, even in the face of your internal resistance. I am clear understanding. I am an open door for disillusionment to leave.
Orixá: Exu. - Chakra: 3rd - Elements: Fire (+), Earth, Air

Cactus Palma (Ocpunthia)

My roots extend into the depths in search of the water of life. I hold in myself the life that satisfies the thirst of pilgrims, persecuted ones, travelers in the desert, and those who are dying. I protect my life-guarding power with fine thorns that cause deep pain to those who boldly approach me with greed. To those who come with courtesy, I offer the smoothness of my petals and the succulent freshness that lives in me and feeds my luminous color. I heal laziness, inner blocks and malicious intrigues. I go in search of grief and suffering. I am the redeemer of memory, the one who unravels impressions left in the body by chronic disease. I fortify you against fear and help to consolidate your faith. I am the living water that nourishes love and faith.
Orixá: Oxum at the bottom of the river. - Chakra: 2nd - Elements: Water (+), Earth, Fire, Air

Cambraia (Apocinaceas)

I manifest the energy of Oxumaré. I bring the force of peace, calmness and balance. My elemental acts especially on the heart center, both on the physical and subtle bodies. I soften the sufferings caused by anxiety and stubbornness that interfere with sleep and the balance of thoughts. I favor communication and energy circulation between thinking and feeling. I am the presence that stabilizes diverging tendencies.
Orixá: Oxumaré - Chakra: 4th - Elements: Air (+), Water,

Colônia (Alpina speciosa)

Through the flower that is shaped by the sentiments that guide me, I liberate the potent life that lives in my sap. Fortitude and strength, hope and dignity work together to produce my pure, celestial perfume. I integrated myself into material life a long time ago, and I live on the earth equipped with a sovereign soul that dominates sadness and exalts good feelings of the heart. Repressed desires are liberated and find the room to manifest themselves, freeing in this way an interior place for the flow of health and vital energies. My patience is enduring, and through it I achieve a promising wisdom. I am a refulgent light. Through it I pass cleanly, carrying liquid sunlight to illuminate the subtle bodies and clarify the mind. Karmic situations become clear and it becomes possible to meet the key to your liberation. I am the joy of fulfilment.
Orixá: Oxum. Chakra: 3rd - Elements: Water (+), Fire, Earth, Air

Espada de São Jorge (Sansevieira tifasciata)

I have the force of the seashore, the realm of Ogum and Janaina. I represent this realm’s light and the perfume of the Mother’s heart, a protective mantle of the roads. I am guardian of the gates; with my perfume and my brilliance I subjugate invaders. I am protector of all virtues. I attenuate cowardice, perversity and bitterness in the soul. I work with the emotions, in the channel that connects the heart with the mind. I work on the unconscious. I undo persecution. I combat anxiety and depression. I close off your vehicle from attacks of spiritual enemies, leaving you alone with only yourself, thus favoring an intimate encounter with your earthly temple. My sword also symbolizes the axis of the spinal column and its energy centers that act to serve. I am the Kingdom within every being.
Orixá: Ogum. - Chakra:4th - Elements: Water (+), Air, Fire(-), Earth(-)

Flor de Janeiro (Duranta repens)

I awaken in all beings soft movement and the caressing wind that cools and refreshes heat and dissolves agglomerations. I remove dark ideas and renew thought. I give impetus to transformation. I elevate the energy of the kidneys and spread it through the body, relaxing tension and worry and ameliorating weak thoughts. I travel in the wind, through which I give passage to new cycles of movement, carrying them in a good flow to reach the goal.
I am serene faith that liberates forgiveness.
Orixá: Nanã. - Chakra: 2nd - Elements: Air(+), Earth, Fire(-)

Oxum Amarela (Asystasia gangetica)

Feminine and modest, I expand the subtle power of the water elements that soften heavy waves, life’s tempests and moments of disintegration. My power is the congregation of natural forces that stimulate expansion, communication, friendship and cooperation. I preserve the essence of life through a living fluid that provides resistance for all situations. I bring in me a memory of time that transports eternity, always renewing and giving the chance for a new awakening. I arouse the confidence and serenity that clarify the roads to follow and the decisions to make.
I am harmony that flows in all directions.
Orixá: Oxum - Chakra: 2nd - Elements: Water (+), Earth, Air, Earth (-)

