Fiori Peruviani

Macchu Picchu and the Sacred Valley to Lake Titicaca

Riportiamo di seguito l'elenco dei Fiori Peruviani con descrizione in inglese.

13th Gate - CANTU FLOWER

Good for integrating those energies of 13 (you have to interpret for yourself what that means). It also carries hummingbird medicine. It has been found to be a very pleasant and peaceful essence during these interesting accelerated times.

About Face - DANDELION

It is about growing in the face of adversity, about facing things at all levels... It is also good for liver balance and strength and detox - especially if alcohol has been used to numb feelings. Dandelion helps balance and stabilize old feelings, early memories. It is about all kinds of face things. Face the music, face the facts, lift your face to the sun. Mostly, face yourself and reflect light. Continue to grow. This essence is working multidimensionally. It is about being many places at once. Omnipresent. Ubiquitous. Dandelion is also effective to gain clarity about our personal and planetary dreams - so we can live them to our best. Make a wish every time you take the drops.

 Bushilla - BUSHILLA

So far we know it is good with female issues, especially reproduction at any stage - and we are told more is being revealed as to its uses with men.

I Am Generosity - CHIJCHIPA

This essence is a treasure. It is about prosperity consciousness, opulent manifestation, full flavoured magnanimous flow, affluence, prosperous abundance. Share a universal cornucopia of expanded grand fortune. We are reminded to give generously.

I Am Gratitude -MUSTARD

This precious essence reminds us of our exquisitely rich rewards, of our holy grace. We are pure channels of divine love, filled with gratitude. Magnifies higher octave love energy. Affirm "I am so grateful" three times, as you take these drops.

Inocencia Coca - COCA

The coca plant is greatly used for ceremony and healing in Peru. This sacramental plant is multifaceted. It is being used to increase stamina. It is reinvigorating. Balances appetite and metabolism, in addition to assisting with shifting addictive patterns. Helps align the will and intent and breaks non-productive holding patterns. Aligns with your true source of joy and effectiveness. Find your true service.


It helps heal your head when you are scared. Helps balance your mental and emotional bodies in preparation for emergence into 5th dimensional reality. Pancreas. Sweetness. Self esteem.

Mango Paradise - MANGO FLOWERS

About robust sexuality, sensuality. Juiciness. It also has the energy of the pink dolphins who were jumping in front of us while the essence was being made. It is about jubilance and enthusiasm. It is also primal and uncomplicated and earthy-free of belief systems-filled with wind and spirit of the sun- A gift and celebration of life in the physical form.

Master Teacher - CHIRI SANANGO

Considered a master plant in the jungle -meaning it teaches you. As an herbal preparation it is used for cold, especially cold extremities and for calcium in the blood and bones, and for arthritis. As a flower essence it is about expansion - and about temperature regulation.

Purification - Muña (ANDEAN MINT)

Assists connection to your guides. Assists in passing through the veils of the other dimensions. For balance, especially during purification. It carries with it a strong vibration of love. Use this essence to sanctify and purify in multitudes of ways. (Get Creative)

Strength and Chi - FAVA

This noble flower essence facilitates all functions of brain activity- including memory, energy and sense of well being. It is useful for balancing hormones. Strength and energy come from being in balance. In a sequence of research and synergistic events after making this essence we found the Fava contains a high concentration of L-Dopamine. Later we found L-Dopamine is a factor that is being considered regarding treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder. We feel this essence is an important ingredient in our ADD formula (the ATTENTION blend).

Sublime Chocolate- CACAO

Assists in clearing ancient DNA. Assists connection to Maya-Inca. (By clearing the channel) Feeds the light body. Balances metabolism. Excellent to use when you crave chocolate. Helpful for remembering dreams. Good for women during their moon time. Stimulates psychic abilities. Improves appetite for healthy food. Provides energy after meals. Etheric endorphins.

Wild Feminine - WILD POTATO

The outside is beautiful, the root has profound depth. It is nourishing. The wild and feminine brings all of our aspects(whether our gender is male or female) together in joyous relation. We express our unique diversity as we choose. We remain cohesive yet gloriously individual. This essence carries a vibration that just became available- during the powerful solar eclipse. It helps to anchor these important feminine aspects of ourselves in a new way. Enliven and awaken sensations with enthusiasm



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