Shaimanaium Hainah

I come with the winds of transformation. The one who knocks at the door always will fertilize the inner seed of power. I open the roads for the wind to blow and permiate all the spaces, purifying and lighting the flame of purity and the liberation of the deepest forces of the heart, the faith and the mercy. I am the shield and the protector; I am also clear and delicate to include distinct currents that involve the beings, composing with them the harmony of life and shade. SHAIMANAIUM HAINAH liberates the movements of life in the matter, the blood and the veins and appears a sacred dance, a dance of life that is born and reborn and passes from one being to another and allows all movements and all forms in the eternal and universal substance. I am the melody of life in all beings.
Orixá: Iansã - Chakra: 5th - Elements: Air (+), Earth, Fire

Trombeta (Datura arborea)

I open direct communication with the unconscious, and feelings are brought out with clarity. With my power I unfold the vertical and horizontal existential planes of the soul. Daily situations come to reveal hidden value. I break up morbid processes, bringing them little by little to leave the labyrinth. The imagination becomes fertile and real, and therefore all the beings that accompany you become known. I am a flower of power and I connect with special powers to calm rebelliousness and awaken understanding. In extreme situations, I open closed doors and give vitality to the will. All the beings that accompany me can know the light.
I am the power that awakens hidden feelings.
Orixá: Jurema - Chakra: 6th - Elements: Air (+),

Trouxa de Velho

I am modest and expansive, I am an old man or old woman, always carrying my bundle to open it to the ones who pay attention to me. I consecrate modesty and purity and keep my little secrets in the depth of my being, only giving them to those who trust the divine forces and discern love and the hope of nature. To those who find themselves needy, I have something to give; to those who cry, I bring consolation; and to those who search for something beyond the immediate, I awaken in consciousness the sleeping sense. My song makes the heart vibrate and I delight the sad and suffering ones, carrying them to other experiences. I am sincere and everlasting peace and I teach about indulgence. I am a deep knowledge that lives and gives life to everything.
Orixá: Nanã - Chakra: 4th - Elements :Earth (+), Fire, Air (-)

Medicinal Plants

Algodão Roxo

Boldo Amazônico

Chapéu de Couro


Espinheira Santa

Japana Roxa


Pimenta D’água

Concentrating your forces on the healing objective makes them the target of natural human relations, becoming gentle servants in the hands of those who respect them and know how to communicate with them.

Fruit Bearing Trees



Gergelim - (Sesamum indicum)

I am the food that awakens life. Classification – Cultivated – Fruit-bearing
Its natural form– A bushy plant that sprouts easily. It grows and takes up its space gracefully until flowers bloom at the end of its branches, where the pods holding the seeds will spring. The flower is a small bell, white and radiant.
Orixás – Oxalá Menino {Little Boy Oxalá) - Acts upon – 5th chakra – etheric body
Effects of the essence – Unblocking. Brings the energy of the rising sun, awakens the person to life, eliminates blockages and stagnation. Acts very quickly. Communicates, removes obstacles, relates. It is good for depression, hopelessness, physical and mental denegerative processes. It nourishes the ethereal body, invigorating it and regenerating areas affected by negative emotions. Reestablishes inner purity and the joy in being alive.


The Formulas

Cycles of Life


Moment to nourish and root, moment to expand and enlighten, moment to prepare the self, to purify the self, moment to find the self, moment to consecrate. It associates the essences of mata virgem and cultivadas in balance of dominances, having the capoeira only as a link. So, it mobilizes contents and deep level of information and, in correspondent balance, it educates and fertilizes the external levels. It nurtures the structure, it strenghtens the roots, it fecunds the receptivity, it generates abundance, it regenerates joy and vitality, it affirms the identity and it balances the expansion.
Composition: Castanheira, Flor de Nana, Malvina, Rainha, Urucum, Cupuaçu, Hipolila, Japana Roxa, Gergelim.


Moment of rescue and purification, moment of strong desire and realization, moment of abundance, perseverance and dedication, moment of resignation, moment of expansion and liberation. It associates the essences with dominance of the mata virgem, deeply searching into the strenght to purify, the joy to give, the force to be and to accomplish, the energy to win and to always love. The association with cultivated flowers with the dominance of medicines, tames the senses and promotes adaptation, soothing the impact through the expansive action of the water and the air. With the power of the earth element, it nurtures the structure and channels the efforts, providing security, perseverance and objectivity and giving support to the impulsive unblocker that comes from the depth.
Composition: Castanheira, Pequiarana da Várzea, Bengüê, Xangozinho da Mata, Coeirama, Algodão Roxo, Maracujá Vermelho, João Brandim, Colônia.


Time to be pure and free and to cultivate bliss. Time to rouse on earth the seed of life. Time to grow and to adapt. Time to gather information and file them. Time to learn, to nourish and to blossom. The association of flowers with the dominance of mata virgem, that releases the profound and unique attributes of light, joy, purity, freedom and sensitivity, giving them form and manifestation. Through the flower of capoeira, it attenuates the external impacts, offering peace, protection and discernment to safeguard the harmonious growth. In a balanced proportion of cultivated flowers, it promotes the culture of germinated seed, nurturing security, liberating expansion, movement, musicality and inspiration. In the fire element, it affirms the identity and in the earth element it offers the structure to absolute development. From the water, it obtains relaxation and adaptation. And in the air element, it encounters the concentration and discernment to the evolution. Every child that remains inside each adult, stuck for some block, is also going to be successfully treated by this compost.
Composition: Mulateiro, Maracujá Vermelho, Maracujá Silvestre, Xangozinho da Mata, Mimo, Gergelim, Japana Roxa, Bengüê, Açucena.


Time to experience and to prepare, time to grow and to mature, time to dare. Time to meet the self, to firmthe self and to know the world in order to situate the self. Time to compare things. Time to feel, to react, to expand, to discern and to aim. Time to be independent, time to leave the pure dream and to land. Time to love. It associates in a balanced form, the essences of mata virgem e capoeira, it means, it works processing the impacts caused by the external action on the deep being. It strengthens and addresses the desire, before the challenges of life, it elevates the thought to the subtle levels of comprehension, alleviating heavy passages and benefiting inspiration that reconnects with the deep self. It calms down and balances, it undoes tensions and blocks, benefiting the liberation of the self and the communication with the external world. Through the action of flor de jardim, it gives support to inner processing, it works the self-culture, indicating the study of our own feelings in the counscious level.
Composition: Jagube, Maracujá Silvestre, Bromélia, Bengüê, Lilás da Mata, Cogo Rei, Jurubeba, Amor Agarradinho, Barba de Bode.

Mature Age

Moment to mature and to bear fruit. Moment to deepen, to ground, to nourish, to assimilate and to build up. Moment to forgive, to transform the self, to conform the self. Moment to discern, to overcome and to persevere. Moment to elevate, to evolve, to transcend, and to set free. Moment to love. The formula to mature, combine flowers with dominance of mata virgem, associated with the cultivadas. Its action deepens the levels of awareness and goes to the core of the self, to search for strength, to bear fuit e to go on. It nurtures seeds that germinates in the depths of its course until its realization. In the light of the fire element, it benefits the self-knowledge and warms up the vigor that motivates the purification and the renovation. Abundant on earth, it nurtures the internal transformation, order and stabilizes the productivity and the economy. It polishes the memories with the water of surrender and consolation. It ends its action in the air, in a sense of the transcendence of the elevation, awareness and liberation.
Composition: Pétala de Mamãe Velha, Pequiarana da Várzea, Brinco de Princesa da Mata, Canela de Velho, Xangô da Mata, Cupuaçu, Balum, Cactus Palma, Flor de Janeiro.


Time of concentration. Time to focus in the essence, to develop criteria, discernment. To expand the knowledge. Time of peace, hope and inspiration. Time for surrender and for devotion. Time of faith and liberation. Time for rescue and for adaptation. Time for balance and for evolution, upgrade and conglomeration. Giving, abundance, sharing. Memories of being, of loving and seeing. Time for resting, peace and wisdom. The formula to the elderly gathers a group of essences prevailing from mata virgem, indicating the work in a deep level, in which the person will be getting information about its intimate nature, original, unique, which means meeting the self, increasing the value for the self and creating a synthesis of his experience of life on earth. The presence of all groups of flowers from mata virgem in the formula indicates a very elegant work related to the internal picture. According to the elemental point of view, the formula is also balanced, having the dominance of the air and the fire which indicates a work towards to the essence, the spirit, the awareness and the evolution of more subtle levels. The presence of flores cultivadas benefits a link with the objective universe, providing a supportive and receptive bridge of this inner processing, in the level of conscious behaviour, the reaction in daily life, which we translate in well being and harmony.
Composition: Mulateiro, Xangô da Mata, Rainha, Cipó Suila, Canela de Velho, Flor de Pau Amarela, Pingo do Céu, Cambraia, Café.


The time of rebirth is free from all chronology. All crisis from life impels in a sense of rebirth. To transform the self, to be born again, after each outstanding experience, each accomplished experience, is a natural impulse of humanity and life as a whole. It is always time to reborn and to change in order to accomplish the evolved escalation. The entire course of man on earth is flagged by special moments of reflexion, of synthesis and of transformation. Moments of dying something old, of dettachment. Moments of new begginings,to be born again,to restart. The formula of rebirth is dominant in fire and mata virgem, it means the rescue and activation of the deep inner attributes of the being, which draws up its original and unique matrix. On the desobstruction of the connection of this channel, which happens through the action of magnetism over the heavy waters of obscure emotions, it vitalizes the vigor of the self and liberates the courage to transform the self, giving clarity and elevating the awareness of the identity of the being in the initial process. The presence of fungus, from mata virgem and capoeira, works the transmutation in the new spark of life, from degenerative processes generated by dettached from deep values and impact caused by external actions. In the earth element and in flores cultivadas, especially the fruteira, the formula will gather principles to regenerate and to structure, which are able to nourish the receptive channels, that provide communication with higher levels, bringing awereness, dettachment, knowledge and inspiration.
Composition: Mulateiro, Pingo do Céu, Açucena, Balum, Cipó Imperial, Rainha, Vitória Régia, Gergelim, Cogo Rei.

Balance of Inner Patternes

Mental Balance

The air element is the main nourishment of our mind. It is an expansive and volative element that authorizes us the communication and metabolizes our experiences generating results in the level of awareness, discernment and compreehension. Through the connection with a higher world, it provides us with inspiration, musicality, faith and devotion. It is also a vehicle for our expression, our word, our gestures and movements. And yet of our senses, our vision and its focus, our audience and its understanding. In our formula, we find dominance of this element that nourishes the potential of our mind and directs its balance, associated with the fire, that represents the fundamental content, the spirit, the desire, the essence. The relation between these two elements, one which is the essence and the other which is the expression, we find the principle of our mental balance, supported by the presence of the earth element, which supports the structure and the mystery of transmutation, and the water element which allows fluidity, relaxation and clarity, providing purification, receptivity and tenderness. The dominance of flores de mata virgem indicates, inside the formula, that in the deepest level, it will free the contents to be processed, supported by the flores de capoeira and cultivadas, that will give support to the closing of the role of our mind, which is to intermediate our deep and external levels.
Composition: Marupá Branco, Cipó Imperial, Lilás da Mata, Xangô da Mata, Bromélia, Buriti, Jucá, Boldo, Trombeta.

Emocional Balance

The water element is the conduit of our emotions. It has the records of everything that has happend. Our mental balance depends on its fluidity, clarity and organization. The earth element also has a determinant role in the preservation of this pattern, meaning foundation, protection and direction for the flow of water. The fire element gives us light, clarity and contributes with the impulse of desire that breaks up the stagnation of waters with its magnetism, revealing the identity that became diffuse in the water source. The air accomplishes the end of this cooperative work lining up the balance that emanates from the transcendence of shadows and turbulances, and expresses itself in peace and fulness of awareness. Our formula combines the dominance of flores de mata virgem with 1 of capoeira and 2 cultivadas, presenting a work that starts in the depth towards the external levels in the process of balancing.
Composition: Pétala de Mamãe Velha, Flor Boa, Flor de Nanã, Mimo, Vitória Régia, Malvina, Antúrio Bravo, Cambraia, Jucá.

Mediunic Balance

The phenomenon of mediunship has been following humans since always and it is related to the process of connecting energies of the different external plans. This is a very complex phenomenon, since it gathers contents of spiritual nature with a group of systems that should interact in order to result a balanced purpose. The purpose of mediunship is the communication between the worlds. Therefore, its balance runs through the awareness, the mind, the system, the emotional body, the auric body and the deep level, where resides the information which determines the presence of this gift in human’s life. Through sensitivity and intuition, man captures signals which are transmitted to his awareness and his senses in order to be externalized. It is a process that mobilizes a great interaction of man’s internal systems, and when necessary, mainly, it affirms the identity of the inner self so it won’t get lost with the amount of information from different sources. For this reason, our formula has dominance of mata virgem and the fire element. Mata virgem, flowers that will transmit information from inner level towards awareness to provide clarity to the situation. The fire element, the begining and the end, the desire, the identity, the courage, the joy and the light. The earth element is also abundant in this formula since it represents the foundation of the structure, the protection, the anchor, the limit and the order that will give shape to the mediunic production. We gather the receptive, consoler and expansive attributes from the water element and the balanced, channeller and synthesizer attributes of the awareness that exist in the air, to draw up this formula which represents a support of vibratory stimulus for the mediunic balance.
Composition: Marupá Branco, Helicônia, Mimo, Sininho, Garrafinha, Lacre, Xangozinho da Mata, Jucá, Cambraia.


Protection is the foundation that prevents all imbalances. Sensitive people, exposed to an aggressive and ungrounded environment can benefit themselves especially from vibratory essences as a resource of strengthening and prevention. The formula of protection has dominance of flores cultivadas, indicating that its action is more related to the processing of an answer of the inner self to the external self, conscious behaviour, self cultivation, volunteer learning. It also associates flores de mata virgem in a sense of preserving the inner self, and flores de capoeira in the sense of regeneration of the default modified by the impact received from external actions. In the balance of dominance of the fire and the earth elements, it preserves the intimate nature, the identity, and maintain it firm on the ground. It illuminates, defends and revitalizes the identity of the inner self. It nourishes, regenerates and roots, providing economy and abundance in the route of the actions. In the balanced action of the water and the air, it purifies and balances the receptivity through the development of criteria which adjusts the focus, giving clarity to the awareness of limits, in order to free the expansion of the dream and the hope, and to relax in the sense of communication.
Composition: Campainha, Helicônia, Mimo, Lacre, Espada de São Jorge, Café, Urucum, Jurubeba, Chapéu de Couro.


All the elements have purifying properties. To purify is a permanent need for humanity, since the freedom of human’s desire always put men to face challenges that take them away from the pure self, original and unique. The impurities situated in the deepest level can generate serious deadlocks in human’s life, since they contain karmic information, that are generally hidden in the unconscious. For this reason, our formula has dominance of flores da mata virgem, especially cipós, which are the most powerful unblockers that we identify in nature. The presence of flores cultivadas with dominance of medicinals has the role to receive the information released from the depth of the conscious level, and to decode them according to the fluid imbalance of human’s mind, that will be indicated and processed with the purified properties of these flowers. The formula presents dominance of the water, followed by the fire, which are the elements that possess more properties of purification. The goal is that the man will be able to feel united internally, without disunion, and that he will be able to communicate his inner nature, in a balanced and conscious way, presenting sincerity and overcoming impurities, which we will find in the attributes of earth and air that are able to balance the formula.
Composition: Pétala de Mamãe Velha, Cipó Imbé, Bengüê, Brinco de Princesa, Flor Boa, Concha Lilás, Chapéu de Couro, Coeirama, Oxum Amarela.


To meditate, to align with the center of the Universe, to concentrate in our own spark of life. Meditation is the way to evolution, to excel, to transcend and to free the soul. Man who meditates transforms his life in wisdom and abundance. Meditation helps the man, who finds himself disunited with his own inner self. Meditation is not always easy for all. It needs to be learnt and practiced. Generally, it is also necessary to unblock in order to help the flow of circulation and elevation of the energy. Our formula was conceived with the dominance of mata virgem, to stay in tune with the deep self, in its original records, with the universal alignment of balance and communication. With the abundance of the fire, it focus its action in the identity of the inner self. With the dominance of the air, it ends the focus which promotes the awereness and impels, in new steps, toward elevation. Flores de capoeira and cultivadas accomplish the cleanliness and transformation of the channels of viability of the balance state. Especially the medicines will process the encumbrance of superficial order, ending the process.
Composition: Vaso Perfumoso, Cipó Imperial, Jagube, Lilás da Mata, Rainha, Xangô da Mata, Inayinthi-ion, Boldo, Açucena.


It might be time to cultivate communion or to awaken, to plant seeds or to need communion. It is always time for communion in order to achieve fullness (plenitude) and intimate satisfaction. To be successful in a relationship, or building a family, or working with a construction, or building a community. The formula of communion has a basic balancing equilibrium, with the dominance of the water. Water, purity, receptivity, adaptation, surrender, tenderness, depth, continuation. The fire provides light, desire, joy. The earth: forgiveness, cooperation, protection, unity. In the air: synthesis, beauty, lightness, hope, communication. The essences mobilize the attributes of the elements in man and the process develops itself, potencializing the pattern of communion. As essências mobilizam os atributos dos elementos no homem e o processo se desenvolve, potencializando o padrão da comunhão.
Composition: Pétala de Mamãe Velha, Pingo do Céu, Vitória Régia, Concha Lilás, Clistium, Garrafinha, Malvina, Oxum Amarela, Trouxa de Velho.


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